thirty six things

Today i turned 36….and i do not have any list to show you of things i have

accomplished this last year or anything i want to accomplish the next year.

What i will share with you are 36 things that just pop into my mind as i write.

1. Contrary to popular belief..i really do not like taking photos of myself.

2. If you notice photos of myself…i cut off my head in most of them.

3. I get acne.

4. I have a tendency to pull on my earlobe when i get nervous.

4. My Seattle bestie sent me a disc of previously unseen photos in which i will show you…now.

5. I get really bad toe cramps when i wear really pretty but not so comfortable shoes.

 6. I used to smoke in high school.

7. I smoked while i was in France.

8. I have one french cigie left…and i might smoke it tonight.

9. I will live if i smoke it…and i will actually enjoy it.

10. I don’t recommend smoking to anyone….but really…french cigies are good.

11. I am a good 10 pounds heavier then when i was in France.

12. My 30 for 30 days of working out in November…is not so good.

13. I think i’ve hit the gym …possibly…3 times this month.

14. I really have no reason other than i like to eat.

15. I like coffee.

16. I can easily drink 3-12 cups a coffee in one morning.

17. I don’t have a problem.

18. I like wine also.

19. I think you already know that.

20. I will continue to drink 3 glasses of wine a night due to my health.

21. My health is really good except for my weight.

22. If i stopped drinking wine at night then i would be skinny.

23. I would rather be healthy.

24. I once called my husband “Pierre” by accident.

25. As you can see… is easy to get the two confused.

27. Obviously…Pierre is dark…and Bryan is pretty white.

28. I almost forgot what Pierre looked like.

29. We all had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning.

30. My besties took me to lunch today.

30.5   I had 2 drinks called purple haze.

31. I brought along my new Fuji instant max camera to lunch.

32. The best present was from Lola.

33. She gave me a hand written card that said…..

34. Lola told me i could dress her today for my birthday.

35. Lola wore a skirt..and a feather in her hair.

36. I had the best day ever.

36.5.  I didn’t even get toe cramps at all today.


  1. glad you had such a fabulous day my friend!!!!!
    i love your list

  2. oh yay me
    i’m first!!

  3. 2nd & 3rd
    i want a crown tower thingie like you
    would you mind if i copied you
    cuz i think you rule

  4. Your much older Minnesota friend says:

    You do some of your best posts after “celebrating”. Enjoy your evening! Wish I could be there with you!

  5. Oh I was just going to say I’m first…but by the time I’m done…I know that’s not going to be true:)…
    Happy Birthday pretty girl…even if you don’t like photos you have some great ones your Seattle bestie shared and a great list

  6. Happy Birthday! Love your post!

  7. Happy Birthday! A perfect 36th birthday if I do say so!! I also turned 36 and I keep asking myself how did i get here when I was JUST 26 a few months ago? I love the note from Lola… so adorable.
    xo Heather

  8. What a fun post! Happy birthday! Great pics and beautiful card.

  9. That is so awesome. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  10. Happy birthday! You look fabulous at any weight:). I am glad that you had a great day. The toe thing? Yikes!

  11. Love that card and Happy Birthday to a very creative writer 🙂

  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If I had your address Id send you a gift for all the smiles you have given me since I found your blog!!! Really.. I would….

  13. HB2U……You Rock!

  14. Allison K says:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday!!

  16. Happy Birthday! Love the camera.

  17. Happy b’day scorpio girl!
    My baby girl (who is my fourth child) turned two the same day as you, so she is in good b’day company!
    Sounds like you had wonderful day 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday!!!! I love the poem from Lola!

  19. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed every sip of that Purple Haze!

  20. BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE MON AMIE!!! (if I may be so bold to infer our friendship)
    Sounds as if you had a lovely day! Will Bryan’s gift be a FAB pair of Anthro boots??
    Do tell….
    Friends in blogland – Shari

  21. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I love your posts, always so real and you!
    You know my doc said I had an ulcer, stop the wine and the coffee, I said really? Did you not know I have a husband that works out of the home, 2 dogs, 3 boys and you will need to write me up something for that ulcer 🙂 ha ha….He did.
    Enjoy your week!

  22. OH, OH… meant to add in my comment…. Anthro boots that will not CRAMP your style!!
    <3 Shari

  23. Kasey, Happy Birthday…sounds like your day was as special as you. Amazing Lola- she nailed it in her card~
    you can’t keep that smile off your face and you are full of grace. Bonne Fete, Belle Ami`

  24. happy bday Kasey!

  25. Happy Birthday Kasey! I love the poem from Lola, too cute!

  26. I love this post so much! Glad to hear you had such a spectacular day!

  27. Happy Birthday Kasey!!!!!!! Wheww you keep this up and you will catch up with me 🙂

  28. happy birthday! I so so so enjoy your blog…you have me laughing out loud at my computer and my kids stare and wonder what on earth I am laughing at! YOur kids are adorable too and your photos are also very nice. Happy birthday dear Kasey happy birthday to you. hugs

  29. Happy Birthday Kasey! Wishing you all of the best in the year ahead. Thanks for sharing your life with us on your blog. I look forward to reading it. Cheers! -Marybeth
    ps. you share your b-day with one really special kid – My son Jack turned 6 today. ;o)

  30. Happy Birthday Kasey!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday ~ always love your randomness.

  31. Happy Birthday to a wonderful free spirit!


  32. Happy Birthday to an amazing,hilarious,sensible;),creative soul,i hope you have many more wonderful birthdays:)

  33. Great Birthday Post!
    appy Happy Birthday!!!

  34. Awww … I hope you had a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS b-day!!!! I love what Lola wrote to you … so sweet!

  35. Happy Birthday! So fab, funny and real! I love it! Keep it up you 36 year old! Wonderful day! Lovely daughter! The apple does not fall far from the tree! Have a great night and enjoy that french cigie, pierre…opps i mean your hubby, and all those lovely healthy glasses of wine! Lulu

  36. Happy Birthday Kasey!!!

  37. Happy Birthday Kasey! 🙂

  38. Happy 36, fabulous lady! Glad it was wonderful.

  39. Glad you had such a fabulous day! It was great to talk to you today, you “old” lady you!

  40. Happy Birthday!!

  41. You are so awesome! Cheers to you on your Blissful Day {Clink, clink}.

    P.S. Love all these pictures!

  42. Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing. Florence

  43. Happy Birthday!!
    I just turned 36 myself last month!
    Hope your day was wonderful!!

  44. cool camera…sounds like a fun day 🙂

  45. Happy Birthday Kasey! (we have the same astro sign). It sounds like you had a good day. What a lovely words, your Lola sounds like my Noa, these cards are I think the best litte treasures.
    And I didn’t know instant camera’s looked so pretty, will have to look into that, I still have my old polaroidm, thanks for sharing. Have a good Wednesday!

  46. A very happy birthday to you! I loved your list of things, and your pics are great. Have fun with your new camera.. it looks like a real cutie!

  47. Hello Kasey. 36 is good age – ’74 was a great year I hear! We are a good vintage. I loved the poem and your brutal honesty in your list! I guess we would all do better if we ate healthily and did not have vices. Yours are cigarettes, mine shopping; atleast your vice doesn’t break the bank! I do like how you make everyday things look lovely. That is a nice skill to have 🙂 Lou x

  48. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am scorpio, too :-))
    Have a nice day

  49. Happy Birthday! Mine’s tomorrow…..the big 40…..UGGG!

  50. Happy birthday! I love your list… and Pierre;-)

  51. Happy, happy Kasey! The note from Lola is as precious as can be. Love your list~ love your blog. 😉

  52. Happy birthday, Kasey! I hope your day is just lovely, even a day late. 😉

  53. Sounds like you had a great Birthday….Love the pix and love the card from Lola, that was so sweet…..
    Happy belated Birthday

  54. Happy Belated Birthday!! What a sweet note from your sweet girl:) Hugs to you, K!

  55. The happiest of birthday wishes! lola is a sweetie and what a lovely poem. sounds like you’ve had the best birthday and love your list, especially the wine part 🙂

  56. Happy Birthday Kasey! I just had my bday and I was a shocking 44! Who knew?? I love reading your blog. It’s so nice and relaxing and fun. A great way to start the day! Drove thru St. Charles the other day to see a friend–and thought of you!

  57. What a great birthday. I love that Lola let you dress her on your special day.

  58. Happy belated bday! Adorable. …I get crazy toe cramps too.

  59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUNNY LaDy YOU!!!!!! Hope you have so much fun!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  60. Happy Birthday Kasey!
    x from Kent

    ps: ouch for the cramps!!

  61. Happy Birthday! was thinking about purchasing a fuji instant max camera too!

  62. Happy Birthday!

    i kinda feel like we’re the same person except beer is my daily vice…i mean treat. def. a necessary treat. gift from God – even better.

    I even sometimes long to return to Chicago (lived there once upon a time) and so perhaps you could find me a husband (Pierre would do just fine) and that will make it all work out.

  63. Happpy…Happpppy!! You are just darling and those kids are just tooo cute. I love the messages from them for your special day.

    FRAME THEM! Your style and my style…I wish I lived near you…I would invite you and the kids over for wine…well. UH…wine and juice.

    Your blog makes my day. Almost every day!


  64. Happy 36, you are simply fabulous my dear! ~xo Lili

  65. Happy Birthday – I am turning 36 soon… i hope i have as great of a list – i could probably steal some of yours – especially the ones about coffee and wine!
    cheers to you!

  66. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous one! I love reading your blog, that you’ve lived in France and that you have kids so cute I can’t stand it. I’m also thinking about purchasing a Fuji Instant Max. Do you love it?

  67. Happy Birthday a little late!! Sounds like a fabulous b-day! You are so cute!

  68. Happy Happy Birthday!

  69. Happy birthday!!

  70. Too funny. So glad you don’t really smoke though! I did for many years in my 20’s, so gross. You’d stink, and it just wouldn’t go with all your cute outfits Kasey! ha. Glad your bday was enjoyable and celebrated by good friends.

  71. Happy Birthday, lovely lady!

  72. Happy Happy Day, Kasey. I remember 36 like it was, well, 26 years ago. Every decade gets better, so you have a lot to look forward to.

  73. Happy Happy Birthday Kasey! Wishing you continued coffee drinking, wine sipping, chocolate cake eating and much happiness in your year ahead! your zest for life is fantastic!

  74. Wishing you the best year Kasey. Love your posts

  75. Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!! Best wishes 🙂

  76. melanie in tn says:

    happy birthday funny blog lady, thanks for the smiles-you really do have a gift =)

  77. Sweet birthday wishes to you Kasey.

  78. quit cutting your head off in pics, you’re much too cute and fab also, I really want to win that camera.

  79. Happy Birthday {I think I’m a day late}. You crack me up. Love your wittiness. You are creative. And so darling.

  80. glad you had a good day! love the kids cards they are the best! susan

  81. you are just so adorably funny my friend. Canadian darts (cigarettes) are wonderful too…especially Players and they come in a sweet box that just looks chic !! I think you look incredible…we all put on a few extra pounds..dont stress. I love the way you dress too !!!

  82. Comment # 82 – nice… I am sorry it took me this long to have more than five seconds access to the computer. I hope you had a marvelous birthday and can’t wait to hear all about it. We are due a LONG catch-up call when I am home!
    Love you!!!

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