the forecast calls for a dress

Have i mentioned that Fin loves Paula Deen…..or maybe he just loves watching the Today show…

or it could be Matt…..

but i have feeling he loves Paula….and butter. We all like a little butter.

I’m really trying to be better about eating breakfast lately. I’m bad at that.

I have no problem throwing down 5 cups of coffee in the morning…but making myself breakfast

is a whole other thing. So today…i made some scrambled eggs….and yesterday i had oatmeal.

I even took a multi vitamin this morning.

I forgot all about those……till i opened up the cabinet and there they were…and not expired yet.

I had a pretty low key weekend….very uneventful.

Nothing exciting happened.

I was supposed to go to a friends 40th birthday party on Saturday night….

it was going to be great because it was an Alter Ego party in which everyone had to dress

up and come as that person.

I was going to be Julia Child.

I had the perfect dress…..i had the cookbook…i even bought some nylons and some fake pearls

from Walmart to wear.

Then the babysitter cancelled.

That was going to be fine…because bryan didn’t need to go…i could go solo.

Then i got a little sick.

Needless to say…i missed a fun party. I still need to figure out how and where i am going

to wear that outfit…because now i have nylons and fake pearls.

I did a little birthday shopping with some of the money i received…and i came home with this dress.

I also came home with a new necklace.

I did not come home with new boots.

As much as i tried to justify spending all my birthday money on a pair of fabulous

grey…lace up the front…military style riding boots…

i just couldn’t stomach spending all my money on that.

So…i went to Anthro instead.

If you see me wear this dress two or three days in a row…just know that i showered.

I also spritzed on some of that Febreeze.

I’ll be fresh…don’t worry.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday…….

as you can see…i accumulated a nice stack of clothes.

Things i haven’t worn in a while.

So..on twitter yesterday…i asked if i should just take these to the consignment shop..

or stick them on Ebay. I haven’t used Ebay in years…so i might be a little rusty.

I got a response back saying i should post them on this here blog..

and do a shop the kasey’s closet post.

I might just do that.

I recieved a $10 coupon in the mail last week for Kohls. No strings attatched…just a coupon

that said…use this against your store purchase.

So….considering i haven’t been in a Kohls in a very long time…i went in and bought a pair

of leggings…for exactly $10.

I handed over the coupon…and paid the sales tax…and walked out with an almost

free pair of leggings.

That was weird.

I’ve never walked out of a shop…only spending sales tax.

I got home and emailed them …asking them to send me more of those coupons…but i have

not heard back yet.


Then on Saturday…bryan took the kids to the movies….because there was a free movie playing in the morning.


So…we did what we do best…and the kids packed up their own candy..and went to a free movie.

Then…yesterday…i took the kids back to the same free movie again.


Except i bought a kids pack popcorn-drink thing.

I guess it really wasn’t free after all. I paid $3.

There is something special about having popcorn and coke at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Thank goodness i had my oatmeal for breakfast beforehand….

and i had my multi vitamin.

Which reminds me to let you know that i went to bootcamp last week.

Yes i did.

But then i got home andΒ  my friends and i went to cheesecake factory for lunch….

and i had a glass of wine with lunch….but i did NOT have a piece of cheesecake.

I really wanted a piece of cheesecake.

Snickers cheesecake….is the best….not that i would know or anything.


  1. Okay, I would like ot shop the closet.
    I love free days, so fun. I want to see the legging.s

  2. I love Snickers Cheesecake! You are a strong woman to resist that!!! Oh, and I got the $10 card from Kohl’s too…maybe I’ll head over and see if I can find me some leggings. πŸ™‚ As soon as I get over this darn stomach flu. Sigh.

  3. Oh yeah, and if you list those clothes oh your blog…call me before the post goes up so I can have first dibs. Friends do that sort of thing, right? I’m sick remember? You give sick people special treatment don’t you? πŸ˜‰

  4. I love your posts honey! Don’t forget to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven’t already!

    Kori xoxo

  5. I want you to do a virtual yard sale! I am thinking of doing one on my blog with some home decor stuff.

    Next time you go to The Cheesecake Factory, get the red velvet. It is delish!

  6. I would love some Kasey clothes. Post away….I’m sure things will go quickly. I wished I lived by you. I would just shop at your house. I guess I’ll have to settle with waiting for the item to be shipped. I can’t wait to see what you’re selling!!

  7. Let me know if you get anymore Kohls coupons!
    I could use some sales tax only cute leggings;-)

  8. I don’t need clothes but I will take the chair they are sitting on!


  9. Too cute, you know there are so many resales around here to get some money for your goods you want to rid of. Glad you got some favorites for your birthday.

  10. cute dress my friend
    guess that means you aren’t coming to the atl to sport the grey boots while checking out the new floors big reveal. that’s ok. you know i love you

  11. Shannon Hermann says:

    I saw that segment this morning on the today show while i was on the treadmill!

  12. Love that dress and your outfit sounded perfect! Bummer you missed the party. Way to be a bargainista this weekend with all the free stuff. I have one of those Kohl’s coupons to use tonight.

  13. You absolutely should have a Shop It To Ya post where we can have a piece of Kasey’s Clothing! People would duke it! πŸ™‚

  14. I think you gonna sell your stuff here in no time! In fact people might bid on your things and you’ll make a fortune!! πŸ˜€ More cash to spend at Anthro. And because I love clothes too, I might just check it out myself! πŸ˜‰

  15. I love that Fin LOVES Paula Deen…what’s not to love…that accent, the yummy food AND she’s hilarious!

  16. firstly, darn it aaaaaaaaaalllll! – that’s for my not winning the camera. but congrats to the winner (insert limp hand shake and half smile)

    secondly, yes, i think you should try selling yourself on your blog or else, set it up through ebay is alright for selling, very risky these days i think.

    and thirdly, i too received Kohl’s bucks, it is a very grand idea ( to get us in there and spend more than ten) but i too spent exactly ten. high five for self control


  17. Bet your clothes would be “gobbled up” in no time:) Love the new dress!

  18. Shopping at Kasey Buick – what could be better?? Where did you get the dress and necklace – love!

  19. So glad you’re considering my idea πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ :).

  20. I havent even see the gold sweater in total and Im thinking Ill take it… I make necklaces and I really love yours. I wish you had a closer shot of it… Where did you get it? How MUCH? Ok now Im being rude… SO HOW MUCH?
    Ill trade ya a necklace for that sweater…. πŸ™‚
    I love Paula Deen and Butter too…
    Thanks to you I ordered an Anthro catalog…. Hope I dont need a part time job to pay for my boots…

  21. Kasey~Don’t you just love the 10.00 coupon I get them from Jc Pennys too never from Khols I have never even been in a Kohls sad to say. I also cleaned out my closet and donated to Goodwill for a nice write off but now I have no clothes and it looks a lil empty.Great idea to sell on your blog and then you can go shopping! Woo-hoo Best of Luck~Cheers Kim

  22. the other night i read the post about you meeting your husband right before i went to bed.
    i dreamed that you were really drunk, in utah, and that bryan had bought you an old convertible buick of some sort…it was the weirdest damn dream. thought i’d share.;D

  23. Allison Kelley says:

    Yes Yes Yes, to Kasey’s Closet!

  24. I’m looking forward to Kasey’s closet!!!!! Your blog never fails to make me laugh. Thanks for the smiles.

  25. i love the pattern on your dress. mustard is my most favorite color.

  26. Please “blog-bay” your clothes!!! Just give us all a head start !

  27. Too bad you are MUCH skinnier than me! I can’t shop your closet. πŸ™ I love when I get coupons like that from Kohls!

  28. cute cute dress and necklace…
    and *love* that you just paid sales tax for those tights…that is awesome!

  29. I love your blog, which I read quite regularly, but I don’t always comment.Time – that’s always my greatest enemy. Love your writing style too and your clothes – and I suppose I love your boots. I’m a boots girl myself. I just went a got myself a pair of riding boots this weekend. They were not too expensive but they’re faux leather you see πŸ™ Would love to get a pair of the real thing. Had been eyeing a great pair at DSW all summer but kept thinking it wasn’t exactly the season for boots – especially with tempertures here reaching the high 30s and 40s (Celsius). So I kept on waiting till we got our first rain – and then. of course they no longer had the boots in my size. My fault said hubby, I shouldn’t wait on things like that. Oh well, I guess I’ve learnt my lesson.

  30. I will be here with bells on for your Kasey’s closet party.
    whoop whoop.
    btw…can I see your FREE leggings?

  31. yes please have a shop your closet party. move outta the way everyone!!

  32. do you know the pushing and shoving that’s going to be taking place to shop your closet. It’ll be like that store Filenes basement for their wedding dresses {giggles} i say go plum! come on…. do it!!!

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