sweetie pies and shots and salmon

One day not too long ago one of my friends sent me a note saying she thought it would be so cool

if after we moved to Kauai….that i set up selling some of my homemade pies.

Now….of course this idea had to sit with me a while because first of all….even though Bakeress comes out

of the closet every now and then…doesn’t mean i’m going to set up and start a pie business.

Even though i like pie…{.and so do my thighs}

the idea sat with me for a while.

I thought between waxing mason’s board and taking photos of surfer boys…..

{i mean…you want me to take the photos for you right….}

i might just be in the kitchen baking pies that i would then

take down to the surfers and sell them.

Till one of them dies of food poisoning.

Anyhoo…. remember how in my last post i mentioned that i wanted to try making some key lime pies

in little jars?

Well…i tried them tonight.

So far…i have not died of food poisoning….but i gave a few to the neighbors in exchange for letting

me borrow a few eggs….so i’ll let you know if they get sick overnight….or if an ambulance arrives.

On to other things….

i opened up a bottle of Bryan’s fine wine…and i have to admit..it’s pretty good….

and i’m sure you are asking why i might need some fine wine…

well…it’s because Bryan is home.


i’m not complaining though…no….i’m not….

i’ll save that for my therapist session on Friday.

I had no idea that bryan likes to sleep in…no idea at all.


Anyhoo…somehow i got off subject again. Sorry….because you were asking me how my day was…

and i wanted to tell you all about it.

Well…first…i got up and made my own coffee again this morning…because someone was sleeping in…

but since you didn’t ask me about my coffee….i’ll go ahead and tell you.

First…we all got up to our new washing machine being delivered. Actually…i got up to it being delivered…

but Bryan came down shortly thereafter to help the boys get it into our basement.

We have a really narrow stairway down to the basement and our new {floor model} washer made it

down the steps and into place alright…but the boys couldn’t get the old one up and out.

It was too big.

Apparently the previous owners must have put the washer and dryer in the basement before going on

to add thick wainscoting and baseboard down the walls that go to the basement.

So…the old washer still sits in our basement.



Then i loaded up the kids plus the spare {neighbor girl who i watch} and headed to the kids dental appt.

I love dental appointments….and apparently…so does Fin.

Then we headed back for our normally scheduled cleaning…but Fin always gets more then just a cleaning

for some reason.

Don’t ask me why…..

Bryan’s mother was in town for the weekend as well….she came back with Mason a day early…

to be here for the surprise. It was great having her here…she helped with the kids so we could

get some much needed last minute things done since we are on our last few weeks here.

I made one of my favorite recipe’s….plank roasted salmon with nectarine-serrano salsa.

we also had panzanella salad…..grilled ciabatta….and peppers…oh yeah.

See….bakeress does indeed come out of the closet every once in a while.

Fin did not want to get up to come to dinner.


I’ll have to bring that one up to the therapist as well.

Anyhoo…enough about me….

what about you?

Having fun this summer?


Key lime pie in a jar recipe:

{makes around 10 jars}

* small canning jars with lids

*2 sleeves of graham crackers

{crushed fine via a mini food or put in plastic bag and use a roller to crush them}

*1 can of sweetened condensed milk

*3 egg yolks

*1/3 cup of key lime juice { if you can’t find key lime juice…regular lime juice works well}

*one stick of unsalted sweet cream butter {melted}


Mix the graham cracker crumbs and the melted butter with a fork…then scoop two spoonfuls into bottom

of glass jar. Press down the graham cracker crust with a spoon.

Bake the glass jars on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes till the crackers

turn lightly brown.

Meanwhile mix in a separate bowl…the egg yolks…the sweetened condensed milk and lime juice.

Once the graham crackers come out of the oven…pour the key lime mixture into each container…

using about 1/4 cup mixture in each cup.

{this is approximate….and use as much or little as you want}

Bake for an additional 10 minutes.

Cool…then stick in fridge for 1-2 hours till cold.

Top with whipped cream…..

and viola….

key lime pies in a jar.


  1. I’m right there with you….husband suddenly home. all. day. long. It’s interesting and not at all like I thought it would be. He’s looking for a new job while at home. all. day. long. I could go on but you already know what I’m talking about. I have plans for the day (thank you Lord) and will be gone all. day. long. It’s a start.

  2. If you are interested in making the trip up to Glenview…since Bryan is home.all.day.long…will you bring me some of that key lime pie?

  3. thanks for that fantastic recipe!

  4. Thanks for the recipe Kasey! I’ve seen the idea of baking little pies in Mason jars but was freaked out about the possibility of them shattering in the oven. Can’t wait to try it!!! Loooove key lime pie… 🙂

  5. Hi Kasey
    This too, shall pass. It is a drastic change when men are at home all day and certainly demands our patience. Keeping in mind that this was not his choice and he needs the comfort of home before re-grouping and facing new challenges. In your beautiful Kasey fashion let them all eat cake for the next few weeks. I will be keeping all of you in prayer and asking for patience, understanding and continued sense of humour.

  6. you MUST share those key lime pie jars on Sugar Loco!!! YUMMYYYYY!

  7. Shannon Hermann says:

    thanks for the recipe- i also want the salmon recipe with the salsa!

  8. I think pie is the new cupcake.
    But this cupcake truck is adorable and I think you should sell your pies in a truck and drive around Hawaii all cute and such. Foodtrucks are the new…I don’t know what.
    check it out…

  9. Having had the experience of having a husband home for 6 years all.day.long, I can empathize. Ours was a bit of a different scenario. He came home to work from home so I could go back to work after being home with our kids for 20 years. But our reality was that I also worked from home a lot.

    Until I discovered I could actually go to the office they gave me all.day.long while the man was home all.day.long.

    It was a great compromise.

    In February, he ventured back out in to the big world and loves his new position.

    I actually miss him being home all.day.long!

    Thanks for the recipe. Can’t wait to try it and sip a Stewart’s Key Lime Soda while eating key lime pie in a jar.

  10. Gee, you sure do have a lot on your plate (pun intended) these days;) The key lime pies-in-a-jar look so yummy!! Summer’s flying by around here…can’t believe it’s almost July!

  11. I love key lime pies in jars . . . I wish I hadn’t given away my leftover mason jars – they would have been perfect. I’m gonna make these. So cute. Must make labels too.

  12. Thanks fro sharing I will have to try those key lime pie in a jar. How Fun!!! Florence

  13. Love the key lime pie in a jar idea – thanks. Would be fun for 4th of July celebration.
    I bet you could make them with cheesecake too – perhaps topped with fresh strawberries,
    raspberries or blueberries – hmmmm.

  14. Totally get you about hubby being home all day long, my hubby finished work about 8 weeks ago it has been really hard getting ready for our 9.5 week tour of Europe with him home. Although now we are into our second week here in Nice France, I have to say I am loving it!

  15. Great recipe and so cute!

  16. Aside from two pitbulls trying to maul me at the beach, husband totaling the car (now he’s *also* home all. day. long.) being barfed on by a lady at the fair, and having sunburned nipples, summer hasn’t ever been finer. I was totally kidding about the nipples thing. Just seeing if you were paying attention. P.S. Always carry sunscreen.

  17. looks like it was a divine meal (the salmon) and i am going to make some of those cute pies for camping this weekend. thanks girly!

  18. the pie looks super good. will have to give my mom the recipe so she can whip that right up for us. xx

  19. I really understand what you mean with ” hubby home alllll day loooong” it’s amazing how much your routine gets mucked up with them around. I had mine home for 4 weeks when he was made redundant – thankfully he’s back at work now. All the best for your big move.

  20. what a fancy meal! i’m impressed (as i always am when someone cooks :))

  21. Melinda says:

    Love the pie in a jar!

  22. I love the colours of your salmon, and I am going to try your key lime pie. As for baking for a living, you are one star of a lady. xoxo

  23. Lori Ryan says:

    ah ha ha ha ha! 🙂

  24. such a cute idea!

  25. I love your photos!!! So beautiful:)
    The food looks fabulous too!

    ps….i’m having a little give-away on my blog!! Stop on over if you get a minute:)

  26. Yummy food, thanks for the key lime pie in a jar recipe, sounds perfect for these hot days here in NC!!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  27. Key Lime in a jar? Yummy!

  28. OK, so I went and bought all my supplies, including some cute mini mason jars and was all ready to get started when my mom noticed I was going to put the jars in the oven… she said they will explode and are not oven proof. Obviously yours did not explode… so, do you have special mason jars or someting? Or… is my mom wrong?

    • mine did not explode….and really you are only using them for short periods of time in the oven. I have been making them all weekend for a party…so far no explosions!

  29. I tried the key lime pies….wonderful!!!! Posted about them today.
    Thanks for the recipe!! 🙂

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