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So…i’m sitting here in front of the computer…and really have nothing much to chit chat about.

Our weekend was good…..i took the kids to see two movies back to back. The first one we saw was

‘Rio’ and that was funny….then we went and saw ‘Soul Surfer’ again.

{it was like going to the old double features we went to as kids…except…it wasn’t really a double feature}

Have i mentioned that we’ve seen that movie three times now?!…and only because we did family night

at the movies last week and the kids wanted Bryan to see it. So..there you have it….the kids really love that movie.

One of the things on my wish list is to have an entire night at home…ALONE….

so a few weeks ago…bryan called me up and said he won a night away at an indoor water park hotel and

with it..came 4 water park passes. So  guess i’m getting my wish…because he is taking the kids away for


which means i’m calling all of my friends over for a little girls night in party.

At first i thought against it…that i would just sit in the house…all by myself…and do nothing…

but then i thought again…and i rarely get to get together with all my girls at one time.

I’m excited.

I also don’t think him taking the kids away for one night has anything to do with him going to

Hilton Head a week ago for a totally sponsored golf trip…in which he was gone  for 4 nights….

no…..that can’t be the reason why. I keep telling him he should take the kids for two nights to the water park..

but every time i bring it up on the phone…the line gets disconnected.

I’m also had two parent teacher conferences last week…and in Lola’s…her teacher told me that

Lola is a real life Ramona….as in Ramona from Ramona and Beazus.

I took it as a compliment….because i couldn’t agree more. My girl is crazy..and loveable at the same time.

She has a great sense of her own style…and she can be downright kooky at times….but i think….

as of right now….we will keep her…just the way she is.

If you peek at that photo above…she has on belted brown wide leg capri’s….a blue shirt with a black blazer..

and black cowboy boots…..oh…and she’s carrying around her $1 Goodwill find….an electric poker card game.

Lola now knows how to play poker….thanks to this game.

Yesterday afternoon….the Mr. and i sat down for a marathon event….and i titled it…

“The Buick family is making some huge changes in their life and they are nervous and scared….

and happy and excited….and the word STRESS ACNE brings new meaning to it.”.

I will fill you all in …soon…i promise.

I told bryan…why can’t i just tell everyone that Matthew Mcconaughey wants to take on a new lover…

and he has me in mind for that role? …..but Bryan said….

no…it’s not time to let the world know that little secret quite yet.

Anyhoo…if you’ve made it this far…and you are still reading….and have not hung up yet…

then leave a comment and i’ll have Random Number Generator pick one of you for

a $100 Target Giftcard:-)

It’s the least i can do for making you feel bad that Matthew wants me to live in his decked out Airstream.

p.s. I told Matthew that i don’t clean dishes and i don’t iron clothes…so the deal might be off.

{comments have closed…winner chosen}


  1. jealous of a night alone… have a fun girl night and hurry up with the secret…

  2. woot! count me in. i have yet to see ‘ramona and beezus’ but it’s on my netflix queue right now. will definitely think of lola when i watch it.

  3. AWESOMENESS! I think Matthew McConaughey is probably a stinky boy, though… I’d much prefer Orlando Bloom or Jack Johnson…

  4. Ramona was my daughter’s hero….come to think of it, Lola is a match!! Have a great girl’s night in!!

  5. I love your random thoughts posts Kasey ~ you always make me smile. Then a give away to boot ~ you are too sweet for words ~ but of course you will HAVE to pick me and give me an excuse for a cross border shopping trip ~ May perhaps??!! Enjoy your girls night.

  6. How cool is it that she is a real-life Romona. She’s one of our favorite people. But Lola’s fashion style is way better than Romona’s. That kid can dress. Enjoy your girls’ night and way to keep us hanging on your secret!!

  7. can’t wait to see soul surfer, and girls with individuality are amazing aren’t they????

  8. I still have not seen ‘soul surfer’, but hope to get the hubby to take me soon! And thanks, your posts always make me laugh!

  9. You crack me up :o)

  10. I wish I lived close so I could invite myself to your girls night! 🙂

  11. Love a good girls night. We all need them from time to time. 🙂 Enjoy it! I’m sure the kiddos will have a blast with their daddy as well.

  12. Love your blog. You make me giggle.

  13. I can’t wait to hear your news. I’m going to have to go see soul Surfer as well! Hope you have a great night!

  14. Stephanie W says:

    Whatever your news is I’m sure its exciting – you always come up with something fabulous!

  15. I am so bad at waiting! I can’t wait to hear your news! AND I have to say that the picture of your little boy at the plate window is super adorable!

  16. Elaine L. says:

    Wow! 305 comments.

  17. No fair! I haven’t seen Soul Surfer yet. BTW, I stalk your blog because I’m also jealous that you’ve been to Paris. Plus, you make me laugh.

  18. I think the Ramona comment IS a compliment (although, depending on her teacher, it could be code for “your kid is an independent thinker and makes me tired because I have to keep on my toes all flipping day” — I know teacher secret language code.) The world needs MORE independent thinking females. So, THERE!

  19. adrienne says:

    Enjoy who your kids are, is what I say. I know you do. It’s fun to have kids with quirks–and don’t we all anyway?? Thanks for always making me laugh Kasey!

  20. I just love an Airstream.

  21. Ramona

    color OUTSIDE the box…!

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