got weed and other interesting stories

On Thursday night i had all my girlfriends over for a sneak peek ‘friends only’ preview of what i was selling at our

yard sale..which went very well.

Friends like to be invited to sneak peeks in which they are in turn…allowed to buy things.

It helped that i served wine to everyone.

I also had to sell my wine rack…since we drank all the wine.

Wine is good.

Wine keeps your blood pressure low.

I like to on occasion..have a few glasses before the children get off the bus…it helps my parenting.

Just don’t tell Bryan i said that…he might not agree with me.

If i forgot to mention it…my mom has been here….and she was helping me all last week go through all rooms

one by one…and we purged them together.

Anyhoo….at last minute i dragged out my herb garden..which i have in a vintage wash bin that i kept

right outside the back door…

{you know…for all the cooking i do…}

and decided to slap a price on it and sell it.

I can’t really take it with me to Kauai…

and i don’t think it would last sitting in storage for a year….

so i slapped a price on it.

The problem was….sometime mid sale i noticed that the sticker where i had written “got weed?”

was missing.

Who would take a sticker like that off of my weed herb garden?

Finally my mom came clean and said she didn’t think it was appropriate to put something like that on there.

What she didn’t know is that maybe the person that bought the herb garden really did think there

was weed growing in there…and needed it for medicinal purposes.

I still have back pain on occasion…and i know many of you do.

My friends pretty much cleared me out thursday night…but there was still some good stuff on Friday

morning when the early birds got there.

You know who you are.

After the week of purging…some tears as i went through all the snow gear…and selling off all the boots

and winter jackets….

it was time to hit the date night with some of our friends.

You might not know it yet…but we all really love wings.


confession time…

we all like wine also…

and i think possibly….one of us might have been over served that night….

but how often do we all get to head out together as a group….

not often….so there…

not my fault.

My friend Ali wanted to make sure we were all thankful for our food…


and we had to make sure we said a little prayer because the end of the world was happening the following day.

then it was back to the wings……

group shot of the homies…..

funny thing is…

i am only 5’2……

alright….not really….

and did i really wear a jean skirt?

Someone shoot me please….and make it quick….because what you might not realize is that there are buttons on

that jean skirt…so if you are sitting with your legs crossed….and a button pops open because maybe…

just maybe….

you might have had too many wings…

or maybe you have had a few too many glasses of wine…

and someone takes a little peak…

someone other then your husband…


let’s just say….

somehow i ended up with a $20 bill in my purse.

Totally kidding by the way…..

i don’t really want the anonymous comment today.

All i’m saying is….

i was going to retire that jean skirt last year…but somehow it made an appearance.

Bad skirt.


back to the regularly scheduled night.

Here are our men…..looking mighty fine if i say so myself….

i even got to go home with one of them.

miss photogenic….and the girl who got me hooked on Mad Men…

which my the way….i finally succumbed and watched the season finale to season four.

I hate that i have to wait another year for the show….

anyone else have that same feeling?

I guess i’ll have a Mad Men party then…..


and nothing like some white legs to show off.

I told the girls i would like to re-take this shot next year.

Nobody said anything.

I don’t really remember ordering any marshmallows to roast…

but they went down really well with the wine we were drinking.

Have you ever accidentally dipped your marshmallow in some ranch dressing that was meant

for your wings?


I didn’t think so.

Take it from me…

no need to try that.

Before the night ended….

some girls rolled into the place.

We think there might have been an acid wash jean reunion in town…

but then one of our men…

{not naming any names…in order to protect the innocent..}

yelled over and asked…

Quiet Riot in town”?

and apparently….they were here….

two blocks down.


Bet that “man who shall remain anonymous”….

wasn’t ready for the girls to head over and start chatting

up how great the show was and weren’t the 80’s just the best.



  1. you girls just wanted to have fun…and did. good!
    love the herb ‘pots’ and that tiny burner you used for the marshmallows, too!

  2. You always crack me up!!!!
    I remember when we were going through the knocking of the wall down and my contractor pulled me to the side and said…ummmm Kristin, you might want to do something with this. It was a huge bag of herbs which I used after my c-section on the gorgeous scar…I have no idea what he thought it was..tee hee 🙂

  3. you sure? i think anything is good with ranch 😉

  4. You deserved a fun night on the town. I am sure there was lots of laughter and nonsense spoken. It is good for the soul to get out and let off steam.
    Have a great week

  5. kasey girl, there is no one like you!!!

  6. As always another adorable post from you :+) I love all of your beautiful photos it makes me want to throw together a bash this week!

  7. Loved the herb garden! Just so ya know….I was shopping at Old Navy on Saturday and saw a jean skirt that buttons down the front so no need to retire yours yet!

  8. What a fun evening for you guys & gals! So glad the yard sale was a huge success {were there ‘brawls” over that herb garden? love it!} and that Mom was around to keep you appropriate. 😉

  9. Love your date night story! I am also fretting over the fact that we have to wait a whole year to see Mad Men again. I can’t do it!

  10. Good for you letting your little garden go! Hilarious post,

  11. I hope you have a few guest bedrooms in Hawaii! I bet you will have lots of visitors over the next year!

  12. I am still laughing about “got weed”…

    Thank you so much for meeting us on Sunday for brunch. I was so great to finally meet you. It was yummy food, great conversation and lots of laughter. It was definitely one of my highlights of our weekend.

    I wish you the very best in your new journey. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  13. Oh, Kasey! I am so relieved that you didn’t do away with the denim skirt – I can’t explain it.=] I was even worrying, you know! (You’re absolutely adorable, too, you know!)

  14. has anyone ever told you how uniquely funny you are……………?

  15. I’m pretty sure you were vowing to retire that denim skirt, while defending it at the same time, in the first post I ever read on your blog. Fun stuff! Girl, if you love the skirt keep wearing it. Just be sure to rock it as hard as those chicks in the acid washed jeans!

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