just random things

1. catching lola peeking at me while i am taking some photos

2. catching lola peeking at me again while i am taking photos.

3. telling lola that her face might freeze like that and she will never find a suitable boy to marry her.

4. being told by lola that it is now legal in some states for girls to marry girls.

5. i guess we all don’t need men after all.

6. we can all learn something from an eight year old girl.

7. taking photos of fin at his first year in baseball.

8. looking at photos once i download them and noticing that these photos are not of fin.

9. nope….no photos of fin hitting the ball.

10. would the mother of this child please call me so i can get your kids photos to you.

11. ummm…..i guess i don’t know what my kid looks like in a uniform.

12. not my kid still…..

13. my mom and my friend drinking wine.

14. i actually think it’s against baseball law to bring wine in a pretty thermos and pour it into a plastic cup.

15. let’s just pretend it’s water.

16. no…the water i was drinking did not impair my ability to photograph my son at baseball.

17. no….not at all.

18. i don’t have third degree burns from sitting at the hotel pool for an hour without sunscreen yesterday.

19. oh…sorry…you didn’t ask about that now…did you.

20. i might not be able to raise my arms…but i can still hold a plastic cup.

21. oh…looky here…i found a photo of fin catching a ball.

22. my mom will be so proud.


  1. Please tell me you are going to continue blogging while in Hawaii? Please.

  2. soooooooo funny!

  3. Loving the random things:) Fun photos:)

  4. Your Mom is soooo sooo cute…

  5. Your mom looks great! Lola cracks me up! 🙂

  6. So cute!!!!

  7. Sippy Cups!! Thats what we used to put our Wine into when the kids were small and all the ladies were hanging out at Games, in the neighborhood, by the Pool. Sippy Cups!! It worked too, No One was the Wiser and we Enjoyed our cocktails. Just saying.

  8. Lisa L. says:

    Hilarious. Your mum is adorable, as is your friend.

  9. Jessica says:

    I think I can speak for most of us, and that is yes..we all drink water at the games;-)

  10. too funny. giggled the whole time i read it, thank you 🙂

  11. You rock. I love your posts!

  12. adrienne says:

    Ok, I still don’t think that’s Fin catching the ball! And the funny thing is is that as I was reading “there’s fin,” i thought to myself…”that’s not fin!!” Although I will say when my son is out there playing ball, i can’t always tell which one he is either. they all look alike! maybe there is something in the water…

  13. I wait every day for one of your posts, and when it appears in my reader I tune everything out to catch up.
    Thank you!

  14. Allison says:

    Hey, at least you got some good photos of someone’s kid.
    Your mom would be proud;-)

  15. You rock. Hands down…

  16. Andrea B says:

    Kasey, don’t worry, my kids are 22 and 26 and now they can’t remember who is who in photos…so enjoy the vino, especially if it is in pretty thermos!!!

  17. Jeni Carlson says:

    I love your blog! Makes me laugh every time I visit. Merci!

  18. Suzanne G says:

    Thanks for this post. I am finally catching up w/ older posts. And again, I wish you were my neighbor. We’d get along well.

    Yes, I brought mixed drinks and wine to the pool in the summer. Plan to do so again this summer. All those “club” moms cackling make me insane. I need sustenance, help, liquid courage, something that will make me sleep so I can ignore them…

    Suffered through many baseball games and wrestling matches with the help of my magical “coffee” mug. (For some reason, football games weren’t so bad and I think I managed to live w/o the mug.) As much as I love my kids, those games and tournaments can be eternal. Now that my boys are out of school, I’ve found a nice cohort of ‘gym moms’ who find bloody Marys to be appropriate at morning gymnastics meets. We adjust our beverage depending on the time of day. Certainly wouldn’t want to drink an inappropriate drink, would we?

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