my girl and the goat

There are many…many things on my “to do” list before we head out of town in less then five weeks….

gulp…did i say less then five weeks and just over four weeks


and on that list was to have dinner at Heritage Prairie Farms.

HPF is a little family owned farm just north of us that on wednesdays and friday nights…they offer

artisian pizza that they bake over a  wood fire.

So since it was one of Bryans last nights at the office..and he was headed out with some

of his coworkers for dinner…i packed the kids up…and we headed over there.

It was funny to drive by this place again…

i think i even heard one of the kids stiffle back a choke as we drove by the sign…

Once we got there…the kids made themselves at home…by climbing their trees and

running all over like they had been raised by a pack of hyenas.

Obviously…i pretended that they were not my children.

Am i the only one that ever does that… know…after the kids run around like they own the place…

and i’m yelling…don’t go in there….


don’t climb that tree or you will fall and crack your head open…

that you just go and sit down and look at the people sitting all around you

and you roll your eyes and mutter under your breath….

“i wonder who’s kids those are”

That is…till the other people kinda look at you and say something like….

“really…you think their parents would do something”

and then the kids all run over to you and sit down with you.

Yeah…that’s what i’m talking about.

I knew i should have signed them up for summer camp.

Except this place was just as good as summer camp and luckily we were the only ones there that night.

They had a donkey that you could feed…and the goat was pretty cool.

See…i did get my girl and the goat after all!

The kids named the donkey…


they think it’s funny that they can’t really say….”jack ass”

and roll on the ground laughing when someone says …..Jack.

I rolled my eyes again and looked for someone who i could share the common

“who are these children” with…but there was no one.

So i had a glass of wine.

We ordered our pizzas and our drinks…which they sell wine there….so i was a happy camper.

It was so good.

It was so good in fact…that i rounded up the friends and we are doing family and friends night

there on friday. With wine…..and kids…and wine.

Oh…and wine.

Anyhoo…summer vacation is moving right along….and we’ve been busy with friends and activities.

Bryan is on day three of bartending school…which he is really loving;-)

p.s. some of you have emailed me wondering about the Il. love you forever tshirts i found at a shop

in the city….well i found them online….so you can order them  {here}.


  1. That place looks great and a perfect place for all your friends and family Friday night. What wonderful memories you are making before you leave! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to it! That pizza looks amazing.

  3. Wait, so is your hubby bartending in HI? That place looks amazing.

  4. I LOVE your daugther’s dress!!!

  5. Lola’s dress is absolutely adorable. Love it. That pizza looks so good. Now I am hungry!!

  6. Looks like a great place for family fun!! Love, love Lola’s dress:)

  7. Would it be totally weird if I showed up with my family on Friday night as well?
    Just kidding. Looks like a fun place, we will have to try it!

  8. Where is Lola’s dress from?? I love lovelove it.
    So much fun, and the pizza looks so good.

  9. I would love to see your list if things you want to do before you leave.
    I can’t believe you guys only have less then five weeks.

  10. LOVING that dress! What fun – dining on the farm. I need a pizza oven outside!

  11. that looks like such fun, i might just head there one day this summer. i love the story about sitting with other people & joining in on wondering whose kids are running around. that made me laugh. xx

  12. What a fun place! Reminds me of Belleview Park, which I need to take the kiddos too. Except theirs no pizza or wine or wine, or wine.. UGH! Gotta bust out the flask I guess!

  13. That place looks lovely!

  14. your gal and goat and jack- looks very cool!!

    and where is her gorgeous dress from- i have two girls who would kill for that dress and a son who would happily go out to a pizza dinner with them in it!

    melissa …

  15. i work at heritage prairie farm, managing the farm store. a friend of mine saw your blog and told me to check it out. i remember your visit to our farm! (who could forget such a fabulous dress on a fabulous girl??) you have a beautiful family and heart, thank you for sharing your stories. you can climb our tree’s anytime 🙂

  16. Looks like a charming little place && that pizza looks delish…made my belly growl! ; )

    Btw…I love Lola’s dress, so cute!!

  17. found you today from a FB message from Heritage Prairie Farm… I love that place… I have spend some time today reading your posts all the way back to Feb…. fabulous to read such a fun blog from a local free spirit 🙂

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