as of right this very minute

* 4 o’clock is a perfect time for a glass of wine.

*the kids came home from school early.

*apparently there is a blizzard engulfing the chicago area.

* i bought 28083409850834 candy hearts today.

* my bag of Trader Joe’s kettle corn is open on the table next to me.

* school was cancelled for tomorrow.

* there is a very large draft of cold air coming from the cracks around the front door.

* i am all stocked up on wine.

* 4 o’clock is never to early for a glass when there is a blizzard outside.

* i’m hoping bryan makes it home from the city.

* if not then i’ll be putting my kids on the train to get him.

* better yet….they can stay in the city with him.

* 4  o’clock means it’s 5  o’clock somewhere.

* i just turned the thermostat up to 80.

* i helped a friend plunge her backed up toilet because her husband is out of town.

* she is the only girl in a house of boys.

* i don’t do well with other peoples poop.

* i just sent the kids out to play in the blizzard.

* hope they don’t freeze.

* i gave them a shovel to get the driveway clear.

* they can’t come back inside till it’s done.

* or till my glass of wine is gone.

* or till bryan gets home.

* whichever comes first.

* what kind of neighbor snow blows his sidewalk then stops right at ours.

* can’t they see my children shoveling.

* maybe they see my blinky light in the front window that says “the bar is open”

* i just duct taped around my front door….i was getting cold.

* i am pouring another glass of wine.

* i am pouring one for you as well.


  1. cute! I love all of your cute little hearts!

  2. how cute are you in your snowed in candy heart filled wine induced status

  3. Fantastic thoughts… Your neighbor must be my neighbor… or maybe their brothers.

  4. LOVE every “so KASEY” word!
    LOVE it all!
    ENJOY the SNOW!
    PLEASE make SNOW Ice Cream!

  5. oh how I enjoy what you just wrote so very much!
    stay warm

  6. lol, you are so funny! love how you taped up the doillies 🙂 It’s getting colder here in south Texas and I am loving it! We might see snowflakes on Friday but they won’t stick, just once I would like to see a couple inches of snow! Thanks for having that wine for me, I’m still at work, ugh!

  7. This made me laugh out loud honey! I wish school was canceled for us tomorrow! No such luck here in CA…stay warm and drink up! Kori xoxo

  8. Sitting here enjoying my second glass of wine on this snow day in Boston. Chances are they will be home for the next two days. I love my kids but honestly if they have one more snow day I just might pull my hair out.
    Please, please, please keep these posts coming because this one was the silver lining to this snow day!!
    Did you seriously duck tape your door?

  9. Just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your blog, keep it up girl!

  10. Four o’clock is the right time for a glass of wine, especially during a blizzard. We make our kids shovel the driveway and the walkway all the time – they need the exercise and the fresh air. p.s. your V-day decorations are sweet!

  11. You are to funny! I thought just my neighbor didn’t cross the lot line when blowing snow. Went to Target this morining and the store was picked over and lots of shelves were completely empty. You’d think we were going to be snowed in for a week! It is always nicer looking at the snow from the inside out. I pretend like I’m in a snow globe (and that’s without a glass of wine)! Stay warm!

  12. We are in the middle of our umpteenth snow storm right now here in New England. I just peeked into the fridge to make sure there was a little wine left in the bottle. There is. Phew! Because I won’t be able to get out tomorrow either. Not that I need wine to survive. I just happen to have that “must get to the store to stock up” mentaility when it snows.

  13. I’m having a glass with you…the bar is open here too. cheers to the blizzard. Love the Valentines decorations btw.

  14. good thing you have a lot of wine! I hope it’s enough to last you that storm and be sure to drink a lot so that you feel warm or can’t feel anything whichever comes first 🙂

  15. …OMG ~ I am laughing so hard, my heart hurts!!

    speaking of which, got any of them candy hearts left to drop in MY glass’o’wine??!!

    xo, Rosemary

  16. Oh boy, that was a good one. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay sane:)

  17. Love it! I was snowed in for 4 days with my 3-year-old a couple of weeks ago & my hubby was stuck out of town. I feel your pain! Wine and chocolate both definitely help 🙂

  18. Decorations are really cute!! Starting a heart tree today for my two younger sons. Everyday each of us is putting a new heart on the tree to tell of who we love (or really like) and why. We will read them on V-day. Each has a different color heart so we know who’s are who’s. First year…we’ll see how well this goes. My hub will probably wreck it….lol

    Snow is great. BUT I HATE being snowed in (thanksgiving2010whenmymotherinlawwas herefor10daysandweweresnowedinfor7). When you CANT even walk to a local bar OR to the grocery for wine, cheese, crackers and wine. Or when your children start smelling up the house because they dont think they are dirty because they havent been outside for 7 days…Dont get me started on the snow girl.


  19. So what time did Bryan leave? If we still lived in the city this would either be a 5-hour-commute night or a stay-at-the-local-hotel-and-drink-through-it sort of night. There is really nothing better than standing in a warm house watching the raging blizzard outside, wine in hand. Luv to you~!

  20. You’re hilarious! Stay warm!

  21. Ya know what just came to mind? Miss Hannigan, as is the musical “Annie”, with Carol Burnett!

  22. Stay safe, at least you’ll have your sense of humor, if not your wits!

    I thought of you on Sat when I attended a baby shower at the Wine Cafe here in town. Only baby shower I’ve ever attended, because they had wine. It was called “Woop-Woop” and it was wonderful. The baby was cute too!


  23. no need to pour me one..I’ve already done that. Love that the “the bar is open”! Totally agree about the timing of the first glass of wine in the middle of a snow storm..especially when tomorrow will be a hunkering down day too. You make me smile..

  24. I’ll gladly let you drink a glass for me. I’m here in Chicago working at a hospital tonight (never any snow days with this kind of work). I get off at midnight but it sounds like I’ll be staying the night in the city. Stay warm and enjoy 🙂

  25. Happy Hour here in Illinois too. White may be dinner and red may be dessert !!! I have lived in Illinois my entire almost ( 3 months away ) 50 years and do not remember a snow storm this bad !! The hubs is a golf pro and I have been asking him all day ?? Why are we living in Illinois when we could live anywhere in the US ??!!>>?? Cute decorations I heart them !!!

  26. Good deal – I shall be happy to join you in that glass of wine. What shall we ponder whilst downing 2 bottles of Chuck? (you know – one for me, and one for you)… I promise I’m not saying this with a smile on my face, but I will be having my wine whilst sitting on the porch in 65 degrees, watching the pink sunset. No smile, REALLY! And I know, you know how good it is here in Cali. Hope all goes well during the blizzard…. hopefully CPS won’t need to be called! HA!

  27. I saved my wine for the hawks game.

    peek in and we’ll share glass two

  28. What about those who didn’t stock up on wine and now can’t drive out in said blizzard to go buy some……?

  29. p.s. I have neighbor just like yours … ours in fact lifts his blade in front of our house and then lowers it after he passes by ..of course to plow for the lady next door to us.
    what kind of person does that?

  30. Hopefully you gave me a healthy pour in my glass 🙂 My sister and parents live in Michigan and they’ve been fired up about the snow days. I’m in Charleston, SC and tomorrows forecast is 70 and sunny.
    Stay Warm and don’t forget to rake your roof!

  31. Kasey…you are hilarious. I won’t mention the weather here in cali! But I crack up when I read your posts. I was smiling and laughing while reading this one and my husband asked, “whats going on.” I just told him this lady is hilarious…he doesn’t get the world of blogs and that you are one funny lady.

  32. So funny! I think anytime after 11 AM is fine for a glass of wine, that’s when lunch is, right? 😉 Loved your decorations!

  33. I would tell you to stay warm but Im thinking the wine has taken care of that, It is going to be -22 below here tonight and no school closing for us..
    I LOVE DUCT TAPE. Did you do it for the cold or so the kids could not come back in? 🙂

  34. Lori Ryan says:


  35. Pour away, I’ll pour one for you! I started at 4 too 🙂

  36. your posts are the best,
    i get so excited when i get to read a new one from you!
    my friend lives in Lake Forest…is that near you?
    If so, then when I come for a visit, we are coming over for a 4:00 glass of wine!

  37. Your posts make me smile! Love your blog!

  38. how do you make life look and sound so wonderful?

    I’m coming over soon, ok?
    just invited myself over
    I’ll bring wine

  39. I am drinking my “fancy” wine tonight! cheers. You crack me up! I love that framed heart…is that a chalkboard? Super cool! I love your shabby chic style. I love it but my house is so chic like that.

  40. Sooo pretty!!!! at least you can enjoy your cheerful hung hearts along with your wine! Hope you all survive!

  41. You duct taped around the door to keep the kids out didn’t you?!? LOL We had that same storm come through Oklahoma last night…have fun…it’s a BIG one…it was SOOOO windy!

  42. Valentines Day reminds me of you.:) Love the decor.

  43. I just opened another Peroni
    ‘cos I am allergic to wine
    it has been so hot this last week
    I thought I might die
    the good thing about heat
    is it makes you not eat
    which means at 4pm
    it goes much quicker
    to the head
    along with the Peroni
    is a shed-load of bread
    which is not good
    for the legs
    I am wondering
    if you know
    what is
    a shed?
    I have had much involvement
    in other peoples’ poop
    when I was a student
    I had to clear it up
    I just turned down my thermostat to 50
    oh **** I don’t have a thermostat
    just a secretary with a big breezy leaf
    my neighbour’s have a kit home
    with heat blowers down under style
    I wish I had Trader Joe’s
    I wish I had ducted up my front door
    to evade the heat
    I wish I could spell engulf
    I wish I hadn’t eaten half a loaf of white bread
    or consumerized any Peroni’s
    but at least
    that means
    i can come
    by your place
    when it’s 4pm
    and share stuff
    and talk about childcare Mckmama style
    and plunging toilets
    I hope you don’t think I am a loony
    and that your bar is still open
    whatever time of the day
    in nuttiness

  44. I love your decorations! Stay warm. I can sympathize with the drafty old house thing.

  45. Love it! I enjoyed my glasses of wine and watched the blizzard blow through South Bend!

  46. I’d pour a third glass! I’m pregnant so I can’t have any so I tell anyone who can to have more! We duct taped around our door too. Didn’t you know it’s the cure for almost anything 🙂

  47. You ROCK !! You should come out here and drink some margaritas…

  48. I have three words to say… YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! ( I LOVE your humor)

  49. Thank you, Kasey, for making me laugh today! Blizzard…bad! You…good:)

  50. 4:00 is PERFECT time for some lovely vino! That’s when I get home from teaching school and need to “wind down”…Cheers to 4:00!

  51. Ciao Kasey, here we have snow as well…you have just given me the right idea..I will pour one for me and one for you as well…or maybe a cup of tea?? It is so cold!!! Baci , Monica

  52. you are so nice to do that for your friend. i would not do that for anything!!!! i guess i’m not as nice as i thought i was three minutes ago. xx

  53. hahaha! 1. i hope bryan made it home. it’s NUTS out there. wait, you already know that. 2. we must have the same neighbor. 3. now that i think about it, maybe YOU’RE my neighbor- do you have red lights around all of your windows that you turn on every night, too? or is it just the bar light? because the person who lives near me has red lights and they aren’t for valentine’s day…

  54. Be courageous! Paint that dining room purple! It will be gorgeous!

  55. Totally stealing your candy hearts in the apothecary jar idea. BTW, thanks for the glass of wine…I needed that!

  56. You make me laugh out loud……………….

  57. it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, and it’s never too early for wine.
    thankyouverymuch for pouring me a glass too.
    I went to the store to get a few things before the blizzard came.
    wine and ice melt
    that’s all a girl needs.
    and i have duct tape around my windows. i’m not sure it helps.
    the most challenging window is the one IN the shower.
    bah. stupid winter

  58. I hope you (and your family) survived the blizzard! Stay warm!

  59. Shannon Hermann says:

    Love it!!!

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