up and down

On our last night …while sitting out back drinking our very last glass of wine….

my friend Alison suggested we go over the entire three days by stating an UP or a DOWN about our trip.

This is how it went.

DOWN: Arrived at airport to a totally cancelled flight.

UP: Re-booked right away.

DOWN: Had to check our carry on luggage.

UP: Sat next to Josh Groban.

DOWN: My suitcase didn’t make it off the plane.

UP: Dined on Mexican and margs while waiting for lost luggage.

DOWN: Not being able to drive down coast and stop in Nepenthe for drinks.

UP: In & Out burger.

DOWN: The amount of calories consumed on day 1.

UP: Friendships.

UP: None of us were on our periods.

UP: We each had our own bedroom.

UP: Sunshine every single day.

UP: Found a secret viewing area to see elephant seals.

DOWN: Private property means you can get a ticket for trespassing.

DOWN: Stinky

UP: All the momma’s had babies.

UP: Epoch winery.

Down: They don’t ship wine.

UP: Very large pourings.

UP: Very large pourings.

UP: Private tour of one of my readers winery.

DOWN: Someone telling every cute boy we met right off the bat that we had kids.

UP: Playing in the vineyard.
UP:Packing a picnic of wine and cheese to eat outside of Justin Winery.

UP: Getting our photos taken for a budget travel magazine.

DOWN: Not being told which budget travel magazine.

UP: Being hip with knowing we were budget type of girls.

DOWN: Not meeting a sugar daddy to hook us up.

UP: Glen from Justin Winery.

UP: Green doors.

UP: Drinking wine on the beach.

UP: Wine fermenting class.

DOWN: No fried artichokes

DOWN: Fat girl jeans.

UP: 70 degrees.

DOWN: Kasey forgot to get a pedicure.

UP: Drinking wine on the beach.

UP: Watching the sunset

UP: Running on the beach and not having to wear a bathing suit.

DOWN: Forgot to pack the spanx.

UP: Burning calories because of running.

DOWN: White legs.

UP: No skin cancer.

UP: Hearst Castle tour.

UP: Youngest ones on the tour.

DOWN: Silent alarms let security know that you opened a door you were not supposed to.

DOWN: Climbing a lot of stairs.

UP: Burning calories as you climb stairs.

DOWN: Panting like a sick dog.

UP: Accommodations right on the beach.

UP: Advil p.m.

UP: Picnicking right outside our accommodations.

UP: Wine at 10:30 am.

UP: Vitamin D.

UP: Two buck chuck

UP: Pretty noses.

UP: Good cheese.

UP: Mobile devices.

DOWN: Sick kids at home.

UP: Pretty shoes next to empty wine bottle.

UP: Dining creek side at Novo.

DOWN: Waiter.

UP: Tapas

DOWN: Waiter that rolls his eyes when asked a perfectly legitimate question.

UP: Three glasses of wine with dinner.

UP: Dinner at 4 p.m.
UP: Shopping in San Luis Obispo.

UP: Found great thrift shop.

UP: SLO voted happiest town in the US.

UP: Ate a whole lot of great food.

DOWN: Stepped on the scale.

UP: Complementary accomedations thanks to my parents condo on the beach.

UP: Surfer boys.

DOWN: The smell of kelp

UP: Being able to rub seaweed all over our faces that we found on the beach.

DOWN: Finding out that San Simeon seaweed is different then the seaweed you get at the spa.

UP: Friend finding a thrifted jacket and letting me have it.
UP: Robin’s restaurant in Cambria.

DOWN: Bar bill.

UP: Time change.

DOWN: Anyone wearing white washed jeans and pleather.

DOWN: Getting hit on in the airport by anyone that does not look like George Clooney.

UP: Telling them right away you have children.

DOWN: Finding out they are on same flight as you.

UP: Them buying you a round of drinks en flight.

UP: Coming home relaxed.

UP: Having husbands that love us.

UP: Memories.

DOWN: Dieting for the next 4 months.


  1. Very cute post Kasey. Looks like your girls getaway was fun & fabulous!! Love the shot of the shoes & empty wine bottle…

  2. Kasey,
    Great post. It sounds like you ladies had an amazing time. Here’s to running on the beach and not wearing a bathing suit.! Cheers.

  3. All just gorgeous! What a fantastic holiday 🙂 I’m so jealous! 🙂
    I loved the ‘door-pictures’. Hope you get to do another soon.

  4. Ha!
    No men should be hitting on you girls unless he is indeed George! Love the green doors, I remember those from your post with your hubs. See, I have been your reader a long time;-)

  5. I am so totally jealous.

  6. as i’ve said many times before….i need to live kasey’s life. for even just a day.

    glad you had such a fab time!!

  7. So glad that you have a good time. I love Cali and wish I could have gone with you:)

  8. This inspires me to plan a girls trip right away! Loved the pics, love seeing Hodek – makes me smile and think about Iowa City! You girls are tons of fun 🙂

  9. Beautiful pictures. You had some great UP’s. .
    This post brought some tears to my eyes. First beacause you are so blessed to have friends like these. I miss my Bestie that moved this year. Second because I have not been to Cali since I was on my hunny moon many moons ago. San Luis Obispo is my FAVORITE spot in the whole world. We stayed at Apples Farms and it was a wonderful time. Please tell me the name of the thrift store? I was looking on line yesterday for flights “WARM-destinations”. If your parnets rent out there condo I would love to know more about it. They sure have condos in sweet places. Also “where is the bakery? ” I love that you took us on this journey with you.
    I LOVE the thrifted jacket on you “SUPER CUTE”

  10. can’t wait until all my girlfriends grow up and get married and have kids and we can have getaways like these. I am the only married one with kids in our group! Pah!

  11. You are SO SO lucky. I want to come with you on a girls trip.

  12. It was awesome, the blog is awesome and you, my home girls, are awesome!

  13. Sounds like a very fun girls weekend!

  14. You take the coolest trips…looks like you gals had a lot of fun!! Love the green doors…again…and all the pretty{silly} beach pix:)

  15. I love that area, and you make me want to pack up right now and head there.
    So glad you had so much fun.

  16. Looks like such a fun time… the photos are gorgeous.

  17. Sounds like it was a blast! Can I borrow your parents? A condo in Hawaii and Cali, I could get used to that. Do they have a place in Italy. I’d like to go back there.
    Love the green doors. Josh Groban huh? What was he like?

  18. love love love reading…as always. great post. looks like a blast. this makes me want a girls weekend, baaad! love the yellow shoes!

  19. LOVE the outfit with your thrifted coat and jeans!!! What a fun girls weekend – so happy that you escaped the cold for a few days and soaked up the vitamin D!

  20. sounds like a fun trip…with the ups and downs!! you were hangin’ in my old stomping grounds…and I have to say, I’m a little bit jealous!! 🙂

  21. Ok…LOVE the tall, black combat boots, and the thrift store jacket…that whole outfit is adorable! I also like that in the picture of you jumping is an empty wine glass in the foreground 🙂 Great up’s & down’s! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wine at 10am~ sounds like my kind of trip! You look great in these photos Kasey. For how much you mentioned dieting, etc, you look great!! Glad you had fun and as always, thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  23. wow looks like my kind of girls trip!!! I love your new jacket! I need to know where I can get your friends cute shoes…P.S. Nothing from with 2 buck chuck! I love.:) thecoolkidsblog.com

  24. Great pics, Great legs they don’t need to be brown, you don’t need spanx and I wish I was there 🙂

  25. fantastic photos…what a great girls trip…I just love how each picture shows you all having such a great time and looking cute too:) …love that you had wine at 1030 am…your jacket is fabulous btw:)

  26. Shannon Hermann says:

    You captured it all perfectly!!!!

  27. You are so funny Kasey. It looks like it was a great getaway…I need one of those.

  28. UP-Reading your post of ups and downs
    DOWN-my parents don’t have a free condo on the beach

  29. Fun! Thanks for sharing. Living vicariously……… 🙂

  30. Sounds like so much fun. I grew up near there, and miss it terribly. I love what a weekend in the sun can do for your soul.

  31. You are SOOO cute! LOVED that post! What great pics…great vaca…& with great girlfriends!

    I need to do that too!

  32. Great post! Sounds like you had an amazing trip.

  33. Are you kidding me Kasey?! I thought you were further north up Hwy 1. You were right here in my backyard! My good friend is the manager at Novo. Amazing food, huh? And I really hope you hit up Stephanie at Ruby Rose in SLO. Her vintage shoppe is THE BEST little gem. Nothing beats SLO. It is a fantastic shopping experience. Where else can you window shop surrounded by trees, a bubbling creek and happy young people?! And we really ARE having amazing weather right now!!
    So were you staying in Cayucos ….Morro Bay….? Nest time you go let me know so I can give you some insider info 😉

  34. Totally great post, too funny and really enjoyable, looks like a great group of ladies, I am heading out on Saturday for a short visit with my best girls, after your post I am even more excited! Take care, Laura

  35. Sorry – you have too much fun!

  36. So much stuff- I dont know where to begin!
    Did you get a picture of Josh Groban?

    Thats great that you had many more UPS than DOWNS.
    Sounds lovely!

  37. How wonderful. I grew up visiting Cambria, did you stop by Linn’s Bin? The best, best, best white chocolate cake with berries ever.

  38. Fabulous girlfriend vacation! I was just in SLO weekend before last, it makes me happy too!! xxoo 🙂

  39. UP your blog posts get me to laugh and smile….DOWN nobody to go on a trip like this with:( looks like a great time!

  40. Yeah for no periods and two buck chuck. The rest is pretty great too.
    Cari b.

  41. I love my husband and my kids but there is nothing like getting away for a few days with girlfriends!!

  42. Next time stop by Petit Soleil in SLO!

  43. Your fun post reminded me of a children’s book my kids loved (ages ago). It was called “Fortunately Unfortunately.” It was funny and fun like this post.


  44. Great post!!!!

  45. Four simple words. You. Crack. Me. Up! Your blog ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing you and a slice of your life.

  46. love, love, love the green doors! p.s. I’m jealous that I didn’t get invited on the trip!

  47. LOVED THIS “WINEY” POST! So jealous of the awesome time you had with wonderful friends. Pics were perfect! Hey, and makes a girl feel good that she still gets hit on….even if he is a bust!! LOL!
    XO Nancy

  48. Hi Kasey – you just sooo make me laugh & brighten my day! I too have the most fabulous friends in the world & would truly be lost without them. . . . you’ve inspired me to book a little ‘rehab’ myself x x x x x Claire

  49. looks like your girls trip was a blast! i’m sure your family is glad that mom is back home!

  50. Sounds like a fabulous trip! 🙂

  51. down….you were in SLO and i didnt get to say hello! we have a home there too!

  52. It looks like you had a fun, fun time. Kasy you’re always wearing the boots that I want 🙂 Those lace up ones are so cute. I think I had to head to the shops and buy myself a pair. And then I will wear them with my white layer skirt 🙂

  53. Ohhhhh I really would like to have a trip like you had…..but here in Europe it is COLD everywhere..and my husband would not go to Florida with my three babies…his parents are in Milan!!!! Too next!!!
    Baci baci, Monica

  54. So much fun. I saw the Oprah show yesterday in which she mentioned San Luis Obispo and I can see now with your photos how it looks so fun.

  55. i love, love, love this post! omg. what an amazing girls vacay! i am so jealous! xo

  56. UP – your blog!
    Down – the fact that I didn’t get to go on that cool trip!

    And you sat next to Josh Groban?!

  57. um helloooooooooo? please tell me you got an autograph or picture of JG? and also holy cute shoes!

  58. i loved your ups and downs. the seaweed one, ha! i mean, not at at you, with you. xx

  59. what a lovely trip!

    down: I did not get to meet you 🙁

    I will remember to be thankful for our sunshine when I get jealous of the beauty of everything in the midwest!

  60. What a fun trip! You look great in jeans….I’ve been wanting skirts because they look so cute on you with boots…but you look really cute in jeans too. I’ve never been a wine drinker, but after reading all your posts I think maybe I should start!

  61. I dig every little thing about your outfit in the nice-friend-thrifted-jacket pic.

  62. I recognize those doors at Halter Ranch! I just booked my August trip…SO excited!

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