oh happy day

I remember it as clear as a non wine drinking day.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we were in california where we had

been visiting my family. We were in the car driving back to san diego from the desert when i turned around

from the front seat to look in the back ….only to see Lola’s head hunched over and resting in between her legs.

She said she didn’t feel good…that her head was pounding.

My first thought was she was getting car sick…which had never happened before…so we got off the freeway

and found a Target where i ran in and bought some advil.

{and a brown paper bag…because vomit and myself are not good friends}

The medicine didn’t help at all.

Nothing helped.

Her head hurt the rest of the day and the whole flight home.

The next day…i sent her to school but she came home with the same pain.

For six months….since then…she would get these on and off headaches….and would end up missing

a day of school each month because of them.

Medicine never helped….and i just assumed it was migraine related.

It wasn’t till a few weeks ago that her headaches became so bad that i knew it was her vision.

She had been tested for the last few years and we knew she would eventually need glasses…

but when i took her in a few weeks ago….

her doctor had suggested that we not put her in glasses because she has a slightly lazy left eye

and he was worried that if we put her in glasses that her eye muscles wouldn’t work so hard

anymore to keep here eye from wandering.

It’s almost like which do you choose….

to have the girl see better or to have the lazy eye more prominent?

Well…after a really hard last week of school when most kids are super excited to be out and

happy that it’s summer….little lola got another headache and was in tears because of the pain.

She didn’t want to go to school it was that bad.

Except this time she said her eyes hurt…..really hurt.

She was miserable…which in turn made me miserable.

I think i went through 2374293749872394 bottles of Advil the last six months….and i now have more

grey hair then my grandmother had.

So…last week…on bryan’s last day of work…and knowing that it was our last day of vision insurance….

i called her eye doctor and asked for a prescription to get her glasses.

It couldn’t hurt…and as for that lazy eye….well…maybe it will help her see what’s going on

in the other direction when all the other kids are just looking straight.


She picked out her favorite pair….

and here we are.

My new and improved girl.

I even think it made her smarter…..so i might just call up her teacher…

{lord knows she’ll love getting a summer phone call}

and tell her that even though that last report card wasn’t the greatest…

it’s gotta be because my girl couldn’t see.

uh huh…

that’s the story and i’m sticking with it.

Oh happy day…..it’s a happy girl…

and i think she looks pretty damn cute too.


  1. Aww, she’s adorable! I’d have made the same choice, btw. No more headaches now?

  2. She is adorable, that girl has style:)

  3. My 11 year old got her first pair of glasses this year too. Same thing, headaches etc etc. Best thing I ever did, such a difference at school. And shes really rocking her Laura Ashley frames too! Just have to remind her to stop peering over the top of them!!

  4. i thinks she looks beautiful and happy as a lark as ever!! great color and style on her!!!

  5. She couldn’t look cuter!! My daughter started wearing glasses at 4 because of a lazy eye. She wasn’t even using hers at all. Maybe the glasses will HELP more than hurt. Regardless, headaches are not fun so I’m glad Lola can get rid of them in such a sassy and sophisticated way. 🙂

  6. She is darn cute! So cool her glasses. And purple suits her perfectly. I am so glad too that this got figured out. I am sure this was worrisome during her headache days. Happy seeing Lola!

  7. I love those glasses! She looks great. I remember my first pair. They were blue.

  8. As a 2nd grade teacher, I know you made the right decision. I see this all the time in the classroom and after getting the glasses such great improvements are made. Usually, the child can’t see clearly but doesn’t have anything to compare it to. Like it has always been that way to them. Great choice on the frames….she is a cutie!!!

  9. She really does look adorable!

  10. Lola looks beautiful in glasses, she was made for them. I have worn glasses since I was about 7 and kids get the best glasses. By the way Kasey, http://www.clearlycontacts.ca has free glasses (including kids) on June 22. Friend them on facebook and they give a code. It may be for Canadians only but an extra pair is a great thing to have. I hope you all have a wonderful time on your new adventure.

  11. oh she looks so grown up in that one shot!!
    what a doll!
    i love her choice of color. atta girl!!

  12. She DOES look cute and you’re KILLING me with the lazy eye stuff…Bahaha!!!

  13. becky up a hill says:

    love a happy ending! She is beautiful!!

  14. she’s a doll. those glasses are so hip and cute. hope that helps her headaches. hate it when the kids are hurtin’.

  15. Kasey, Lola looks so cute. I love her choice! My daughter has been wearing her glasses since she was three. She had a lazy eye also and was put into progressive lenses to correct it at around age 5. she wore progressives for about 5 years and went into single lenses at 10. Now she is 11 and we just received her 6 month supply of contacts. Which she will wear periodically- not all the time.You can not even tell her eye had a prominent turn when she was smaller. I hope this helps the headaches. I think you mentioned that Lola likes to read and I bet those babies will make a huge difference for her.

  16. she looks seriously gorgeous in those specs!!!!!!

    melissa 🙂

  17. So glad for a solution for Lola (and you!). What a relief! And those glasses just suit cute little Lola.

  18. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her new purple specks …and the best part – no more headaches!!!! lots of purple outfits in her future, I bet

    our daughter, 22, has been having headaches for the past few years – we all thought she was studying (or drinking) too much. Tuesday she went to the Dr. and he said that her eyes and mind havwe been working overtime to get her eyes to focus..and she will be getting glasses, too.


  19. How precious she looks, she’s such a beautiful girl and how can you go wrong with hot pink glasses!

  20. Great minds think alike, my li’l friend Hana has the same glasses. They are sooo cute!! (The girls and the glasses) I think Hana, my friend Alice’s daughter, was having headaches, too. When her big sister (barely a year older) saw how cool her glasses were, she started to say, “Oh….I have a headache.” Emily’s eyes are fine, she’s just “working” on her dramatic skills.

    I hope Lola’s feeling much better!

    : )

    Julie M.

  21. Lola’s glasses look so great! Super color for her too! I remember when I got my first pair of glasses in grade school I was so amazed because I could see each tree on the mountains in the distance-they weren’t just big green blobs! I never realized until then, how much I had actually been missing.
    Yea for Lola!- hope the headaches are in the past now too!

  22. I think she looks adorable!! And hopefully now she’ll be headache free:)

  23. adorable! i’m so glad she won’t have to deal with those headaches anymore. love her choice of glasses. i was about her age when i had to get them too. though back then they didn’t have such cute choices. i had the surgery to fix my eyes when i was only 18, had 20-20 vision for 23 years and am now back in glasses…cheetah print ones this time! xo

  24. Aw, she looks beautiful! She has such a great sense of style.

  25. Marlene P. says:

    Yep….pretty damn cute.

  26. Lola you look beautiful!! Your new shades are very stylish! Great choice!

  27. Shellie says:

    First of all, I LOVE your blog, I hope you continue while in Hawaii; after all, you will have nothing else to do with no Target!! You’re hilarious, I look forward to reading your blog each day.
    I get horrible migraines, not from vision, but anyhoo, get them none the less, so I know how painful they can be and for a young child, I can only imagine how miserable she felt. I had eye surgery when I was a toddler and I’m still self conscious to this day at 43 so I’m glad you figured out what was causing the headaches and I’m glad sweet Lola is now stylin’ in her glasses!!

  28. She looks super cute! She picked one awesome pair of glasses!!!!

  29. Sandra K says:

    Super cute and adorable – yay for Lola!

  30. Yup, pretty damn cute indeed! 🙂 Lola, you look fab! I love the frame and the colour you chose! You rock those glasses!!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Nice glasses!!! She’s got good taste, and she DOES look so smart!!

  32. Alexis Rasmussen says:

    Love her glasses!! I can relate to those terrible head aches and tired eyes. I started wearing reading glasses in college, and they are a life saver!! And I do agree, glasses do make you (look) smarter 😉

  33. Heather says:

    Adorable glasses and I truly hope a miracle cure! Just in case she has another migraine, skip the advil. If it’s a true migraine it really wont help and it’s hard on the kidneys. Instead, apply tiger balm or icy hot to her forehead (avoid the eyes!!). The burn and cool sensation really takes your mind off the pain. Also, don’t let her lie her head down flat, prop her up on a pillow. And, one more suggestion, try benadryl. Sometimes headaches are caused by allergies.

  34. She is beautiful! That must have been so scary for her (and you) to have had those migraines. Keeping fingers crossed that the glasses will do the trick. And your lead- in line to this post…oh my gosh, still laughing! ~Lili

  35. She looks adorable! Hope the headaches go away forever!

  36. she is such a doll!

  37. Oh my gosh, been there – done that!! My son had awful headaches and we had his eyes checked. Yup, needed glasses. Headaches went away and guess what … he wore the glasses for two years and doesn’t need them anymore. Not sure if he will need them again years from now but that really did happen. My daughter got glassse when she was three. She is very fashionable (just like Lola!) and always has the funkiest glasses. She also wears contacts so she has lots of choices. I am loving Lola’s new glasses. Didn’t think she could get any cuter but she has proven me wrong!!!! Hoping those headaches go far far away.

  38. Pretty damn cute indeed… My Finn just got glasses the last week of school to. Also has the lazy eye. He is adjusting to glasses and now thinking contacts may be better. We will see.
    I suffer from headaches and I cant imagine being so young and having to go thru it. I sure hope they end with these SUPER COOL new glasses..
    “WHAT A CUTIE!!”

  39. Well, at least she chose some awesome frames, right?! She looks super-cute!

  40. Lola is already an adorable/pretty girl as is, this takes it over the top! What a cutie. I swear my son (almost 8) & Lola would hit it off so well, he also looks cute in his specs (a blonde Harry Potter). Hope the headaches are gone now. I had horrible headaches as a kid & so does my son. Misery!

  41. My husband got headaches in grade school b/c of vision and ended up wearing glasses for just a few years too.
    And my grades improved when I got glasses in third grade – I totally believe you 😉

  42. Lola looks adorable! Love her glasses!!

  43. therese says:

    she’s adorable! sweet lola!

  44. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was two because of a lazy eye… so has my son who is now 18. Not sure what that crazy doctor was thinking! But, glasses are the way to go and so fashion forward these days. Lola, so glad your headaches are gone! I LOVE your glasses! Super cute!!

  45. I got my first pair when I was three WITH eye therapy to strengthen the muscles. She looks BEAUTIFUL with and without glasses. What a lucky girl 🙂

  46. Lola looks totally fab in her new glasses! She has great taste! Now if only I could get my eight-year-old to wear his. He has been a mysteriously unhappy kid for months and a few weeks ago I took him out for ice cream and he couldn’t read the flavors… Ah HA! Only problem… he refuses to wear his glasses! Not sure what we’re going to do about that. Glad you solved your issue, on the last day of vision insurance, no less! ~ osc

  47. She looks fabulous and I agree with all the other posts that are wondering WHY your Dr. would say glasses would make the lazy eye worse. I had glasses from 2-12 they corrected my lazy eye and I didn’t need to wear glasses again until I got *old* My daughter (almost 10) just got glasses for lazy eye two years ago and they are working great. I’ll have to show my daughter Lola’s new specks… she just ordered purple ones too!

  48. She is cute! Her glasses are lovely, and i am sure she will be fine! you have such a nice way of puting your stories together!



  50. she’s beautiful!

  51. If you’re always in pain, it’s really hard to do your best. This bright and beautiful girl should do fabulously in school next year.

  52. Lindsay Jo says:

    She is just so darn cute! and she totally rocks the pink glasses! I’m a big fan of glasses 🙂

  53. I just stumbled on your site tonight and this post made me cry. I had headaches when I was little. No one thought to check my eyes. Everyone just thought I was really clumsy because I tripped a lot, not being able to see sidewalks and things. I think your daughter looks awesome in her glasses. Shows she has taste!

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