laugh with friends

On Sunday evening we had oodles and oodles of kids in our backyard for a party in which my kids could

play and laugh with the friends that have made their lives so wonderful these last four years.

It was bittersweet ….

we loaded up on the Izze’s……..

and stocked up on the 15 cent goldfish from the pet shop for a ball toss in which some of the kids

took home a little keepsake from the party.

I didn’t promise that any of the fish would live though….since we lost a few of them during the day…

but the winners were ecstatic to have won anyway.

a balloon toss kept kids cool along with the sprinklers going …..

and popsicles….

lots and lots of popsicles.

this next set of photos was one of the highlights of the evening…..

because at some point….and i don’t exactly when….

but there was a little accident on my picnic table.

Three adult friends were sitting there when the seat broke and came crashing down….

but i do believe that a few of the girls were boot camp girls…

and so my mind was made up that i shouldn’t be going to bootcamp anymore.

Don’t you think?

Thank you….i agree as well.

Sharon had fun sitting on the broken bench for photos…..but all the girls promised me that they were

not dancing on it…and that they were not being over served on the wine.

Uh huh….yup……i know what happens when you mix wine with popsicles.


for some reason bryan and i didn’t get any photos of us together….

but we had lots with other people.

Sorta like swinging but without the hassle.

check check

and who knew that holding two glasses of wine is better than one.

and even though most of the night was filled with laughter…

and blowing bubbles with friends….

there were a few tears…

from me of course….always me.

This is our last week here….but the party with all the kids and all the friends….

just proves to me that they will forever be in our hearts.



  1. What a fabulous time for all!!!

  2. Kasey….. even though I live in the city, Ive felt like I was your neighbor for the past few years reading your blog. Wishing you all the best in your upcoming move. Cant wait to see your life through the lens in Hawaii.


    p.s. sage advice from mom and pop williams to 4 young uncertain girls…. when we moved from KC to STL …. “always be nice and you will always have friends”

  3. Living vicarious through you and your sweet family……..what an adventure you are about to embark on! Enjoy the ride!

  4. oh my goodness, i love the face of the little boy in the red-striped shirt in the pic of bryan with his rawkfist. priceless!

  5. It’s like the last few pages of a great book before you pick up the sequel!! You don’t want to put it down, you don’t want to stop reading but you KNOW starting the next book will be amazing! Hang in there, friend!

  6. becky up a hill says:

    I thot the same thing, who is that adorable little boy with the glasses, and how come he doesn’t have his own blog or agent? Your party looked like lots of fun sweetie.

  7. Oh, wow. Now that looks like some serious fun. It can’t get much better than that. Summer is so great and good friends are so amazing & hard to come by, I might add. You will be missed, I’m sure of it.

  8. Kasey, I am sure that you have made “forever” friends wherever you go. You guys will surely be missed when you leave. Good luck with things this last week. Looking forward to reading about everything.

  9. Wow,
    Your new adventure is about to start. That has come up quickly. I have been following your blog from a far. It was so lovely that you did this for your kids. They will treasure the times and the friends might change but email and facebook and all those great things help connection to be so much easier.
    Thinking of you as countdown begins

  10. Kasey, you have such a style about how your entertain. Every age is welcomed and all are having a tremendous time.

    Continued blessings on all of you this week and your reader A Love so beautifully put it “it’s like the last few pages of a great book before you pick up the sequel!! You don’t want to put it down, you don’t want to stop reading but you KNOW starting the next book will be amazing”…this describes it all so well.
    Aloha and Mahalo
    Helen xx

  11. Oh what fun…leave ’em laughing, right?! You sure do know how to throw a party:) I bet everyone who was there will remember it forever!

  12. Wow!!!! This party looked like alot of fun!!!!!! I know you all made more memories and will take them with you forever!!!!! Cheers to a New adventure and New chapter in life!!!!!!! Have a Fabulous week Kasey!!!!!!! Keep your head up, everything is going to be alright, don’t forget it!!!!!!

    xoxoxox from NC
    Michelle Torres

  13. Michelle says:

    You are such an awesome Mom! Your family is so lucky and we are so lucky to have you too!

  14. Such a great party! I adore popsicles!! and summer….and now I have to go to work (it’s 8 o clock here), Monica

  15. What an absolutely fabulous Mother you are!!!!

  16. Make sure you back your photos & blog up on an external drive before you leave for your move ♥

  17. Elaine L. says:

    Just look at it as a long vacation. I’ve heard it takes about a year to get island fever and then you’re ready to come back to the mainland.

  18. Smiles, laughter, and tears. The real and best parts of life that demonstrate love for one another.
    The party looked full of all wonder and friendships that will welcome you back with full open arms should your family decide in that way. The best of life will follow your sweetness and lead! xox jody

  19. Oh the tears.

  20. I am sure that your family will be forever in the hearts of your friends! You guys know how to party and make life great!

  21. Good luck with your
    adventure….it’s always
    hard to move, even
    when something oh-so-
    wonderful is waiting
    on the other end. It’s
    even harder being the
    friend left behind…..
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I’m going to see Jill
    in a few short weeks for
    Barn House! She may
    have left MN, but she’s
    a keeper : )

  22. You are an amazing, amazing person. With all you have to do with this move and still throwing a party that looked like it was a fabulous memory maker. I am in awe.

    …or you just wanted an excuse to drink wine…………..

  23. Love your party. But sorry, i don’t think animals (the goldfish) should be party items.

  24. Love those invites! So cute!!

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