i can feel it

It came….one weekend…..and it was fabulous….

seventy degrees on Saturday…then eighty on Sunday.

With Bryan still out of town….some of us girls decided a picnic at the park was needed…

and it couldn’t have been better.

{children included}

We packed up a picnic… met our neighbors and also met our really good but really missed friends

who used to live across the street from us.

I have to tell you the one thing i absolutely love about living here…are the peeps….and i’m

not talking about the yellow marshmallow ones…i’m talking about the peeps that live here.

Peeps that have grown up here….have never left…they are the most sincere…down to earth…

most friendly people i know. We’ve lived a few places…and the midwest folks are the best.

Shorts and t’s were grabbed out of our still unpacked suitcases from our trip.

{note to self….unpack suitcases before bryan gets home}

I brought out the old quilt….packed some sandwiches….some soda’s….and dessert.

{people around here call soda…Pop…but i grew up calling it coke….but got roped into calling it soda}

I love how good Lola is at holding that bottle of root beer…she’s getting quite good at throwing

a bottle of it down.

{i do not…i repeat…DO NOT know where she gets that from}

why yes…her hair is indeed short again.

We had to implement a new rule in the house…and that is….

“If you can’t comb it…you can’t grow it”

I took the kids to the movies on Saturday to see ‘Soul Surfer’…they had been wanting to see it since we

knew it was being filmed in Kauai before we were there.

{we gave the movie two really big thumbs up}

Anyhoo….as i was sitting there i was thinking about Key Lime pie…..probably because we were just

in Florida and i didn’t have any.

Not one single piece.

Not one single bite.



So…as i was sitting watching the movie…and everyone is surfing and there is sun and sand…i started

to crave a piece of Key Lime pie.

I know…..what does key lime pie have anything to do with this post….but trust me….i’ll get to the point.


Okay….so i was sitting there… right around the part of the shark attack….i thought to myself…..

i am going to make a real Key Lime pie with a homemade crust.

I normally always make my pie and use the store bought crust…but this time i was thinking differently.

{i mean…how hard can it be to make a crust right…}

I was also thinking how good a gingersnap cookie crust would be because normally the pie has

a graham cracker crust.

So…..right after the movie…we headed to the market….and i bought a box of gingersnap cookies…

and came home and got to work.

I also made the graham cracker crust version .

Then i brought both versions to the park…and had my friends do a taste test.

{because you know deep down i am bakeress..}

Hands down….the gingersnap crust won…..but the graham cracker one was damn good also.

I had to eat 3 to 4 pieces just to make sure it was worthy of handing it over to the friends.

{i’ll be back to the gym hard core this week}


I’m growing my bangs out…..because i’m worried about…

a) the humidity of the summer

b) i have not been able to sneak in for another partial keratin treatment$$

c) i don’t want curly frizzy bangs and my flat iron has pretty much said she’s done with the bang look

d) my neighbor who took the photo when i was really thinking…..you are too close and wearing a bra is so overrated

Then the kids started to do a little dancing on at the picnic tables…..

and i swear…i heard someone say….

where is the pole….

but it must have been all the pie i ate.

Kids don’t really need a pole….dancing on the picnic tables works just fine…dirty feet and all.


  1. Looks like a lovely day! We are still waiting for the nice weather, here in Portland, OR – but I am glad that somebody is getting it! Have a great week!

  2. We went for a picnic last week. The weather was sublime. It’s warmed up a lot over the last 2 weeks – not that it ever gets feezing cold here.
    I would say that I agree with you about peeps from the mid-west. But then, I am probably biased because my husband is from MO.

  3. Beautiful photographs!!! What a fantastic day at the park!! And a pie splurge is totally worth it sometimes:)

  4. The weather was awesome! We cooked out with our neighbors.

  5. good morning bakeress
    & how cute are ya’ll?!!
    looks like the perfect day & sounds like a perfect weekend.

  6. You looked like you had a great time! I just love visiting and getting a smile each time I do.

    Have a piece of pie for me as it sounded delish!

  7. Allison mcArdle says:

    Please share your recipe!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I was just going to ask you to share that keylime recipe. Please;-) with whipped cream on top?

  9. Good morning Bakeress!

    Looks like fun in the sun…call ya later.

  10. your posts never fail to make my day!! so thanks. love the happy words, editing and styling.
    ps do you guys ever go out without looking cute?! 🙂

  11. I wish it were that warm here. It looks like a fabulous picnic and you my dear look GORGEOUS! 🙂

  12. Okay, now we are not friends anymore! JK. but…..don’t like those pics of me here! Kasey, your gonna get it….oh your gonna get it.

  13. Oh, but those pics of everone. So so clear and beautiful and wonderful. But really, so not your friend any more.
    oh your in trouble.

  14. It was a wonderful weekend for a picnic {wish I’d thought of that} 😉 Looks like it was a huge success…key lime pie, soda, & all!
    P.S. Are you & I the only two in the midwest who call it soda?!

  15. A picnic may be in my future!! This day looked so lovely + relaxing!!! xoxo

  16. Alecia Shannon says:

    The pie sounds delish…I never would have thought to do gingersnaps for key lime…note to self! I love the pic of you and your friends…you look adorable!

  17. I would love your recipe as well, who knew you could use gingersnap cookies!
    You look adorable, so cute you all.

  18. That quilt is gorgeous, and so are your photos.

  19. LOTS of things make me think of Key Lime Pie – now I need some.

  20. you look really prety in your blue shirt! it looks like it was a beautiful weekend while we were in the midst of a spring snow storm!!!! it’s just not fair dang it!

  21. I like your daughter’s short hair – I have been using that threat on my daughter too – looks like it may happen these school holidays. Enjoy your lovely spring weather – we’ve got lovely autumn days here in New Zealand at present.

  22. I’m from Indy and grew up, like you calling all soda Coke. Now I live in Ky and everyone calls it Pop. Over the 8 yrs I’ve lived there I’ve been converted to calling it pop as well – and I have to say, I don’t like it. I need a switch back. What does that mean anyway…pop? Would love your great new pie recipe. Will have a piece for you this week – staring at the ocean in the Keys right now.

  23. You look really thin in that pic, despite sampling that yummy keylime pie! I just love the quilt picnic pics and your Lola with her rootbeer, so much fun! ~Lili

  24. Kristine says:

    LOVE it Kasey! All your talk about Key Lime Pie is making my mouth water…and crave Key Lime Pie – I think there is a Weight Watchers version I will have to settle for….

  25. can you send me it?

  26. hmm bangs are called a fringe where I come from

  27. can you send me those too?

  28. they make me feel young

  29. oh no sorry I’ve never had it

    can you send me some of that too?

  30. Love me some Key Lime:)

    Great photos!

  31. What a great weekend!!!!!

  32. Oo look at you all in your dresses and shorts! While I’m here in Australia all frozen! Gorgeous photos as always!

  33. LimeLover says:

    oooo Key Lime Pie!!! Cannot get enough of it! Are you sharing your recipe? I have one to share, because sometimes there is not enough time to be all bakeress-y; sometimes you need to just have it SOON. For moments like those, this is great! http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/easy-key-lime-pie-10000001735932/index.html
    Happy summer Lime fun.

  34. Must I say that I appreciate you wit and sometimes borderline comments. I recently felt insecure about my crude comments the other day. But you are the lovely reminder that you can be lovely and say innapropriate things and it is okay. Kasey Buick you are my constant inspiration…design, fashion, innapropriate comments! Thank you for keeping it real!

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