I introduce you to..

the Buick family photo wall


just to make it known….

we have never really had a photo wall.

Once we did….but that was BC….{Before Chicago}.

I know….yell at me if you wish…. but the only photo wall i’ve had in this house is in our bedroom…

and just to make it clear…

it’s because everyone knows what we look like.

My friends see my kids everyday….

bryan and i know what each other look like…

our kids could pick each other out in a line up.

{not saying that would ever happen..}

Why have a photo wall if you all see each other everyday anyway….huh?

Plus….this little house is only 1800 sf…and wall space is at a premium…

you know….

just in case i ever wanted to hang some kids artwork.

{i’m not going to point out the wall where one of the kids took a sharpie too…and

practiced writing his name all over it….no…i won’t point that out today}

It’s only because i love those damn library photos so much that i decided they needed to be

printed and hung somewhere in my house.


the best place would have to be the wall along the stairs…

and because i don’t really have another wall that would work.

You might have noticed that none of the frames have glass in them….

that is because i used mostly vintage frames…

{the smaller frames are newer and from Ikea}

and also..

the most important reason….

because i have three kids that i know…

for a fact….

will knock a frame or two down…..

{ it’s happened before….even though it’s been blamed on the never happened earthquake}

and i don’t want the glass shattering all over……

{been there….done that}

so to be on the safe side…and because i like that look…

there is no glass in any of the frames.

There is also no perfection……

some of the photos are just taped inside the frame……

i use my favorite light colored masking tape….just like i used in my sun room to tape up

on my Inspiration wall.

So….there you go….the big introduction.

And i bet you all thought i was going to show you the inside of my mini van today…

the mini van that i found a sandwich that was left from back in november.

Nope…not today. Today…you get this.


Updated to add: The color on the walls is Faded Silk by Ralph Lauren.


  1. what a beautiful wall…just exceptional! i am inspired to do a wall like this now, ahhhh i just love it!!

  2. This is soooo creative! Just lovely!


  3. Great job!

    Would you mind sharing the paint color?

  4. I am totally obsessed with this room and keep pulling it up just to look at it because it makes me happy. I keep it on my phone and show people, too. I am starting to feel like a real-life-room-stalker.
    And I love it so.

  5. Oh my goodness. This photo wall. I love it. Everything about it.
    The color on the wall. The white vintage frames. The KEYS! (I love those keys.) The photos in the library – such a good idea! The “B’s” everywhere. Good good good.

  6. Gorgeous and fUn!!!!

  7. Ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    HOW have I not seen this yet? I’m now officially your stalker seeing as how I adore this, and I, too have found food of the sketch variety in our mini 🙂

  8. Oh my! is all I can say to you. This is just stunning! I LURVE IT! Really everything about this is wonderful. I love all the vintage frames and the order-no order going on. I like the light walls and trim but the dark wood. I really caould stare at this all day. iI want to copy you so badly.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love Love Love! Thanks for the paint color, too! It’s perfect.

  10. Kasey, Can I Pinterest some of these photos on my board? (with your web address of course)

  11. Ive been wanting to do this on our wall up the stairs as well for a long time now….did u collect all of the frames first and then arrange it or started from one side/middle and collected as you went?? I dont think I have enough yet to totally fill the wall..

    • The wall was full of empty frames that i had been collecting. Try going to the local thrift store or flea market for finding them…

  12. Jenn Parker says:

    Random question…I just saw this picture on pinterest, and then followed the links to your blog.
    It peaked my interest because it looks exactly like my stairway in my 100 year old house!
    But then I looked through your blog and realized you now live in Hawaii, (I’m jealous!)
    but wondered if you still have the house in Chicago…
    Because if you do…I had a few questions for you:)
    Like…is it a Sears house? An old farm house? Does it have horse hair plaster walls?
    Just curious.
    You can email me at Jennkunteparker@gmail.com if you want to correspond about my crazy questions:)

    • yes…we still have the house. It’s in St. Charles…..and we rented it out for the year. It’s a farmhouse style…but not on a farm. It does have plaster walls.
      It is not a Sears home as far as i can tell…..

  13. Pinned!!!! This will soon be my stairway .. thanks for sharing <3

  14. I’ve been admiring this wall for months now, having found it originally on Pinterest. I’m using it as inspiration for my very long and narrow (and somewhat creepy) hallway to soften it and make it look more inviting. I’ve always been a fan of the shabby chic and vintage look, and what you did is nothing short of gorgeous (and that paint! So pretty).

    How long did it take you to complete? Because finding vintage white frames is proving difficult.

  15. I love your photo of your photo wall. Just did a bunch of old old house reduex and now looking at my staircase in entry way. I LOVE your set up and our is exactly like yours. I’ll have to do a before and after photo next time I get a chance-I’ve always wanted to do this same thing…nicely done-beautiful-natural-kid friendly-easy going-and ooooooh I love those library pics too!!
    Cheryl come visit my shop sometime!!!

  16. This has given me the kick I needed to improve my very sparse (and comparatively tasteless) stairway gallery. Funnily enough, I started picking up second-hand frames yesterday, so I’m ready to go! A tip for Corinne (having trouble finding white frames) – use spray paint! 🙂

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