walk the new path in pretty shoes

I was going to get on and post some heart and thought provoking writing today….

{normally i like to do that after my evening glass of vino..}

but i have kids sitting all over me at the moment because

i made the decision to take them to have their vision checked this morning.



the kids can’t see…..

which means they can’t go to school….

and i have to sit here and home school.


not really.

They can’t even watch television….

but i have sesame street turned on as background noise….

so that should count for something.

check check.

I can hear Oscar and Big Bird counting and doing shapes in the background…

so i hope the kids are paying attention.

Come on kasey…..it could be worse….you know….they could be here vomiting all over the pin stripe jacket.

yes…they could be doing that….but no…they are not.

I mean…..there are only 8 more days of school left.

Got anything you want to talk about today….since i’m sitting here…

and i’m all ears.

I didn’t mean i have big ears…

{thank you sweetΒ jesus}

just that i have open ears today….so if you want to chat…or have a question…

i’m open and ready.

Or not….you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t want to chat……

i realize you have other friends to talk to.

I’ll start the first round of convo okay…..

Kasey….what is that bulbous looking thing on the side of your face? It looks so scary?!?

Well…it’s called stress acne….thank you very much for noticing…

Okay…i’m done talking……


now it’s your turn…


  1. Lol. I’ll go first then.
    I’m taking that photo and pinning it;-)

  2. Cheryl Burkess says:

    I just saw that photo you posted to twitter, so it looks like you might have some homeschooling help.
    My question: When are you going to do one of those shop the blog sessions again?

  3. Hey Kasey! I want to know if I can come visit you in Hawaii. I promise I’m not some weirdo. I mean, I’m a little different, but in a fun kind of way. Also, will you have Anthro and Trader Joe’s on the island?

    • Of course you can come visit….as long as you don’t have bad breath and toe fungus;-)
      No…there is no T.J’s and for sure…no Anthro. It’ll be like taking a crack addict away from her crack….so i might have some
      twitching the first few months.

  4. Hi Kasey. Random question here, I was wondering about your education. What college did you attend? Your major?

    • Is this a trick question? Did i mis-spell a bunch of words and you had to ask?
      I went to a little community college in colorado…but i like to pretend that my major is “mom of three kids”.

      • Ha! Nope, I just wondered. My major was Social Studies Ed. and my minor was Library Science, and I had a hunch you might have been in Lib. Science too. (I also was a SAHM…and still am, though the kids grew up and flew the coop.) πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Kasey – I’ll chat along with you – just posted a picture of my shoes to FB too so it’s not like I’m busy doing anything highbrow today!!

  6. What does (or did) Bryan do for a living? I am so excited for y’all and can’t wait to read all about your adventures in Hawaii.

  7. Hey there! are you going to keep blogging when you move to paradise? I mean, Hawaii?

  8. Are you more excited or more afraid about your BIG CHANGE??? Are you really happy even if sometimes I bet you feel a little bit scared and miserable???
    You are brave!!! Maybe I will have to do the same and I also have three kids……….
    baci baci

    • I’m not afraid….i just hate the feeling of leaving such a “comfortable” life around great friends. I don’t want to look back and think we didn’t take an opportunity to do something different…so yes…very excited.

  9. Cathy S says:

    I have the same question as Angie… Will you continue with your blog? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO!!

  10. As much as I am jealous over your dream address, i am feelin a bit sad for you….No TJ’s, Anthro or Tarjay! You will be an online shopping slut πŸ™‚
    I guess you will have to start doing posts about Walmart fashion – ha!
    At least you have Costco over there….

    My question is: what will you and the hubs be doing with all of your “free” time?? Any part time work, or freelancing?

    ps – what is your most favorite thing/coveted item that you insist on keeping and shipping over to Kauai? (Besides the scooter/car)

    • Hubby will be working doing something….don’t know what yet….but he will be bartending temporarily till some big company comes and whisks him off . I will be packing a huge ole box full of all my pretty things i just can’t leave behind. Oh…and nothing wrong with a little fashion friday…walmart style;-)

  11. This is almost as good as strining along Kate for blowing us off for lunch. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  12. Not a question, just an invite. When you come to England, come down to Herefordshire and we’ll go out for a drink and some shopping! πŸ™‚ x Veronika

  13. Hi Kasey,

    Your blog happens to be my favorite. If you had only one blog you could read each day which one would you pick?


  14. Bikini or mumu?
    Pineapple or coconut?
    Banana boat or Bain de Soleil?

  15. so now i have to plan a trip to hawaii to meet you? it seems our travel schedules are never in sync…florida, california, on and on.

    and when are you going to write that book already?

  16. I love your decorating style, & charming pics of your home! I would like to what color white do you use on your furniture?
    I can never seem to find a paint color that’s not so sterile looking!

  17. Kasey~ Love your blog…everything about it! Your style, sense of humor, your genuineness! You are getting ready to embark on a journey that many of us only DREAM about. Enjoy this journey in your life!!! Anyway, yes keep blogging, I look forward to your new posts!
    p.s.~ are those your words…about “finding a new path…” if so i’m gonna borrow them…love it! & of course the shoes, as long as you’ve got pretty shoes everything else will be ok!


  18. siobhan says:

    will you be decorating your place in hawaii similar to your house now?

  19. Kasey… Oooohh.. Just think of all the cool little unique, authentic shops there will be in HI…. And if you get tired of where you’re at, ya hop a boat to the next island…

    Man, if I were you, or me for that matter, I’d be taking up photography as a hobby to the fullest…. Great pics of your kids on the beach all the time…. Especially if you’re only gonna be there a year. Although, I bet you stay longer than a year!!! Cheers ~ wish I could share a bottle of wine w ya when u get there πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Guess none of that was a question now was it… LOL

  20. Another fun post…oh I do hope you keep blogging:) What’s one thing you want to learn while you live in Hawaii?

  21. It’s time for wine. Have a glass and smile!

  22. Carley’s Clear and Smooth (for adult acne) holla!

  23. I got my eyes checked today and I can’t see! Hey have you been watching Housewives of NJ – The Thank You sweet Jesus reminded me of one of them – see you really fit in. Maybe you can start a housewives of Hawaii. That has a nice ring to it. πŸ™‚


  24. Heading to Kauai for the first time in late June with my husband and two little girls. What is your favorite thing there that you would recommend?

  25. Kasey….shishedo blemish control, little blue vile, clear….gone overnight

  26. Are you always so witty and funny?!?!?! Thanks so much for always bringing a smile to my face…I’m waiting for you to show another side of yourself in your writing and yet you always pull off this wry, sarcastic humor that cracks me up! Thanks for that. But feel free to be bummed out sometimes too….even in small moments of doubt your wit is there. Wish I had more of that. Unfortunately worry or fear sometimes take over instead!

  27. Thank you for another post. I just love your whit and humor. So what is the first thing after settling in Hawaii that you will do for yourself?

  28. Hi Kasey
    I hesitate to ask you questions, as you have been most generous in sharing your life with us. Once, through financial needs, it necessitated I remain in one place, not of my choosing, for some time. I had read that Tolstoy was disciplined and divided his day into four parts and this was a good template. I recall education and learning was high on his list and my father’s words kept ringing in my ears “people/life can take away your possessions but no one or nobody can take away your education”. I congratulate Brian for his path in learning bartending. It appears that training in various professions in important now more than ever.
    You have such a wonderful imagination Kasey, I feel this is just the beginning of greatness for you and your family

    Helen Tilston

  29. I love your blog & I am so happy that you plan to continue blogging as you explore the next chapter of your life! Thanks for making me laugh!!!!

  30. Ugh – who needs husbands, anyway?

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