Happy Friday

It’s been such a busy..busy week. Bryan graduates from the bartending school he

has been attending the last few weeks.


I am so proud of him….doing something so different and against the grain….and i can’t imagine

being the provider of a family….

knowing that you don’t have a job at the moment…

but willing to look into different avenues in order to support the family.

It’s not what everyone would choose……obviously….

but our next chapter of life means downsizing a car….


packing up all our belongings and storing them so that we might live a little differently

for a year. It will be very tight….living on a bartending salary….but I’m ready.

{hello walmart…goodbye target}

It also means lifestyle changes.

{and no need for winter coats}

We leave three weeks from Monday.

Sheet….i can’t believe the time is flying by here…..i’m a bit scared…and nervous.

Mason has been in Florida all week……he left on monday…and comes home soon…..then bryan takes the

littles down there the end of next week for some special time with his parents and i’ll have mason all to myself.

I’m going to take him to see Ovo….the new Cirque show that is coming to town….just us….it’ll be special.

Anyhoo…..here is some  of my favorite music  for your weekend.

Happy Friday girls!


I love this song…..


and here is a little playlist for you to play if you want.

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  1. Happy Friday to YOU Kasey!!! We only have one life to live and I admire you for following your heart and your dreams! The next year for you and your family will be filled with wonderful memories I am sure!

  2. Congrats to Bryan! The song and video are lovely. Happy Friday!

  3. Kristine (Florida) says:

    Happy friday to you as well Kasey 🙂 God bless you, your family and your will to live life with adventure. If everyone had your poitive out look what a better place we would live in. have a great day!

  4. such a kasey song!
    have a super weekend my friend

  5. Looking forward to reading about your family’s adventures in Hawaii! I am still waiting for the next installment of your French holiday.

    God Bless!

  6. We’ve been following our hearts, on a very tight, no one can believe it budget since we were married. No 9 to 5’vers in my house! But it works, we’ve had the most amazing journey and have no regrets. The people who thought we were nuts back then continue to tell us they wish they had the “guts” to live our livestyle now!

    Enjoy your adventures and live every moment ~ which I sense you do, but just had to say …

  7. Congratulations to Bryan. He has reached another goal. Wonderful.
    We are all on a path to constant and never ending improvement.
    May we always have the strength and endurance.

  8. Have Fun Kasey, everything is going to be alright you strong woman you!!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!xoxoxoxo & prayers from NC!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  9. I gave up everything I owned in the UK when I left for Australia… now in NJ USA… life is a whole lot simpler though, as the whole experience taught me not to get caught up in the rat race. Life is for living! This is something that still holds strong in our house. Only last week, the hubby gave up his 9-5 to concentrate on his business and spend more time with the family. Scary, in today’s economy but life is for living… It shows that you have a strong family, who feel safe putting their trust in the hubby! Upping sticks and leaving my home country defined my life. It changed me forever and really did make the value what is truly important in life. Good luck to you and your family, in the adventure you are about to embark on! Lx

  10. Enjoy the ride Kasey…

  11. Kasey, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and enjoy it so much! Your writing keeps me interested, laughing out loud, inspired, touched…thanks for sharing! Keep on! And may these coming days and this next year be wonderful for you and your family!

  12. i love that song. she has such a “clean” voice. xx

  13. i move to chicago on wed! for a year your lovely state will be mine. im nervous :/

  14. I can imagine the feelings you must be going through. We are contemplating the same thing and it scares the beejezzus outta me. But in my old age I have discovered that the old saying is true: When one door closes another opens. It may be going into the rabbit hole, but heck, it’s definitely an adventure, and you are one adventurous chick. Things are very expensive on the Island, but utilize the open-air markets. If you like avacado, you’ll see the biggest avacadoes you’ll have ever seen in your life there. And the fact is, the Aloha there is much more laid back and slower paced. People are gracious and welcoming (especially if you tell them you are only going to be there temporarily. In certain places there is a stigma of losing the culture to mainlanders.) But I think you’ll find it a welcomed change. A “vacation” is only a short walk or drive away and your needs are far more simple. You’ll do great. I just know it.

  15. I think you’re about to embark on an incredible journey…think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell!! Kudos to Bryan:) Enjoy your weekend, Kasey!

  16. Crystal in Way Up North WI says:

    my heart is beating so fast for you and your family … excitement, nervousness, jealousy, and everything in between!

  17. Andrea B says:

    Kasey, whew….have a great weekend and enjoy lemonade and maybe some vino, too! Best wishes to you and your family. I hope we get to hear about your adventure in Hawaii….who knows Target might be planning on opening there soon…..??!!

  18. Marlene P. says:

    Happy Fridaaay! Bryan should be proud (and I know you are). He will have fun with his new venture I’m sure. Have a fun weekend..it has been a rough week.

  19. Oh dear, I have been working hard in these days..now I have just open the pc and what is this mess? I have missed something for sure…why somenone hates you? I do not have time to read all these comments, but to tell you the truth…I can tell you something! I love you and your blog! Go on………baci baci, monica

  20. thank.you.so.much.
    have a wonderful weekend friend.

  21. Who would hate a girl like you? People are just jealous~I hate that. But hey, go live your life and let them boil in hell.
    Sending love and smiles:)

  22. Target actually has many better prices than Walmart- you just feel fancier in Target…best wishes for a great year!

  23. I love your playlists thank you. An adventure is a once in a lifetime situation, relax and enjoy it.

  24. toni gerdelan says:

    You know what Kasey Buick I think everyone would love to have a friend like you, whether they care to admit it or not!

  25. Just wanted to say thanks for the music playlist. Just finished up attacking my ironing that I’ve put off for months. Your music kept me up and at ’em (until the crack of dawn), allowing me to finish the task. I’m so glad I can check ironing off my list. =)

  26. Lovely song!!! Love the piano and her voice 🙂

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