the first date

So…i am up early and getting my house all pretty just in case there is another showing today.

So far…we have had 2 showings last week and one realtor open house……which a total of 14 realtors showed up.

I’m heading into the city with my friends today….sort of a really nice Mothers Day prequel…..

while Bryan and the kids hopefully do the one thing i asked them to do for me as a gift.

Clean my car out.

Get the mold out of the cup holders.

Scrape the dried and decaying fruit snacks off the mats.

Find out where that dirty sock odor is coming from and take care of it.

That is all i asked for a Mothers Day gift.

Anyhoo…..i have the entire day with my homies….and we will eat…shop….drink a little wine…

maybe catch some Kentucky Derby racing at some point.


So…i just wanted to pop in real quick and show off some photos of Fin Hudson’s very first date last night….

that is right….his very first date….with his smitten kitten.

This is his best girl…her name is Ainsley…and she turned 6 yesterday.

Of all of Fin’s friends….she is his favorite.

I found a really cute little locket at target yesterday and put his photo in it and he presented it to

her last night at dinner.

The locket was only around $5 but like i told Fin….

love does not have a price on it.


I think i caught her sneaking in for a kiss Β here……

the duo dined at Sweet Tomatoes and of course there was a chaperone….

you know…

just in case there would be any funny business.

{wouldn’t want that now would we..}

I have to get over the first date thing first before i okay the very first sleep over.

Pace yourself Fin…pace yourself.

No…but really….i love this little girl who has Fin’s heart….and it’s going to be a tough one come

the middle of summer.

Real tough.

I’m already crying.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My little bro had a girlfriend in kindergarten and they went on a date once. Dinner at a buffet and back to her place for the Lion Kind. Precious.

  2. awwee so sweet! they make a cute couple….maybe in twenty years after college you will be taking their engagement photos on the beaches of hawaii?!
    enjoy your day with your girls and happy mother’s day!

  3. So cute! Stay dry in the city today. Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. They are such sweeties…adorable lil’ couple:) Those photos are so precious!! Have a Happy Mother’s Day, Kasey! πŸ™‚

  5. Okay, that little couple is adorable! Fin is gonna break some hearts. What a stud.

  6. i am cracking up!!!
    what a cutie patootie!!!
    have a super mothers day weekend. i’ll be working , so i can afford more birkenstocks.
    & i have one word for you
    minivan! πŸ™‚
    love you friend.

  7. Don’ t cry Kasey….happy mother’s day and enjoy yourself!!!
    Let us know asap how things are going with open house and so on…

  8. Precious pictures…save these, they may meet up later in life, who knows!

    Happy Mother’s Day. Have fun in the city!


  9. sweet friend, happy mother’s day. you are one of a kind. and these photos are simply true to the personality of Fin. And I love Lola’s fish lips below, and your silly wine drinking dance!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day Kasey!!!
    and to all you mom’s out there in blog land!

  11. Too cute. Both of them.

  12. Fin is definitely smitten by her and I think the feeling is mutual.
    She is a little beauty too.
    Hope you had a blast with your mates in the city
    I like the simplicity of your mother’s day gift, a day off and a clean car.
    Happy Mother’s day

  13. Oh, Kasey! We just had the most tremendous giggle from this – my three boys and I (9, 10, 13). Although, I think they’ll have the heeby-jeebies for days. HEEEheeeheeheeeheeeeeee! Thanks for the smiles!

    Also, just catching up and the picture of your oldest in his tie playing in the concert made me all sentimental – and not just for my days but because…. your family is growing up, lady! sniff. I have a watery eye…

  14. This is adorable. Hope you have a great weekend with your ladies πŸ™‚

  15. That last picture…I just love it! We must have a copy of that….please. I printed this blog entry and tucked it away for Ainsley. I know she’ll just love it in a few years!

  16. cheryl says:

    darling – -just darling —- warms the heart

  17. They make a verrrrrry cute couple. Just gorgeous!
    Hope you had a fab day out and got your clean car wish πŸ˜‰

  18. Kirsten Phillips says:

    omg you have to frame these! Fin is going to love looking at these when he’s 40! They are the cutest little lovebirds…you captured such innocence in your is beautiful!

  19. Oh the crying ahead when you move! Oh my. I foresee many beautiful weeping photos.

  20. those pictures are priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. those pictures are priceless. you captured the sweetest of moments.

  22. Oddly…I ask just like that when I am in love!!

  23. Alecia Shannon says:

    One word….PRESH!!!

  24. So funny and she is adorable!! Perfect match….although we haven’t taken pictures of him next to my Alyssa. They may look good togehter too!! “I’m just saying”

  25. Lindsay Jo says:

    those pictures are *precious*. way too friggen cute.

  26. Just about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! They are too cute for words!

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