finding inspiration

Hello all….and hope you got a good extra hours sleep. I for one…was up so early…that i hit the gym…

then treated myself with the calories burned to an eggnog latte from Starbucks.

uh huh

Yes….i did.

I wanted to invite you over today….to my little neck of the woods.

I know i’ve shown you my sun room before…but i’ve added an inspiration wall…

and wanted to show it off to you.

Just so you know…in my house….feet are allowed on the furniture….

so come on over and make yourself comfortable. I normally have my wine cart stocked…

that’s the vintage metal library cart in the corner….but it’s been a very long weekend…

so there is no wine left. Don’t fret though…i’ll be headed out to Trader Joe’s today to stock back up.

I can’t have friends over and not have wine….that would be silly.
I realize that you will be looking at the details from here on out…

and i also realize that you will notice lots of thread….as in french sewing thread…

i don’t sew.

You will probably notice some small vintage paint brushes…..

i don’t paint.

You might also notice a lot of ribbon and papers…..

but i sure as hell don’t wrap little johnny’s birthday present with these.

I do wrap my friends gifts here…so that should count for something.

I love to have something to look at…things with meaning..and some things just for fun.

I find the colors and textures inspiring.

I collect things.

I might or might not have a problem.

I think every girl should have a little place where she can go and sit…

drink her wine or her coffee….

and just be.

This is my spot….come on in.

The wall really started when i put that print of a house design on the wall…..

you see…i bought a book from 1928….at the flea market a few years back…and in this book are

dozens of winning home designs from Chicago for a contest held by the Tribune.

I got the book for a score….and it wasn’t till recently that i decided to do my wall around that print.

I tore about 10 of the designs i coveted the most…and have them all around.

I then added different thing in my life that have meaning.

Like the number 5.

It’s my family number…and i collect 5’s like crazy.

I must stop.

I also have some torn out pages from favorite Anthro catalogs….because i just love the style.

You can also see i found {above} yesterday….a teeny tiiny pair of vintage pointe shoes.

They would fit a 3 year old….but i loved the color and i got them for a steal…$7.

Of course…i do not dance….but who’s to say that i won’t start.

Okay….i won’t really be starting some ballet classes…

but i love to go to the ballet.

So there.

I needed some vintage shoes.

Bryan really does not like that card above….but i think it goes well with that Anthro gift card holder.

The photo below it is of my wedding day….my hand sitting on Bryan’s back.

I also have on my wall…different things from different events in my life.

My first postcard from Bryan..sent back in 1994.

Yes…i realize i was only 19.

I met Bryan when i was 19….but that’s a different story for a different post;-)

I also have a few things from France…like my favorite macaron box from Laduree.

The list goes on and on…..

So you see….i do not believe that one has to paint…or sew….or create…in order to have

a spot to themselves to find inspiration.

I have a tiny little nook that i call my own…and i fill it with all the things i love.

Except of course the wine…..the wine is empty.

I do even let the children in here…..sometimes i will find

 animals swinging from one of the branches…with some of my french thread….

and i try not to get upset…because all in all…

they might be finding inspiration as well.

p.s. No lie…but last night at 7 was really hard knowing it should have been 8 and that

kids should be in bed.

p.s. I might have gone to bed at 8.

p.s.s. I made taco’s for dinner last night. Not that you care…but they were really good.

p.p.s Winner of Shey B camera straps are: Holly {hollys roller coaster}..

and Bree. Email me girls.


  1. Ok this has to be the prettiest room ever!
    I love it and would spend all day sitting in there.

  2. Susan McGrath says:

    What is your wall color?
    I really love the little touches of differerent thing, amazing.
    Lovin the pops of color.

  3. Adorable room! I would spend all day in there!

  4. Yes! Wall color please.
    Curtains?? where are those from? Live them.
    I’ll have two glasses of wine since you asked.
    Thank you!!!!

  5. Really really love the inspiration wall.
    Once we upgrade to a bigger house, I might treat myself to one too!

  6. thanks for letting us in! it looks like an idyllic place 🙂

  7. Your room is beautiful. So many things to look at and love and enjoy!

  8. I love your style!

  9. This whole room is just lovely, Kasey! I think I’ve found lots of inspiration here today… 🙂

  10. i just love your sunroom/studio. i would be in it all day long.

  11. LOVE this room, Kasey. Perfect place for relaxing with a glass of wine (or coffee, if it’s the morning) and getting inspired. Sigh…

  12. Lovely, and where did you get the boots…please share..Your name came up in a sweet little shop in little Bay City MI. The shop owner and I were talking about our favorite blogs and your name came up. She said “do you go to Lola B’s?” I said why yes I do, as often as she blogs, she mentioned that when she needs a good laugh, she visits you! If you are every traveling through MI, go visit them. Violet Blue. You’ll love it!

  13. This is fabulous! I love your wall and the whole room! Hope you have made it to TJ by now 🙂

  14. So many lovely things to inspire you in your special space. No wonder you are such a clever writer.

  15. I love your inspiration niche! SO pretty- those paperclips are so sweet, too!

  16. What a great way to start my day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! We are building a little home right now and I have a little part of the laundry room that will be all mine! This is GREAT inspiration for me!
    Have a pretty day!

  17. I love this room. The end

  18. I always love seeing your sunroom. It. is. fabulous.

    Email me please…I need to talk you into a little trip in January. 😉

  19. Kasey, it looks fabulous! LOVE the branches with flowers hanging from them. What a fabulous studio space~
    Have a great week my friend!

  20. stunning.

  21. What a beautiful and inspiring room! The personal items are what make it special.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration room, it was fun to peek at all the ribbons and
    pictures and boxes and numbers etc!

    • Fun seeing your little space, many similarities to mine, especially the 5’s! I too collect them and have all sorts of them everywhere. It started when I met my husband, he is the fifth of 7 brothers and he gave me a symbolic 5. We have accumulated several and find them fun to display like yourself. Thanks for sharing… if you want pop over to my blog and see my 5’s on the side bar 🙂 ~ Jacque

  22. I adore your space.!!!!!!

  23. Just beautiful. I feel inspired already! I love crafts and sewing, but I love that you just have a place to call your own that reminds you of the people and things you love! Someday….maybe. 😉

  24. Is it possible to have a room crush? My heart fluttered when I looked at these pictures. I love everything you have in there! I would never leave, love your style!

  25. wowzah! truly the inspiration i need to think of on this monday morning at work.

  26. Love your space, the colors are great. I would gladly join you for some wine in there…I’ll bring a few bottles for ya 🙂

  27. Your craft room is wonderful! Loved the little tour.


  28. I’ll pretty much give you anything for those cats eye glasses 3rd pic from the bottom.

  29. WOW!!! Your room is beautiful and amazing and i wish i had a room like that! Gives me hope that i can someday display all the stuff i have saved over the years because it has a wonderful memory to go with it, all the stuff everyone tells me to throw away and i say NO i love it! Thanks for sharing!
    PS if you ever get tired of those boots in the first picture you can send them my way! 🙂

  30. so pretty. I love that you just taped things up. I’m going to create an inspiration wall in my office.

  31. i love that you have an inspiration space.
    inspired me to make one of my very own.

  32. From the very first photos you showed us, I have always loved your sunroom:) Didn’t think it could get any better, but it has! Love, love all the pretty things that inspire you:)

  33. ~**~Love your sunroom!! Looks like a wonderful and cozy space!! If you like 5..I found an awesome chippy old 5 garden stake that someone is selling on etsy!! would be fun for you to put in a plant etc in your sunroom.just search for chippy 5 on etsy and it should come up I also put it in my favorites under thefrenchfarm!!! Hugs, Rachel~*~*

  34. my home is seriously lacking in inspiration.

  35. Love Love Love it! Where, oh where did the crown rotating display come from? I love it! Everything is just gorgeous. A perfect inspiration room.

  36. Great Post! Unfortunately I would have to buy a bigger house or wait a few years till the oldest goes to college to gain my inspiration room…but I will! I really love the print of the house design.

  37. This…

    “i do not believe that one has to paint…or sew….or create…in order to have
    a spot to themselves to find inspiration.”

    Exactly! Read Dear Daisy Cottage Kim’s article in the new Where Women Create, she says this very thing, which is music to my ears. I may not sew or paint or craft, but I have my own special corner of the world where I find and share inspiration.
    Like you. 🙂

  38. So beautiful!! I too would love to know the paint color. I was sure you had already told us at some point but I cant find it. Also where did you find the gorgeous ribbon on the spools and the button jars! I love your style!!!

  39. Such a dreamy space, I’m so inspired by all your beautiful things.
    Above all the “things” though, is the picture of your hand on your hubbys sholder…. I find that the most inspiring of all!
    Beautiful moment in time….

  40. so I am popping in here to ask your wall color as well, it looks like the color I have been trying to get for my living room but every swatch I try seems too aqua or too grey. I love yours with the white and cream accents. Lovely lovely room!!!

  41. Um. Yes. Hello. I would like to marry your house.

  42. Okay, that was like looking through a magazine. A really great magazine.

  43. must take my old pointe shoes out of storage…
    perhaps by doing so it will inspire me to thinner thighs.
    lovely room.
    i think my favourite part are the polka dot poufs.
    but then i see something else…

  44. The prettiest room ever!!!!!!!

  45. love the color, so gorgeous.
    all the details are amazing.

  46. Thanks so much for the invite. I enjoyed the tour of your gorgeous space and want more!

  47. I love this space you created.. I have cubby downstairs that is all my own. And I was thinking of really doing it over. Making it more French country. Not that Im french but Im sure country. THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!!!!
    I love the paper flowers. My daughter made me some at school. They will for sure be in my space now…
    Im a #8 Girl. My collection is growing…
    Im Gre 8 ful you blog…

  48. Thank you so much for posting these amazing and inspiring photos of your space! Your post definitely put a smile on my face, thank you!


  49. well crap
    i just knew i was gonna win that darned camera strap.

    i love the room
    i love the photo from your wedding. thank the lord you have a few images around!
    love the colors, the textures, the velvet ribbon, the 5’s.
    you know i love that room.
    looks fantastic!!
    it’s been a while since stalkers like me have had a glimpse into the buick abode

    hope your birthday is fantastic
    my friend!!!

  50. Simply beautiful and a true reflection of just how creative you are in putting it all together.
    I have been really inspired by blogs where women like yourself are displaying little bits and pieces that are a true reflection of their personalities.
    I really need to do more of that in my small little beachy style house.
    Wish I had my own room like you do!! (especially when I need some down time from the 4 kids.)
    Has it all come together gradually? Piece by piece?

  51. I truly need a room like this. I’m so jealous. This room is fabulous!

  52. Hi! I love your blog and love your little chalkboard in your home so much I’m writing for permission to use your photo in my chalkboard blog inspiration. Thanks so much!

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