all cracked up


but that photo was too cute not to show.

Just don’t mention it to lola.

I bought her a new pair of jeans before our trip…and i guess they were a tad bit big around the waste.

I know that feeling well……

as i feel my pants just hanging really loose around stomach.


cough cough…

did i just say that out loud.

So…after we spent the night in San Diego….we drove over to the desert….my parents have a place on a golf course

outside of Palm Springs…and my grandmother has a place there as well.

It was a perfect meeting place for my whole side of the family.

There were 28 of us at Thanksgiving dinner.

I would show you the group photo…but my grandmother who is almost 92…

decided that she should flip off my camera for the photo.

Then i have my crazy aunt…who decided to join in on that whole thing….so needless to say..

I have a photo of everyone except the children who all had that look of…


so i thought for the benefit of everyone….some photos should not be shown.

That is the type of family i have.

There you have it….

my extended family is on the borderline of …well….

they are my family….and i love them.

Middle fingers and all.

I’ll show you photos of babies playing cars instead.

This is my nephew…who’s almost one.

His name is Preston.

I got to hold him a whole lot….and didn’t have to change one single diaper the entire trip.

These are my parents….

my dad is a judge in a small mountain ski town in New Mexico.

He told me i couldn’t give out his information…but should you ever end up in court while in Angel Fire, NM.

just tell him you read my blog.

I can’t guarantee that you will get off easy….

I know i didn’t when i was there a while back and got pulled over for {slightly} speeding….

a bit over the limit and ended up in his courtroom fighting my speeding ticket.

It wasn’t pretty.

That’s my mom there next to my dad.

She’s holding the baby.

She really loves babies….and loves to hold Preston.

I like to hold Preston also.

My mom was super nice and let me hold him ….and then she would change his diaper.

I love her.

This is my brother Spencer and his family.

Spencer married a girl named Bonny….and she has really nice legs.

She’s also tall.

She has nice Ta Ta’s…but i think they might not be real.

I’m not sure though…and i didn’t ask her.

I did ask her if i could have her body….since i used to have one like that.

She said no.

So…i ate another double double with extra sauce.

It’s pretty obvious i don’t look like my brother….or my dad.

My dads side of the family is part hispanic…and for some reason…that gene skipped me.

I think Spencer might be adopted.

Just don’t tell him though.

The girl in the photo with my brothers family is Bonny’s niece from England.

Her name is Demi.

No relation to Demi Moore.

My kids now speak to me with an English accent….and everything is so lovely.

Demi on occasion will sleepwalk in the middle of the night…and i’m just saying….

it would have been nice to be informed of that little bit of info before i found her in my bathroom

in the middle of the night.

Just sayin.

So…before you head over to the last photo of the day….

i just want to let you know that i did NOT have time to color my roots before my trip.

I ran out of money….

because i used my money to buy a nice push up bra instead.

I realize…it might not be the biggest push up in town…but hey…it works for me.

The kids loved on Preston the entire time we were there…so much so…

that they asked for a baby brother.

I told them i’d work on it for them.

Working on it and doing it are two completely seperate things…just so we’re clear.

check check

Bryan did in fact get to play a little golf while we were there…not just sit out back and watch it.

The men all went golfing one afternoon…

while us girls headed to the spa.

We went to Agua Caliente in Palm Springs…..and let me tell ya…

i was totally pampered.

They had mineral baths……and a relaxation room…where i fell asleep.

It was nice. I don’t get to do that very often…so i was very appreciative for  some girl

time at the spa.

Now that we are back home….let me tell you i have not done one single thing to decorate

for Christmas.


And you know what…..we are gonna be okay.

It’ll get done soon…and i’m going very basic this year.

No glizt…no glamour.

I already feel like i am getting stressed with getting things done…and i hate that feeling…..

so you know what…i am NOT going to stress then.

It’ll get done when it gets done.

First things first though……my hair has a date with a box of Ferria.


  1. got the first commen this time! I happpend to be home, on the computer already, paying bills and coughing. hee.

    You have a really lovely family, and why do I doubt after reading this none of this is true! Except your dad looks like a very serious judge! Good looking man though for a dad!
    Here’s another career option to ponder-stand up comedian????

    see you later.

  2. Looks like you had a very nice Thanksgiving!
    Love the “crack” photo….I have TONS of crack photos thanks to my super skinny son. 🙂

  3. How nice to sneak away to the sunshine – especially now that you have snowflakes falling. I am so envious of that by the way! Stay warm and enjoy your day sans children!

  4. We were a family of 25 at dinner. And that’s not all of us. I have a picture up of our ginormous table if you want to look. Your dad is very handsome and looks rather judge like. I had to color my roots before I left on our trip. But nothing a little photoshop won’t fix. 🙂

  5. Ferria is the best…. 😉

  6. Such a beautiful family!!


  7. You are a hoot!
    What a great looking family.

  8. I love those mustard shoes of yours.
    Preston is stinkin cute so please let us know if you end up
    with that baby your kids asked for;-)

  9. oh m word,i just spit my coffee all over the computer monitor after reading the ta ta comment,oh lordy i hope the computer doesnt go haywire…:)

  10. You all look so cute as usual! Looks like a fun trip. It’s nice to see photos of your family.

  11. Lola has such great style just like her Mama!
    Preston is 1 year old already?!

  12. Kasey, thanks for making me laugh today!

  13. Love the family pics…and the update:) What a fun trip/holiday you had!

  14. Dont Stress!! I have no holiday up either. Im a day after Turkey Day kinda girl. My kids have not even asked.
    I LOVE IT!!!
    In the root picture it looks like your wearing a halo…..
    Sounds like you had fun. Oh and your family is beautiful and so nice of them to let you talk about their ta ta’s.. 🙂

  15. I am so jealous it looks like a big family and my family is small not much to do when everybody is in their on world!!!

    Hilda :]

  16. wasn’t it just yesterday we were submitting names for baby preston?
    oh my word….

    what a fun family, even birdie flippin granny

    & i love the picture of lola.
    the yellow jacket one
    of course

    ps…SO glad i was able to chat your ear off today!
    love you friend

  17. I love seeing the photos of your parents. Your mom looks so sweet:) You look cute as usual even with those roots;-)

    I haven’t started decorating for Christmas either but then again I have moved to two houses in two states in 8 months. I have the right to be slow! I did go out and buy a Christmas tree today but that is all that will be happening around here. I am like you….no stress about it.

    I love my sweater by the way!

  18. here is my one year old sporting a baby butt crack

    I love your posts- thanks for posting

  19. LOL!! You are too funny!! Glad you found a great push up bra and sometimes our roots just have to wait!! hee..hee… Hope you are having a great week! Hugs,Rachel 😉

  20. really love the photos…you have a beautiful family and sounds wonderful to have such a big/fun Thanksgiving celebration
    love the laughs I always have from you

  21. AtOneWithHim says:

    I wish you would show that picture…. maybe just photo shop everyone else out and just show Granny giving a Thanksgiving bird! It sounds like a totally normal abnormal family.
    I have a brother in law who was still a teenager when we had our little ones and every now and then he has managed to photo-bomb a picture. I have many seemingly great photos with my kids and their grandparents and low and behold there is Uncle D in the background giving us the bird… little turd. Of course I really always thought it was funny. I am mature like that.

    thanks for sharing! BTW haven’t you heard? Crack kills.

  22. sara noland says:

    I hope im not part of the crazy side! It was good to see you wiser older cousin! 😉

  23. That is the cutest little crack I have ever seen:)) Heck with the hair, push up’s are the best:))

    Hugs, Carol

  24. you have a handsome and beautiful family girly!!
    i didn’t even notice your roots cuz of your boobs all pushed up like that..haha!
    simple sounds nice for christmas..i plan not to stress either!
    the economy does that for me!!
    have a great started mine with a chuckle and i really wanna see your grandmother flipping you off!!!

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