I’m still on comment probation till at least Friday….and on Friday…i  am allowed to spill the beans.

{we kinda have to tell our parents first…so i hope you understand}

So i will just give you bits and pieces of what the last few days have been like around here.

First…i went back to bootcamp yesterday after taking most of the winter off….and boy…there was a reason..

i took the winter off…and it’s because it’s harder then sheet.

{i decided there is no reason to say shit here anymore…so i’ll say sheet instead}

Like….holy sheets…..i think that sounds ok.

{since i’m a PG rated blog and all…}

I asked my nice bootcamp instructor to please let me {pretty please } bypass doing the pull ups…


for one…

she sits underneath you and grabs your legs to help those of us that can not do one single pull up…

and i know for a fact that i’m not the thinnest girl in town…and i would hate for her to pull a muscle by helping me

so i kindly asked her if i could not do them….and she said ok.

I like her now.

I even dragged my bestie with me….and she was able to do all 10 pull ups.

show off.

I didn’t tell the instructor that she probably takes steroids on the side…cuz i’m cool like that.

Anyhoo…i still have a whole lot of working out to do…but so far it’s going great and i feel good.

{if i could just keep out of the Easter candy aisle then i would be even better…i mean…have you tried

those chocolate covered peeps…..}

Did i mention that i completely gave up drinking wine?

No….i really didn’t.

That would be silly.


Last night we had our realtor come over and sit down to chat with us….

{oops…did i say too much?}

and if we are thinking of putting our house on the market…then it’s pretty much known that you can NOT

have family photos all over your walls.


Excuse me…..


You mean my photo gallery wall of library photos of my family has got to come down……

because i’ve seen enough HGTV…to know that you take your personal photos down.

Guess what HGTV….i will not take any photos down….not in this house….


Anyhoo…i’m getting off track a bit…so sorry.

I’m in the middle of watching Season four of Mad Men…..and did not know that Season five won’t

be airing till 2012. ugh.whatever.

I bought a pack of cigarettes to hold me over till then…..

not that i smoke….

because smoking is horrible for you….you know….

but sometimes when i’m sitting in bed….with my cocktail….after the kids have gone to school…

i sit there imagining….lighting up a ciggie.

Of course my hair and makeup is all on…but i’m still in a nightgown……then i realize…

if i really did light up a ciggie…i would probably accidentally drop it on the bed…

and the whole house would go up in flames.

Holy sweet 100 percent cotton sheets….

there goes my photo wall.

Okay…i better get off the computer now…because Fin is upstairs with his girlie friend…and they

are playing in Lola’s room….unsupervised.

That could be bad.


p.s. Did you know that by putting a bar of soap under your sheets helps get rid of night time foot cramps?

p.p.s. Honest.

p.p.s.s. Let me know if it works for you as well.


  1. I am just as upset about Mad Men not coming back on for at least another year, what the heck?!
    p.s. I will try that soap trick;-))

  2. You are too funny. Ditto about MM, how am I going to live without Don for that long?!?
    I will be patiently waiting till Friday.

  3. Under the PS you said if YOU put a bar of soap under my sheets. So come on over Ill try it. While your here visitin we can talk about that realtor!!!!
    Im glad Im not your neighbor I would already be crying..

  4. I absolutely love the feeder stood on end with books in it. I am soooo happy when I see someone has done something I haven’t seen before. I want one! Love it!

    I think a tastefully done gallery wall should be excluded in the rule about family photos need to disappear….

  5. Oh.My.Word
    I am in love with your photo wall, and even though I have seen it before, it’s just gorgeous.
    Love it.

  6. Elaine L. says:

    Oooooo, so you’re moving. I can’t wait to hear where you’re going.


  7. Soooo you’re joining my moving-club! 🙂 We’re off next week. Whoop, whoop!

  8. Kristine says:

    If someone has asked before… My bad… But what is the color paint you used on your wall?

  9. Do. Not. Take. Down. Your. Family. Photos. Our realtor also tried to pull that one on us, but we didn’t listen. You want your house to look like an inviting home, not a hotel! Good luck with your upcoming changes! Tried your peep houses this week and they turned out great. Only my 2 year old refused to decorate hers and would only eat the candy. Same diff. I blogged about them.

  10. Alecia Shannon says:

    I too love the photo wall…it’s in my inspiration folder for my bedroom redesign…it will happen…all the accessories are coming together quite nicely…when it’s all said & done I’ll blog with pics so you can see how you inspired my redesign 🙂

  11. I love to see pictures when I am looking at houses. I want to buy a happy house.
    Good luck!!

  12. It’ll be good to find out what it’s all coming down to with all things. I know you’ve got a great attitude about change and adventure!

  13. I don’t believe that old
    realtor’s tale. I am a story
    teller and my home tells a
    story. A “non-reader” wouldn’t
    get it’s vibe….And I wouldn’t
    want them to have it! So there : )
    Love me some Mad Men, too.

  14. i think i just peed reading this.

  15. i adore you. 🙂

  16. Dear Kasey, maybe I have just lost a post…where are you going? Are you really leaving? I am curios and a little bit looked so happy with your friends in every single pic….but only you know what will be the best for you!! BAci, Monica

  17. Good luck with your move… I definitely wouldn’t be taken down your photo wall! It is too gorgeous!!!

  18. You are a hoot! I’m going to start saying sheet now. Love it! And I wholeheartedlyagree on the picture frames thing…I would not take them down either. In fact, if I was on the market to buy a house, and saw a house with your gorgeous gallery wall. I would so buy that house!

  19. HILARIOUS. I have a great diet that I did WITH bootcamp, that my bootcamp instructor gave to me to try, before our cruise we just took. I dropped 8 lbs in 3 weeks, and that was with the cheating. Because I love to cheat. Let me know if you wanna try! I think you look supa skinny fabuloso, but just sayin, it worked for me, and I didn’t think ANY pounds were coming off. Of course, I think I gained 3 back on the cruise, but whatev. ps. our entire house is made of family photos so I won’t be taking any down either. And I am now waiting in suspense to see what the heck ya have to say!

  20. evelyn pintor says:

    I am gonna believe you about the at bar of soap and cramps. At this point in time I will try anything!!

    Sooo….where will you be going to???

  21. might be moving..but you might be tricking us too…
    Love, love love the photo wall!!

  22. I almost fell off my chair when you said you were gave up wine…thank god..

  23. OMG…….What time are you posting here Friday???????? I will be back… the way….we sold our home in one week….I didn’t take a single photo down and yes, I had a gallery wall…..the people who bought the house (I went to high school with them…..) told me that was one of the things that sold them on the house….my photo wall!!!!! So…..maybe you should leave it….it is so charming…….

  24. Dying to find out what your secret is. Is it Friday yet?

    PS ~ Love boot camp, but unlike you I’m still on winter hiatus. And since we’re talking about working out, have you tried the Cadbury Mini Eggs in the Easter candy aisle? They’re only available during Easter and I wait for them all year. Even though I know I shouldn’t….and I try to resist them, but they control me.

  25. Stephanie Charaf says:

    I seriously thought you were going to tell us that Fin, Lolo and Mason would soon have a new baby to love for Christmas…. that is until you clarified that you weren’t giving up wine!!

  26. HAHAHAHAA. i swear, i almost pee my pants every time i read an entry.

    can’t wait to hear the news!

  27. Oh, I think I’ve burned a few hundred calories from the fit of giggles you gave me:) Thank you, Kasey, because I’d much rather laugh than go to boot camp {how do you do it?}! Are the Buicks thinking of moving??

  28. Unhappy, Unhappy, unhappy. And no, I’m not on steroids….yet. See you at bootcamp tomorrow!

  29. Season 4 of Mad Men is the best one. When you get to “The Suitcase” plan for some quiet watching. Best episode of any tv show I have seen. I would keep the pictures up. Are you moving to Alberta, Canada?? If so I’ll bring wine when we meet.

  30. Erin LeBlanc says:

    What is that piece, in the photos, that you have the books in? I read a comment above about putting it upright – but what is it? I do love it!!

    Will be patiently waiting with everyone else to hear your news on Friday..

  31. Conspiracy theories abound…a move? Possible. A baby? Maybe. Off wine for 9 months? Check.

  32. OMG

    can I say


    you are moving to AUSTRALIA

    to SYDNEY

    to be my


  33. best.

    I sheet you not.

  34. I love that you are not taking your photos down…I think that there should be some rules & regulations to this thought that 99% of realtors seem to have.

    The first rule should be “take your photos down if they are haphazardly scattered around in dollar store frames and are an unfocused, uncropped & unedited mess” followed by a second rule of “if your walls have pretty frames and nice photos, leave them up in an attempt to inspire anybody who does a walk through to take pretty pictures so that over time, the whole world will catch on and we won’t have to stare at the custerfluck of bad ones during family holidays anymore.”

  35. I think you should love your photos up…….until you’re ready to pack them for your move to……Hawaii?

  36. oops….i meant you should “leave” your pictures up!

  37. Kasey, to know you via this blog is such a treasure……
    your comedic and beautiful personality is
    a daily joy. blessings xo jody

  38. maybe you are moving to Cali to live at your grandparents house?

  39. How funny you should mention the soap thing. My daddy has restless leg sydrome and he swears by the Ivory soap under his sheets thing. It has helped tremendously for him!

  40. If I was looking at your house I would ask for the picture wall to come with the house, including the pictures! So what that they are not my family! 🙂

  41. I *love* your family library photos and really want to take some of my own but am nervous of staring and weird looks. Did you get a lot of that?

  42. Awww….r u moving to tennessse to help mw with my barn sales?

  43. I was actually thinking to myself, that whenever I try to sell my condo, I do NOT want to take down some of my eclectic decor. I think the buyer of my home will like them. Or, I hope they do. Not that I’m selling any time soon. Just thinking.
    Love your house, Kasey!

  44. 300+ comments on your giveaway

    i need an update

  45. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. I’m sure it will be a wonderful adventure for you. xoxo

  46. Totally thought you were pregnant until I kept reading!!
    Although that would be kind of fun!!

  47. I hope you are moving to California!!!! 🙂

  48. LOL! That’s all I have to say!

  49. Sounds exciting! At least you got to live there 3 years and didn’t move so much like I have done the last year. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  50. kerrie little says:

    Could you please explain exactly where the soap is supposed to go???…Seriously.. been barely surviving night time leg cramps for as long as I can remember and I would probably sell my first born not to get one again…..

    • I put them under the fitted sheet. One bar under bryan’s side…one bar under mine…at the foot of the bed…so my feet touch it.
      I use an Ivory bar.
      works like a charm.

  51. you know i am thrilled for ya’ll!!
    this might just be the best year for your family, ever!!!!
    i can’t wait to see all the little details fall into place.
    i pray you will sense god’s blessing in this move even though there will be some sadness too

    xo xoxo

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