* I went and saw ‘Water for elephants’ on monday night….good…but slow.

* I did not read the book yet.

*Because i am in the middle of reading Tina Fey’s new book.

*I would love to be her friend.

* I had an entire 21 hours to myself last friday.

*I had the homies over for food and drinks.

*Girls night in.

*Homies are my group of friends.


*Bryan had taken the kids away for the night.

*Problem was…he came home too early on Saturday.

*There is a big difference between 21 hours and 24 hours.

*I’m not complaining though….

*21 hours is better then 4 hours.

*I didn’t even sleep in on Saturday….which stunk.


*I wish i could just sleep in……but i came downstairs and cleaned up from the night before.

*I’m munching on Honey Smacks and drinking coffee right now.

*I was up really early this morning.

*Mason had to be at school by 545 for an all day field trip to our state capital.

*Springfield is the state capital of Illinois.

*Fun fact for the day.

*The kids are going to visit the Lincoln Library.

*I’m not talking about The Lincoln Lawyer….even though that would be cool.

*I like Matthew Mcconaughey.

*He in fact does not need another lover.

*He must have heard thru the grapevine that i wear a tankini not a bikini.

*I found out the kids get to wear flip flops to their new school in Kauai.

*They don’t call them flip flops there….they call them slippers.

*When the school told me the kids wear slippers to school…i had a different vision in my head.

*My kids would have shown up in my version of slippers.

*They would be outcasts.

*They would cry.

*They would beg to move back to Illinois.

*I need to get the island terminology right…so we don’t show up in fuzzy slippers.

*We had an Awana awards ceremony last night.

*My kids each received an award.

*Fin is the only kid in his class.

*Fin had to stand up all by himself on stage.

*Fin doesn’t wear underwear.

*Not that any of this matters to you…but i asked him to please wear some for the awards ceremony.

*He did not.

*I’m worried about the day he gets the sharts.

*If you don’t know what a shart is….{read here}

*I paid someone $150 to come to my house to fix my furnace only to find out there was a dead bird inside it.

*I have not turned on the furnace since.

*Something wrong about a bird in there.

*I took 2 advil pm’s last night to help me sleep….and take away the pain.

*I don’t really have any pain….but just in case …you never know.

*I almost didn’t wake up this morning in time.

*Nothing 5 cups of coffee can’t cure.

*I’m still munching on Honey Smacks.


  1. look at all those cute homies!!

  2. Your friends did not appear to be making a mess… just what were you cleaning up. hahahahaha

  3. Oh Kasey, you have such a way with words…too funny! I hope you enjoyed every minute of those “free” 21 hours:) And while you’re eating your Honey Smacks, I’m munching on my CinnamonBurst Cheerios…just thought I’d share 😉 Have a great day!
    P.S. Flip flops to school…love it!

  4. adrienne says:

    you’re the best! i love reading your blog!

  5. I just learned last week that flip flops are called Slippers in Hawaii after I found some awesome flip flops or slippers or slippahs for my husband at Marshalls! Here’s the site:

  6. laughed. out. loud.

    “I didn’t have any, but just in case”

    ha to the ha to the ha.

  7. Hahaha! Once again, you’ve made me laugh!!!

  8. I am having one of those days and you made it better my reading the word shart. We use that in our house. LOL. I think you may need to get Fin to wear underwear when he is wearing shorts with his slippers. LOL.

  9. Kirsten Phillips says:

    ha! you totally need to be a stand up comedian! i totally almost spurt coffee all over my phone reading about the sharts! sheet 8 frickin loooove you! haha!

  10. I have to comment…. I have been following you for a while, which sounds sorta creepy-stalkerish, so my apologies up front. But seriously- hilarious…
    Thank-you for letting us in on your stories and your life!

  11. You are going to continue your blog when you move to Kauai, right?? You are too funny Kasey Hill! Who would of thunk you would grow up to become a blogger w/ a such a following. You make me laugh =)

  12. still LOVE your website! i look for a Kasey update every morning before i start my day. i can’t wait to hear all about life in Kauai. you are truly inspiring!!!!
    p.s. i believe lincoln was born in kentucky. historic springfield is beautiful though, i hope your little one has fun and gets to rub lincoln’s nose!

  13. So funny. I love it.
    Your friends are all so sweet looking and what a fun night.

  14. Oh yes!! You know how to use words…and to let us know how they can inspire….I love every single posts you make!! Ciao e baci, Monica

  15. I, too, feel a little stalkerish with your blog! I love reading your posts…they literally make me laugh out loud! Thank you for that! You are moving to our absolute FAVORITE spot…our happy place! Enjoy this adventure in your life!

    “Shart”…a term I thougjt was only used by my family!

  16. Love your posts! They make me laugh. We use shart in our house too.

  17. I am a new follower of your and can’t stop reading. I loved this post. Really made me belly laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  18. fin doesnt wear chonies and i have never been able to get my boy (now14) to NOT wear his while he wears swim trunks! its annoys me to know he has an extra layer and wont dry as fast.

    have a good one!

  19. I love it when you say sheet although I add a few more ee’s sounds more homie like, be glad they didn’t say THONGS like we I did when I was a kid, with Fin’s no underwear rule.


  20. Barbara beat me to it….I was going to mention that we grew up calling ’em “thongs.”

    : p

    Julie M.

  21. okay….that wasn’t your bird now was it/…i know you were trying to sell him/her or even give-a-way the bird;) lol:)

    just kidding…how cute they call them slippers
    and I love nights with friends…looks like yours was wonderful

  22. Jeni Carlson says:

    You are adorable! I laughed so many times reading this. Your blog is good for the soul.

    p.s. Our family loves Hawaii. My boys BEG me to move there. They would be jealous. We go often, but not often enough for them. My little guy signs his name with a palm tree. Soak in some sun for us and best of luck with everything!

  23. Why do all kids need to go to the state Capital for a field trip? Seriously. What’s up with that? (Where I live, state history is taught in 4th grade.) I hope it was a fun field trip and not torturous.

    I am old enough to remember when Honey Smacks and Corn Pops were called what they really are: Sugar Smacks and Sugar Pops. But I think in the 80’s, sugar got a bad rap.

  24. Oh dear! I have saved at least 3 little birdies from our fire this week! Luckily I can just open the window all the way and open the fire door and they’re usually clever enough to fly straight out. 😀

  25. We Hawaiians do call “flip flops” slippers, and never wear shoes into our own home (and always expect to not wear shoes in the homes of others. You are going to be in for a culture shock. Everyone is so nice and actually, they really mean it. There isn’t much hustle and bustle, so don’t expect a whole lot of punctuality. 🙂 I am excited for you guys!!! Oh, and don’t be too freaked out if some round midget dude breaks into your house wearing sunglasses and a hard hat and a cell phone on his hip Those are just the cockroaches. Give them the keys to your car and nobody will get hurt. (Don’t talk back either…they hate that. Just give over the keys and wait until the po po had their puu puus.)

  26. Slippahs…and most of the time kids wear NO shoes at all! No joke..get ready for dirty feet. Slippahs, brah…deh dakine, yah?

  27. I’m going to tell you a furnace story. We heat with wood. We have radiators. We also have a furnace. One day a few years ago, I went into the basement and heard a funny noise. One not common to the running of our house. I looked around, expecting to see a mounse, but I saw nothing. I told my husband and he listened too, but didn’t hear anything. A couple days later I heard it again, so he came down. When we opened the door to the wood stove he saw something – with eyes! It’s pitch black in there. So he told me to get him some gloves and open the outside door. He put the gloves on, reached in and pulled out a great big, live bird of some sort. We were both pretty freaked, but he got it outside, let it go and off it flew – completely covered in soot and completely black. We figure it was some sort of duck! The only way it could have gotten into that stove is by falling down the chimney two stories up on the top of the roof! Quite a fall. There was also a dead sparrow in there. Ugh! Needless to say, we now have a screen over that openeing. My husband passed away in February, and there is no way I could do that – I really only like birds in the distant, thanks to a truly horrifying movie when I was about 7! BTW – I adore your blog!

  28. yep, they’re called slip-ahs. I thought the same thing, fuzzy things, when the other teachers told me my students couldn’t wear their slip-ahs for cafeteria duty. You can even do PE in them. You should see those local kids run in them. Or barefoot. They are masters. Just can’t wear them when you have cafeteria duty. Then it must be closed shoes. Most of the kids don’t have closed shoes. Your kids will probably be one of the few so they’ll have cafeteria duty a lot. 😉

    hehe…I used to teach in Hawaii. But on O’ahu. Living in Hawaii for 5 years were the BEST years of my life!!! You are going to have the time of your LIVES!!! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.

  29. Alecia Shannon says:

    LOL!!! Great stuff….ohhhh…the Sharting…that’ll learn Mr. Commando!

  30. jesus I love your posts. the advil pm had me peeing

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