holy highway

Happy Saturday….and i am writing this from fabulous¬†downtown Reno, Nevada.

Bryan dissapeared last night for a few hours…but i made sure he wasn’t

going to head over to the famed Mustang ranch.

Hello Reno……goodbye Reno.

Four nights in Colorado….two of them in Denver….two of them from up in the Vail Valley….which i am reminded every time we visit the mountains of Colorado…how freakin gorgeous it is.

I lunched with old friends…..we hung with old neighbors….while we were in Denver…then spent some quality time with family up in Vail. Met up with the kids….said goodbye to my parents…

which i might add had the kids for a whole 5 days and never complained once.

Not once.

The kids had a blast with them and it warms my heart to know that they got to spend all that quality time doing fun things in the mountains of New Mexico.

It also saved them a 14 hour car ride to Colorado from Illinois.

Anyhoo….from Colorado we made it to Utah on Friday….and stayed with good friends.

{and once we get settled in our home away from home..i’ll show all the photos from this road trip}

Reno last night…{ick}

Lake Tahoe tonight {can’t wait}….

then our last two nights in the Bay Area…before we get the Mini {van not cooper} on a ship tuesday and then fly out early wednesday.

Are you still here?

check check


Bryan and i got to have a drink at the bar where we first met in Vail…


and we reminisced about how i told him i was a pro volleyball player from UCLA.

Good times……good times.

The kids have been amazing on the road….and i’d like to take a minute to thank

the makers of the portable dvd player.

Anyhoo…..the breakfast buffet from downstairs called….and they want us to come and test it out.

Reno style.

I won’t be checking back in till we are smack dab in our new home….

in t-minus 4 days.

I can’t wait.

We can’t wait.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure and look forward to the updates.

  2. So nice to hear good news from you!! Enjoy the trip! Can’t wait to see all the photos and to know you will have a new home and a new life very soon….ciao, Monica

  3. Sounds like good times & good memories are being made:) Best of luck to you with the rest of your journey…safe travels!!

  4. Sharon Wilcocks says:

    I wish you and your family a safe journey and good luck with your new venture. I read your blog from little old blighty (England) and absolutely adore it!…fab writing, I look forward to every instalment…I’ve had a real giggle reading through your archives, all the very best to you x

  5. My daughter will be passing by you on the train. She has been in Nebraska all summer with my parents and is now taking the train from Colorado back home to California! She was just on a horseback in Colorado yesterday, riding a jet ski on Carter lake today, and will be back in my arms on Tuesday. Road trips across country are always fun with the kids…and they learn so much. We moved across country with our four children when they were your kids age…we drove through 9 states. Good times. I was one of those granola-type Mom’s trying to feed them healthy meals the entire way…two days in, even I was craving hot salty food and so to McD’s we went….for the rest of our trip…and often following too.

    Looking forward to seeing your faces in Hawaii…I’m hoping you will change your header to maybe some surf action and bikini boppin!

  6. I was so excited to get the update — can’t wait to walk this walk with you — it sounds as though things have gone very well!

  7. Reno is the armpit of Nevada. Tahoe is a gem. Red Hut for breakfast (they are a breakfast-only restuarant) Taqueria Jalisco for lunch makes my perfect afternoon. We live in Sacramento so Tahoe is a nice, close getaway (but then again, so is the Bay Area.) Safe travels. Until the Aloha welcomes you!

  8. Have an amazing journey! Can’t wait to read about your new home and your new adventures!! Good luck!

  9. ha love the bueller reference.

  10. Hi Kasey. Long time reader. First time commenter. I think. Anyway, I live in NH in a great neighborhood of 100 year old homes. We, along with our neighbors, are always involved in one house project or another and when the tool belts are put down the wine bottles come out and we all share our adventures. Well, after 7 years and 2 kids in this neighborhood, one of our neighbors is moving for a career advancement opportunity. We are all sort of in shock that they are leaving and their own decision is bittersweet for them. They are fully aware that you don’t find a neighborhood like ours everywhere you go. What we have is very special and sets the bar high. Anyway, as they express some of their emotions over leaving I have been sharing with them your adventure and I realize how much the blogs that I read have been woven into my life and the blog writers have become virtual friends of mine so that when I say “there’s a blog that I read….” I could just as easily say “My friend Kasey and her family are moving to Hawaii”. I thank you for sharing your story. Your fears. Your excitement and your vulnerabilities. I look forward to the adventure unfolding and you telling the story. Even if I remain in my 100 year old house on the tree-lined street with my wine drinking and hammer pounding neighbors, I live an adventure through you.

  11. We were in Reno and Tahoe this weekend too. My family has a cabin in Tahoe so we go frequently but it had been a while since I had been to Reno… it was gross… the streets smelled like pee. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of Tahoe though, we love it! Welcome to California!

  12. Hey Kasey! Just popped by and found out you are moving to Hawaii. Trying to find the post where you explain what prompted to move. A job? Or perhaps you are like me who up and moved to Montana without a real world prompt at all? An adventure it is.

  13. Thanks for all the Reno shout-outs. Sure wish I had the freedom and resources to move somewhere nice like, oh, I don’t know Hawaii or something, but for now I will just sit here in the armpit of Nevada and read about how great everyone else’s lives are in their totally awesome cities. Reminds me of when I was in Portland and told someone where I was from and they said “people really live there?” Yep, they do. They have churches and schools and college football games and views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and horses wild in the hills above the high school…but I still have to chain my husband up at night so he doesn’t sneak off to one of the houses of ill repute.

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