two things

First…….Do you remember when i did this post 8 days ago…..

on my boots…and wine bottles?

well on Thursday morning i received a call from one of my besties…and she asked me if i was watching

the Today Show….because they had just finished a segment on how to keep your boots from falling over.

I screamed……what?!?! … way!

Of course…i immediately got on The Today Show web site…and located the clip….

and the segment was done by one of the Editors to Real Simple Magazine.

It just goes to show….that you never know who’s watching or looking for content…..

and i’m sure i’ll never be given any credit…i’m just happy to know that one of my ideas..

made it to the Today Show;-)

Now…if i ever see KY Jelly doing an ad for hair gel…then i’m demanding compensation….but till then…

i’ll just sit here and and tell Bryan that he is married to a girl who’s idea made it to television.

Secondly…for those of you that have been awaiting the final installation to …

Girls in Paris…..

i am starting it this next week and hope to get it up and on the blog by the end of the month.

Happy weekend to you…


  1. can i say something? i’d love to have coffee with you some time. i think you’re great: funny, sassy, a good chatter-er 🙂

    (haha, i hope that doesn’t creep you out.)

  2. You simply are savvy:) Happy weekend…and a Happy Valentine’s Day too, dear K!

  3. I’d love to have coffee or wine with you! Love your blog Kasey! 🙂

  4. That is a great idea, but it has been around for a while. I’ve seen it on different blogs quite a few times. Just do a google search and you’ll see.

  5. Actually the bottle in the boot thing isn’t a new idea I’d heard it years ago. Bit the timing is awfully convenient to your post so who knows.

  6. That’s great. In my mind, you get full credit. FOR SURE!

  7. Ah, I love your sense of humor! You’re always on the cutting edge, Kasey! 🙂

  8. You are the best! I am heading out to buy some more wine right this minute!

  9. Allison mcArdle says:

    Too cute. I did indeed see that clip and automatically thought of you.

  10. if you happen to know how lady gaga got her name, then you must be twins!

    goes to show ya a girl can’t have too many boots, or wine.

  11. I’ll always give you FULL CREDIT for the wine bottle in boot idea!!

    PS: Hope you and your family have a FABULOUS VALENTINE’S DAY!!

  12. Well, I still think you’re a genius anyway. :o)

    Looking forward to the next installment of Girls in Paris!!

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if magazine writers/editors dropped by your blog (or lurked) because you have a gift for gab, your stories are always unique, and you take great photos.

    Glad your boots’ spirits have been lifted.


  14. Well I’m not surprised, it’s a great idea. And personally I’m giving you the credit for it.
    On a side note, I have more wine bottles than boots. So I tried to explain to my Farmboy that I need to buy more boots… you said it was good for the earth.
    He didn’t agree.

  15. Oh, I loved your pictures more, but the wine bottle idea was actually in Real Simple magazine a while back. They need to consult you for their photo styling though! Yours made me actually want to do it!

  16. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Yeah! I’m looking forward to the next installment of Girls in Paris. Let’s not say final… you are going back some day.

  17. You have a gift. Its called creative wit. You keep coming up with fabulous ideas and they will definitely take you places. Someone comes up with all these fabulous ideas that make it the morning shows and why can’t it be YOU!

  18. We were in Chicago the other day. I considered lurking in Anthro to see if you showed up, but we went to the Art Institute instead. No, I’m not a weird stalker or anything, you just remind me of my best friend from college who lives 7 hrs from me. I miss having coffee with her and thought you’d be game for coffee with one of your not-a-stalker readers…..(wine would be better, but then maybe you would think I’m a nut, even tho I’m not)

  19. Kasey, that segment was from July. Clue: short sleeves in New York. It is a great idea though.

  20. Paris, yes I’m ready and excited to read the next installment of your adventures abroad…

  21. There’s no way that is just a coincidence!

  22. Whatever coincidence — copy cats — I just showed the hubs the Pottery Barn catalog last month and said look at these photos what do they remind you of ??? A lot of my antiques , I have collected for years all reproductions they are selling. So yeah welcome to the blog world I guess — but we can take a bow or a pat on the back cuz you know we are helping them out !!! If a KY segment comes on then we know its ( K) A S E( Y )’S doing !!!! I just want to say for anyone out there listening Kasey needs to guest host on The Talk !!!

  23. In British English, ‘fill your boots’ is invariably an instruction to take full advantage of some situation.
    Could this be what the Today show did?

    however, Kasey, they may try to “fill you boots” but they could never “fill your shoes” You are unique and original.
    Keep up your great posts

  24. did she say the bottles need to be full…that just wouldn’t work out for me 😉

  25. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog the other day, and thought it was absolutely AAAMMMAZZINNGG! I can’t get enough of it, and I check it every day now. I love the pictures of your house (I’m designing my future home around yours for sure), and you have the most creative ideas and posts. Plus, your kids are just so darn cute! Keep up the awesome bloggin!

  26. you are awesome….and real simple knows it!

    i need more boots.
    and more wine.

  27. Love, love your blog. Read it religiously, you have such a great sense of humor and i think we would get along in real life. drinking wine together and such, im a wine-a-holic!!!

    You are probably going to think bad things about me when I burst your bubble, but Kendi from Kendi Everyday also gave the wine bottles in boots idea, which I immediatly took and implemented into my closet…

    check it out here:

    BUT, KY as gel. Now, that’s all you 🙂


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