on a whim

So…..on a whim yesterday….

between waking up and taking the Little’s to breakfast…then a birthday party…

and sometime before Fin had a friend over for a sleepover and a party that i went to solo last night..

i begged my kids to take a bath….put on some clean clothes….

and put them on the stage that we will have to take apart in the next month before it snows.

That stage that my neighbor built has been put to a lot of use with the kids lately.

I almost want to hang some curtains on it and turn it into a small theater so that

the kids could act out their favorite little parts.


They would rather get out their instruments and play rock band.

Part of the stage that i put together were the walls…i bought drywall….

{which is so freakin heavy..i almost had a hernia}

and some wrapping paper in which i used as  wallpaper to line the drywall.

It was really fun to get creative…and now i have these fabulous walls…

so i bribed the kids with some money…{yes…i did}

and decided to make use of the walls before they come down.

 While at breakfast yesterday….the very nice waitress commented my

children on their bed head.

She said….they had the nicest bed head she’s ever seen.

I took that as a compliment.

Mason …even though he wasn’t with us because he is still in florida…

would have not been part of that conversation…

because he had his bed head cut all off last week.

His teacher told him he looked like he had a nest in his hair…

so he took that NOT as a compliment….and asked for a hair cut.

I suppose his Hawaii surf days are long gone.

But as for Fin and Lola….

i think i’ll keep their bed head around a bit longer.


  1. They are darling and such good sports!


  2. Your kids are just gorgeous. The photos looking down are stunning. Love them, love the hair.

  3. Blue ruffle dress with red shiny shoes…love it. Oolala.

  4. so darn cute! i love their bed head…it’s chic bed head

  5. I adore their bed head… I think they look simply perfect.
    And I love your daughter’s dress…. beautiful!!

  6. Kasey, your photos are gorgeous {as always!} — I love the wallpaper, too. Sooooo pretty.

  7. Such sweet photos! Lola’s dress is adorable!

  8. Cute kids + beautiful “bed-heads” = wonderful photos:)

  9. Could these children of yours be any more adorable?….I don’t think so Kasey, they are heavenly…xv

  10. I love those photos….especially the ones with Lola in that pretty white dress against the gray damask. So pretty. (and I like a little bedhead myself…sorry about the teacher making Mason feel self conscious.)

  11. Allison Capola says:


  12. What an amzing backdrop.
    Your children are gorgeous and I for one LOVE LOVE that bedhead.
    Keep up the great work girl.

  13. Stunning photographs of your beautiful children.

  14. sweetness.

  15. You’ve done good Kasey.
    I love the first one of you and Finn, just adorable.
    Have you ever thought of really going into something
    like set design or stying of some sort?
    I think that just might be your calling, that and your photography.

  16. how can you possibly part with the drywall and paper…. it’s gorgeous! Love love the picture of fin from up above… outstanding… and can i borrow lola’s dress and shoes!

  17. Gorgeous pics Kasey!
    You really do have a flair for photography.
    Got any hints/tips? I would love to get into taking better photos of my 4 kids.

  18. I love how creative you are! Papering the drywall? Fabulous! I hope Bryan had a great time at the game. We were very loud last night cheering those Seminoles on!

  19. I strive for bed head hair on a daily basis…but I have to get it by using product and it only works out perfectly about 1 out of 9 times. I am jealous of their hair. Seriously

  20. your & your family are beautiful. the simplicity & honesty of your blog is what draws us all in.





  22. First of all, great idea for the walls! I’m sure photographers everywhere are going to
    lift that idea from you in a heartbeat.
    Second, your kids are gorgeous..bedhead and ALL.

  23. darling-ness abounds!! i am smitten by the ones of lola and her dress. very romantic and chic at the same time. you inspire me!

  24. Absolutely stunning! That boy of yours. ugh. Love your pictures. Sorry to hear the stage has to go now-no! Are you sure?? Just saying…..

  25. Okay, you are hilarious! I have already spent 20 minutes (at work, no less!) reading your blog, laughing out loud. I am not even sure how I got here… but am so thankful that I did!

    So many similarities… caught our first mouse, still wondering if I have chipmunks in my attic… how do you get rid of them???
    love bed head… your photos are amazing! And you are freakin’ hilarious! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing! Kris

  26. Cute, cute, cute…they are so adorable bed head or not…love the pictures and so sad you have to take it down…so glad you are enjoying it while it lasts though

  27. Sooo cute! Love the last pic of Fin…PRESH!!!

  28. These photos are pure looove! Yep, I’m in love with your adorable daughter’s floaty ruffle dress and the wrapping paper background! Your guy is a cutie, too!


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