pants on fire

I don’t mean to be doing another post about Finboy…but it deserves a little attention.

{by the way….that photo above is one of my all.time.favorites….}

The scene: morning…around 8:15 am.

The morning was going well….we just received notice that after just one week on the market…….

our house has not sold.

I’m really okay with it…..because we have a couple that would like to rent our home….and it’s a doctor

and his wife…a school psychologist…which means….they are stable and can pay the rent.

Anyhoo…..not to derail the convo in the least …but things are moving right along.

check check

I was sitting at the table…looking over papers that need to be signed on this lovely Monday morning….

when low and behold….

my oldest child pulls out his notebook and tells me he forgot to turn in his math paper last friday…

{it’s been happening a LOT…}

and will have to stay in at recess all week long.

Anyhoo…he shows this to me Monday morning….not Friday afternoon…which tells me one of two

very important things.

1) he is very smart indeed.

2) he is street smart.

The reason he didn’t show me Β the teachers note is because he knew he would be grounded all weekend…

so i have to think to myself…..

should he really be grounded if in fact he really is smart….

i mean…

he might make some mistakes…

but i think we might have a child gangster in the making…or at least a nice young thug.

{do boys that play the cello in grade school go on to become convicts..}

{not that i know anyone like that….just saying…}

So…..the reason i’m popping in to tell you this tale is because the most important thing happened after Mason

walked out the door in the morning to catch the bus.

Fin…who was sitting here at the table the entire time….watched the whole scene…and as soon

as Mason walked out the door….

turned to me…

and asked why Mason was grounded.

I told him that what Mason had done was kind of like a lie….

and we all know that if you Lie…Steal…or Cheat….you might go to jail….

so Fin gets up…

and starts walking up the stairs….

turns around to me…

and says…

‘mom…..i lie all the time and i’ve never been to jail’


p.s. I have a fresh clean car.

p.p.s. The person that detailed my car found the object that made the car smell like rotting cheese.

p.p.s.s. Yeah for having husbands that really listen to what we want for a mothers day gift.

p.s.s. Double yeah for husbands that find your car in a parking lot at the train station ..then secretly return

it to the same spot when you arrive back from a day with friends in the city…and find your car in the middle of the night…….you just want to cry tears of joy.


  1. that is the cutest – THE CUTEST picture of Fin! LOVE IT!

  2. Andrea says:

    A detailed car is better than flowers or a card any day! so sweet. As a teacher I tell the kids if they don’t pass their state tests they won’t go on to the next grade. I don’t think my scare tactics are working either….

  3. Kids say such amazing, witty things!! He is such a handsome little guy!

    Can I borrow your husband? I have been begging my husband and laying not so subtle hints I need my van detailed and he has yet to catch on!!

    Yall moving to Virginia to be closer to me?? Good I’m so glad!!!

  4. I cracked up.. I lie all the time and I have never been to jail…priceless! love this post!

  5. i lie all the time…what a riot, that fin!!

  6. adrienne says:

    he’s a keeper!! i know because i have one that looks like Fin and acts like him too!! Fins make life fun!!

  7. you need to write that book!
    and soon because the books on the best selling list ain’t got nothing on you mrs b.!

  8. Waaaaa! I want a clean car…maybe for my birthday?

  9. Im with Finn. If we all went to jail for our little un-truths there would be jails on every corner.
    “kids say the darned-est things!” I would love to hear what he lies about…
    This photo of him is super cute.
    What is the link to view your house for sale. I cant believe from the few photos I have seen you have not sold it. It is just charming… I assume you kept your chalk board wall.

  10. Alecia Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh…why are your kids so funny?!?! Love it

  11. Kids say the darndest things!!! Gotta love it!!

  12. Marlene says:

    For all the threats and challenges you cant help but laugh a little bit and smile a lot!

  13. Out of the mouths of babes…your Fin is such a character! πŸ˜‰ Priceless post!

  14. Wow, your husband is truly sweet for doing that!
    I have been thinking about your upcoming move, since we also have and still are in the same boat as you,
    the moving around part, and I look forward how you will settle in you new home.
    Like I always say, we all have troubles, but I rather have them in the sun.
    All the best Kasey,
    Maureen xx
    (oh, and I made a little link to your pinterest yesterday, thanks for the inspiring pics on your board)

  15. Gorgeous photo! Totally agree it’s captured it all so wonderfully. But then I pretty much always love any black and white hehe

  16. Does “Cello-playing Valentine’s Day Massacre” mean anything to you? Probably not. Didn’t think so. Nevermind. Yay on the clean car, too! There was something in my house by the front door that smelled very strong. I told my husband that it smelled like vomit or really good cheese…then I turned my head and wondered if I’d really just said that out loud.

  17. Fin is hilarious! I love the things kids say. πŸ™‚

  18. what a hilarious little stinker he is. πŸ™‚

  19. God love that Husband of yours!!
    Sounds to me like you have TWO very smart kids there. (or even smart arsed kids? Lol.)

  20. What a little S$#t that Fin is! ahhahahaha…made my day!

  21. dawn parr says:

    oh kasey, you and bryan are sooooo in trouble; sounds alot like our nick.

    gotta love boys!

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