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Okay….so if you love photography…..and have a small penchant for pretty things…

i have a feeling you are going to fall in love with one of my favorite photographers today.

Meet Alicia Bock photography..….

Alicia loves Paris….just like i love Paris….and i think we just need to hop on the next flight there…

but since we can’t…i’ll show you some of her beautiful photographs …that she sells in her shop.

let me stop here and sit while i stare at this one for a bit….

I love these photos …..they really have me dreaming of summer.

Alicia also does weddings and portraits…..

you can find more about her style and pricing {here}

Alicia has so graciously decided to give a $50 credit to her photography shop…

so that you can choose the photo you love the most.

All you have to do…is head over to her Facebook page {here}…and like it..

{if you have a FB acct.}

then peruse around her shop {here}...and come back and leave me a comment telling me

which photo speaks to you the most.

{If you don’t have an FB acct…then just leave me the comment}

You can also find her on her blog…Bloom-Grow-Love {here} …or twitter {here}.

Comments will close Friday at midnight.


  1. I am a follower ….. beautiful !

  2. What amazing work. I love Ghosts

  3. I am now a “like” on fb.. LOVE her work.
    I can’t choose between Place du Tertre or Jardin…actually, I love them all!

  4. Cerulean. Gorgeous. Also liked on FB.

  5. I love Ghosts! It reminds me that life is always beginning around us! Flower never hate….they show their beauty for all of us to enjoy.

  6. Dreamy…following on FB! Love, love LOVE Lumiere. And practically every other shot on the site.

  7. Oh my, she’s one very talented photgrapher/artist! I can see why she’s a favorite:) Love all her photos, but the “Carousel” reminds me of my mother & brings back wonderful memories of my childhood!

  8. Wow! Gorgeous photo’s. I like so many of the Polaroids and there are some really nice Mackinac shots.

  9. I have been a FB fan for awhile now! I love all of her work but would have to pick the beach photo with the colorful umbrellas! <3

  10. I would love her to photograph my family…….. her work is breath taking!! xo

  11. There is just truly no way to pick just one of her photos that speak to me. Almost all of them do in one form or another. Gorgeous photos..

    I will say that the Carousel one is special to my heart. Just reminds me of my 7 year old son. Freedom, happiness, love, endless youth. I just picture him on there smiling and just sucking up life to the fullest.

    Strange I suppose but that’s what I see. =)

  12. Love her photos, glad she has a page on fb! My favorite photo is definitely bubble gum. I have a cherry blossom tattoo on my back and have always loved those flowers. I would love to frame that photo in my house. 🙂

  13. I love Le Balloon Rouge!

  14. Rachelle says:

    Amazing photography – so many beautiful but my heart melted when I saw La Bicyclette.

  15. How do you even choose? I love so many of them…but I’m insanely drawn to Tickets. Something about the beautiful carnival ferris wheel…

  16. Love the fan or the car, they have different names but I am just going to call them the fan and the car 🙂 Melaine

  17. Am loving the vintage feel “The Renault!”

  18. It was so hard to choose… but I chose “Watching in Waiting” from the Paris in Springtime collection… the reason being… today is my daughter Meaghan’s 18th birthday… Meaghan loves loves LOVES Paris and has been studying the French language for four years now… I have just paid the deposit to send her to her top choice college this fall (in Boston)… and I think that this photo would be spectacular on her wall in her new room… thanks, Kasey!

  19. Jennifer says:

    You are right she is great

  20. Juliana Longiotti says:

    i’m a fan of Alicia’s work.. Le Balloon Rouge is my favorite.. thanks for this giveaway.

    ps.. Kasey, love your blog.

  21. She’s very talented. I love all of the “I Love Paris In The Springtime”, but my favorite is the “Distant Dreams”. It would look wonderful in my Paris bedroom 🙂

  22. Thank you for featuring her! love her work. My favorite? The Renault. I love the oldness. I also “liked” her on FB.

  23. I find her pictures so inspiring. Don’t have a facebook; one of a few who don’t 🙂

  24. I followed her on FB….I love all the bike photos….Suburban, On a Summer afternoon, This is a love story, and Old Town are my faves!

  25. I love the one titled Distant Sails. Thatnk you for sharing her work.
    I have added her to my The People I Envy list. Her creativity is awesome. I also liked her on FB.

  26. Alecia Shannon says:

    I liked her Facebook page!

    • Alecia Shannon says:

      I visited her shop…there were so many to choose from…I have several that are my faves…The Blue Hour, Lumiere, Parisian Blooms, Pears, Milk Bottle Blues, Ranunculus, Yellow Sunshine & Ginkgo…I would love to have one of these pics for my bedroom re-design…if I don’t win…I’ll just have to crack down adn buy one!

    • Alecia Shannon says:

      I visited her shop…there were so many to choose from…I have several that are my faves…The Blue Hour, Lumiere, Parisian Blooms, Pears, Milk Bottle Blues, Ranunculus, Yellow Sunshine & Ginkgo…I would love to have one of these pics for my bedroom re-design…if I don’t win…I’ll just have to crack down and buy one!

  27. Love her! Orchid Light took my breath away!

  28. The Renault (I LOVE…) & The Morning in March are two of my favs…I just adore Paris pics!

    I also must tell you that your blog is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! You crack me up and I look forward to reading it every day!!!!!! & I too…LOVE Anthro!!! Just got 2 new things there yesterday!!!!! Check out their long (to the floor) flowly striped grey and cream skirt! PERFECT!!!

  29. this is memory is my favorite…i love all things vintage 🙂

  30. I “liked” on facebook. The Blue Hour is absolutely gorgeous. A close second is The Joy Tree. What a talented woman!!!

  31. I own a print of “Under the Canopy,” which I adore. I also very much like her “Botanicals- The Viewfinder Collection.” It’s a challenge to choose just one, but “Bow” is paricularly lovely.

  32. Oooh, I adore Alicia Bock’s pictures! I’d love an excuse to get some more!

  33. Right now the whole vibrant gallery is calling my name because I cant wait for a colorful spring and summer 🙂
    Lovely giveaway!!

  34. I also follow her blog and like her on facebook.

  35. What beautiful photos! I had a few favourites! “Where the heart is”, “the dreaming tree”, “whispering wind”, and “distant blue”. They’re all so gorgeous!!!

  36. ColindaJane says:

    I LOVE HER, her photography is stunning, thanks to you i have followed her blog for awhile now & love all her work, its inspiring! I love her vintage polaroids & have been eyeing “A Westside Story” for awhile, I would love to own any of her work though! Thanks so much!

  37. Hands down: “The Blue Hour”….love it!

  38. It’s so hard to choose…but I’ve always loved The Joy Tree, and Citrine…such gorgeous light.
    I’m a fan on FB too 🙂

  39. Love her work and always inspired by other beautifully talented photographers.

  40. I love ALL of Alicia’s photos. I already own 2! 🙂
    I’m digging the “collecting clouds” series right now and I love anything with birds!

    Facebook Follower!


  41. I love “ghosts”….beautiful!

  42. Gasp…. Absolutely stunning photos.They speak for themselves.Now to have a glass of wine and stare at the pics long enough after a few glasses and it will feel like your in Paris.Have a creative and fun day…Chickie

  43. Picking a favorite was TOUGH, until I spotted the Mackinac Island section. We vacation up north in MI every year, and we ended up having our wedding on Mackinac Island 2 summers ago. We’re decorating our upstairs in a vintage cottage theme and these would be sooooo perfect! I love “A Very Good Morning” and “Sailboats in the Morning”.”Horse and Carriage” sends my heart a-flutter! We have a potrait of us on a carriage in that exact spot. I’d love nothing more than to add this to our home. It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

    P.s. Kasey – just found your blog about a month ago thru a friend.. you’re hilarious and I love your writing! Your posts make my day!

  44. Christie McGetrick says:

    I love her photos for Japan and the ones in Paris.

  45. the renault and the vintage fan. she has serious talent. i really like her flair!

  46. The Poppies, The Blue Hour, and Girl in a Red Coat are a few of my favorites. I love the lighting and color in her photos… I want to be the Girl in the Red Coat some day in Paris!!

  47. i liked her on facebook!

    are you seriously making me choose only one?!

    though, this has been a favorite for a long time:


  48. Lindsay Jo says:

    I keep flip flopping between two over which is my favorite. I’ve re-written this post 3 times now… so I guess it’s a tie 🙂 between (1) Pendant and (2) Shadows of Paris. I love the black and white, brilliant contrast of Shadows. but I love the simplicity of Pendant and the color. oh the color! and it’s a camera shot that I would not take, because it would seem too simple and seems like it would fail to capture the true beauty. She doesn’t over-complicate it, and does it perfectly.

  49. How cool!!! Pick me!

  50. Oooh these are gorgeous. I’d love one on my studio wall…

  51. January’s Daydreams…says she on on FB page. 😉

  52. I’m now a “like”er of Alicia’s Photography on FB. Have to admit, I was already stalking her from the button on the side of your page. I love her style. I love how she captures people. However, my favorite picture is “Ghosts.” There is something very calming to me about the picture. It’s so simple and elegant. I would looooveeee to win this! Fingers crossed…

  53. Beautiful photography but how to chose one…? Seashells, seashells, Go, The renault, etc, etc, etc…!

  54. Andrea Engbarth says:

    I heart the rooftops of Paris pic… I was there in high school (oh so long ago) drinking wine and gazing at such rooftops, I can just smell the scent of being young and how the sky is the limit. All at once life was so wonderful sipping red house wine and sitting on a Parisian rooftop……

  55. Beautiful..
    Love the central park shot. Love them all

  56. follower…
    and for some reason i couldn’t get the gallery to work on her site…? but what you have shown here, is enough to know what magic she must have there, too!

  57. I love Alicia’s work, I’m a follower of her blog and “like” her on facebook. I have 2 of her prints, love them!! I don’t have dandelion dreams yet I think would be he one I would choose next.

  58. I love the picture of the vintage fan. Lovely giveaway.

  59. Meliss Wuennenberg says:

    Hard to pick just one. Love the Eiffle tower pick! I want to go there this fall. Love all the flower/tree pictures.

  60. They’re all so pretty it’s hard to pick one, but since I have to… I choose Pale (the wheat sheaf)

  61. The Renault speaks to me the most. It is luxury, old glamour, and it is simply a beautiful photo. Her site is just amazing Gallop is another favorite. Just liked her on FB and gave you a shout out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. So many beautiful photographs – this was a tough choice! But I think my absolute favourite is ‘The Renault’ from the ‘I Love Paris in Springtime’ collection (although I think I’d have to buy a couple more to compliment it too – one just isn’t enough!!).

    I’m also a FB fan 😀

  63. Hettie DeJong says:

    I love her work! It’s beautiful. Hettie

  64. So many of her photos speak to me! I love “Lumiere” but I also love “Girl in the Red Coat,” and so many others! Her work is so beautiful…it’s bookmarked for some shopping….

    tammy t

  65. She does amazing work with her lens…..there are so many that I *heart*. Her polaroids are my favies:
    “Whispering Wind”, “Flight of Fancy”, “Everything that was Good”, “Garnet”, “the Morning after I had the dream”….I could go on and on! She is one of my Etsy favorites also 🙂
    What a lovely giveaway Kacey and Alicia!! Thank you !!

  66. Gorgeous! I love the goldfish, the ladies standing in the deep blue sea and the Eiffel Tower of course.. what a vision.

  67. I love “friday’s child” – it would be so pretty in my bedroom. Really, all of her photographs are beautiful and would be a great addition to any home.

  68. Kasey,
    I love the Eiffel Tower!!!
    I really love Alicia’s work.
    I had one of her Paris calendars last year.
    It was such fun to change months.

  69. I love the photo “Lumiere”! So magical and dreamy!

  70. I loved the renault! she has beautiful work 🙂


  71. love citrine. water. light. bokeh. perfect.

  72. I love the Paris in the Springtime shots, would definitely spend my voucher on one of those. Probably The Blue Hour, have loved that one since set eyes on it 🙂

  73. wow, all of her Paris shots are gorgeous…as if I haven’t already always dreamed of going. I think my favorite might be The Renault but it’s a hard pick!

  74. I have my eye on the All of Paris in the Springtime collection…

  75. It’s so hard to pick just one, but I love the Monday Morning photo!

  76. Jacque Bliss says:

    Love, Love Alicia’s work! My favorite is the bike with the flowers in the basket. It helps me focus on getting out of the snow and riding along the beach with a big smile on my face and the sunshine warming my bones!!! 😉
    ahhh….pure bliss!!

  77. Jen Sore says:

    I love Alicia’s work! I liked her on FB. I love the shots “Old Town” and “Love Letters”. So amazing.

  78. Beautiful fun photos! I’m an fb fan.
    It is hard to pick one, but I found myself really drawn to the Sing A Song – Viewfinder collection. Great retro look!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Kasey and Alicia!

  79. Sandra K says:

    Would love to win – thanks!

  80. Nina Ainembabazi says:

    So in love with your work, Alicia 🙂 I fell in love with The Paris in the springtime collection! absolutely amazing! 🙂

  81. her photos are so dreamy 🙂 Sooo much like yours!

  82. I’d love to win this. Love.

  83. I love Away We Go, with the hot air balloons!

    Such a fine giveway. 🙂

  84. Carolyn O says:

    Her pics are so beautiful but if I had to choose one it would’ve ghosts….:)

  85. I love so many of her photos but I think my favorite is “Delphinium”..”Schwinn II” is another favorite…can I have two faves?

  86. I am a big fan of her work and have been following her blog for a while now 🙂 My favorite series of hers would have to be light and shadows. Poetic… graceful photographs of a goldfish gliding thru the light. Beautiful!!!!!

  87. Oh how wonderful! She does beautiful work, doesn’t she? Please enter me too…. I’d be thrilled to win.

    Warm blessings,

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