sprucing up

Thats our home.

It is as of yesterday…officially on the market. We spent all weekend doing yard work…painting…


actually we had our painter come paint for us…so that we can do yard work.

We painted the front of the garage…the front door was sanded down and repainted and all the outside windows…

and that photo above is the before photo. I’ll get out today and grab an after photo for you.

I love this house….down to my bones..i love it.

Now we just have to wait for the phone to ring;-)

These are our ducks….Clarabelle and Max.

They are now official guests in our backyard and like to hang out on top of our house on occasion…

i do believe the view is quite good from up there.

Who needs a dog or a cat when you have ducks.

{and duck sheet}

I also spruced up Lola’s bed….with some new linens….thank you Ikea.

On Friday i woke up super early to catch the wedding…like many of you did….and then had some girls

over for some mimosa’s to toast the newlyweds ….it was fun.

Lola stayed home and took a personal day from school.

She had been complaining of a headache….and somehow talked me into letting her stay home…..

i don’t know how she did it ….but it worked.

I later thought to myself….we all need personal days….so she took full advantage of it.

I would like to know who i can talk to about cashing in a personal day….



check check

and just so we are clear…..

that is indeed Kraft* mac n cheese on the table…

and yes…it’s what was served for breakfast.

you should try it sometime…

it goes great with orange juice.


  1. i love lola’s hairdo’ and her bedding. and your house is beautiful but your new home will be more beautiful-er ;]
    happy monday, kasey friend! ♥

  2. Such a cute house. I can see why you love it. More important you made it a home.
    I think this adventure your about to embark on sounds so fun. You are the perfect family for this great adventure.
    I choose JOY is my saying for 2011. I can see you choose it too..
    Hugs to you for all the smiles you have given me since I found your blog!!!

  3. Alecia Shannon says:

    Your house is DARLING!!! I see why you love it to your bones….if this is the before, I can’t wait to see the after…it looks so nice already! I hope you get lots of calls…I’ll be praying for it to sell. Love the ducks…so cute!

  4. Why have I never thought to do mac n cheese for breakfast??

    Love your style, looking forward to seeing how you work it in Hawaii!

  5. I’m guessing there were some bittersweet moments this weekend:) That’s the “before” picture?! So beautiful…can’t wait to see the “after” 🙂 Yes, I got up early to watch the wedding, too…but no mimosas for me…darn;)

  6. What a beautiful house and yard! We too have a pair of ducks aptly names Mr. and Mrs. Every morning my little boy has to look out the window to make sure that the “ucks” are still there. His smile makes the “sheet” worth it.

    Happy Monday!

  7. love your home too..it is so refeshing!
    happy May!

  8. Your home is darling but don’t worry, you’ll find something just as enchanting with this next move. Just don’t buy it unless you can say, “I love this house down to my bones!”

  9. haha meant refreshing..i need a starbux..

  10. You house is beautiful!! I totally agree, everyone needs a personal day! Good luck with the house…Hawaii here you come 🙂

  11. Beautiful home. You can be sure it will sell/rent fast.
    Love Lola’s bedding. I think I might need a trip to Ikea.
    Have to say – mac n cheese with OJ = yuck!!
    Last my mom used to let us take a “mental health” day if we vacuumed the whole downstairs for her. It was worth it!

  12. Your home is gorgeous and I just know you will have lots of interested buyers/renters. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Lola’s bedding is lovely!

    Happy Monday.

  13. Love your house! I have always loved the inside but wow the outside is amazing as well.

  14. sara mackenzie says:

    You should rent the house out to us. I LOVE your house!

  15. I knew I was missing something during the wedding – mimosa’s!! Love your house, it’s beautiful! Everyone needs a personal day – I always encouraged my children to have a few of them and we took some pretty cool personal field trips! xxoo 🙂

  16. We have cheese quesadillas from time to time for breakfast…nothing fancy – two small tortillas, cheese, microwave. 😉 My daughter likes to dip them in maple syrup.

  17. Oh, I love your house from the outside too!!! So cute and charming!!

  18. Hey ladybug! Love the new linens on Ms. Lola’s bed…are the pillowcases from IKEA too, or just the new accent pillows?

    Good luck with the house…it’s such a charmer, I’m sure you’ll sell it quickly.


  19. We call them “mental health days” at my house and my children are allowed two during the school year….they can not be consecutive days. Your home is lovely I am sure it will sell quickly!

  20. Ooooh, the new linens are b-e-a-u-tiful! I wish that your home was in our area… we`re starting to look for our first house. I hope that your home sells quickly!

  21. Love your house! Good luck with move. SO exciting!! We are also macncheese morning eaters, or chicken nuggets or pizza.

  22. love lola’s bedding! even more…..love the mac n cheese for breakfast! you’re only a kid once, live it up!
    p.s. your house looks great!

  23. I love your house…………………I predict a sale in a few (very few) days –any appts yet?

  24. It’s absolutely divine!

  25. Lola’s hair is super cute..wow she seems to have grown so much since i have been following you in just one short year!

    your house is beautiful from the outside too. my boys would love to have mac and cheese for breakfast !

  26. i hope the new owners love her as much as you do!

  27. Gotta love Ikea…. and mac & cheese for breakfast!
    Your home is beautiful, I’m sure it’ll sell super fast!


  28. your house is darling! straight out of a storybook. i would make an offer but i want to move down south so i can stop feeling like a prisoner 6 months out of the year. and so i can say things like “fiddle-ee-dee” and wear giant hats.

  29. Charming! I can’t believe that the photographer said what he did! I do believe that Emily Post should be consulted.
    It’s absolutely charming!

  30. have you seen the white shower curatin in the new anthro catalog??
    i think you NEED it for your bathroom in hawaii!

  31. Kasey! Well, now who would NOt want that old charmer! Manno. It’ll get scooped up one way or another.
    I got your last phone call-hang in there-don’t give up on me! I just have to get this 6 page paper done by next week, and then this chickaroo can come and help you….hope there is something I can do to help you in any way.
    I am glad you all are holding up well and in great spirits. Wondering what the kids are thinking about Hawaii…..

  32. Your house is so stinkin’ cute! If I was in the market and lived in Illinois I would be on your doorstep! A thought crossed my mind the other day….does that wierd you out that people you don’t even know think about you randomly during the day? Any-who I was wondering what made you decide Hawaii. I totally thought you’d do the Paris thing for a time.

  33. you are a good mama. i can’t imagine what it would be like to leave a home you LOVE as much as i know you love yours but you are one adventurous chica and i know your new home will be amazing!!
    love that you had friends over to toast the newlyweds 🙂 too cute

  34. becky up a hill says:

    your house is beautiful, it’s hard to say..cause this is not ordinary times, but it does reflect your lovely style

  35. Your house is beautiful and so is little Lola. Sorry I missed your phone call today. I was picking up Alyssa from school and didn’t get a chance to call you back. I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.:)

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