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I spent yesterday getting ready for a little family valentines dinner…..

this was before i took Lola to get her hair cut…

took fin to get his best girl some flowers…

grocery shopped to get the ingredients for chicken enchiladas ….

took one child to the tutor…

went to Trader Joe’s to find that they now have vanilla icing in a box….

hit target for some pink heart mini lights….

and then…

came home to a bunch of flowers waiting for me on the front porch.

Bryan heard me the other day when i said i needed some yellow in my life….so he sent me a mixed bouquet of

yellow flowers.

He also went to Anthro…but i’ll show you what he bought me in another post;-)

He was surprised when he came home to dinner waiting on the table for him…..

{doesn’t happen often}

and i was ready to bring sexy back.

{i don’t think bryan thought pink hearts and mini lights were sexy……

so i made sure to wear my V.S pink heart FREEBIES that i got the other day}

Did you know pink is the color for 2011?…..well….maybe not this color pink….

but it worked…and now i can say….

i kinda like it.

For one day at least.

i made little cards for the kids….

that each said the same things….

We had pink sparkling lemonade in mason jars…..and i also found the cutest

place mats in the dollar section at target that the kids could color on.

{my version of letting them craft….is to let them color}

As you can tell….i love valentines day….its such a great day to show some love to the ones you love.

I’m off to the gym … heard that right…..because for some reason…those damn candy hearts

may be low in calories…but if you eat 3423984 a day…..then you might just gain a pound or two..or ten.


  1. That is such a cute table. My friend, you can style with the best of them!

    I know the kids enjoyed their Valentine’s dinner and I know Bryan enjoyed V S pink hearts;-)

  2. so cute!!
    love that he scored the yellow flowers. good boy

  3. So sweet Kasey! I love Valentines day too. Love your table decor:)

  4. I just love how my American-bloggy-friends love to celebrate and KNOW how to celebrate too ! I’m taking notes Kasey, I’m taking notes!! 😉

  5. So funny…I write the same valentines to my kids! Then listen to them bicker about which I really meant. I have the luxury of also proclaiming “my favorite… boy” and “my favorite… girl”, so the split gender thing helps. 🙂

  6. Shannon Hermann says:


  7. Your such a good(real) Mom Kasey!

  8. Soooo cute! What a fun evening. 🙂

  9. actually just donned my sport bra …

    do it!

  10. what a great family celebration! i had an great uncle who had 7 kids…before he died he had a private conversation with all of them…and told each of them that they had been the favourite…it wasn’t until years later (well after he died) that he was busted!

  11. What a wonderful night….and are creating memories for everyone. That is what I find the most special. You are an outstanding decorator but even if you could’nt place a doily in just the right spot..the fact that you DID SOMETHING special makes everything just right. Good job mom…and wifey!

    /love it when the dudes pay attention! Yay for yellow flowers… and hooray for VS hearts too!

  12. gorgeous, everything is just perfection.

  13. Looks like a really sweet evening. Can’t wait to see your new addition from Anthro! How lovely of that handsome husband to send you flowers – what a great guy~
    Have a fabulous day my friend,

  14. Did you find the lights in the VD section at Target? I think I need a strand or 2 for my daughter’s bedroom! Oh, and I love that you wrote “V.S pink heart FREEBIES” as opposed to my dreaded P word. : P

  15. lol! Your cards! love that! For a minute I thought you were telling Lola you loved her the most…and I remembered that post you admitted you had a favorite! haha! Looks like a lovely vday dinner!

  16. Okay… the lights just put me over the edge. Too cute. Soon THAT will be on the Today Show too.

  17. too too cute! hope you got much appreciation and love right back to ya!

  18. Color placemats…kind of like homeschooling?

  19. Isn’t it wonderful when our hubbies really listen?! Of course, the flowers are a plus;) That’s a really sweet celebration for your family…love that sparkling pink lemonade!

  20. So so sweet. Love the mason jars with the bendie straws. My kids are 16 and 14 and I still put treats out on their place settings for breakfast in the morning. At home, its one place they don’t have to feel grown up all of the time. I do cherish it.

  21. bet that was a wonderful evening – and the decor was great!

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  22. Love it!:)

  23. Barbara Nelson says:

    Sweet table love the place mats, hum did your hubby get you those yellow bowls?

  24. gorgASS!!

  25. You crack me up!!!!!!!!! I love those little conversation hearts and thought about how easy it is to eat a bizillion. I always love reading your humorous posts. Love how you can make the mundane things of every day life sound interesting and funny. You’re my therapy. Ha!!

  26. Happy belated valentines day! Love your blog.:-)

  27. Or you may end up with a toothache from eating too many candy hearts. Not that I’d know anything about that. What a cute set-up you had for the day of love. Sweet! 🙂

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