confession thursday

Since it’s been a while since i’ve done a what i wore post….and because it’s almost Friday…..

welcome to Fashion Friday…the very early edition.

{it’s Friday for my Aussie friends…so that should count}

This is what i wore to book-less wine club where we also drank some skinny girl margarita’s….

{who knew you could still be skinny all the while drinking a good margarita}

and then we learned some make-up tips from my make-up artist friend.

I’m going to practice the make-up tips today…since this next photo of me seems to show some

dark circles under the eyes and it looks like i really need some color on my cheeks…perhaps some

lipstick is in order. I was going to photoshop it…but nothing like a good confession thursday to keep it real.

At least there are no gray roots.

I’m showing two different ways to wear this dress that i picked up at H&M a few weeks ago….

and since the weather is still acting bipolar….

i’m still sticking with tights…but alternating my boots with my booties.

Tights are from Kohls….and are my favorite…because you can wear them with any dress or skirt….

if you look up at my header…i have them on up there wearing the boyfriends when we did the library photos.

Oh…and since you asked about the dress from the Library photos…that was an H&M dress too….

but because it’s confession thursday as well…

i might as well come clean about the dress.


but i committed retail fraud with it.

{don’t judge…my story isn’t over yet…}

You see…i bought that dress just for the shoot….and then returned it {a huge NO-NO}….but i LOVED that dress…

{have i mentioned i loved that dress?}

in which i felt so bad  and terribly guilty about it that i have been looking everywhere for it since because

they sold out FASTER

then you can say

“go ahead and pour me another glass of wine”.

Anyhoo….i looked at the H&M when we were in West Palm Beach….no luck….

and i drove to 3 different H&M’s around the Chicagoland area… luck…

but last week i happened into ours…when low and behold….they had 2 of them..both size mediums.

So…i bought it….then i

drove right over to the closest Catholic church…walked in…found one of those confession stalls….

and confessed my sin of RETAIL FRAUD in which i made good with the deal by ending back up with the dress.

Whew… that i got that off my chest….back to Fashion Friday….on a Thursday.

This paisley print dress is from H&M….$35.

which you can also wear with booties….or boots.

pinstripe jacket is from Anthro….last year….

necklace form Nordstrom Rack…..$12

Booties from Nordstroms….last year…clearanced and might be in the next edition of

‘shop the blog’.

I’m not sure yet…because i still love them even though i hardly ever wear them.

{those booties made it to France last year..but never came out of the suitcase}

p.s. feel free to add your confessions in the comment area….

p.p.s. it’s a judgement free day here on confession thrusday…..


  1. Thanks for keeping it real;-)
    You crack me up and I LOVE that dress as well, the new one that is.

  2. Allison McArdle says:

    Seriously, this post was too funny.
    I really like the booties, so please sell them.
    My confession: I’ve feed my kids breakfast for dinner for the last week, no joke.

  3. Pleaseletmeraidyourcloset says:

    It has been ages since the last ff I know I have been waiting forlikever

    I thought u might at least dedicate this Post to me

    Really I love it all but mostly the jacket and I could never pull off booties. …that’s why I come here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Not quite Friday here is Australia but give it another two minutes and we are there… Really love that first photo of you, a stunner! Cant think of a confession fashion or otherwise, oh yes i can, I confess that I stole back my favourite grey t-shirt from my daughter cause it looked better on her and I was feeling petty and jealous. Hmm probably should have kept that one to myself but what the heck. Oooh look it is now Friday, better get off to beddie byes, its late!
    alicia :0)

  5. confession – i’ve got horribly grey roots

  6. Found this blog while looking for a white truffle mac n cheese recipe. I love this site!! My confession: reading your blog instead of watering my dying flowers outside (which haven’t been planted yet). BTW, where do you get your white truffle oil? Target? I am heading there to get the edible grass for Peep houses. Thanks for your creative site!

  7. I have a fashion confession… I went to the store in gym clothes. I have excuses. 1. I went to PT first. 2. My furry child was out of food. 3. In the north suburbs of Chicago…everyone else is doing it.

  8. You look very pretty as usual!! I wish you would make fashion friday a permanent thing on your blog, you have great style & I love getting ideas from you. H&M has some great things out right now, was in there yesterday & bought 2 dresses 2 blouses & a pair of sunglasses for $62, can’t beat that!!

  9. I want that pinstriped jacket. I think it would look really good on me. Not that it doesn’t look good on you, it does, but if you want to send it to me, I’ll do my own what I wore Thursday and we can see who looks better in it. Winner gets to keep it. Works out well for me either way I guess, at least I could wear it this weekend. And, my confession for the day is I am finally getting gray hairs. Yeah, I’m shocked I haven’t had more than a couple of stray ones until now. I suppose I’ll have to start dying my hair now too. Snap. Not looking forward to that expense.

  10. well I want those booties – what size???

  11. So chic!

  12. Shannon Hermann says:

    I bought the dress at H&M that you wore in your photo shoot I loved it so much! We will have to coordinate when we go out!

  13. I can’t remain silent. It has to be said. You are adorable/gorgeous! I just did some self portraits and was surprised at how much gray hair I have. I look quite distinguished. I like it but you think I would have noticed…. Oh, and I’m still in my pjs – shhhhh!

  14. Why did you have to take the dress back?

    You really looks fabulous. I have dark circles and Maybelline make the best stuff. Even tears won’t take it off!


  15. I just picked my daughter up from school in fleece pants with hearts on them. Not sweet little pink hearts, but like mongo vibrant hearts in various colors.

    Did I mention I walked there?

    I met her a few blocks away though, so I think that makes it sorta okay.

    I also have a two-year-old and fitting rooms are impossible – I tend to buy everything I see that looks remotely cute (including fleece pants with hearts on them) and bring them home to try on. This leads to massive returns b/c 1) my husband sees it all on the bed and freaks out and 2) my eyes deceive me on a regular basis.

  16. You are so stylin girl! I love that dress so much!!

  17. Andrea Sullenger says:

    I want to see the H&M dress in your banner – full pic please!!
    My confession is…I have never been on a diet but at the beginning of March I went in for my “annual” and of course the scale was broken but the kind nurse took my weight anyhow. What startled me was that I thought my pants were a tad tight but not that tight….I hadn’t seen that number since my prego days and the last one was over six years ago!! Ouch! Anyhoo, so what to do for a diet…..found one that I could actually do and is easy to follow and tada….started on March 21st and I am down 11 lbs and one pant size!! Yippee!!

  18. Your just too dang cute for words! Love all the outfits and OH MY those booties!!!! Don’t you dare sell them!

    Hugs, Carol

  19. 1. I LOVE LOVE those booties..
    2. Don’t feel guilty about the dress.. everyone does that.. and then spends huge amounts of time regretting and searching..
    3. Leave the bangs.. love…

  20. Oh.. I forgot to mention this.
    Shopping the other day for a dress ..
    Said to myself..”Would Kasey wear this?”..
    Your a fashionista..

  21. Elaine L. says:

    If you find a good concealer, let us know.

    Love the dress with the booties and the jacket buttoned.

  22. Elaine L. says:

    Ooops, my confession is that I read your blog ALL the TIME and this is only my second or third post.
    I think I’m too old (59) and boring to post anything interesting.

  23. I have that H&M dress in the pale pink color! Thanks for the inspiration you look adorable.

  24. Love the dress! You really do have great style, Kasey:) And I confess…I’m “addicted” to your blog 😉

  25. confession… hmmm… my house looks really clean, but that is because I stuffed the unfolded laundry in basket’s in the baby’s room. Tadaa!

  26. SareBear4810 says:

    The boots are absolutely darling-Keep them (unless a size 7 & in that case send my way) My confession is… I’m laying in bed reading blogs instead of getting up and painting the two massive bookcases I swore I would finally finish today! Ha!

  27. oh i am in love with your striped jacket and the necklace! you look adorable!

  28. Damn, I was in H&M yesterday and didn’t see your dress. It is something I would wear. Love your clothing and the way you look. It’s influencing me to try different things. You have great style, a fantastic sense of humour, and a great blog. Grey hair? pfft, I had my first at 18!

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