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Well…i spent a good part of my day photographing the clothes you are about to view….

between taking photos…i have been nursing Mason because he is home again with strep throat.

When i say NURSING….i don’t mean literally…so don’t get all freaked out because even

though i am sure there is nothing wrong with women who nurse their almost ten year olds….

or maybe there is…

but you won’t find me chit chatting about it here.

What i mean is…i’m taking care of my big boy who’s home from school again…and loving on him

in between taking the photos and catching up on some backed up episodes of Brothers and Sisters.

So…here we are…and you are about to view the clothes i no longer wear or need anyore.

Please read thru every description before you raise your hand and say…

i’ll take it.

All clothing has obviously been worn…and are in overall very good condition.

The price of each item INCLUDES shipping….and will arrive to you clean and hopefully not smell

like a cat litter box or of a soggy basement.

Totally kidding.

I do not have a cat…….but i do have a soggy basement.

If there is something you want…just let me know in the comment section.

You can still leave me a comment even though you don’t want anything.

If there are more than one of you that want an item…then i will be utterly flattered and have

my sick child pick a name. Sorry…i can’t really do the first come first serve thing…because it

really won’t be fair to everyone.

I want to be fair.

And if none of you want anything…you might just find it sitting at goodwill next week.

Sooooo..go grab your glass of wine….or your mimosa if it’s nine in the morning for you..

and come take a peek at the closet.

So…here we go.



{blue and yellow sweater from Anthro}

size. S   $30.  SOLD


{grey with lace  3/4 sleeve sweater}

size. M {but really should be a Small}

$15. SOLD


{mustard sweater from Anthro}

Size: S

$30. SOLD


{salmon colored top with birds from Anthro}

Size. 6

$20. SOLD


{peachy pink top with brown lacing and buttons from Anthro}

Not a great top if you have huge TaTa’s.

Size. 6

$25 SOLD


{ brown sweater with pink edging and pearl button from Anthro}

Size. M

$35. SOLD


{cream ruffled skirt with black and brown peeking out underneath}

Size. M

$35. SOLD

a pefect skirt for all of your twirling needs


{salmon colored dress with dark blue piping from Anthro }

I wore this while in France…and perfect for someone who has a larger then 34 nearly B size chest.

Size: 4 but it should fit you if you are a size 6-8.



{ pale pink short sleeve sweater with a bird broach from Anthro}

Size. M

$25  SOLD


{soft and weathered 3/4 sleeve denim top from Anthro}

A perfect layering piece.

Size. 4 but will fit a size 6 or 8



{Seychelles brand grey-taupe ankle boots from Nordstroms}

Bought for France and never worn

Size. 8.5


{soft cream and lace 3/4 sleeve sweater from Anthro}

This hangs nicely and rests right at the bottom of your tush/upper thigh depending on your height.

Size. S

$ 40. SOLD


{salmon colored short sleeve jacket from Anthro}

missing top button..but you don’t notice

Size. 8

$15 SOLD


{pale blue knit short sleeve sweater from Anthro}

Size. M

$ 25. SOLD


{autumn colored jacket with large buttons from Anthro}

Size. S {but fits like a medium}

$50. SOLD


{cream colored sweater with a bit of lace from Anthro}

Size. S.

$25. SOLD


{grey peep toe heels}

Size. 8.5 but runs narrow {or i just have fat feet}

$ 20.SOLD

There you go.

If you see something that you indeed can’t live without…please let me know

by commenting with the numbered item.

And just so you know..if an item says size SMALL…it fits me..and i’m a size 8.

Remember…all items are sold as-is and price includes shipping within the good ole USA…

and you must have a paypal account in order to buy.

I better go check on my sick boy…..and pour myself a much needed glass of pinot.

oh…and just for your info…..

my pink snuggi from 2009 is not for sale.

Don’t even try asking….it’s a suburban housewife must have.


  1. I want number 3…..will I fit in the small??? Love all of it! Wish I was next door to borrow your wardrobe all year. I’m debating if I should add number 15 to my order….I’m concerned about the S size…..I have to be honest. What do you think?

  2. I want it all.
    Let me go through it all again.
    I love that jacket. LOVE.

  3. loving the closet sale! wish i could grab something!
    if you sale any jewelry, wallets, purses, or shoes 7.5-8 let me know!

    good luck to everyone who purchases!

  4. I would like #1 and #2….I really wish those ankle boots were my size…damn….You should do this once a year…this is fun….I’m going to go pour my wine right now!!!
    Rachel K.

  5. I would love item #14….everything is so cute and wonderful!

  6. I’d like it all. Seriously. This is what you are getting rid of?? You must have the most amazing closet…. swoooon…. The items I loved were already claimed. Good for my wallet, sad for me 😉

  7. #11 & #17…BOTH my size!! YAY!! But if it comes right down to it #11 is my first choice lol LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots…they must reside in my closet!! 🙂

  8. #1…could pick it up as I’m in Batavia and have been to your sales…to save you hassle of shipping. Love it!

  9. Item #13, please! The salmon colored jacket. Love 🙂 I love it ALL!

  10. I raise my hand for number 3!

  11. Would number 15 fit a small girl?

  12. Can I have it all.Especially that snuggi. Hands down a favourite for the housewife in me.

  13. i’d love 11 and 12. let me know…..!

  14. Ok I love number 1 but I am not a small.. Or a medium! I wonder if I just bought it and then hit the gym until it fit… Ok so what about the shoes in that picture!! I want those!! Where did you get them!!?

  15. I love #11…and I love the other things but I can’t fit in most of the clothing…darn! But the shoes will work….#11 #11 I want #11…..thank you

  16. Hi “neighbor”
    Sorta neighbor…..I’d know that “model” anywhere!!!!
    She is beautiful, through and through, even without Anthro!
    p.s. it sounds like you did just great with your sales!

  17. I love number 12!! I have to have 12.

    2 is a close second… so I would take 2 if 12 falls through.

    12 or 2.

    Thanks for sharing your closet!

  18. Would love love #14! 🙂

  19. I’m too large for any of it, so can I just come sit in your closet and be surrounded by your adorable fashion sense? 🙂

  20. Oooohh….I LOVE #1 and #4!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE #1!! Oh oh pick me!!!

  21. 7, 8, 11 and 15.
    Do the boots run true to size?
    I am confused byt the comments so I’ll leave that for you to sort through and tell me what you have available once you get to me. 🙂
    I think you need to be a personal shopper. Your sense of style is tres chic.

  22. I REALLY love it all but I really want #2 the most! Is it still available?

  23. Oh please Kasey please….. #1 and #9 or #12…….. Me !!!!!

  24. Love everything, but I do not wear your size:( I love this idea though and I was thinking that you could do the same thing with all the lovely things around your house…you know like when you get tired of things….just sell them here. I would be a customer for sure:)

  25. michelle h says:

    too small for me too, but love everything!

  26. Kasey:
    I think this is a great idea. Anthro came to Canada and I finally got to see it in August of this year and my daughter and I love it. I am a single mom and have not purchased any clothing from there yet but I looovvee #4 and #9. Even If I don’t get anything, I wanted to say in the midst of a miserably difficult year for me you have made me laugh a lot. I started a blog a few months ago after being inspired by so many bloggers including yourself.

    BTW, love your style. Quick question – do you ever wear jeans and a t?

    Thanks Kasey
    P 🙂

  27. Ohhh…. No. 14 please!

  28. i’m in love with 6. and if i don’t end up with that one, number 12 is my second choice (but just barely…i love it too!). mmmhmm!

  29. Kasey, I LOVE # 2. I’d love to be chosen! THANKS so much! Fingers crossed!

  30. Hey! Where was my advanced warning? huh? Just kidding. I love number 6. Love, love it. Also number 7.

  31. Andrea Sullenger says:

    I would love to have #11!!

    Thanks Andrea Sullenger

  32. Love…love…love #11!!! Are you willing to ship to Canada?

  33. What fabulous finds, my 17 year old is behind me hopping up and down and we would like to request number 1.
    She wants the boots too, and while they are fabulous, I’m going to have to pass on those this time.
    Thanks for the chance,
    Cari b.

  34. NUMBER 14 – I’ll take it, Mason!!!! I think this is my chance to own something Anthro!

  35. #2, #2, #2!!!!
    oh, i love that thing!!
    pick me, sick child, pick me!!

  36. I’d love 1, 5, and/or 14!!! Such cute stuff!

  37. Love everything. I would like to have #14 please. So darn cute!

  38. Allison Kelley says:

    Woo hoo! What a great idea!!!

  39. What a clever way to clean out your closet:) I would love to have #12…so please throw my name into the hat!

  40. Oh my — so many lovely things! If I were younger, I’d be asking for every single thing! You have the sweetest style! Hope your kiddo is feeling better!

  41. Love that pink snuggie!! 3, 12, 14, 15 for me….hope you’re little one is feeling better. :o)

  42. Kelly Schmitz says:

    hi there. I am in minnesota. have loved your blog for a long time. I would love to be in the running for # 12, #3( my favorite color), and #15. I swear i have never won anything in my life. If i win a opportunity to buy these super cute clothes it will be a miracle. truely a thanksgiving miracle. blessings. kelly

  43. #11 please. Love those boots! Neeeeed those boots!!

  44. Hey Kasey…..saw your post almost immediately yesterday….but had to sit and ponder and of course there are now a lot requests for #2 but that is my choice. Would love #12 also but am nervous about the fit–i’m usually a size xs at Anthro but don’t like things to fit tight so will sometimes opt for a size S, but not w/o trying it on. So, Mason, put me in the hat for item #2

  45. Snuggi humor is the best. It was a relief to see those shoes are too small for me because otherwise I’d have to duke it out for them. Whew!

  46. Number 4 for me!

  47. Add me to the list to be in the running to become the owner of Number 11!!! (my best effort to make it an America’s Next Top Model reference).

  48. 9, 10, and 12 please. Thanks!

  49. Hello! My name is Wesley and, although my name suggests otherwise, I’m a part of the girl’s club:)! I’m swooning with excitement that I might have a chance to buy one of your beautiful selections of style!!! Sad to say, but I do not own any Anthro articles so if I’m fortunate to be selected to buy, I will wear with love, pinky promise!! I love all of the pieces but my top 3 favs are #5, #16 and #17. A close second of top three contenders are #1, #2, and #4. All the pieces just have me twirling with vintage romance! Can’t wait to see who Mason chooses:) Love to all~

  50. Hi Kasey!!

    Love this fun idea! Item #12 would be divine if I happen to be the winner.. (I too am the proud owner of a pink snuggie!).

  51. 3, 7, and 14 would simply make me one of the happiest girls today!

  52. I adore Item #14, and I live in probably the only State in the U.S. that does not have an Anthro. Surely that counts for something when Mason is about to draw names?! What a delightful show! I had chocolate as I shopped! xo ~Lili

  53. Put me in the hat for number 15 pretty please!

  54. I love #14.
    Thanks, you’re too sweet for sharing!

  55. I would be interested in #13, #14 or #6


  56. can’t even tell you how badly I wish I wore an 8.5 shoe! love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. nr.10 would definitively be my favorite…if it were a 20 🙂 Lovely selection, though!

  58. Oh my!! Love all your goodies, what treat!! I would love #11…..cant afford the ruffle boots from anthro, but would love these!! Hope your son is feeling better. My daughter is having her tonsils removed tomorrow because of the reoccurring strep thing~yikes! I came to read and relax……now I get to go shopping….yippee!!! Smiles, Jackie

  59. Lisa Fairbanks says:

    # 1!!!!! I would love to wear this sweater. Not only because it is so cute, but also because it is yours! It is like being able to buy a “Stars” sweater!
    I also think it looks like a sweater that I would choose to wear to take my 3 boys out to do something fun of their choice! What do you think Mason? Sounds good right? My 10 year old, Jacob says “choose Lisa for #1!”

  60. I’d love number 10!! All your things are adorable!!

  61. I MUST HAVE THOSE GREY BOOTS!!!! I covet them. do they run true to size or a bit small? i wear an 8 1/2 or 9 ususally.

  62. Oh, my goodness do I want #1! That blue and yellow sweater is fabulous!!! I hope I get to wear it someday soon! : ) Thanks for sharing your closet with us! Wish those were my discards! Wow.

  63. Well, I would absolutely love to buy either #1 or #5 for my beautiful baby sister Tiffany (I say baby, but she’s almost 32, hahaha)…she had her 3rd child 3 months ago and either one of these will be perfect for when she gets back to her pre-baby weight! She’s as tiny as you when she’s pre & then post baby later. I would want to buy them for her. They are all gorgeous though – you have impeccable taste!!!

    I hope your son feels better soon…

  64. Fabulous idea, lady! I bet Anthro will benefit from this too…because I bet you go there and get SOMETHING !

  65. breanne says:

    hey there – just came across this and if you still have this top… i’d like It:
    Item: NUMBER TEN

    {soft and weathered 3/4 sleeve denim top from Anthro}

    A perfect layering piece.

    Size. 4 but will fit a size 6 or 8


    Please let me know — — also curious if youre selling anything else! youre my size (shoes and clothes) and you have such beautiful stuff!

  66. Hi,

    Is #10 still available? I used to have one just like it but someone took it from the coat pile at the bar. I would love to replace it with an even cuter version of it. Please let me know! I know these posts are from a while ago, but thought it’d be worth a try. Thanks!

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