hello there chicago

Tap Tap….hello….anyone there?

I’m wondering if i even start to chat about all the hoopla that started happening over here yesterday.

Once the blog post hit a chicago bridal open chat forum….the people came out in hoards…and of course..

there was a whole lot of negative energy around here.

So i say…..be gone bad juju…..so that i can get back to writing about what i do best….

and that is writing about life……and the way i decide to live it….whether anyone likes it or not….

here on my blog.

Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba

So….for those of you that are still readers…..i just want to say …

hello and welcome back.

Anyone there?….

{i’ll pour us a glass of good wine}

For those of you that are not readers anymore….but still feel like you need to pop in and keep leaving comments….

{hey Gail…what’s up}

then now would be a good time to to just hit that little button at the top of your computer screen that

has an X on it.

No hurt feelings….honest.


Anyhoo…..last week….i loaded up the kids….and we got on a train into Chicago……

one of the things that i wanted us to do as a family before we move is an architectural river tour of the city.

It was a beautiful day…..and for once…the kids behaved the entire day.

We met up with bryan…..as he had just finished his morning bartending class….

{which is going very well…..by the way…and he graduates on Friday}

he was showing Lola all the non-alcoholic drinks he learned to make that day…..

like a Shirley Temple.

I told him that i should be in bartending school also….

and we could do something like in the movie “cocktail”….where we throw drinks back and forth to each other.

But then i thought about that for a minute….

and decided to un-enroll  that idea.

I mean….i kind of like being the guinea pig when it comes to having to test out the bartender in training.

{he’ll be one cute bartender…}

Bryan said i’m not to call him cute…..because puppies and babies are cute.

{so i change my mind…he’ll be one hot bartender….i mean……

one hot married with three kids bartender}

No one told me that there was a bar on the river boat tour…….

not that it would have mattered……

but the beer was good.

{free tip of the day}

i think this moment is like a homeschooling one….in which i look at my kids….listening to the tour…

and taking it all in.

It’s like summer home schooling!

whoa….wild hair day……

After the tour we walked around Navy Pier…….

but be warned….

if you have kids…they will want to ride on the expensive rides.

but we stuck to the free entertainment which included…..

the funny mirrors which make you look like you are short and have no legs.

Who knew that all it takes is a mirror and three kids to bring out the belly laughs…….

Then we hopped in a cab….and headed over to Twin Anchors…..where we dined on ribs.

{it’s a chicago must do….if you visit}

After ribs….we walked across the street where there was a school and playground…..

and all the city kids were hanging out playing.

as we were sitting there…

i turned around and found this guy…watching us….

which is really not a big deal…..

i mean….

who doesn’t like a real peeping tom right behind them…..hiding by a tree?

{now that would make a great chat forum….for those of you that want something else to talk about..}

and off we walk…..ready for another day.


  1. I can not believe these out right nasty comments. Who are any of you to judge this person and attack her whole soul. We are all human , we all have the right to think and feel and live any way we need and desire! Being human we all make mistakes and wish we would of or could of done things differently none of us are perfect. What happened in regard to the wedding is no ones business but the Bride and Groom and Kasey.
    This is Kasey’s life, her family, and her blog. None of us knows what her soul needs she lets us in and shares the parts of herself that she wants we have no idea her reasons for what she chooses to tell us, keep from us or evan what is kept from us. It’s her choice and her life.
    How can you fault someone for stepping through their fear and taking chances?
    I enjoy her blog, she makes me smile and laugh. I love how she lives her life with laughter in it. I admire her and wish her a life of happiness full of risk taking , chances and love.
    For all of you who have made such nasty judgements I hope no one ever attacks you and your family , for your life, choices and dreams. I would never want you to feel that hurt.
    You all have a choice, stop reading her blog. Move on.

  2. I personally would have never posted someone elses private occasion photos on the internet or crashed a wedding..BUT so unfortunate that so much nastyness is being exchanged from BOTH “sides”. You really should disable your comments.
    Best wishes for Hawaii! 😉

  3. 100% still here =)

    p.s has anybody here been on a little thing called facebook???? this kind of “picture posting with out permission” is the norm…get with the times ladies and gents, you can find anything on the internet its not like she posted the couples Social Security #’s !

    People actually submit weddings to blogs to be “exploited”, “splashed all over the internet” its an honor and fun to know that the amazing day you planned and experienced was a huge success and enjoyed (She was in no way bashing the wedding).

    I understand that the reception was attended by two uninvited guests but as a wedding planner we see it all and trust me this was in the grand scheme of things NBD, I have dealt with way worse…its not as if another invited guest had to give up their seat/food/favor/wine/program because of them… at the end of the day a bride and groom are now married and husband and wife, congrats to them. I even sent the blog link to one of my brides for inspiration regarding the paper lanterns and her response to the “crashing” was “oh cool it was like a journalist was reporting on their special day”

    p.p.s Kasey if you are reading any of these comments thank you for your blog oh and wave (or raise your wine glass) to me in San Diego when you are out this way =)

  4. to kasey’s commenters…whether you agree with kasey and her wedding interuption or not….my god, this is fascinating and provocative dialogue here and i have read every single comment (which i have never, ever done before in blogland on ANY post)…..i am riveted, truely.

    to kasey…..i think you are funny and thanks for all the laughs, but maybe, just maybe, you crossed over the line with your “interruption”……..but i, for one, am truely digging all the attention it has received……very entertaining, indeed…… you live your life to the fullest and with honesty and that is truely admirable.

  5. Gina Wilcox says:

    SO STILL HERE and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! You inspire me always with your wit and honesty – and love for a good glass (or two) of wine! A girl after my own heart! What you and your family are doing, this adventure to Hawaii, is AH-MAZING! I talk about you and your blog to my local circle of friends all the time! I missed the comments section on the whole wedding reception incident, so I can’t comment on the “narrow-mindedness” of others, but my perception is this: if you had showed up at my wedding reception uninvited and weren’t slobbering drunk or disturbing the peace, I’d like to bleieve it would’ve made my night! And made my memories of my special day that much more happy and memorable! Congrats to you on being able to mark something off your list! Keep blogging and making my lil corner of the world (in Montana) a little bit brighter! Looking forward to seeing where this little adventure will take your family. Best wishes to you and yours.

  6. I was one of the “nancys” who commented on the wedding crash, btw I am Gail as opposed to the other Gail, purely co incidential. True, this is Kaseys blog she can blog about anything she desires and whilst she puts her “stuff” out there for public display she is also putting herself out there for public critique. Thats life eh, not everyone will agree. If you cant stand the heat in the kitchen, well, you know.

    My main issue with the wedding crash was that I thought it was a totally selfish act on Kaseys behalf, but she lives her life her way (obviously) and thats fine, I live my life my way, to the fullest & with true honesty (said above^^) and with respect for others. I like good karma! I truely felt bad for the couple, but I see now that Julian responded with dignity. Kudos to you Julian, may you and your bride enjoy a long and prosperous life.

    I also have a bucket list, I have bungeed jumped, I have parachuted, I have travelled to South Africa. I have spent a week helping in an african orphange. I would never consider my bucket list to involve something that would badly impact on either me or anyone else. It`s all about respect and consideration.

  7. Hi Kasey~
    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog, especially the crazy things that you do (like attending a wedding you weren’t invited to!) Hilarious! You are probably one of the most “real” bloggers out there. I don’t think you censor much, and I like that! So props to you for checking something off your bucket list. Let the haters hate, it just makes them more bitter and miserable:)

  8. I thought you were just joking when you referenced some negative remarks you’d gotten from people about your last post….wow. Seriously? People have time to bitch about the stupidest things. Love your blog!

  9. your post made it to a bridal forum?? holy bajeeeeesus!! these bridezilla’s need to CALM IT DOWWWWWN! i didn’t get to the blog early enough in the day yesterday to see the comments. sorry people were mean to you. your blog is one of the highlights of my day. you can crash my wedding in october in ohio 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love your chicago pics;)

  10. To every person who has said something negative or rude about Kasey – YOU need to take a long look at yourself. YOU are not perfect, you are not without mistakes or error. So stop being so damn judgmental.

    In reading Kasey’s blog, its apparent that she doesn’t think she is perfect She doesn’t take herself seriously and a lot is said in jest/humor that not everyone may get. You don’t have to like what she did, but if you don’t like it, don’t like what she has to say then DON’T read her blog. Its that simple.

    Judge not lest ye be judged yourself. Nuff’ said.

  11. Dear Kasey,
    Your blog is wonderful. You are lovely. I’m a huge fan.

    Dear Everyone who felt the need to make Kasey listen to your criticism and judgement,
    Get bent.


  12. Lori Ryan says:

    WOW! Still here! If Kasy was BORING, we would’nt be reading! She gives me a good laugh everyday. I don’t believe everything she says, and neither should some of you. This is the funniest blog ever. Things are’nt always as they appear. She puts a sence of humor in every day happenings! What is wrong with that?

  13. W.O.W.

  14. I’ll crash a wedding with you any day 😛

  15. hi Kasey
    still here…with love and continued blessings to you and yours. xoxoxo jody

  16. Kasey…it’s my first time leaving a comment on here, but I’ve been a fan of yours for awhile. I love that you crashed a wedding and I love your sense of humor! I totally get you. Thanks for brightening my day every time I read one of your posts. Stay true to who you are and forget about the naysayers. Your posts are often the topic of conversation between my girlfriends and I, and we all agree…you are “hilarious” and we adore you!

  17. T. Correll says:

    Kasey…you make my day! I can’t wait for your posts. You make me roll with laughter. I get your humor. Hang in there..this too will pass!

  18. What do I think? Who cares. I come here to read what you write. Only one person answers for your life darling and that is you…I think you should fly by the seat of your pants…as long as you are ready to land on your a**…here’s hoping you won’t!

    As for the rest…f&%k em if they can’t take a joke.

  19. Patricia, Wow… how dare you critizie Casey not only about her as a person but moving to Hawaii. Do you live her life? Do you know what they are going through.. No. So.. lay off. It just really bothers me how someone could try so hard to tear someone else down. It’s mean and if you had any feelings (positive at least) at all you wouldn’t try to hurt someone by being such a.. you and 90% percent of everyone else knows what you are. Hurtful,cold and obviously desperate for some kind of excitement in your own life. Its funny how we teach kids against cyber bulling but how sad when its coming from an adult. Really pathetic. I really hope you can get help.

    Dear Kasey, Don’t let them break your spirit. You’re funny and carefree. The world is desparate for people like you. SO keep going. Your blog friends love you!

  20. kasey, I say you should write a book….I LOVE your style and your honesty and your blog is different than many of the “fluffy” blogs with pretty photos but no substance. It is YOUR blog and you can write what you want. NObody is forcing anyone to read it or agree with you, right? Your blog is unique, just like you….and stay as you are. All the best!

  21. Oh, I think I have missed something here! I am still and always will be a reader so have at it Miss Kasey~Cheers Kim

  22. A very long time ago I stumbled upon Kasey’s blog and was drawn in by her humor and honesty, her lovely photos were icing on the cake pop. A fun and light hearted evening breakin’ some rules (all of which seemed to go unnoticed by all others in attendance- so obviously no one was hurt or disrespected) seems to be entirely blown out of proportion by bridezillas and self proclaimed do-gooders on a break from helping orphaned children (REALLY??WTF? How about we get you an award lady). I’ve never left a comment before but just had to send my first one out to Kasey with lots of love and admiration for her adventurous spirit and whimsical heart. So you interrupted a wedding… Big effin deal.

  23. Good morning Kasey, it’s good to see all the love coming your way. Have a very happy summer day!
    XO Jody

  24. Still her and intend to stay. Love to you and your family.

  25. Tiffany says:

    Kasey – these pictures were beautiful. And forget about the haters, Wedding Crashers wasn’t a hit movie for nothing.

    • Not Gail or Patricia says:

      The sequel to that movie, “And Then Posting the Pics on a Blog” wasn’t quite as successful however.

  26. Silly Flock says:

    Baaaaaa baaaa baaaaaaaaa baaa baaa baaaaaaa baa baa baaaaaaaaaasa baaa baaaa baaaaaaaaa BAAAAAAAA!!

    I’m just now catching up, but to everyone defending this dinghole, that’s what you seem like. You could use some class right along with her.

    Kasey, you just lost another loyal reader. Not that you care considering the size of your flock of sheep. I’m disappointed that you crossed the line. All the best in Hawaii.

  27. the funniest thing to me out of this whole mess is that Kasey is just now “crossing this off her list”!! what?! you mean the Kasey Buick hasn’t done this yet? wow! wedding crashing! -yeah, that’s something that most of us do in our 20’s, then we get some class in our 30’s, and yet still manage to have some fun in our “mid-life crisis” years.

  28. cute pictures, What I am shocked at is the previous post. I soo enjoyed reading your posts but will not being doing so anymore. I am disappointed that a classy chic like you has the nerve to crash a wedding party and then post it all over the web. How disenheartening is that. You should be ashamed and what kinid of message are you sending your children and others in today’s society. grow up.

  29. Really?

    You are going to stop reading Kasey’s blog because she crashed a wedding?

    If it were my wedding she crashed I would find it hilarious that she did so. It’s not like she ran off with the gifts or stole the groom or anything. Her presence was pretty much unknown and she writes a “humerous” blog, so why not share her little adventure. It’s called “entertainment” folks. For a few of you to post comments on how you are so willing to quickly “write her off” shows your immaturity and lack of understanding of who Kasey is. To those overly stuffy folks I suggest you think about “giving up” other things in your life that might be more harmful…such as your rotten attitude!

  30. People who follow a conformist set of rules to keep life tied up in a nice little nifty bow.
    People with blinders on.
    People who fixate on preconceived notions.
    People who can’t see life from any other view but their own.
    People who think they have it all figured out, based on the crap they have been fed their whole life.

    Are the Sheep!
    People who dont let other’s dictate how they live their lives, and dont try to fit into your box are not sheep, and the people who admire that quality are not Sheep! And quite honestly I am puzzled how some of you that claim to be readers and followers of this blog are acting so injured by this event. Kasey, is not my leader, she is a real person, and I happen to think she is funny, and lives her life on her terms, i have respect for that. I dont have respect for the daily gloss and perfect lives portrayed by some. Some of you act like she committed a terrorist act. Stop the beat down and move on to some other irrelevant event that offends your delicate sensibilities. Wake up!

  31. Just curios, did you bring a gift for the brida and groom?

  32. I just got a green skirt from Anthro and I’m SO wearing it with my mustard shoes! I didn’t realize how pretty Chicago is. The only time I’ve been there was in January about 10years ago. It was FREEZING and I couldn’t focus on anything but getting warm. Maybe we’ll have to visit again in early summer.
    Love from California!

  33. Isn’t it funny, when we live somewhere we rarely see all the sights! My husband and I always talk about how pointless it is to be living here in So Cal because we never go anywhere!!!! You’ve made some good memories there for your kids before the big move:)

  34. Love your blog! Love your adventures! Can’t wait to read about your future adventures!

  35. Courtenay says:

    Hey, Still here Kasey.
    I think it’s absolotely hilarious that you crashed that wedding! And I dont’ get why people are so angry and disappointed about it. I mean, it’s your life, you can live it anyway you want to. I guess people just wish that they had the guts to do something like that, but because they don’t, they just tear you down. No one at the wedding found out and no one got hurt in the end. You’re fabulous, Kasey. Keep up the blogging!

    • But they did find out. The groom and at least a couple guests contacted KB about it and they were not happy about it. That is the problem and that is why its so hard to believe that so many readers are cheering her on. When did it become ok to have fun at the expense of another’s happiness?

      • I read the grooms comment from the previous post and he was not upset. He seemed to take the situation in stride and let it be between those two.

  36. I’m still reading. I would have loved it if you had crashed my wedding. But it was at the American Legion, so you wouldn’t have. Oh, and I don’t like wine. Am I still allowed to read you? I’ll pretend I do.

  37. Seriously, the thing I love most about this blog is that I never know what story Kasey is going to tell. Obviously the people who have a problem with the wedding crasher post don’t really read this blog everyday because they don’t seem to realize that Kasey has a way of stretching the truth to make it funny, crazy and sometimes make you think WFT? I for one don’t think she starts drinking wine at 9 in the morning, or that DCFS has really come to take her children away, so people need to get with it and realize this blog is funny, heartwarming and never really serious! Kasey, good luck in Hawaii! I live in the west suburbs of Illinois and have secretly hoped to meet and become your friend one day!

  38. Kasey- I’ve been following you for awhile now, love you and your blog, and as a blogger myself, and a wedding photographer, I have no idea what all the drama is all about. I’ve seen far worse behavior coming from members of the bridal party, then a couple of cute girls having a little fun. Are people really this stupid to waste so much energy on negativity?! All of my brides are always on pins and needles waiting for their wedding’s blog post; I actually find it shocking the bride and groom didn’t love the coverage. The haters are wound too tight. Keep being you, and enjoying life. It’s too short to be anything but happy. Cheers!

  39. I’ve been reading this blog for ages and am still here!! It has been shocking to me how vicious people have been about this. They asked her to take down the pictures, and she did. I love how everyone is saying how “incredibly intimate” this reception was – really?? I don’t think of an outdoors reception as an “intimate” affair. Most photographers and even invited guests post pictures from weddings online. I can’t imagine having the time to get so upset about something like this…I have too many real problems to worry about. Kasey, I hope you aren’t taking any of this too seriously, some people have nothing else to do with their lives except tear others down.

  40. Still here. Love your blog. Sorry about all the hate thrown your way. They must be some unhappy people. Don’t let it get you down. I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Hawaii.

    You inspire me with the way you live life on your own terms and aren’t afraid of who you are. I could use a bit more of that in my life.

  41. Everyone keeps saying, “You don’t get her humor!” and “Lighten up!” and “Leave Kasey alone!”
    But what none of you seem to realize is that there was an actual victim here. There was a bride who will forever look back on her wedding day and remember that some jerk decided to show up uninvited and post pictures publicly or her and her family members regarding what was supposed to be her most intimate, memorable day of her marriage. People, if you think this is truly funny then you are proving the intelligence level and comical maturity of high shoolers. This is what “mean girls” do, selfishly make a mockery of something REALLY important to someone else in order to gain popularity. Sheep you have been called because sheep you surely are. This is stupid funny, this is not intelligent humor. As other criticizers have said prior to myself, this was selfish and rude. Hardly the classy, put-together image Kasey typically presents herself as.

    Honestly I was turned off quite some time ago when Kasey posted a really unflattering, cruel picture of a woman eating at Chuck E Cheese and went on to mock her. This is not class. This is not intelligent humor, people.

    Finally, despite so many of you here defending this huge act of disrespect, the GROOM himself expressed offense and asked Kasey to remove the photos of their family and themselves. Clearly, they were hurt. And yet all of you just keep laughing and saying, “IT’s funny, lighten up!” Well if someone had hijacked the memories on MY wedding day I’d be pretty ticked off, too. This was the very definition of selfish tackiness.

    It’s clear Kasey hit a new low here this week, but if she really wanted to redeem herself and show that she actually *does* possess a little grace and class, she should publicly apologize to this bride & groom. After all, she publicly humiliated them, she should publicly apologize. Please, even the most sleazy of politicians know when a public apology is in order.

    Grow up. You’re a mother, Kasey, this sort of behavior should have been beneath you at the age of 22. The critics (or “Debbie Downers”) here who refuse to go along with the crowd and call this act “cute” are simply proving that they are cut from a finer cloth.

  42. Addison says:

    I don’t understand why all these women are spending their precious minutes here on this blog bashing each other. [yes, I understand that I am being hypocritical for posting on here, so you don’t need to point that one out]
    If you don’t like what you see, leave quietly. In the words of my darling grandmother, “Act your age, not your shoe size.” Girls, I think there are things in this life that much more important than a trivial blog post.

  43. Kasey, your hair looks adorable in these photos! Glad to see you are having fun and getting yourself into a little trouble here and there before your big move. Who cares if what you did was right or wrong, enjoy these last days at home and sending you much love as you head to Hawaii!

  44. “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. ” enough said. thank you M.L.K.

  45. Jessie Bride in Two weeks says:

    Well, I am getting married in a small town, at a public barn in two weeks. We are planning on having crashers! And who cares, the more the better! You never know, it’s always nice to meet new friends who love weddings and barns as much as I do.

  46. Wow thats bad. You made their day all about you. I would have loved crashers at my wedding. We paid for it, we agonised over the guest list, we selected a place where we thought the children & other guests could feel safe and it was our day. I would be wondering about the mental state of someone who invited themselves. So have you now paid for the drinks you helped yourself to?

  47. I am willing to bet that all of you that said you are not going to read this blog anymore are still going to. We are all anxiously awaiting her adventures from Hawaii!! Onward…..

  48. Crystal from Way Up North WI says:

    OH.MY.STARS. i keep coming back and it keeps getting worse … which makes me part of the problem, i know, it’s like a car wreck and i can’t look away!

    W.O.W. — the bride who will FOREVER look back on her wedding as a victim … a MOCKERY of an intimate moment … pictures PLASTERED all over the internet … a BITTER remembrance of a loved father! Lots of exaggerated words here.

    the groom and a few guests expressed their annoyance and disappointment … haven’t heard from the bride. a victim, i doubt it; the intimate moments were not ruined; a couple beautiful pictures were put up and removed; no mustaches were drawn in; nobody was made fun of; no fights broke out; the father is still loved and missed and honored.

    i’ve got to believe the many, many, MANY wonderful moments at this wedding far outweigh 2 random people having a couple glasses of wine and taking some pictures … these moments are not gone because of some words in blogland … nice words i might add!

    a public apology to the bride and groom? seems to me that was done when the pictures came down per the groom’s request. cost for a couple glasses of wine? in the scheme of wedding costs, 2 people sitting on the outskirts with wine doesn’t seem like a worry.

    with all that’s going on in our world … do we REALLY want to judge and tear someone down for THIS? Mistake or not, agree or not … this is a lot of energy that could be directed to, oh i don’t know, world peace!!

    AMEN, people, AMEN!!

  49. Oh the drama. I found your blog last summer when you were vacationing in Hawaii. I can’t remember how but am certain I followed a link from somewhere. You are a little nuts but I like that about you. You do live your life without apology and to the fullest and you talk about it here. Your blog is one of the highlights of my day for exactly those reasons.

    I am just now catching up on blog reading so I didn’t see everything that happened.

    I had wedding crashers. I thought it was funny because they lived across the street from where we got married (a 100 year old opera house) and they wore jeans. My thought at the time was “they must be experts at wedding cake”! 🙂

    I look forward to many more posts and can’t wait to see how things go in Hawaii! 🙂

  50. Oh honestly….when did everyone get so sensitive and thin skinned? Get a sense of humor, for Pete’s sake! I got married in Las Vegas and Seal crashed my wedding. If only he had sung a song for us! It’s a celebration and in my estimation not the major offensive deal that these discussions are blowing it up to be. Life is short. Get over it and move on….

  51. I love you blog. My girlfriends and I call each other to talk about your posts. We think you need a vacation in say…Hawaii. We can’t wait to read about your next adventures! Keep bloggin girl!

  52. oh, lord…..what’s all the hub bub about??? i am of course still a reader, and it is a guilty pleasure to read your witty, wry blog posts. don’t stop! make no apologies!!! people should check their judgement at the door…..only thing i’d recommend is the next time you crash a wedding maybe bring a little gift along 🙂 XO

  53. has anyone tried those lemonade strawberry drinks from Mcdonalds?

  54. Love, love Lola’s outfit and that side profile pic is beautiful of her. One question……did you get a boob job?….i’m just askin’ 🙂

  55. Hey Kasey, I’m still here, and not going anywhere!! You’re still my number one blog-y person!!!

    The trip looked fab to the big city! xx, Veronika

  56. My two cents. I don’t have a blog but I follow a lot of different ones. I happened upon Kasey’s a few years ago when she went to Paris. I enjoyed her sarcastic humor. As a mother I enjoyed her weird and yes again sarcastic view of motherhood. I stop by her blog once a week or so and read any post that I have missed or the ones that interest me. I think the drama over this whole thing is crazy. Those of you who are adamantly defending her are making yourselves sound absurd. Things like “oh it was funny” or “I want to crash a wedding too” are a little insensitive to the bride and groom who were upset and who I am sure have been following the comments….as have I. I can see you wanting to defend your “friend” I would do the same but maybe show support another way. Those being so vicious with your distaste for what Kasey did…..relax. It wasn’t your wedding and truthfully if I was as appalled as you are I wouldn’t keep coming back. I believe you all are a bunch of drama queens and you really need to get a hobby. I don’t agree with every post Kasey has put up I disagree with making fun of people publicly…..you never know whose feelings you might hurt and in this world we could do without the meanness. An example of mean spirited posts……the girls in the acid wash jeans….the guy with the mullet……the woman eating at I think Chuck E Cheese. Posting pictures of these people you are making fun of is wrong. I know its her blog and she can do whatever she wants but………hurting people is a complete turn off. There are other ways to be funny.
    I will say that I think crashing a wedding is rude. I will say that if it was my wedding I would be very mad. I will say that if you then said how awesome it was to crash my wedding on the internet I would be really mad. But it wasn’t my wedding so…….why should I be mad? And that is what those of you who are being so …..dare I say violent? Should be asking yourselves.

  57. Honestly, I just thought this was another one of your “jokes”!

  58. Hi Kasey, Wow!!!!! All I can say is that I am still here, and I love ya!!!!!!!

  59. Kasey..
    as Billy Joel so eloquently wrote and sung..
    Don’t go changing..
    just the way you are!!!
    bottom line:
    YOUR blog..
    YOUR life..
    live it your way to the fullest!
    love your antics!
    and the guts to do it all!
    have been for awhile..
    will continue to be a faithful follower..
    can hardly wait for chapter two “the Hawaiian Adventure”!
    let it begin!!!
    warmest sandy hugs!

  60. Andrea Sullenger says:

    Oh dear God ~ I can not believe you people have such time on your hands. You really should do as Kasey does and get a life worth living. No one cares if you agree or disagree. I would have been honored if someone thought my wedding was going to rock so much that they wanted to crash it. Not sure that crash is the right word as it seems to me that nothing was disturbed or taken away from any family member, any moment, any sentiment etc… This is a personal blog and she can write whatever she wants, if you disagree or think it is so distasteful then don’t read the damn thing!


  61. So I just read all of these comments… and… REALLY?

    “stole their memories” – give me a break. They still have their memories. In fact, if not for the blog post, they’d never have known Kasey & friend had attended.

    Their lives aren’t ruined. In fact, there’s a hell of a lot worse going on in this world. And for those of you making nasty comments, acting holier than thou and declaring that you’re not reading anymore – that’s fine – no one comes here to read your negativity. That’s a newsflash, isn’t it?

    When we’re all as perfect as you, we’ll stop reading too, but until then… pass the wine.

  62. Ah, you are leaving the city that I am just beginning to call home. We moved from Seattle to Chicago last November. Hope your move is as smooth as our was. Fondly, Glenda

  63. Kasey, I missed all the hullabulloo (computer on the fritz) and I don’t know what’s real and what’s just your kooky sense of humor! But I love your blog and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Hawaii. I just got some shoes similar to your green ones – and I love them!


  64. Suzanne G says:

    I love your blog because it’s real. I’ve commented on your posts before (does that give me some sort of faux legitimacy?). Anyway, I guess I need to tell you that as soon as I read your wedding post, I immediately forwarded the link to my closest college friend with a comment about creating our own bucket list.. She responded positively, …. We never crashed a wedding, etc. We need to do something like that…and we’ve done some crazy stuff over the years….
    Then I read the groom’s comment —and called bff to do so— gosh, you didn’t want them to feel bad. Doesn’t anyone understand you? Who gives a flip if you’re a mother? Let your hair down and enjoy life….and I think you do a damned good job trying to live in the moment( something I’m trying to do)

    I wish someone had crashed my wedding! What a story would that be? Hell, kasey. I’m sorry the groom was offended, but he gets points for posting on your blog. Invite him to your mad men party and give him points if he shows. Invite me. I’ll come. (and I’m 10 hrs away. So will bff. She’s prolly 15 and will need to fly)


  65. There’s really so much to comment on, but I just *had* to say that I’m loving your new do. The cut looks great on you! Really, with that and those shoes, what else is there 😉 You’re awesome.

  66. All y’all bitches are crazy!

    Amy, how’s that for southern charm darlin? Well that’s south side city of Chicago charm.

  67. I don’t give a sheet what anyone said……….. you are a very talent lady and your photos tell a thousand words. !!!!!!

  68. When it comes to bad ju ju, of course you know, it’s not you, it’s them. You’re great. Now, about Lola’s frames. Love her taste. Where’d she get the spectac sunglasses? REally, I want to know : )

  69. Kasey, all i can say is—if someone as funny and chic as you thought my wedding was worth “interrupting”…. well, that would just make me proud!! 🙂 did the groom not know how famous you were?
    i love your blog. you help me see the humor in my own chaotic life a little more.

  70. I missed all the hoopla but get the jist and quite frankly I think it’s hilarious, no one was hurt that’s a bunch of baloney to those who are basically saying it’s emotionally scarring to the bride and groom…whatever, it’s funny and totally you. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog from the beginning. YOu didn’t get wasted and start dancing on the tables, you didn’t run off with the gifts, you didn’t start a jerry springer style cat fight…you took beautiful pictures and milled around so more power to ya! Love the dress and shoes and still love your blog and your sense of humor 🙂

    chill out people, life is short.

  71. LOVING it alll, keep it up you make my coffee breaks so good!

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