the perfect dress

My mom flew in yesterday afternoon….and i picked her up and we headed straight over to P.F. Changs for

dinner last night….i have not been there in a while….and the lettuce wraps still taste damn good.

My mom is here to help me get ready for a huge yard sale i’m going to have this coming friday and saturday…

i need to go room by room….and drawer by drawer….trying to figure out what i want to keep..

and what i will be selling.

We are going to put all of our things in storage for our move….and since the place we are renting over

in Kauai is furnished…i don’t think we will be taking much.

I know for a fact that i will be shipping some boxes of bedding and towels..some things from my kitchen…

pretty things that i know i can’t live without for the next year.

The rest is going into storage…and what is left…well…i’m going to sell it.

I’m a collector….

or a hoarder….

depends on who you ask…

so this week will be the week i purge.

Last weekend i went with my homies into chicago for a day of shopping and eating…


maybe a little bit of drinking as well.

A good day with friends usually starts with a bottle of wine….

then a little trip to a cup cakery…

of course then we needed to stop and have a little more wine…

while we placed bets on the Kentucky Derby race…..

in which we needed a glass of wine to keep our nerves steady.

It was such a close race….

and we all put in $15…..we had each picked three horses…

and even had some other people in the bar join in our little pot of wagering….

{don’t know if it’s legal…but neither is drinking at noon on a saturday}

oops….i just checked and it is in fact legal to drink at noon on a saturday…so we are good to go.

See how close the race was……and the horse i had was named…

“watch me go”

obviously…he didn’t go anywhere.

We had a great time…and ended the night at a really yummy Italian place.

That photo above….

since you asked….

is of Mason’s Kentucky Derby race track.

It’s part of the fourth grade state fair project that I have been working on the last two weeks

Mason has been working on the last two weeks.

The big project is due at school tomorrow and goes on display for everyone to come in and see…

i’m pretty proud of it as a matter of fact…

and i’m hoping he gets a flying grade with it.


while me and the homies were shopping last weekend…we wandered into a consignment store

when low and behold…i found my dress that i had been searching for.

You see….i’ve been dreaming of having a “Mad Men” esqe type of party before bryan and i head out

of town…and i have been wanting a vintage dress for just the occasion.

I found it…and with the perfect price…of $10.

My Italian friend Colette has hoards…and i mean hoards of vintage purses…so i very nicely invited myself

over to her house the other night and came home with three of them.

All borrowed of course…

but i think i love this one the best.

I am thinking a cigarette bar would make a nice little corner for the party…

not that i would smoke one…


maybe just one…

but i won’t inhale…..i promise.

Pinky promise.


p.s. I can’t quite zip up the back of the dress yet……..

but that’s what spanx were made for.


  1. Adorable! Sounds like such a fun party theme and I LOVE your friends vintage purse! I also think that this sounds like a great adventure – one your family will treasure and never forget!

  2. Rollin’ with the Homies!!!!! And REPEAT.

  3. Totally gorgeous. But what about the shoes?????? I was wondering if you guys were going to take the plunge and ship all your stuff over or what. Don’t sell too much stuff. Give yourself an excuse to get Bryan back home!

  4. Beautiful dress and purse. It is a timeless piece. Your party will be a blast. I read somewhere that the “minimalist” way of living is over. It was just an excuse for us to rid ourselves of possessions so we could jump start the ecomony and start over again, collecting (I may have made that up!).
    Have a wonderful week

  5. The dress is adorable and looks just like Mad Men. I am still jealous about your move to Hawaii;-)

  6. I’m really enjoying all the lead up to your big move, sounds like you are too! Hope the garage sales go really well! Enjoy your week. Emma. P.S. Love, love, love the dress.

  7. Garage sale? Really?! I’ll be there…..

  8. sigh I would love to be at your garage sale

    or your wine drinking times actually

    …been catching up on posts…wow how exciting!….you are in for one heady ride…we did it ….and it’s fab…you won’t look back

  9. What a gorgeous galavant you have had! So much fun. Your dress is superb! Herringbone! Trè chic! I love the mad men look – just so in.
    Remember 3 boxes , one to keep, one to throw and one to donate. It helps.

  10. Cute Dress!
    I wish I were close and could come to your sale.. I can only imagine the fun finds I would knock down your neighbors to get to… 🙂
    Your friends must be so sad your moving. Im sad for them and I know how it feels to loose a friend to a move. Your party already sounds so fun…. The purse is super cute too. I love vintage handbags. I never use mine but I have … well lets just say I have a few more than I should.

  11. jacey howard says:

    gasp!! you were in my neighborhood!!! i go to that consignment store!! and sweet mandy b’s!!

  12. I love your blog – read it all the time! I think you’re in St. Charles or Geneva, right? I grew up in St. Charles, and want to send my mom to your yard sale. Any chance you’d share your address?!!! I love your style. So happy for you about Hawaii…and jealous!

  13. ok my love, honestly? no time to READ..trying to clean and play blog catch up all at once…
    so I scrolled
    and I love the pics
    you continue to make life look beautiful

  14. You’re right…the perfect dress for a “Mad Men” party! Pretty clutch, too:)

  15. mmm love sweet mandy b’s…I can spot that place a million miles away! LOL. Great dress!

  16. fun fun fun!!!

  17. okay, so today should be a Monday….I lost my debit card and it will be at least a week before they mail me a new one. I so want to come to your garage sale….do you take checks? I SWEAR, it won’t bounce…I’ll just not feed the kids this week…..

  18. I think with that great dress and the handbag you’re more likely to inhale. I just used another one of your photo on my blog today….

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