it’s not goodbye yet

When we moved here four years ago…

we discovered an event called Swedish Days that comes into town and takes over for one week….

and for the last four years…we have taken part of it.

It’s better then any state fair.

Hands down.

Carnival rides for the kids……lots and lots of street side food from local vendors….

Swedish pancake breakfasts in pop up tents and on street corners….more swedish meatballs then

you can ever imagine….and beer.

Lots of beer….lots of frozen lemonade.

Face painting….balloons…and i could go on and on….about how fabulous this event is…but i won’t…

because i’ll just let these memories plant themselves right in that

part of my brain that is storing them for when i’ll need them most.

It’s not goodbye yet….i have to keep telling myself this…as i make sure my kids are spending every last

minute with their friends…and i’m getting everything checked off on my never ending list of things

that need to be done since we are down to our last two weeks.

Our last two weeks.

Who knows where we will ever end up after this next chapter…and we don’t even go there at this point.

My friends keep telling us….

‘I think you guys will come back’

but no one knows what lies ahead…so with that in mind…we have to make adjustments that maybe we won’t.

Or maybe we will.

But for now….we have a new adventure that awaits  us….and we are going to make that book of oh so

fabulous memories stick out like a red balloon floating up into the sky on a clear summer day.

A book full of memories….

Like shots of frosting while we wait for the parade…..

or snow cones that make us itch for some white sand and blue water…..

fun houses that make the kids scream ……..

rides that make your stomach turn into knots…

clowns that are not scary but will make you a balloon of whatever your heart desires…

smiles that say it all…..

and husbands that like to have fun.

Its enjoying what life has to offer….and making sure we suck it all in …

every single detail…

every single breath….

every smile…every tear.

It’s not goodbye yet…………


  1. This almost made me cry, Kasey. I wish you all the best in Kauii and I know you will live out all of your dreams there. We will miss you here in Chicago!


  2. Awhhhhhhh Kasey, so so touching!!!!!!!! I hope you and your sweet family the very best in Kauii!!!!! I know that so many great things are awaiting you there, and I am so excited for you!!!!!! Beautiful pics too, and love the different flavored icing shots!!!!! Awesome idea!!!! Have a Fabulous weekend Kasey!!!!!! Sending much love from NC!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  3. You’re making some marvelous memories!! Good-byes make me cry…so it’s not” good-bye” , but more like “see ya later” or “until we meet again” 🙂

  4. Beautiful. Have a blast making those memories, Kasey!

  5. So poetic kasey….great post!

  6. Tasty sweet moments that will last forever!
    Best wishes in your new chapter,

  7. It is just an “arrivederci”, not a goos-bye!! Have a nice week.end, love , Monica

  8. Marlene P. says:

    You are providing the absolute best memories for your family. Thank you for sharing your experiences…I am so inspired!

  9. Fun post!!! The kiddos are cute as ever…looks like a fun festival! 🙂

  10. Rachael says:

    Love your posts! Pics are great as well! I was wondering where you got the shirt your daughter is wearing? Its the blue shirt with the word “Leighton” on it and it has birds on it as well? My daughter is named Leighton!

  11. yay!

    I do wish you’d learn the difference between “then” and “than”, you misuse it all the time, you know? Just sayin’. And potic? lol.

  12. Hi Kasey
    What a delightful family day and fun for everyone. I just love your strength, sense of humour, always joyous and living in the moment. To life and living every minute of each day

  13. frosting shots! yum! glad to know I am not the only one who could down a can of frosting without any cake! 😉 I really love that we have gotten more snippets of your hubs the past few weeks. He is very silly. And I didn’t know that about him before. I am sure he adores your humor. I would love to see your family in real life. I am sure you are all hilarious. have a great last two weeks! the snow cones are only going to get better!

  14. Love the picture of Lola with her new glasses on. So cute.

  15. Frosting shots – too cool!

  16. Can.Not.Wait.

    Vicariously living through you while enjoying staying firmly planted in my spot,


  17. Kasey…oh, how I admire your strength! Truly. My husband and I are at a point where we are taking a look at our lifestyle…trying to define what’s in-store for us…what we really want and how that should “look”. We want to give our boys the gift of living a life you love…doing what you love…and I cannot help but be reminded of your journey…it’s such an inspiration and I know wonderful, wonderful things lie in your family’s future. Enjoy writing another chapter in your story!
    Jen xo

  18. Oh Kasey-Moving–so far away–is so scary. Change always is…so they say. From following your blog, though, you have the spunk to make it positive…..Hawaii!!! Maybe they don’t have any Swedish festivals but if there is anything to do there–the Buick family will find it. Just avoid the poi.

    We’re all with you!!!

  19. Kasey, I admire your courage to pack up and move to Hawaii! I have enjoyed all of your adventures and look forward to the many more you’ll have in Hawaii. Best to you and your family! Aloha!

  20. good things are ahead my friend – and I can’t wait to follow along on your adventure (not to mention find a way to visit!)
    enjoy your long weekend – but wait – it is all a long weekend these days, isn’t it? 😉

  21. I cannot wait to read about your adventures. So jealous!!!!

  22. Well said. I love how tender your heart is. I am so excited for your next adventure!

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