almost the end but not quite the beginning

Day uno of summer break was quite eventful…we spent the afternoon at the pool and ended the night

at a Cougars baseball game. If you live in the area…you know that summer evenings are spent at one of

these rookie baseball games….with the kids all running around for foul balls and fire works.

My  good friend Dawn and i….we hurdled all our children between us…

{she only has 2 kids….and people with 2 kids don’t really realize how easy it is…but i’m not here to  preach…}

to attend this special year end game

in which our school principle was throwing out the first pitch.

It was a great first day of summer….and i think i spent a whopping $i’m almost afraid to disclose the amount.

Holy moses it was also a whopping 98 degrees in good ole Illinois.

{gotta love the midwest…because today it was 40 degrees cooler}

It’s also a great first day of…….

“this is the beginning of….we are heading somewhere soon mentality”.

I have to admit…i’m a little lost right now.

{actually a whole lot lost…but bare with me…because sometimes i stutter}

I’ll still continue to throw out the totally random….the totally weird post about cookie dough or

what my mail man is going thru in this heat {98 degrees} post…

{o.k. i realize i haven’t posted on my mailman in a while…}

..and can a mailman be in heat????

but here we are…with less then 6 weeks till we leave.

Actually….5 weeks and a day or two if one was actually counting….

but as of tomorrow…or today….depends when i actually hit the

“publish this post so that everyone in the world can read it”  button….

….my husband…that sweet man in the photo above

is officially out of a job.


Deep swallow.

A few cumbaya’s.

The father..the son…the holy spirit.

Yes…and here we are…in the “official” next chapter.

Except the next chapter does not really start yet.

Let me give you the low down…in case you were wondering how this was going to play out for the Buick family.

Starting monday….bryan will head back into the city where he will begin Bartending school…..

yup…you indeed heard that right………

bartending school goes for an entire week…and if i haven’t already told you…..

bryan actually has a little history in bartending.

When we lived in colorado…he bartended for a few years at one of the nice hotels working events and on

weekend….worked things like weddings…and bat mitzvahs {not that there is much alcohol served there}.


here we are…..with the man out of a job…but staring a week long course in something that someone would

find unfitting but only proves to me that we want to slow down…to taste life a little and really…..

who needs that high level income when you have an ocean nearby.

{and someone who knows how to make a damn good drink}

Alright…totally lying here….i kind of like that high level income thing…it’s really nice..

did you hear me Anthropologie….did you hear me…I love your clothes but will probably be buying from

my new friends at Walmart from now on……

I didn’t really mean that.



Alrighty then…..

check check.

Five weeks from Monday we leave our house..and we hit the open road towards California…..

where we will stop here and there for a few days with good friends…..

only to arrive in the bay area to get our mini {van not cooper} on a cargo freight ship to send

it to Kauai so that we have a vehicle to drive around.

Vehicles are important if you want to get me….

or you can hitch hike…that’s normal also….

i mean…i know someone who was there and got her nose pierced…then decided to rope swing with her kids.

That is not normal.


Anyhoo….this whole thing called life is getting very real at the moment….

almost to real to even believe that this is what we signed up for and what lies ahead of us.

Did i really say that my husband is losing his job and that he might actually make a living bartending?

Holy sheet.

I don’t know what life holds for us in the next chapter…but what i do know is…

it’s going to be crazy…it’s going to be heartbreaking and challenging…oh…it WILL be life changing….

but it will have an ocean nearby…so that when the need comes…we will dive in…

and come up for a breath of that salty fresh air.


  1. you are going to rock this, you know. the rest of us will be living vicariously through your adventures of surf lessons, sand between your toes, endless swimsuits, and that lovely hawaiian music!
    deep breath – things will be better once you are settled – the waiting always kills me.

  2. Can I just say……. (sure I can, right??)…… That this is going to be the best move of your lives!!! After the initial honeymoon month or 2 of “We LIVE in Hawaii!”, then the couple months of fights you & hubs will have cuz money is tight, the best months will come!!! The best months where you realize you’re alright (you & hubs) & the kids, and that you ARE DOING THIS HAWAII THING together, and it’s turning out, and all the appreciation you feel, for one another, your kids, the new place you call home, the new lifestyle, all that appreciation will start fillin’ up your dear lil heart….. and you’ll realize just how damn happy you truly are!!! xoxoxoxo

    Ok now, thanks for the psychic experience huh? No seriously….. 😉

  3. Kasey, as I read your post I had to take a deep breath for you. Change is always scary especially when your not really sure what the plan is ahead. I know without a doubt this next year will be an amazing experience for your family! Life is a journey and it might not always go they way we thought it would, but Heavenly Father is in control. I pray that your family will have many great blessings and it will all work out the way it needs to. Can’t wait to live vicariously through your journey in Hawaii!! 🙂

    Hugs and love,


  4. Remember..the UNIVERSE is granting you a HUGE wish! You are giving your family a great opportunity and your children will be talking about it all of their lives!!!! There is nothing more important than being together as a family and experiencing LIFE!! just paper…(Anthro..are you listening..) but living life is way better…I’m jealous and excited for you! I can’t wait to read what is yet to are blessed…

  5. We’ve been there with the “husband out of a job” story.
    Except we didn’t move to Hawaii. DANG.
    I knew we missed some instructions somewhere for what to do when you don’t have a job.
    We panicked and moved to Washington.
    What were we thinking?
    I mean, how can you be unhappy in Hawaii living in your minivan with three kids?
    You are going to be fine.
    You’ll have fun, which is not something most of us can say about our time of unemployment. 🙂
    It is really quite brilliant.
    In fact, upon reflection, now I’m thinking we might join you.
    We have a mini van (our sliding doors do not open, but that is another story).
    We have three kids.
    We like Hawaii.

  6. You guys will be FINE! I know it. From that picture you have there I can see you are happy people that can get through this shit.

  7. We visited Kauai a few years ago. I am not a Walmart person, but I swear, the Walmart there was actually alright. Good luck!

  8. Love your raw honesty! It’s rare and I love it

  9. Jennifer says:

    Kasey, no matter where you go or what you do, we (your readers) will always be here. It might feel like your whole life is about to change, but don’t worry…we’re here for you!!

  10. If anyone could do this, it’s you…I am anticipating every step. L x

  11. Bless you & your sweet family!

  12. You my friend are AMAZING.
    That’s all.
    I am completely FASCINATED by you….hope you don’t mind. ;o)
    Oh…one more thing.
    My brother Justin is in Chicago at The Old Town Art Fair.
    You can see his art on my blog post now.
    Not that you need any art.
    You have AN OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So excited for you guys!
    Bryan will make the CUTEST bartender EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What I like about you Kasey is that you are willing to take a chance, I really admire that. Not only that your husband does too. Whatever lies ahead of you, the two of you have each other and 3 amazing kids. It’s another chapter in life that one day your kids will say, “remember when we live in Hawaii…” Good luck to you guys and make amazing memories!
    xoxo Zizette

  14. You have everything when you have each other and your family by your side. I really admire you for taking this adventure and living life to it’s fullest! May God bless you all as your new journey unfolds. So glad to see that you are posting. Sometimes it is just enough to know that someone out here cares and we do!

  15. the inbetween always feels weird doesn’t it?
    ya’ll are going to have an incredible adventure that most of us only dream about. well, dan the man said….”they’re really leaving for a year?”….then he remembered we were indeed talking about THE kasey buick. so of course they are

  16. I understand the limbo feeling. I’m there too. I think later I’ll look back on these adventures as the best times of my life. Enjoy the journey.

  17. I’m very excited for y’all. I know that it must be scary. I can’t image my hubby losing his high income job. You have a year to enjoy life in Hawaii and then you can get back to the grown up stuff. One day at a time.

  18. Let me tell you…bartending can be extremely profitable. I know a few schoolteachers that work all summer long bartending at a place on cape cod and they make more money in the summer months then they do for the schoolyear . Don’t worry. Brian will do just fine!! I am so jealous. You will be living the dream!!!!!

  19. I’m guessing that everyone who reads your post is semi-jealous of you! Enjoy it every moment of it…

  20. I am so excited for you – and slightly jealous! It would be an adjustment loosing that income but I bet my husband would definitely be happier loosing that level of stress too. Life’s too short.

  21. I know…really know what you are going through and we did it with our two kids starting college! This posting is so real and I hope you will continue to post, so your FB and blogland friends can follow along AND be inspired by you!!! You and your family will look back on these days and laugh…cry…and say to yourselves…DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN??? What an adventure…what a great life!!! Good luck…Agnes

  22. Katrina says:

    You seem like a girl who always lands on her feet. I’m not too worried about you. We pick up and move every couple of years, too. Some of us are born to be adventurers. It just makes you feel a little guilty after you have kids, but I think it only enriches their lives. I’d tell you to have fun, but I know you will. Keep up the blog, though. I’m a daily reader. Thanks.

  23. Good luck! with your attitude it will be a perfect chapter.:)

  24. The next chapter is going to be all those things…and more:) But, you are strong and brave and adventurous…plus you’ve got that killer humor on your side! And I’m in awe of your willingness to take a chance. I truly believe you & your sweet family will thrive this next year…in HAWAII ;)…and we’ll all be right here cheering you on, Miss Kasey!!

  25. we go through life being scared of changes and you have embraced it with style! i have always wanted to be an island girl and now you get to live my dream. you get an ocean and i get a pool, we make do with what is given to us. here’s to livin’ the dream!

  26. Oh Kasey,
    You and the family are going to have the time of your life!! I know it’s scary right now, but just embrace it and everything will be fine! Not many people get the chance to do what your doing, you are truly fortunate!
    Take care.

  27. Christie McGetrick says:

    The ocean nearby is worth a whole lot. So sorry your husband lost his job but I hope things go great for you all in Hawaii.

  28. You’re going to do great!! And I’m going to miss not getting to know you better now that I know you. 🙂

  29. Your family is in my thoughts…but for some reason…I think you all will make out okay. A positive attitude works wonders. 🙂

  30. Well, Kasey, I was wondering what you guys had up your sleeve. I know it’s scary, but it will definitely be an adventure, and that’s what life is all about. Take risks. Dream dreams. Good luck, my dear!

  31. I think what you are doing as a family is amazing, brave, and wonderful. You all are in my thoughts.

  32. My comment to you and your family is bravo bravo. i can’t even decide whether to throw a fun magazine (is that the existence i have spiraled down into?) in the recycle , keep it or donate it. talk about being stagnant and not moving on. I applaud to your bravery for wanting to explore more of life with free abandon. it inspires me truly. praying for many blessings for you! xo jody

  33. You are one brave and powerful family! Your kids will look back on this time in your life and have GREAT memories of these years! Load them up every day and go to the beach and write a great book about this adventure in your life!!! Trust me! You have many followers already!!

  34. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Very excited for you and so very impressed with your courage. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. You and your family will flourish. I’m sure of it.

  35. I miss our old town (we may move back one day) for the simple things like you described. The ball games, the traditions, the people, etc. Bartending can be pretty lucrative, ya know. My husband did it for years, but he is not a good employee, and I told him he needs to go into business for himself. He got some of those bottles that don’t break so he can practice his flare. I think we may even have a CD around here on how to practice flare. I will look and if I can find it I will send it to you, or I could just do the Frisbee thing onto the freeway because you guys will be one Taco Bell fart away as you head to Matson. I am excited for you, but knowing that we will be in the same boat one day (not necessarily to Hawaii…not that we would take a boat there…or that you are taking a boat there) did someone say Skinny Girl margarita? You know that it is legal in Hawaii for natives to ride in the back of trucks. Wait until your kids get good tans and take ’em for a ride through town in the back of a truck. It’s a rite of passage for the keiki islanders.

  36. We are doing the job loss at the moment…but sadly we are not headed to Hawaii and instead moving to NY. I will look forward to your posts when I am dealing with the snow. It’s all going to be good in Kauai!

  37. I still say you’re BRAVE ~ and I’m jealous of the journey that lies before your family. It will be thrilling

  38. I think Seatle Bestie said it BEST! You are going to ROCK THIS THING.. Have fun and enjoy the ride. You have no idea how lucky you are to be on this super cool journey!! “OR DO YOU!?”
    Hugs to you and the family. Cant wait to read along as you journal your journey

  39. Now, what person would go to Kauai and pierce their nose and rope swing….I mean really…that person must be CRAZY!!! Looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures.

  40. Good luck. Scary exciting.

  41. Oh wow, this adventure just gets better! I really do hope you write a book because you are such a fantastic writer! I think this whole thing is awesome and we are all pulling for you and for the very best:) I’m so excited to follow your journey and you are a HUGE inspiration for all of us scaredy cats!

  42. Really cute photo of you and bryan. Have the best time with sand in your toes….Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  43. You go, Brave Woman!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Aloha!

  44. Kasey, how about just one day at a time? That idea may be real helpful right about now. And you are courageous to just try. IT’s all in the trying and abandonment sometimes. Everybody’s got to do these things if they dare at some point in life. You are taking up the dare, or perhaps ‘doing what you just gotta do’!
    Just think, you are never alone in this craziness of forging in the unknown. Many have pilgramaged this before, and so just know if others can do it, so can you. At least you are preparing that there is both adventure and challenges up ahead. I really believe there will be some great surprises in due time.

  45. Sure you might be scared – but don’t ya feel ALIVE? It’s that whole jumping without a net thing. 🙂

    Enjoy it!!

  46. I haven’t read your blog in awhile and was stunned at how events have changed for you. I am so sorry for you husband’s loss of job – how terrible! Times are very hard – at my home, too. We’ve had major cuts in pay and the main breadwinning job is in possible danger of being lost, too, if times don’t hurry up and get a little better. So we’ve been doing extra outside work to make up the shortfall this month – as well as cutting corners big time (no cable, no home phone, etc. for the past several months), but most importantly – looking for and applying for another/better jobs just in case. So that is why I am utterly confused as to why on earth you don’t mention job hunting for him and maybe, dare I suggest – YOU, too? Why on Earth are you moving to Hawaii of all places. Where there is practically no possibility for another high income job. Where it would be difficult/impossible to go on interviews in Illinois or anywhere else and find a new job for the next year. Please forgive me for saying so, but it seems so irresponsible for you two to do this with three young children. It’s like running away and joining the circus or something.

    Sorry, but I just had to add my two cents because everyone else seems to be applauding your decisions and you do say ‘speak your mind’ at the comment window so I am… Good Luck – I think you really really need it along with some career counseling. (Possibly applying for a job at Anthropologie since you love it so much?? A liquor store?)

  47. “N”, while I applaud you on one hand for saying what many were thinking and didn’t have the courage to say (the seeming irresponsibility of moving to Hawaii when unemployed), I must take issue with the hateful tone your comment took in that last sentence. The liquor store dig was pretty ugly and mean spirited.

    I too find it all oddly fascinating albeit confusing. It’s not something I would ever do, but it’s fun to sit back and watch from afar. All the best to the Buick family.

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