the best looking cookie dough ever

Good morning and welcome to the first annual blog post of …

“this looks so easy that anyone can make it but shouldn’t” party.

It’s not really a party….but i have supplied the wine and the wienie cocktail you might

as well consider it a party.

Let me have the first sip of wine and welcome you all here.

Hello to you..

hello to you over there..

and over there.

Now…back to the original scheduled program.

I was perusing my favorite place to archive my favorite photos when i came across an idea that

about blew my knee high socks off.

Stamped cookie dough….

now of course….you all know that on occasion…i like to bake…

hence my nickname…


I {Bakeress} love to find unique ideas and show you step by step how to achieve pure perfection…

which brings me to my famous stamped cookie dough cookies.

First….because i run short on time and time is money…i buy only the finest in sugar cookie dough…

the generic kind from Target.

I even splurged and bought the kind that you just pull apart and viola…press it down to make your sugar cookies…

but feel free to make your own homemade Β from scratch sugar cookie dough.

Target pays me each time i type their name… i like them.

Target. Target.Target.Target.Target.Target.Target.Target.Target

{i’m sooo kidding….do you think i would be moving to an island where there is no Target if that was

the case. If you see me typing the word Walmart over an over…then things have gone downhill and

could someone please call me and could we do an intervention.

Not that there is one damn thing wrong with Walmart.

I mean….they even have a special site called “people of Walmart”...but i have a feeling that

it’s not really part of the “official” Walmart campaign..or they would have called me and asked me

what i think of mullets and banana clips.

Holy hotness…i’ve gotten really off topic here….so sorry.

Where was i?


Oh..that’s right…sugar cookie dough.

Like i was saying…i don’t really care how you make your dough…or where you get it from {TARGET}

but you will need some pretty cool stamps.

I thought what a great idea to stamp a bunch of cookies for the teachers as a end of year gift.

{i’m cool like that}

What you are going to want to do is press them really hard…..

but make sure you lift the stamp right up…as to not smudge the dough.

No one likes smudged owl impressed cookie dough cookies.

Once you stamp them….take your little round metal cookie press thing and round them out…

as to keep with the whole perfection theme.

{teachers love perfection}

Oh…and i forgot to mention to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Line all of your wonderful stamped cookies that you made with the kids {it’s almost like homeschooling…}

onto an un-greased cookie sheet


and bake for 8 minutes.

Give or take a minute or two depending on how good your stamped cookies look.

Then pull them out while your kids are standing right behind you….

and try not to say SHEET really loud.

You’re immediate reaction will be….

1} you made a horrible mistake and shouldn’t have bought Walmart cookie dough…


2} you didn’t press hard enough on the cookie dough that you made from scratch…


3} your a jack ass for thinking that this might actually work and who can you sue?

I’m just here to tell you …

that you are not a Jack-Ass….

but you are special…and very very important.

Luckily for you…i tried it first….and even though the first few photos look like if you can pull this off…

that the teacher you were going to give these to…might actually call your child over the summer and invite them

to a one on one dinner to chat about their future….

but won’t…

because what turned out are actually in fact…


So…i welcome you to the first annual….

this looks so easy that anyone can make it but shouldn’t”


Could you pass me another mini wienie and a wine cooler please?


  1. That should have worked. I was totally excited (until the very end) because you were using owl, which my oldest daughter is obsessed with. (I don’t know why, actually, she is obsessed with those, I shall ask her). I’m going to look for food ink stamp pads. Those should exist. And if they don’t, someone from Martha Stewart headquarters probably just stole the idea from my comment anyway.

  2. Great idea, I think I will steal this idea and use it as my own. I bet my staff can figure out how to make the cookies work!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I literally wake up every morning and can’t wait to see if you have posted. It’s like I really do live vicariously though you because this is the exact sort of thing that I would have made and then to be utterly deflated when the flat cookies come out of the oven.
    You rock girl!

  4. I love these, and if I can figure them out, I will let you know!
    BTW..I am loving that MS comment above. Hilarious!

  5. haha I thought it would work, wth? I was thinking of my stamps and what I would use. I have to admit the nearest Target is a hour away so I do do Walmart… I actually love it. Now, I might need to re- think my perm and shoulder pads. Dern you.

  6. I saw this idea too and think that it is really cute. Sorry that it didn’t work out. Wonder if you didn’t press it down hard enough?

  7. Thanks for cracking me up. I love your blog.

  8. Kristine says:

    I loved the detailed story. You are a hoot (no pun intended)!!!!!

  9. You crack me up – as usual!

    Could you stamp them as soon as they get out of the oven when they are still soft? I’m totally NOT a Bakeress – so I don’t know if this would work, but it might be worth a try…with some additional wine and wienies to help you out of course:)

  10. You make me giggle every single time I read your blog. Thank you for the laughs! Sorry ’bout the cookies. πŸ™

  11. Melinda says:

    Holy sheet, was that THE Martha Stewart that commented on your blog ?? OKAY fess up Kasey you two have been bff’s from the get go haven’t you??? Tell her I love her and I have a million great ideas !! Call me Martha—- oh yeah nice try Kasey when Martha’s staff and I figure it out we will get back to ya !! HAHAHAHA !

  12. I was really looking forward to seeing that cute lil owl baked on the cookie! Thank you for the post, Kasey…I really needed a good “crack-up” this morning! πŸ˜‰

  13. I bet with a little more flour, or a little less butter/shortening/whatever, it would have worked. There is such a thing as cookie cutters with stamped designs, after all. The finished cookies look just like the dough was too soft (the bubbly texture). Not that I know what I’m talking about…’cause I don’t πŸ˜‰ I love the stamps you were using.

  14. Jill Palumbo says:

    I was excited reading this, because I thought “what a neat idea!”. But then I saw it didn’t work……..oh well, at least you tried! I’ll just wait until Martha perfects it. πŸ™‚

  15. I love love LOVE your blog, Kasey! You really have a way with words.


  16. Susan L says:

    Hilarious, I love that you showed a projec that didn’t go as planned!

  17. Sheet. I was really excited about the possibilities! I never really got into the whole stamping thing, but family gave me plenty. Bummer. Pour some more vino…

  18. I loved this too when I saw it on pinterest…this post was awesome.
    I did check out the recipe on Country Living, the original source, and they do say to let the cookies sit for 10-12 hours before baking??? Another test run perhaps?

  19. Hilarious. Poor sad little owls.

  20. Bahaha!!! This cracked me UP!!! Really….it looks like a genius idea…maybe chilling the cookies is what makes the difference…who knows?!?!

  21. Ha! I needed a good laugh. You are a crack up. I would love to just follow you around for the day.

  22. What about stamping the cookies with food coloring?

  23. babhabhhabhahhahahahahahaha!
    i saw the same thing on pinterest and thought, that is adorable!
    you just saved me all the time and energy from doing the same exact thing.
    and made me laugh outloud and spit a little coffee at the computer screen!

  24. You had me at Wienie and Wine Party….
    As usual, thanks for the giggles girlfriend πŸ™‚
    Im thinkin maybe using those edible (non-toxic) paints or markers on the stamp first? Eh, who cares….just buy more wine. And buy a bottle for the teachers too πŸ™‚

  25. Too damn funny!!!! I learned something about blogging from you today….. The reason I love your posts is ‘cuz you type the same way you would word things if you were chatting… It seems that you don’t go back & make sure everything is grammatically correct, or in the correct paragraphs with the other corresponding thoughts… And I LOVE it!!!

    You just made the start of my blogging life that much more simple & interesting…. THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

  26. Christy says:

    For sheetssake, I was so excited this was going to work that I might have actually tried it. You are too funny Kasey, another reason why I love your blog! I think your channeling Target is working b/c as I was reading this an e-mail popped up from them, coinky dink, I think not!

  27. Could you make an icing and stamp that on top? You should try it!

  28. Jennifer says:

    You are too funny, and you always make me laugh! I wish I lived in Hawaii, so you could be my neighbor. For now, I’ll happily follow your blog πŸ˜‰

  29. OMGosh, this was hilarious! Probably the funniest one you’ve ever done…..good job for trying though!

  30. Hahaha! Dang I was so excited!

  31. hahahahaha – I was so excited, too! I was thinking about all my unused stamps that are so cute ……. rats!

  32. Holey Sheet I can’t stop laughing. Good effort though! Thanks for being the guinea pig!

  33. Ah sheet! Looked like a good idea. Next time just drink the wine, eat the raw cookie dough, and save yourself the trouble. Although then we wouldn’t have had this hilarious story to read….


  34. Sandra K says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh!

  35. kerrie little says:

    Short bread cookie dough is what works…. I believe…sheet…I hope. Pretty sure it’s short bread dough, but TARGET has not come up with a short bread dough that you can buy, nor has anyone else. So you will have to make it from scratch…SHEET πŸ˜‰

  36. Dear Bakeress…I see a future in photography for you. Laughed. Out. Loud.

  37. ohmygoodness!! you are awesome K! I’m cracking up over here. πŸ™‚

  38. You crack me up! Thanks!

    Then I got thinking, seriously, that it’s because the dough rises it looses the impression. They won’t work on sugar cookies (you proved that, thank you) but what about salt dough, like the kind we made christmas ornaments out of in the 70-80’s? Might work, but not so good to eat.

  39. Love it! Laughing. Not at you of course. πŸ˜‰

  40. Laughing at Martha Stewart taking the idea!! LMAO!!

  41. haaaaaaaaaa.. great chuckle to start my morning!!! Thanks!

  42. :))) was just about to pin one of the piccies when I reached the last one!! hahahahaha sheeeeeet! πŸ˜‰

  43. It will work on peanut butter cookie dough….at least those Swedish cookie press things do. (Maybe Martha’s staff will figure that out.) πŸ˜‰

  44. georgia gibbons says:


  45. That owl on that stamp is just staring right into the camera like “WTF did you think would happen, silly?” LOL!

    New visitor here from Twitter, can already tell I’m gonna like it here!

  46. Hey Picaso, don’t get all down on yourself. If you look deep into the cookie, you can see the owl (and maybe an edible gift certificate to Anthro.)

  47. OMG I LOVE YOU! thanks for failing at some things so we can all feel good. HAHA
    i love that you say sheet but i know you really say something else…that also makes me feel strangely better about life.:D

  48. I know this comment is a little late but I may be able to offer some help for the next time you stamp cookies. I bought Betty Crocker cookie mix that comes in a pouch. You just have to add egg, butter and oil (each flavor dough has slightly different ingredients to add). I mixed the ingredients according to the direction on the package. Then, this is the important part, I slowly added bread flour to the dough while hand kneading it. I added about a table spoon at a time until the dough felt less greasy and had the consistency of Play Doh. You will end up adding at least 1/4 cup of flour if not more. You have to add a small amount at a time so you don’t make the dough too dry.

    From what I have read dough needs plenty of gluten in it to hold the stamp impression. The bread flour is high in gluten.

    Anyway, after I mixed the dough to a proper consistency I took a ball of dough, flattened it out a little with my fingers and then pressed the stamp into it. (From you picture it looks as though your dough was not thick enough. ) I baked the stamped cookies according to package direction. The stamped image came out perfect and the cookies tasted great; the extra flour didn’t change the taste.

    I hope this helps if you attempt cookie stamping again.

  49. I fogot to add that I tried Betty Crocker peanut butter, sugar cookie and molasses mixes. All worked perfectly with the stamps after adding the bread flour.

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