moving on..

I sat down last night and read every.single.comment.

I’ve read the ones that attacked my family.

I’ve read the ones that do not condone what i’ve done.

I’ve read the ones that support.

I’ve read the ones that hate.

I’ve read the ones that hate more.

I’ve read the ones that love.

The sheeples.

The minions.

The readers that won’t come back…but do.

The people that spent all day…and i mean all day…going back and forth with each other.


what i want to know is…..has anyone tried the new strawberry lemonade from McDonald’s?


  1. stephanie says:

    I have this one friend (who i have know since i was 3) and whenever we are together we ALWAYS do crazy things! Like the time we were at the Suns basketball game and snuck down into the players parking garage. All she wanted was Steve Nash’s autograph and guess what…we got it:) before we got kicked out LOL!
    Geez. …I hope the meanies don’t come after me now:)

    • I can’t believe you had the audacity to intrude on their private snapping-towels-at-each-other’s-butts time. OMG. The nerve. 😛

  2. tee hee. that was funny. and the quote. LOVE. I have to share that.

  3. To comment or not comment – that is the question. I have been a long time reader and have shared the blog address with others as well as the KY hair gel story. You have made me laugh and laugh again. I have watched others take seriously what has been meant in fun, disagreed with some (wearing and returning is not my thing) and loved others (your young son and his love, sigh…and Lola’s fun and creative fashions). Mostly this whole wedding thing makes me sad… all the bickering and mean-spirited comments. Personally, for me, I do feel that a line was crossed though it is not me who will live with that choice. Life is about choices and living with those choices. Just a wee bit of regret? If so, it’s okay. We will still love you. After all to err is human (and not one poster can claim they have never done so) but to forgive divine. I still remember what I will call a lapse in judgement on my part where I ended up hurting an otherwise lovely group of ladies, unintentionally, and my heart hurt inside. I tried to talk it away, pretend like it was “their” fault but at the end of the day I couldn’t ignore it. It was me and it was my mistake. And me and God talked it over. And confession was good for the soul. And I moved on – though I have not forgotten the feeling – lest I repeat it again.

  4. first time reader says:

    First time reader here. Someone suggested this blog as interesting reading. I have spent the last hour back reading, I want that hour back. I dont normally read bored housewife from the burbs blogs. And that is all this is. Even the comments smack of bored housewives, geeze shouldn`t ya`ll like be doing something domestic instead of hanging of the word of someone not very interesting.

  5. Why oh why is everyone STILL talking about this?? This is my first comment – I finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. Please…..let’s be DONE.
    I will be here tomorrow and I am looking forward to another post from you and I do hope that people can just comment on your new topic of the day!

  6. Lori Ryan says:

    LoL! Good for you! And “no” I have’nt, but want to. My mouth waters everytime I see the picture in the drive through. I’m a creature of habit with my diet coke.

  7. Yes I have tried it. It is delicious and could be habit forming.
    happy day,

  8. says:

    I love it minus the strawberry. Ask for it w/o strawberry & it’s super delicious & half the calories… 😉

  9. KaseyB! i have never even heard of strawberry lemonade. ill have to head over to mcdonalds sometime soon and try it.
    on a side note to you Kasey i dont have a blog but im wondering if you should shut off or delete comments that are disrupting the joy you are trying to live out. i mean its your life, its your blog, its your rules on how this goes. unless i misunderstand i dont think you started this blog to have a forum on morals values and beliefs. i know you probably want people to share their opinions but it seems like a lot of people cant move on. hopefully something happens to change the mood here and we can get back to viewing your life instead of crucifying it.

    good luck with the move girl. im proud you guys are taking the leap. most people dont and i think sometimes we need to. even if you fail there is success in the trying.

    be u,

  10. Love it! (and love your blog)

  11. OMG, Gail’s back…and she brought some friends. What’s the dealio? This is so funny to me. Kasey, I have never read your comments before, but now I can’t stop. It’s like a train wreck – it’s like the movie Super 8. I wanted to love the Strawberry Lemonade from McDonald’s but it was too tangy. I do love the lemonade from Auntie Anne’s Pretzel’s – yummo!
    Enjoy your day,

  12. Sharon Smart says:

    Strawberry Lemonade???? Ooooh I wonder if we’ll get it over here in Australia???!!!!! It sounds delish!

  13. O.k. seriously another Laugh out Loud moment. Like a big huge where did that come from laugh.
    Oh but I know where it came from.
    Same place as:
    Left. Kids. Outside. with. Frog.
    That one’s my favorite (as if you didn’t know).

    Now, for the comments.
    I left a couple. Only a couple really. Don’t go back and count them. Please don’t. I got carried away ;). I just couldn’t not. Really it’s gotten bad. I hardly ever comment and I never read ALL the comments.

    But these freakin’ judgemental people piss me off. I am done now. I promise. It’s time to move on….

    I think I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with you….

    Haven’t tried the Lemonade. I’m going to though after reading ALL the comments about how good it is.
    If you have a Culver’s near you try the Mango Smoothie or freeze thingy. Addicting and oh so good.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  14. Whats this all about? Come live in Amsterdam after Hawai……you’ll love it. xx

  15. bullying is NOT cool! says:

    I think it is time you report the cyber-bullies to your local authorities! (Gayle, Patricia 2, loopholesabound, etc.) I am sure the police can trace their IP address and bring the appropriate charges against them. They are bullying you and this is WRONG. They have no right to viciously attack you , your blog or your children and family. They have clearly gone off the deep end over this and have taken it to a hateful level and this cannot and should not be tolerated. The law is on your side with this situation and their cyber-bullying will be taken very seriously by the authorities!!!!

    • but first she would have to admit what she did was illegal. Yeah, I am going to think she wants to brush her own transgressions under the rug. So yah. that was funny though!

      • friend of the bride says:

        Funny thing is, that it really wasn’t that big of a deal! It is quite comical to watch all the goings on though.

    • ROFL…and her mocking that woman at chuck-e-cheese however long ago it was isn’t considered bullying? You’re so cute!!!!

      I’m with Mary on this one. She would have to admit her crime in order for it to make a difference. And it’s not like we’re threatening to kill her, we’re calling her out on her shitty decision and justification of it. That will hardly hold any weight and I’m certain the authorities would find amusement in the whole debacle [though not amused for wasting their time]. Wasn’t everyone else’s logic about her crashing the wedding “it’s not like she’s killing anyone…lighten up!” Looks like that claim doesn’t make a stitch of difference.

      • and it keeps going…and going…and going…and going…until they make the decision to look up from their computer screen, stand up on their feet, take a step and start living. . .which is what i’m going to do. i think the point was made long ago, there is nothing new to say anymore. good bye all you have a beautiful day, if that is possible for you to do. 🙂 🙂 live and let love take over you

  16. ha! i love that strawberry lemonade – but you should go to taco bell and try the lime/cherry that is really good too.

  17. I just saw a photo of watermelon and strawberry mojitos today – now THAT sounds good!
    Happy weekend,

  18. high school friend says:

    Come on people. Maybe I’m just in a mood to debate but stop and really think about this for a minute. I highly doubt Kasey thinks that wedding crashing is noble. I suspect it was on her bucket list for the taste of doing something out of the ordinary/out of character/a bit on the controversial side. So she did it purposely without perfect judgment just like we ALL (in one way or another) do things that we shouldn’t do but we do them anyway. She did it and she shared it (that’s the part most of us don’t do). I think Kasey’s blog post was more about sharing her crime than about boasting about a good deed. The post about the reception was actually flattering to the bride and groom if you have an open mind. Although the bride and groom might be irritated, it’s the “haters” who have added overflowing negativity to the wedding in general. It’s the haters encouraging the bride and groom to be mad instead of irritated. It’s the “haters” who have painted such a negative picture of the whole event. Perhaps Kasey’s presence at part of the reception wasn’t really that much of an interruption. Perhaps it’s the negative attention on Kasey’s blog that has truly interrupted the aftermath.

    People have commented Kasey’s blog is self serving. Of course it’s self serving as this is her own blog. These are her thoughts and her posts. This is her online diary. This is how she writes about what she does and what she likes. This is her life and she has chosen to share it. So if you expect her blog to be about you or world peace, then just start your own blog or find another one which interests you. Good for her for deleting some comments. Why should she have to read your crap on her blog or let you have your own blog via her comment section? Just stop visiting her blog if you hate it so much. I think your repeated comments are self serving your own righteousness (again, just get your own blog)!

    For anyone criticizing Kasey for any untruthfulness then just go ahead and tell me that reading (whether it’s a blog or a book) must always be non-fiction. This is not a biography, it’s a blog. You have a choice to read just as Kasey has a choice to write. Don’t set the rules for each person’s blog. Each blog is what it is. Take it or leave it—plenty of blogs out there.

    For those of you attacking her and her family personally, well that is just pathetically desperate of you.

    Kasey, we were friends in high school and we haven’t spoken since. I think your blog is a beautiful, artistic representation of your life. Keep it up!

  19. Keep on keeping on, Kasey! You are priceless and my favorite blog! For God’s sake, people out there need to get a life and if they want to focus on serious issues they should put their energy into things like ending the senseless ‘wars’ that we’re in, children going hungry, the cuts to public education, etc.
    I applaud you! Best of best wishes in Hawaii! You only live once, right? This ain’t no dress rehearsal…a good lesson for all of us.
    p.s. Haven’t tried the lemonade, but have been curious about it too!

  20. Bahahaha!!!! Fantastic post on the aftermath of the comments. (I haven’t read them. I didn’t even know the wedding crashing post was such a controversial issue. I may have to go read the comments now…I want to be up to date. lol.) I’m all for saying your opinion, but attacking someone’s family personally because you don’t agree with something is not cool. Be intelligent enough to disagree without attacking someone personally.
    Kasey, I’m pretty new around here, but I love this post! Great way to not feed into all the mean comments. (I couldn’t do it. I’d have a whole page or more ranting about the dumb comments.) Cracked me up! I seriously laughed out loud! Best wishes to you and your family! xo

    • The comments are gone…bummer. How will I ever stay up to date on current events?? Anywho, have a wonderful weekend, Kasey! 🙂 I have to work all weekend. Poo.

  21. Adriane says:

    OMG the lemonade is so good! I made the mistake of getting it for my kids, now everytime we drive by they are yelling Please Mom, can we get one of those slushies! Um, no. (Yep I sneak them when I am by myself, lol)

  22. I tried the new strawberry lemonade at McDs.

    I love it!
    Although I have to let it melt first!


  23. Love the McD’s S~Berry lemonade!! ; )

  24. Awwww, Maaaaan! I missed all the excitement! Rats!

  25. HOLLY SMOKES! I have not been by in a couple of weeks, and I missed all the freaken action! I need to come on a daily basis to keep up with you! Well.. I kinda got the what was going on.. Bride/Groom upset because you crashed their party? Hmm.. Did they even notice you there? Being a wedding photographer assistant, I have seen family members REALLY crash a party, getting drunk, fighting, dj speakers blowing out, florist being late, cake melting.. There are far worst things that happen in weddings, than two lovely ladies enjoying a glass a wine in the corner. =)

    P.S… I am not sure if I like the lemonade. I took a sip, and drank all the syrup at the bottom! yuck! But I am in love with their Asian Chicken Salad!!

  26. There is something special about a pink drink, don’t you think? Our girls always order pink lemonade when we go out (just a dash of red cordial added to regular lemonade), and I myself just can’t resist a glass of pink mummy bubbles!!!

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