if you only knew…

your wedding reception was amazing…..

and i just want to thank you because i was not even invited to it.


There are a few things on my long list of…..

wishing i would have done it sooner….but i’m just now getting to that list.

Have i told you that life is for living…and since we all live it differently….then there really is no reason

to judge anyone by the way they decide to live it.



So…i am just going to warn you now…that if you have any problems with reading about someone doing

something that is totally A-Wall….then you should stop now and tune back in after a few days.


Let me back up just a minute and talk for a bit while i explain a few things.

I think it is so important to have friends that you can do different things with….

take for instance….

movie night.

I know who i could call up on a tuesday night……that would hit a movie with me…..

or for instance….the pool.

I know which friends i’m going to be meeting up with at the pool for an afternoon of hanging out.

Girls weekend in the city…..i have those girls.

I’m pretty lucky to have a good group of rounded friends that if need be….

i can call up for a number of things.


what i’m getting at is…

a few nights ago…i was talking to one of my friends…

{her name is being withheld for privacy issues…}

about how on my wish list was to attend a wedding that i was NOT invited to.

You could call it “crashing” a wedding…but like my awesome husband reminded me of today…..

is that “crashing” a wedding is so 1990’s…that i needed to coin it a different phrase.

So…i give to you…my new 2011 phrase for crashing a wedding in which you were not on the invitation list….

is called….

“interrupting a wedding”

so….i have to just be honest and say…that we did not know the bride and groom…

nor did we know anyone at this wedding reception….

and all names might or might not have been changed to protect the innocent…

but good times were had.


so let’s go ahead and get started.

My friend and i had known about a wedding reception that was going to take place on a farm…

not far from us…and had started chatting up the fact that it would be so much fun to attend a farm reception

in which we were not invited .


Yes…i realize that you would probably call that something like…”wedding crashers”…but since we did not really

watch the wedding…but instead arrived mid reception ….then it’s a bit different.




and yeah…..

it was a hosted bar…but can i just mention really quick that we left the bartender a HUGE tip.


oh…and the dress i am wearing is from Anthro but i found it thrifted when i was shopping with the friends.

Not that it matters….because i did in fact have on some spanx.

I like spanx.

I like good wine.

I like having fun.

I like to mark things off my list.

I like a good friend to experience things with.

I like farm wedding receptions.

One of us was starting to really feel like we were part of the {wish we were invited} family…..

and obviously….

i needed to catch up in the drinking game.

{ a huge thank you to the random person whom we asked to take photos of us…}


As i was walking around…i came across this little vignette in the tent of Melissa and Julian…

and i’m thinking it’s of their parents….

i think i might have cried.

I have to be honest and say that i don’t quite remember if i wrote down my feeling about the couple…


if you can’t tell….

they were gorgeous!

Then everyone started making their way over to the table which held the floating lanterns….


i love floating lanters.

is it funny that i captured the lanterns and they looked like hearts up against the sky?….

this is where i really wanted to be….near the fire pit…..

and away from the bugs…..

So friends…if you have made it this far…then i just want to remind you that it goes down hill from here.

This was the point in which neither of us had rehearsed for or that neither of us had chatted about if and when the time

should arise if someone should come up us.

I would like you to meet Uncle Dickey….

Uncle dickey came up to {friend who does not want to be named} and started chatting about

the relationship between her and the newlywed couple.

{yes….this can and will happen every once in a while….so please be prepared}….

make sure you know the facts people getting married…..

and please….mark my word for it……don’t let strangers into the photo unless you want to talk about how

you know the couple.

yup……uh huh.

Said friend got really nervous……

and might have left her drink….all the while yelling at me…..to stop taking photos…

and ran to the car.

Once i calmed her down……and promised that no one was chasing us….

we toasted Julian and Melissa….

one of the most fabulous wedding receptions we have ever been to.

{even though we were not invited…but came anyway…………….}

The End.


All photos of the bride and groom have been taken down per request of the groom


  1. LOL that is so funny!!! Looked like a beautiful reception…and that is definitely something that would’ve been scary but exciting! Yay for checking stuff off your list!

  2. LMAO you really are certifiably nuts, but that’s why we love you! I’m dying here, thinking the whole time, you’re going to end it with, “just kidding”, but you actually did it! OMG!

  3. This makes me laugh. I love that you & your friend did this! How fun…yet awkward. I swear people crashed our reception too. There are pictures of people that we have NO IDEA who they are. There is also a photo of me holding a small child that I don’t know, but I doubt he crashed 😉

  4. Lisa Stevens says:

    LOVE it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have a list. And this is going on it. I can totally relate to how you have “certain” friends that you can call upon for “certain” adventures. So do I…I love you and Ms. X’s adventurous spirit! What is life about if it is not a huge collection of super fun tales to tell!

    My latest “tale” is how I got lost due to a LAME GPS in Compton, California. (Ya know…THE HOOD!) We made it out alive! LOL…love female bonding!!! Thanks for sharing!!! xo♥

  5. Marlene P. says:

    Does it get any better….? I mean really? Ive got some crazy girlfriends but I am pretty certain they would have talked me out of it. Kiss your girlfriend and thank her for me. I need this one….I toast you.

  6. I hope you have left enough room in your suitcase for your friend, because you may need her on your next adventure too.

    lg xx

  7. Funniest Story I’ve Read! Love it, We should all Crash a Wedding someday. Imagine if your in any of the Wedding shots and what the bride and groom will say. Funny, Funny.

    • So glad u left the bartender a big tip, never been to a wedding where the bartender footed the bill for the alcohol. As much as this was on your to do list Im sure the bride & groom were not expecting to have complete strangers invade their special day with THEIR family & friends and then to post pictures of them is really a complete invasion of privacy.

  8. *LOL* You can count me in! I would go with you! If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, look me up!
    I’ve told my hubby that I would love to do this sometime, he just kind of laughed.

    Love ya, love your blog ! Especially your trip to France stories !

  9. Jennifer says:

    This is so HILARIOUS!!! You go girls! I WAY to chicken to ever do something like that. I’ll have to put it on my bucket list 😉

  10. LOL…leaving Illinois with a bang! What else is on your list? I want to join you! I love your stories!

  11. you’re so crazy. 🙂

  12. I agree with the other Gail….:).

  13. LOL!!! 😉 LOVE it….

  14. Hilarious. I think what I love most is always reading the comments you get after you write a post like this.
    Someone is always a little upset;-) I think it’s fun and you obviously like to have it.

  15. You rock. My hubs and I have always wanted to do something like this but chicken out in the end.
    The photos you took are so pretty, and I love that dress you have on.
    Any chance you are not taking it to Hawaii with you???

  16. YES! love it- that’s the best story ever, hands down. and i’m just like your unnamed friend- i totally would have gone, but i would have freaked OUT if anyone confronted me. HA! thanks for sharing this awesome story!!

  17. oh, and no worries about privacy… people do this all the time, actually. especially at hotel or conference center receptions. i danced with this HUGE redneck at my sister’s wedding because i assumed i must be related to him somehow… turns out he was a crasher. no biggie!

  18. Megan S. says:

    You win best post of the year. I too, like reading all your comments because there is always the one that is scolding you;-)
    Love this one. Lol

  19. I am going to check into this….I may know “the photographer”!

  20. That was just so funny, a perfect read to start my Monday off with, I am going to put ‘Wedding interruption” on my list…
    I love your style of writing, you should sit on the beach in Hawaii with the kids surfing, hubby making drinks and you should write a book!!!!!

  21. OMG! I love seeing this side of your unnamed friend!! 🙂 Love it. BTW, my cousin is getting married at that same farm on June 15. Just saying.

  22. oh no you didn’t!!!!!
    man, who needs sophmore year in highschool when you have kasey as an adult friend, always there to live the best moments in life!
    love you & your spanx wearing rebel self xo

  23. Me again. This wasn`t a public hotel or conference center, it was a private wedding at a private venue not a public place. Isn`t that considered trespassing, when you enter private property univited? Its all about boundaries and respecting others, I am surprised that others think that this is ok. How would you feel if a stranger decided to just enter your property and help themselves cause it`s on their bucket list?

    • Interesting that your friend didn’t want to have her name out there…hmmmmm

      • Megan S. says:

        Call me anytime kasey, I’ll be your friend for one of your adventures!

      • lighten up gail!
        there’s always left over pinot grigio at the end of the night anyhow …..PLEASE relax – it’s F.U.N.N.Y!

  24. Hilarious. But seems like it was worth it! Pretty reception.

  25. Your nuts, plain and simple. But, a good nut. IS this true though?? Okay, guess it is.

  26. You are crazy girl! It looks like it was a small reception? I would of been drinking heavily like your friend! LOL. I would love to do this but not sure if I could pull it off! I know that if we had “univited” guests at our wedding…we would of never ever noticed and 2 hoped they enjoyed themselves like we did!

  27. Jill Palumbo says:

    I love it! There are times where I would love to crash an occasion, especially on blogland! I don’t think you bothered anyone, and you were perfectly harmless (I think), so what does it hurt? And yes, if someone wanted to crash my wedding for your reasons, I would be happy to meet them!

  28. Julie Odle says:

    Are you kidding! That couple is so lucky to have a fun girl like you crash her party! Lucky!

  29. Wow!!!! Love that sense of adventure and it does sound like u had a fun time. For some “wedding interruping” guests, you sure where styling. What else is on that list of yours? Can I go 2?

  30. OMGoodness…this is HIL.AR.I.OUS!!! SO fun…and you two fit right in. In a way, I think the bride and groom would be…will be… flattered. Flattered that you captured sweet moments and had a wonderful time. After all, that’s what celebrating a marriage is all about. What’s two more fun-loving, adoring guests! Good for you, girls!! Keep checkin’ off that list!
    Jen xo

  31. LOVE this!

  32. I’m also side with the, “this is AWESOME” people…when and if I get married, I would love to meet anyone who had enough balls just to show up for my reception and party! Cheers to you! PS- I’ve also learned to read your comments because there are always some interesting ones.

  33. I totally just fell in love with you

  34. What’s up with Gail? She’s really bumming me out!
    Both of them…HA!

  35. Living in the moment is what life is all about, because that’s really all we have. Love your free spirit!

  36. Ummm…so that reception was gorgeous! You chose a good one to crash…er, uh…interrupt.

  37. Oh stop with the bashing G**l (s)…life is short, she was having fun!!! Too many people take like so seriously and forget to just live…

    So they “crashed”. If someone had the balls to do it at my wedding, I would love to meet them! They would be exactly the kind I would want in my life…an added “spark” and then what a story to tell others how we had first met!

    So they drank some wine. It wasn’t like they jumped in on a buffet line and filled their purses up…

    Perhaps you yourself need to get out there & begin a life of “just do its”…take a deep breath & have fun 🙂

  38. Julian, the Groom says:

    Kasey & Friend,

    Julian here. My Bride, now wife came upon your post as thanks to the marvel of the internet and felt entitled to “interrupt” your blog as it were.

    Our wedding came on the heels of the unexpected passing of my father just two months ago. A tragic event at any time made more so as our families were fully immersed in planning this most joyous of occasions.

    This was an evening my Bride and I had been planning for months, from the invitations, and the ceremony (a ceremony so touching that the photographers were in tears), to the table arrangements, the lanterns and the table containing photos of our parents’ and grandparent’s weddings, this was a night for those who are our family. A night for those we know by first name, whose families we know, whose birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, births, and funerals in which we’ve shared. Everyone who was invited to the wedding has been integral in our lives as individuals and as a couple. This was a night for them.

    Kasey & Friend, we’re delighted that you felt empowered and just enough to invite yourself to our most intimate of nights. We’re elated that you mingled among our closest family and friends. We’re thrilled that you imbibed at our bar (we’re glad that you tipped the bartenders, but next time perhaps leave an envelope for the couple that paid for the bar…no 😉 ). We’re overjoyed that you had an amazing time. Thank you for the kind words and the touching sentiments. Truly, we are most humbled that two strangers felt the love on which we were drunk. By the way, I sincerely hope you tried our evening cocktail- it was sensational.

    So Kasey, I hope that your future move brings you all the best. I hope that wherever you land you find what you witnessed on Saturday evening and I hope that you find whatever it is you’ve been missing thus far. And when you decide to throw an amazing party with awesome food, great drink and a crowd composed of the greatest people in the world, well, through this comment you’ll have my email and I’ll be expecting an invite.


  39. HILARIOUS!!! It was a gorgeous wedding…I don’t blame you for crashing it 🙂 I love the lanterns…I want to do that at my wedding one day…I got the idea from Tangled…Lame…I know! Haha!!!

  40. Well…normally I support your adventures 1,000% but, today…well, I just don’t think that crashing any part of anyone’s wedding is cool. The wedding & reception are for that couple and their friends and family to celebrate a special moment and crashing is just bad mojo. I hate to be a naysayer, but I agree-IF you crashed someone’s major life event, the least you should have done is not photograph them & their family and put them up on the internet. It is an invasion of privacy and if they find out-well, that would not be pretty. Sorry, but I think the story is bad manners.

  41. yay julian!! you are groom of the year!

  42. Yep,
    From the groom himself, “I hope you find whatever it is you’ve been missing thus far”. I’m so embarrassed for you and your friend! What an incredibly selfish thing to do, intruding upon someone else’s private ceremony. Nothing o.k. about this situation and what a poor example for your children….exactly what’s wrong with our society today.
    I’m all for having fun, don’t get me wrong, but this is so blatantly tasteless….a classy groom to be sure.
    I applaud you Julian for your class, shame on you Kasey and friend….

  43. Wow. How old are you? Twelve? This is the most self-centered thing I’ve ever heard of. You think that putting yourselves in the middle of someone else’s wedding and then posting it on the internet is cool? How very Junior High of you. Maybe you’ll float away like the gorgeous lanterns in the sky with all the hot air you seem to have pumped yourself full of. Hope so.

  44. OMG that was wicked. Love it.

  45. Julian ROCKS!!! Looks like the lovely couple will be enjoying a nice little Summer gathering at the Buick house! Can’t wait to see the pics! 🙂

  46. WOW! Can’t wait to see the pictures of Jillian and his bride at your Mad Men party:)

  47. oohhh it’s getting hot in here! . . . .Kasey- through your writing, pics, and life experiences i am always left inspired, but today my heart weighs heavy for this “wedding interruption” (if that is what you call it). today after reading this post and all the comments, the inspiration is found in Julian (and his new wife)!! YOU rock Julian! i too have “my list” of living, but even if it were to entail crashing a wedding i sure wouldn’t boast about it through the internet, and go so far as posting pictures of the family and their intimate occasion (those pictures could have been left out, and we still would have got the point). i hope, after reading Julian’s comment, we all stop and think about our actions toward others a little longer before we think about ourselves. thank you again Julian for your inspiring response!

  48. Wowsers, you all. I can’t believe these fueled reactions. I would be honored to share the love (and drinks) – get over it already. Carpe Diem!

  49. Sorry, I meant Jilian:)

  50. Amy Case says:

    Kasey, you seem to have a fun life. I get a kick out of your blog, big-time. Seems this was quite the adventure. 🙂 I would have to agree with your other readers though, who felt that posting pics of someone else’s wedding on the internet was over-the-top. Julian was pretty classy, considering!

  51. I found the story funny in a totally impersonal ‘some couples wedding’ kind of way, but it just feels uncomfortable after reading Julians response tbh, as it has given the other persons perspective and if I’m honest, if I were his bride and somebody did this on my day and then made a joke of it on the net, it would probably put a stain on my day.

    However, if somebody posted pictures of me, my husband, and our family/friends on such a special day online, I would find it a major invasion of our privacy and our right to it, and would probably do my damnedest to find out if there were any legal recourse.

    I actually feel quite upset for the bride and hope that this didn’t upset her.

    Sorry Kasey – just being honest

  52. I was a guest at the wedding. I’m glad I DID NOT spend any time dancing with you, drinking with you, or getting to know you at all. As a friend of the bride and groom, I feel angry you crashed this very intimate, private affair. Props to Julian for being the bigger and better person and his kind, diplomatic response.

  53. Wow….you just lost a follower,

    How immature and disrespectful of you to splash a beautiful couples private first moments together all over the internet,i can not imagine how the bride must feel reading all your comments here about how hilarious it was and what an amazing groom in his response to you.

    Shame on you Kasey

  54. If nothing else, please take the pictures down. They clearly don’t want them up. It’s the least you can do at this point.

    • kelly,
      I noticed that also, ironic isn’t it? Guess it’s o.k. for her but not for anyone else! I’m not following anymore either…yikes!

  55. I think it’s seriously…
    seriously so messed up that you still…
    haven’t taken a moment to take down the pictures….
    that you had no right to post in the first place…
    Maybe you can do that…before you apologize…
    to them

  56. yikes- i think you’ve lost a lot of people’s respect today 🙁 and i have to say i totally agree with kelly- very ironic that you expect permission for people to use your photos but don’t give that same kind of respect to others 🙁

  57. Aunt Leslie says:

    Kasey and friend,

    Your invasion at such an intimate affair was disrespectful. The bride and groom took great strides in inviting those that were closest to them to share this joyful occasion which came on the heels of such a tragic event. We were there in support of their new life together and in support of the saddness that still resonates when a person so close to your heart is taken from you. So sad that you would post a picture of Julian’s parents and of the new bride and groom of this most intimate and private event.

    To you bloggers that thought this was great….you represent what is wrong with our world today…the lack of privacy pain and simple to feed your need for amusement at the expense of others.

  58. Captain Zero Fun says:

    Stay classy Kasey Buick… I had no idea you were from Vancouver.

  59. Adriane says:

    This is awesome! I wanna do this sometime, but more than likely I would be too big of a chicken! Love it!

  60. Aside from the classless act of posting THEIR pictures of their day and their parents on your site, your friend was so inconsiderate as to show up in (off)white. Beyond tacky and classless.

    • It’s a pale pink dress from Anthropologie. I have the same one. I think she looks great.

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