the low down

*I wish food wasn’t on my mind….but this quiche and crepe from a french cafe is.

*I ate both…all by myself…and it was so good.

*I really like how the crepe is in focus but the quiche isn’t.

*I get really disappointed when eating a nutella crepe and they skimp on the nutella.

*I was not disappointed with that crepe though.

*I can’t tell though with this couple….do you think she likes her crepe?

*Life changes are happening over here and i am ready.

*No…i am not going thru menapouse.

* I had to get up this morning and make my own damn coffee.

*Bryan is out of town.

*Bryan normally makes me coffee.


*I love that man.

*I think i got it right….one cup water to one tsp of coffee grounds.

* I had an awesome new babysitter last night while i had girls night out.

*Babysitter rocked the house by cleaning the dishes and putting them away.

*No…you may not have her number.

*She’s all mine.

*I might ask her if she wants to be my wife.

* I could use a wife.

*Especially since bryan is on a golfing weekend with the boys.

* Bryan asked me…would you rather i go to Vegas with my single guy friends or

be a part of a golf tournament with the married guys in Hilton Head.

*I didn’t really have to respond to that question.

*He chose wisely.

*I don’t know about you…but i love a little beach volleyball.

*I had to sit and watch the game to get a good idea what it’s all about.

*I also ran into Yanni while at the beach.

*Then i ran into Magda from the movie..”Something about Mary”

*This is Pamela.

*She was an awesome waitress.

*Pamela was serving us a real breakfast at the last Dunkin Donuts that still has a restaurant.

*The hash browns rocked the boat.

*As did the biscuits and gravy.

*I better go now.

*I have to get ready to sit and meet with Fin’s teacher.

*I think she just wants to sit with me and tell me he should be in the gifted program.


  1. Kasey
    i can always count on you for a morning laugh!
    thanks so much.have a good weekend!
    blessings, jody

  2. lmao love magda! My husband calls anyone with a “serious” tan magda. I now love you more that you love biscuits and gravy. Down south they are out of this world! Around here they just can’t make them right.

  3. becky up a hill says:

    loved it!

  4. Nutella crepes are my favorite! Yummmy.

  5. Good luck with Fins teacher 🙂 HUGS

  6. Where was the French Cafe? In Chicago area?

  7. Lovin’ the “low down”…thanks for the a.m. smiles 😉 Happy Weekend to you!

  8. Greg makes my COFFEE too.
    Love coming down to Greg’s coffee every morning~
    Yeah for Bryan.
    You my girl…are FABULOUS!

  9. I’m starting to think the idea of Sister Wives is genius

  10. Kasey – you are absolutely hysterical!!!

  11. You are too funny!!! I love the photo of Magda from “Something About Mary”, hilarious!! And I’m loving those volleyball players as well!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Look at those ladies in their Tevas, bare legs, and punchy “dresses.” I hope I’m that cool…

  13. Alecia Shannon says:

    I think I would’ve joined you to figure out what this volleyball that you speak of is all about 😉 You crack me up…I love the last comment/pic…so funny!!!

  14. I like two scoops per cup and a lot of vanilla cream.

    I could put Nutella on my potatoes!

    Beach volleyball is overrated.


  15. is it just me or does “pamela” have very very large hands?

  16. Barbara Nelson says:

    Those lady’s are hilarious! They just needed a cigarette hanging from their mouths!

    Have a great weekend

  17. I don’t care much for beach volleyball, but I love the tanned men. Which makes it all so much better to watch. Too bad you didn’t have a zoom lens.. you could have captured some hard core sweat with a little bit of sand.. yum =)). P.S. good luck with Fin’s teacher. P.P.S. I would love to have a sister wife. I love BIG LOVE. haha

  18. You are making me miss Florida again:( It sounds like you had a great time but went off the diet wagon……I did to while we were in Texas:) Back to the gym tomorrow.

    Happy weekend.

  19. Yanni ? He must be living in the land of eternal youth!

  20. i’ve missed you & all your kaseybuickness!!

  21. Love the random Florida pics 🙂

  22. Another fun post!

  23. Kasey, I just saw a picture of your beautiful staircase on one of my favorite tumblrs.. such a pleasant suprise

  24. I always tell my hubby that I want a wife too. Not one like me but one that cleans the house and makes dinner. The magda comment was hysterical. You are too funny.

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