the smallest details

Before i let you scroll down thru these photos….i must warn you…..

you will want to get married ALL OVER AGAIN.

I am…..

even though bryan doesn’t realize it yet.

I was invited to this wedding…..

but due to my conflicting schedule…i couldn’t make it….

and i have have been kicking myself ever since  i saw these photos.

This is my friend Ashley…and her hottie husband Kirk….

and their wedding was  full of beauty and small details…

i will let you soak it in.

I finished flipping thru the photos after she sent them to me back in July….

and i almost had a


but i didn’t.

I love the vintage theme going on here….so pretty.

Ashley had Liz Demos style the wedding……

 and the swoon over photos were taken by  Juliet Elizabeth.

Alrighty girls….i’m off to look for a minister……


  1. Wow. Delightful.

  2. Amazing, I love every detail!!!

  3. I love this, the comment thing is absolutely awesome!!! Uh, I want to take the girl in the corner home with me 🙂


  4. what a beautiful wedding! I love the vintage card holder and all the different types of flowers. not only do I want to have that wedding, but I’ll take her husband too. yum!

  5. Absolutely stunning:)

  6. Beautiful wedding. You can feel the spirit!


  7. gorgeous beyond words and so is she! I love it so much…and definitely makes me want to get married all over again….oh my goodness!

  8. dreamy!

  9. BEAUTIFUL pictures
    but I am no fool
    I so DONT want to get married again
    but I would love a party
    and gifts
    oh yes
    lots of pretty gifts

  10. Wow, aren’t these
    Hmmm….I have
    my 25th coming
    up next year….
    I was a child bride,
    you see {ha ha} ~
    Anyway, it WOULD
    be fun to have a
    do-over! And I’d
    do it soooo differently.
    GREAT photos!!!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Caroline M. says:

    I love every single detail right down to the converse dancing shoes.

  12. Oh goodness, that is amazing! I love all the precious details, even had to save a few of those photos (hoping my sister gets married soon! 😉 I love the photography too, and the bride’s hair, so carefree. Thanks for sharing! I use to want to be a wedding planner and love all things wedding!

  13. we wanted to renew in Hawaii some day…on a boat with elvis…like the films

    then I decided just the boat and elvis not the vows


  14. Love those vintage wedding details!!!

  15. Stunning and unique! Love it!!!

  16. Wow Kasey ~ this does make you want to run out and do it all over again. What fantastic photos of a beautiful couple!

  17. so in love!

  18. WOW!

  19. Thank you darlin’ for doing this sweet post. MWAH!

  20. Kasey my dear sweet…thanks for doing this post…each time I see the photos makes me know it ALL was so worth it!!
    Hey come along for my 25th cruise in 2011…he he!! PS I want to come to your garage sale!!

  21. my hubby’s a minister and we’re leaving for itasca, il tomorrow morning to do a friday evening wedding! i’m sure we can work you in saturday morning. lol…oh yeah but the renegade craft fair! yikes…renewing vows or craft fair?

  22. Takes my breath away…! Jealous of the bride. 🙂
    Are all the bridesmaids Rashida Jones?

  23. Those photos are beyond amazing!!!
    Every detail…down to the bride wearing Converse shoes is priceless 🙂
    And the little girl in the corner…couldn’t be a better moment captured.
    Thanks for sharing, and sorry your schedule didn’t allow you to attend.

  24. Ok… weddings have always seriously stressed me out and I have always been one for the courthouse…no fuss… seriously low-key wedding but this is just amazing! Love the style and the photography a ton! Probably the best wedding I’ve seen!

  25. Beautiful little details! And I love that the bride is wearing sneakers…I’ll have to show my daughter Brynn because that’s exactly what she plans to do…someday:)

  26. omgosh thanks so much for sharing this! I LOVED THIS WEDDING and everything about it!!! i agree….i want to get married again too. 😀

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