pink stands for love

I needed some pink in my morning today……

no lie…yesterday was one long day.

Watch that first step….it’s a doozie.

{sorry….but my friend told me today was like groundhog day…since she has a sick kid home as well…

and i felt the need to throw in a G.H day quote}

If you’ve never seen G.H day….then i highly recommend it.

Four stars.

Two thumbs up.

Kasey’s seal of approval.

Poor lola and her headaches…i’m just hoping that these are not leading into a life of migraines.

Anyhoo……back to our regularly scheduled broadcast…..

hello my name is kasey…and i was remeasured at Victoria’s Secret last weekend and i am NOT happy to say

that i have gone up a size in the whole bra department.

I’m not talking about the Ta Ta’s…i’m talking about the width….the girth.

In other words…i need to get my arse to the gym and whittle myself back down to a 34….

but i really love my new valentines day panties that they thru in for free….

{ i mean…who doesn’t love some free red lace heart panties…right}

and i would like to thank the 19 year old working for giving me a size large.

It makes a girl feel real good.

Now that i got that out …i feel a whole lot better….thank you very much.

On Saturday night we went to our friends house for dinner….just the adults…and the best part was…

we did the dinner as a thank you for our guys for watching the kids while us girls headed to California.

We had ordered steaks from Hearst Ranch….where the cows roam free and are totally grass fed.

You might not realize it…but i don’t eat steak.

But i did on Saturday night…..and i must admit…it was good….really good.

{it helped that i drowned my steak in Yoshida sauce}

We also drank wine from some of the wineries we went to in Paso Robles…and ate pie for dessert from Linn’s..

since we had eaten there and the Ollaberry pie was out of this world.

Our boys really appreciated it…….even bryan…though i won’t bring up the fact that he was in Florida

and i also won’t bring up that he had his parents to help with the kids.

No…i won’t bring that up…..because i think he had a good time being part of the Thank You dinner.

I have to tell you….my guy is the best…..hands down.

It’s so important to have a relationship in which you both can sneak away from time to time….

and just not with each other…but with friends as well.

That is one thing bryan and i have always had mutual respect in…… is having a guys weekend….

or a girls weekend….and we really try and get away at least once a year together.

Even if it means just getting a hotel for the night…and leaving the kids with a friend or sitter…

or leave them with a friend or relative for the night and come back home…where the goods areΒ free;-)

It’s important not just for your relationship….but it also teaches your kids that you guys come first…

and that marriage is important.

Ok…off my soap box now.

Have i ever mentioned that i invited Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson to my wedding?

Oh…of course…they didn’t come.

I mean…can you imagine…..i’m sure they received my invite and were like…..

what the hell? who is this?

{ or maybe the airfare was too expensive..}

Actually…..i had met them….not just once…but twice.



I even think Rita really liked me….because she kept laughing at my jokes…and vice versa.

{i even have photographic evidence….somewhere….}

So…i felt like we were old friends….so it didn’t cross my mind at all to put a stamp on that invite and

send it off… if they are reading this…i just want to say….you missed a great wedding…i would have even

let you guys sit in the front row with the family.

Over and Out.

The end.


  1. I’m with you….the guys come first:) I am feeling that more than ever knowing that Caden will be leaving home next summer. When we have a quiet house, and it is just him and I, we will still know each other and like each other.

    Hope Lola is feeling better.

  2. Should that have been him & I or he & I? yikes;-)

  3. I am sure that Tom and Rita had something come up…sick kids or car trouble.

    Hope Lola gets better soon. Love those hearts. Are they from Target?


  4. Friends of mine got engaged at a little restaurant in New York City. Tom and Rita were in the same restaurant and sent them over a bottle of champagne with a nice note saying to save it until their 25th wedding anniversary. After dinner they came over to the table and sat with them for a few minutes to congratulate them. They tell me that they were so incredibly nice and genuine people. I thought that was such a fun engagement story!!

  5. Yeah- we will have to do that one day too.
    getting rid of the kid overnight somewhere.

    Right now he is 15 months and we dont have family nearby. maybe I can convince my hubby to take off with me into “the city” and leave our son with friends πŸ™‚

  6. haha. you crack me up, as always. I hope Lola feels better!

  7. those phtotos are so dreamy! oh my. so yummy too.
    ever think about lola’s headaches allergy related? if they keep her down. i totally get it, those creepy headache monsters. hope she’s now on the upswing.

  8. I LOVE reading your blog because you always make me laugh. Would you ever consider posting twice a day so we could get twice as many laughs? You know how laughing is good for the soul!

  9. we’re twins…i have the same bowl. not to one up ya, but i photographed my eh- hum home made marshmallows in that cutie bowl.
    & i’m so not falling for your star humor.again.

  10. Oh my word those are some dreamy images;-)
    I love that you spoke the word and said to take Marriage seriously, it really is so important
    to have those much needed get aways, even if for one night.
    Happy day!

  11. Hilarious! I want to hear the story of how you all met Tom & Rita?!?! I LOVE them!
    Were did you get the cute heart marshmallows?!?!

    Glad you had a great dinner with friends.

  12. I just bought this cute pink stripe bowl and a few others this weekend at Anthro. I LOVE THEM. Yogurt with granola for breakfast in this sweet little bowl makes my day. That and my Anthro cup with my initial…
    Oh and I had no idea you had these bowls but now Im thinking Im alomost as cool as you πŸ™‚
    I sure hope Lola is feeling better. I suffer from migranes and I know how difficult they are. Big Hugs to her..

  13. If it’s any consolation, if you invited me, I would have come! πŸ˜‰

  14. Where oh where did those pretty hearts come from? oh where oh where pleeeaze tell!! We are all about pretty pink and I am not in the “mood” to make my own marshmellows!!

    Hope Miss L gets better really soon, praying that migranes are not in her future!


  15. Suddenly I’m craving heart-shaped marshmallows…and steak! Oh yeah, and a date night with my hubby:) Someday you’ve gotta tell the story of meeting Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson! Hope your sweet girl is feeling fine…

  16. So I found out last week that my husband (whom I’ve been married to for almost 10 years), has never seen Groundhog Day. Seriously, I feel like I am married to a complete stranger. What other secrets could he have?
    Hope your sweet girl feels better soon. xoxoxo

  17. I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day and realizing that the entire meal that I cooked LAST weekend was totally V. Day worthy (I’ll post about it tomorrow). Oiy. Now I’ll have to try and top that one…..or pick a fancy french restaurant! Thanks for another great post! Fun as always!

  18. Lisa VanDyke says:

    I remember you talking about Tom Hanks way back in high school! Must’ve made quite an impression on you. ; )

  19. i love the marshmallows. i actually saw some cute pink ones at walmart last night and bought them– inspired by you. πŸ™‚
    rock those new victoria`s secret undies! last i heard, men like the big boobies and butts. πŸ™‚ at least my husband better- because that`s what he is getting. πŸ™‚

  20. I truly love this!

  21. You always crack me up! I got measured at Victoria this year as well and went up a whole bra size somehow. Yikes!

  22. Ewwwww, you said panties! That name for them completely grosses me out so it’s strictly undies or skivvies in my house. That said, yay for free VS undies. : )

  23. if Lola is having frequent headaches, try Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm. I like the Raspberry Lemon the best. I am a headache queen but when i am devoted to this stuff, i rarely get them. xx

  24. Such sweetness, all wrapped in the palest of pink.

  25. these pictures make my day, over and over again!
    sweet pink with a dash of sprinkles. my kind of gal!

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