Is it really Monday?

So…i really should not be on the computer right now…but it’s sitting right here…

and it’s hard to just not open it up and log on.

I really should be cleaning…and making the house look pretty…but instead…i went to the gym this morning.

Did everyone have a great weekend? We did…

we went over to our friends for Easter yesterday….got there at 1….and didn’t leave till 8 last night.

That is a whole lot of wine drinking for one day….

and a whole lot of peep eating.

Had to go to the gym….my butt thanked me.

I want to say thank you for all of your awesome supportive comments on my last post about our next chapter…

it’s for sure going to be a crazy wild ride….and one that we are ready for.

Our house officially goes on the market on May 1st….but we are also putting it on the rental market as well…

so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I’m trying to figure things out like…

do i paint back the chalkboard wall to it’s original color….

and do i switch back my rooms….dining to living and living to dining.

I do know for sure….the my photo wall stays;-)

Anyhoo….anyone have some xanax i could have?

School in Kauai starts on August 1st….and our plan is to be there by July 27th so that we can have a few days

to get prepared before they start.

We also sat down with the kids on Saturday night and filled them in with what is going on…

they have had no idea….but had heard bits and pieces over the last month.

it was a rough night

there are many mixed emotions going on with us….because we have so many fabulous friends

and neighbors…it’s going to be rough….

but i truly believe that this next year will be amazing and one that we can one day look back on and

our hearts will be filled with little bits and pieces of memories.

I know many of you have questions….

and i can try and answer the ones that you may have…..

so if you have any….feel free to ask.

I’ll answer them at then end of week in a post for you.

*Mason does not like his photo taken…

*Lola dressed herself…and looks bored….probably ate too many peeps…

*Fin is just ……well…..Fin…..


  1. I totally get what a hard night you had when telling the kids. I remember telling Caden that we were leaving Georgia and moving back to Florida. He cried and cried and was mad at us for a long time. Of course we have moved a couple more times since then and he is use to it now. Your kids will be fine and I promise that they will look back on this when they are grown and be glad that they got to experience this. Did I tell you that I am so jealous? 🙂

  2. I just want to say I like your blue polka dot dress…super cute!

  3. Ok. So jealous you are moving to Hawaii. And also sad. But I’m happy for you guys. A permanent vacation place. And probably great wine over there too. How come you are only staying there for a year? Where will you go after? Does Brian already have a job there set up? Do you have to go there and pick out a house soon? Are you renting? Are you sick of reading all my questions yet? 🙂
    Ps- can I come visit? 😉 I’ll bring wine………

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter amidst all the upcoming changes~ I know its hard with kiddos having to move etc.~ I wish you all the best and Im sure it will be a blessing to live in Hawaii~ Hugs,Rachel 🙂

    Hope you looking forward to all of the new changes ahead

  6. Lurker popping in to say wow, this post gave me goosebumps! I think it’s an awesome thing that you’re doing! When I was 8 and my brother was 9 my parents sat us down and told us we were leaving England to go and live in Canada. I’d never heard of Canada so, in my head, I mixed it up with Cambodia and for a few nights went to sleep thinking about how exciting it was going to be living in a mud hut.

    After 6 years of living in Canada we moved here to So Cal and now that my boys are getting older my husband and I dream all the time about where we could end up someday! I still have British citizenship so hopefully Europe.

    I think it’s going to be an awesome experience for your kids!!! The world is a big and exciting place and like you said, we only have one life!!!

  7. Yesterday I sat down with my greg and read your INSPIRING post to him.
    He LOVEd it.

  8. Hey there! I just wanted to throw this out there….you’ve probably had a thousand comments like this ..but I can tell you first hand…that you are all going to be just fine. You are, no doubt, worrying about your kids and feeling the guilt thing about uprooting and all that good stuff…Our family just did a very similar thing a year ago. We sold the house, travelled for a year with my hubby after losing our company…we had a CRAZY year….to say the least….but we all survived…SCRATCH that…THRIVED! looking back we have GREAT memories… there were hard times for sure…(WE homeschooled) yikes!!! but we are all closer for it. kids are resilient! This life is short…Live it up! we are all rootin for ya! ~ shell

  9. I cannot tell you how much I loved…needed…your last post (the one announcing your move). Currently, we are at a crossroads, facing a decision where to take our family…i.e. stay put or move cross country. What resonated with me TOTALLY is how we only have one life…here on Earth…and it is only up to us to make the most of it! I thank you. I read your post aloud to my husband, prefacing it with this is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling and it says it all.
    So….I thank you for putting what’s been going on in my mind into words.
    This is SO exciting and only wonerful things could come of it!
    Enjoy the ride!

  10. Change is hard…but I bet your kids will bounce back quickly…especially if they’ve inherited your adventurous spirit:) While you’re in Hawaii, do you plan to write a book {I mean, besides your blog}?? I have to tell you, there’s a part of me that is actually envious you get to do this…what a year it’s going to be! Wishing you all the best {and a quick sale/rental of your home} in the next 365+ days 🙂 xo Leah
    P.S. Love the Easter photos…and you look wonderful in that polka dot dress!

  11. Dear K,

    So, I’m a follower of yours and read your blog and I love the last post and I’m sorry I didn’t comment until now. I think it’s really cool what you’re doing. About the moving thing. I even told my husband about it. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and watching anything about warm weathered places and people. So, for you to go from Chicago to Hawaii just makes your blog perfect for me! The harsh weather of Chicago really gets me down, if only to read about it while sitting in a skirt and flips in the warm south. Thanks for moving to Hawaii for me to enjoy you even better. Hope you have many surfing lessons to come!


  12. It will all work out! You’ll find someone (probably many someones!) who will be thrilled to rent/buy your house, and you guys are going to have so much fun living in Kauai! I’m excited for you!


    P.S. Maybe you’ll get to meet Dog The Bounty Hunter – doesn’t he live there? 😉

  13. Your photos are so beautiful and your kids so cute!

  14. Could this possibly be for more than one year?

  15. I am so looking forward to hearing more of your plans and adventures…this is exactly what I’ve been begging my husband to do so maybe you’ve got some good pointers…like how you just decided to do this.
    It’s going to be an amazing time for your family…I’m happy for you. and wouldn’t it be great to be a kid growing up in Hawaii! Lucky kids.

  16. I LOVE your family photo! 🙂

  17. I am curious – do you use a real estate broker in Hawaii to find you a place to live? Do you already have a place in mind. Canyou stay at your parents condo? Most, important – will you continue with your blog and keep us all updated on your adventures??

  18. All I can say is “Good Luck”. New beginnings are hard but once the initial rough patch is over, things will get better.

  19. hey! I have that anthro dress. love it to bits 🙂 best of luck to you and your fam. I am SO thrilled just thinking about doing that myself… to actually be doing it? You must be nauseous and giddy at the same time.

  20. I feel for your neighbors and girlfriends that have come to love you here in the MidWest…it’s heartbreaking when a fav friend moves away. The cool thing about having a ‘cyber’ girlfriend is that you can still “drink wine” with them no matter where they live. I’m so excited that you’re moving to Hawaii!…..i may never get to visit there, and am 99.9% sure i will never live there……so to be able to experience life in hawaii thru your blog {i rarely miss a post} is going to be a lot of fun {you’d live it better than me anyway}
    The down side is that shipping fees on “shop my closet” just got a wee bit more expensive!
    Have Fun

  21. What an adventure your family is going to embark on! Though we will miss your beautiful home, I look forward to hearing about your new season of life in Hawaii! I can relate to what you said in your last post about wanting to live life…accepting where you are and being completely there. I can only imagine how hard it is to finally feel established to only feel uprooted again. But what a fantastic year your family will have to experience and to look back on. Looking forward to hearing your new chapter! xo

  22. Michelle says:

    Best of luck to you and your family. We too love Kauai and I must admit would truly love to be as adventurous as you and your husband and take the plunge and move to such a beautiful place. You mentioned you would like to write a book, I’m thinking you should write a sitcom 🙂 You are hilarious (In a GREAT way!) Many blessings to you and your family as your new journey begins. ~

  23. That is all very exciting!! What a wild ride indeed. My husband lived in Kauai for a year when he was 5, my in-laws wanted to try it out, they opened up their own business and it was good until they wanted to be back in CA with the family. We went there on our honeymoon, drove by the house they lived in, it was so much fun to see his face and all the memories he had, so even if its hard right now for them, it will be a wonderful memory later on. Plus we are going to go back this year with his mom and have even more memories! I cannot wait to see the adorable beach cottage you will create!!!

  24. You are such a lovely family.

  25. Hey Kasey – my then 21 year old son cried when we sold the house he grew up in! To make our new house “his” too, we invited his entire Cal Lutheran Rugby team to stay here the night before their tournament…….BIG boys all over the house!
    Hawaii will be an amazing place to begin anew!
    Your posts and photos are delightful!

  26. my parent’s are both real estate agents if you need one 🙂

  27. Perfectly imperfect.

    P.S. I’m hosting an accessories swap on my blog and I’d love for you to join!

  28. will you be staying in your parents vaca house?
    will b have to work or will yall be able to live for a year with him being home?
    that would be kinda fun!
    will you really write a book?
    someone needs to write a good one and i just think you are the chick for it!
    i am sooo looking forward to your adventures!
    just will trade boots for flip flops!

  29. oh you are going to have a GREAT year! I”m jealous. If my husband said let’s move
    to Hawaii for a year, i’m pretty sure i could be packed in 5 minutes. haha.
    Enjoy and never look back. 🙂 good luck and think about what a gift this is to your kids
    and to your marriage, what fun!!

  30. Adore your family photo at the end of the post ~ and the commentary about the kids. At least you got the photo…I forced my boys to wear their fancy Easter clothes and we all coordinated beautifully but I never took a picture. I’m a slacker and hate myself.

    About missing your friends when you move I have to say {something I’m certain has been said to you before} you are moving to one of the premier vacation destinations in the world with perfect weather every single dingle day. I bet you’ll end up running a small hostile of sorts. You’ll have to keep a calendar for guest room occupancy to avoid double bookings!! It will be fabulous and you won’t be alone or lonely, I just know it.

  31. You KNOW I KNOW about moving.
    It SUCKS.
    here is what I have learned and KNOW with all the truth in my heart:
    the PAIN
    all the crap and feelings we as humans try with all of our might to AVOID is in these crappy emotions that we FIND OUR TRUE SELVES
    that we LIVE our LIVES to the FULLEST

    We will be here almost a YEAR
    Nick offered to MOVE OUT a few months ago
    it was HELL on our marriage
    I yelled at the kids
    I hated myself
    and everyone
    and I took the wrong roads

    And I still have no friends

    But I am HERE
    and I have a discovered a PEACE
    the CALM after the STORM
    we are a STRONGER
    more ALIVE family
    then ever before

    GREATNESS happens in the midst of a storm

    NEW CHAPTERS are good
    who buys a book with just one chapter that they have to read over and over again?
    Keep the chapters coming
    hold onto your families hearts and hands tightly
    and keep on dreaming

    Dreams DO come true you know
    no doubt you’ll make yours happen

  32. Kasey,
    God bless you and your family – I think this is AWESOME! I know you are going to have a fantastic year!

    – Will Bryan try to work or enjoy a year off?
    – Are you going to live in your parents’ condo?

    If it helps, I’ve moved twice for my hubby’s job and I’ve learned – there are GOOD people everywhere in this world and while it might take a while to find them (I know the feeling – took me too long with move #2), you WILL find them.

  33. Jennifer says:

    The family photo is classic!!! The baby of the family is acting up and making a scene, the oldest is doing EXACTLY what he’s supposed to be doing, and the middle one feels forlorn and forgotten 😉 HA HA HA (sorry Lola)!!!

  34. I just heard about your big news, Kasey! What an adventure! I’ll be praying for y’all as you start this new chapter of your lives. My best friend grew up in Hawaii (well, until she was 11), and it is still the place she thinks of as home.

    God Bless you and your beautiful family!

    : )

    Julie M.

  35. Why only one year??

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