It was a surprise party

For the last few months i’ve been secretly planning a surprise party for Bryan.

It’s been really hard planning and getting ready when he is home a whole lot….and with only going to school

half days the last few weeks….i thought for sure on a few occasions i was going to blow it.

I invited his bestie and wife from Florida…..they flew in for the weekend.

Bryan’s mom brought mason back a day early… be here for the party……and of course….

all of our closest friends.

In case any of you were wondering what else a chalkboard wall would come in handy for….

here is reason #249348:

an instant birthday card…

I ordered wine labels and stuck them on some wine bottles as favors…..

they said:

Bryan’s fine wine

aged to perfection: 40 years

I also had this GRAND idea to make mini key lime pies… mason jars….

because that is his favorite dessert. But as the week went on….and i really couldn’t make 26 of them

without him wondering what the heck is she doing….i had to abandon that project all together.

I bought desserts instead.

I had our good friend Frank….the italian….take him golfing for the afternoon…..

the funny thing is….

that at 630 they finished golfing….but people were not getting to the party till 7…so we had to stall him.

I told him Lola was home with diarrhea.

It worked…..he didn’t rush home…and stayed on with Frank drinking beer.

I finally texted him about 730 and said pizza was on it’s way home…..that it was time to head back.

He got home and instead of coming in the back door like he normally does…he walked around to the front door

and so that is why you don’t see many any photos of him.

When word was yelled out that we was coming in the front…i put the camera down….

and it stayed put the rest of the evening.


I did catch one photo of bryan……

it’s below….he’s in the golf attire and baseball hat.

So last night as i was editing photos…i asked bryan to reenactΒ his walk in the front door…

and show us how surprised he was.

{have i mentioned how much i love this guy….}

So here he is…..the freshly certified mixologist……and almost 40 year old guy.

p.s. Yes…i said mixologist.

p.p.s. Apparently bartending is oldschool.


  1. looks fabulous! (and I’m talkin about the desserts). how fun! is this the last hurrah before the big move?

  2. you are sooooooooo funny! i have party throwing envy..!

  3. Shannon Hermann says:

    Such a great party!!!!! So glad you pulled it off!!!!

  4. I really loved looking through all these pictures – what a fabulous party – and ALL your friends are fabulous looking too!! Loved the paper napkins – wish I could track them down here in Europe. Congratulations to you for pulling off the surprise – and to Bryan for doing something so incredibly cool at 40!!

  5. and – I LOVE the style of the woman who is standing with you on the eighth photo down – one very stylish lady – wish I could look like that!!!!!!

  6. You should be a party planner. Looks amazing.

  7. ~~ lovely, just lovely ~~ beautiful party, beautiful pictures, beautiful home, beautiful friends, beautiful life..

  8. What a fabulous party…you really know how to throw a shindig!! The wine label was a great touch:) Couldn’t help giggling at the “re-enactment” photo…too cute;)

  9. Great party!!!!!!!

  10. Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday to Bryan!

  11. I’m glad the night turned out well…even if Bryan decided to come through the wrong door! You really know how to throw a party. Maybe their looking for a party planner in Hawaii! Love the wine bottles. What a great idea.

  12. Kasey How fabulous that you were able to keep it secret, albeit a difficult chore. One can sense the joy and excitement. Wishing Bryan a year full of goodness, success and joy beyond all understanding. Thank you for sharing
    Helen Tilston

  13. Looks great!! Congrats to your Hunny! Your home looks beautiful as always… :0)
    Oh, and lovely dress! πŸ˜‰

  14. Love it…the desserts looked amazing! So fun…Did you ask him why he decided to come in the front rather than the back like he normally does?!?!
    Labels…great touch…you looked GREAT…looks like fun was had by all…and the reenactment…HILAR!

  15. Looks like a ton of fun. Did he show off his new mixologist skills at the party?

  16. You inspire me! How can you possibly to moving in three short weeks AND pull together an awesome party, a mad men party, run to Chicago, take Mason in Cirque etc etc…
    I would be in a straight jacket!

  17. mr and mrs B says:

    SO much fun! we were the couple that you didn’t know who we were but we had a WONDERFUL time…Bryan was a hoot!

  18. Happy Birthday Bryan! What a great way to celebrate right before the move! Everything looked wonderful,

  19. What a beautiful crew!! And you will treasure those photos forever I’m sure β™₯

    Hey…. Aren’t those the white pom poms from Sarah’s blog? LOL… love it!

  20. Happy 4oth Mr. Bryan How fun! I think your friends are going to really miss you and all your fab parties.I know I sure would~Cheers Kim

  21. the napkins and wine labels are awesome! as well as the last picture. πŸ™‚ mixologist, indeed.

  22. You are an AWESOME wifey!!! πŸ™‚

  23. It was so cool! Just wish we could have stayed longer, darn it! You looked wonderful, and I bet it was a great warmer to your heart to have your friends around in such a time.
    Bryan looked like he was in shock coming in. So funny. Hope you hangin in there, and so looking forward to seeing you so so soon!!!!

  24. Christie McGetrick says:

    Happy Birthday to Bryan – Loved the photos and the party looked awesome.

  25. A very happy new year in life for all of you.

  26. I love it. I threw a surprise 40th for my husband back in January, too. *I* had to keep him out of the house while my mom, her husband, and my best friend put the house together. He was getting really bitchy and just wanted to go home — but we still had like 40 minutes before people were to even arrive. So *I* suddenly had to get a massive case of diarreah and the gas station restroom was closed and the next nearest restroom was in a restaurant across the street. It only had two restrooms. One for men, one for women. I was totally screwed. I had to stay in there for 35 minutes pretending to be shitting my brains out, whilest people knocked…and knocked…and knocked. Meanwhile, I was in there texting my friend at the house seeing how many people were there. I was in there for 35 minutes when finally my husband called to see if he needed to send in reinforcements. Only my eldest daughter knew it was all a ruse. Like I said, my husband just wanted to get home and he was *not* in a good mood…until he walked in the front door and the light went on and everyone in the world that he loves most was standing there. It is definitely priceless. I’m glad you got to have a special hurrah for him for his 40th in your wonderful home.

  27. Alli Heim says:

    I love the dress you & your friend have on!!! Where did yall get them I need them!! πŸ™‚

  28. KariEngel says:

    Just discovered your site and have had fun looking at your fun photos – wonderful party and good luck to you! Will you share where you found those great labels? πŸ™‚

  29. Happy 40th to Brian! Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

  30. Kasey~ been a reader for at least a year now and I don’t comment often but after all of the craziness around here this week I just had to say something. What a bummer that people have been completely attacking you about the wedding post. Personally I’m not a wedding person. I think they tend to bring out the most selfish and ugly parts of people. (as we have seen here this week) I have yet to be a part of a wedding that didn’t have a nightmarish aspect to it. People feel if gives them a right to be demanding jerks to everyone because its their wedding. Whatever… either way… no matter what people thought of what you did it gave people no right to be so mean and I hope it didn’t ruin your day.
    I love your blog and your writing and photography and have gotten a ton of ionspiration from all of your lovely parties. This one is no different. I wish you lots of luck in the upcoming weeks as you step into a huge life change and hopefully the readers you lost will be reeplaced with much nicer ones πŸ™‚

    all of it
    happy birthday wishes to your adorable husband…
    so exciting…40…moving forward…new chapter

  32. The wine labels are the coolest idea ever!!!! I’m sooo doing that for my Aunt who is a total winey! πŸ˜€

  33. What fun! Love it all. I think you need to go into party planning and help Mark plan my 40th. It’s coming way too soon. πŸ™‚

  34. Wow!!!! Looks like you guys had alot of Fun Kasey!!!!! The desserts looked so yummy too!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

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