photos of our home

Since i have some photos that were taken by a professional….

in which now i would like a 10-24mm wide angle lens to be able to get some really nice

wide angle shots…..i though i would show you some of the photos of our house since i’ve never been

able to show full rooms very accurately.

The front:

The tree is in full bloom right.this.very.minute.

The back patio…

The living room which was a dining room…..

The living room looking into the dining room and front door….

The dining room which used to be the living room….

My favorite space….the sunroom.

{i’ve already asked bryan to make sure that settee goes with me to the grave…..

a girl has to be comfortable you know}

The kitchen…which i never really show photos of because it’s so damn small…

but hey….

beggers can’t be choosers…

and i chose a larger walk in closet vs. a larger kitchen.

Priorities people…priorities.

Our room….

where sweet music happens….

{cough cough}

I couldn’t get the photographer to take a photo of the inside of my closet…

he told me there were too many colors and it was too full so there was no where for the eye to land.

I didn’t like him.

This is the boys room…they have their own bathroom…which there was no photo taken for some reason…

even though i spent all morning cleaning the pee off the walls.

The bathroom upstairs….

and there you go….

some real photos of my house which is no longer on the market and therefor does not need

to be cleaned every single morning like i had no life to live.


It was only for five days…so i can’t complain.

The one thing i am excited about….and that is that it rented in 5 days….which means…

we have a home to come back to if and when the need arises…

because i love this house….and i love my people here.

We just need to live life a little first.

p.s. and i realize there is no photo of Lola’s room…but the house was rented by the time i realized

there was no Lola bedroom photo on the listing site. Double damn.


  1. I’m so excited to see all these pics of your home, it’s gorgeous! I’m wondering what you’re going to do with all your furniture, I imagine it would be soooo expensive to ship but it’s too beautiful to give up.

    • We will be storing our furniture because the place we are renting in Kauai is furnished and it’s too expensive to ship the furniture knowing we will only be there for one year. I will be having one huge yard sale though;-)

  2. Your house is so beautiful! Man I wanted to see the inside of your closet soo bad dernit!!

  3. becky up a hill says:

    Just simply beautiful~

  4. Oh my gawd. I don’t have anything else to say but that!
    Love it.

  5. Everything looks gorgeous!!!!! I am excited for your family!!!! Our family will move to Maui one day , still working on how to get the money for it!!! LOL!!!! So I am excited to read about your family’s adventure!!!!!!! Sara

  6. You might get to Hawaii and decide that you can live without those Chicago winter:)

  7. One word….GORGEOUS!!! Loved the tour…thanks! 🙂

  8. It’s a beautiful home.

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. It looks fabulous Kasey! Such fun to see it through a different lense, but nothing close to your stellar photos. Congrats on getting it rented so quickly.

  11. It’s beautiful, Kasey…absolutely beautiful! And I’m so glad you can come back “home” if you want:)

  12. Kasey,,
    I love it!!!
    If my house looked half that good,
    I’d gladly clean it ..
    every! single! day!!!
    my house is soooo bad..
    I’m considering calling HGTV..
    to PLEASE come and fix it!!
    thanks for sharing!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  13. Wow, What a gorgeous home! I can see why it rented so quickly. Best of luck with your move.

  14. Beautiful.. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Im looking for a new camera and would love if you could share one more time (Im terrible at hunting thru archives)
    What you use or what you recommend for a some what beginner. I dont want to read a 100 page book. Im a click and shoot kinda gal.

  15. Yay! Come back!!!

  16. Oh my. I have no words for the gorgeousness that is your house.

  17. If you dont mind shar’n..what color paint is the sunroom?

  18. gorgeous my friend!
    can’t wait to see how you whip your surfer shack into farmhouse chic or whatever you decided to name your style!
    pee off the walls…laughed out loud at that
    & the clean like you had no life to live. you’re a riot my friend


  19. Are you storing your furniture or lugging it to hawaii????? Just curious…so happy to here its rented and you can start living again and not washing bathroom pee away.

    • storing it….because it would cost a fortune to ship it over and since we are only going for one’s the best option.
      I better run….i see more pee on the wall;-)

  20. Beautiful Kasey! I can’t wait to see your new home all decorated in Hawaii!

  21. Your house is gorgeous!!!!

  22. Very Shabby Chic! Just the way I like it!!
    Good stuff about the house being rented out, especially because you love it so much.

  23. your house is so adorable – perfectly shabby chic but lived in family home.

    How do you get your downstairs flooring to be so lovely and sheeny shiny??? our wooden floors are so dull 🙁

  24. Sarah R says:

    Your home is outstanding!! Where did you purchase your shower curtain? I <3 the ruffles!!

  25. Beautiful home! It sounds like you have the best of both worlds.

  26. beautiful home!

  27. Erin LeBlanc says:

    I agree with everyone else – gorgeous home. You might have blogg’d it before, but why did you decide to switch the living room and the dining room? It looks great, (you don”t often see a dining room when you first walk in) – and I think you recently did it, right?

  28. So beautiful! If you don’t mind me asking another paint question…what color paint is on the main floor in living/dining space?

  29. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says:

    I love your home….how warm and beautiful….I also would LOVE to know the pint color in your living /dining space, as well as the bathroom pictured……are they the same? So pretty…….Lucky you that the house rented so quickly (as if there was any question….beautiful home)…keeping a home up to sell or rent is challenging …….particularly with kids……uggggg……

  30. Pale grey for the bathroom. Faded Silk for the dining room& sunroom. Shale for the living room.
    All Ralph Lauren colors.

  31. {wiping drool off my keyboard} I love everything about your home!

    And yes, it’s a shame there were no pics of lola’s room, would have loved to see it!

    but, at least you don’t have to worry about the pee on the walls anymore! ;]

  32. Kristine says:

    Is it to blunt to ask if Brian will be working or that you just have enough money saved up to take a whole year off. Are you renting or just staying at your moms. You can tell me, mind your own but your life is our journey and I always need to know more. 🙂

    • We have enough to live for a while…but Bryan will still be looking for a “career” while he gets a job bartending.
      {he’s bartended on the side on and off the last 7 years for fun;-)} and hopefully that will make ends meet.}
      We will be renting my parents condo while we are there at a “reduced” rate.

  33. so simple vintage and cozy..three of my fave things in a home. love it..

  34. uh you should pinterest your home…for us droolers…

  35. Ooh, I just love looking at photos of your house. So much loveliness!

  36. Gorgeous home and oh so stylishly you!
    I had to laugh at the small kitchen comment, as it looks huge compared to our tiny galley kitchen.
    Love the clock in the kitchen too.
    My fav thing in your house though is probably your photo wall near the staircase. Love that!!

  37. Kasey – love your house! What is the beautiful yellow paint in your bedroom and your boys bedroom?

  38. Where did you get those storage baskets that are on the boys walls? My boys also have bunk beds and I have been looking for something like that.. Thanks for sharing.. ditto to what everyone else says.. if you wanted to move to Iowa I would have let you fix up my home.. lol! Honestly beautiful and what I loved the most sooo clean!!!

  39. Gorgeous house, I love your decotating skills. Glad to hear your house rented out so fast. I hope the packing and the move go smoothly for you and your family.

  40. Kasey, you house feels loved, cared for, lived in and the joy and laughter has given it a warm patina, which cannot be purchased.
    May you will carry this same love and joy with you wherever you “hang your hat”

  41. You have some serious decorating talent my friend!
    Have a pretty day!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous…all of it! I love your style, and will miss you in IL! The kitchen is stunning….love it all.

  43. Whoa! Your house is gorgeous! Those are some wicked decorating skillz you’ve got. Wana come over decorate my house? You can get a vacation out of it!!!!!! For real, think about it.

    Your comment was way generous 🙂 Thanks! Strangers no more.

  44. Beautiful home that loved a beautiful family in a pretty kick ass city!! Happy trails~

  45. I thought your home was beautiful before. Further proof right here! So nice to get a full view, I love it!

  46. Hello Kasey! First of all, your home is so beautiful…. I thought I commented on this post but I must have gotten distracted… easily done… anyway, the suitcases in the mantel inspired a whole 2 days worth of cleaning and rearranging for me over here and I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration!
    Your posts always make me laugh, you have the best sense of humor and I love coming here.
    I know that this time in your life has been topsy turvy to put it mildly but that sense of humor and family and your overall creative spirit will get you through. I am actually a bit envious of your new adventure… an adventure it will be! I can’t wait to read all about it.
    Wishing you all the best … t. xoxoxoo

  47. Can’t wait to see your beautiful new home in Kauai!!

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