The rescue of a deer named bambi

Sunday morning Bryan and Mason headed for the day to a golf tournament in which the rest

of us decided to take a pass on.

Not that i don’t care for the game of golf….because you see…i did indeed used to play a bit

of it when i was around Mason’s age….but sitting on a course with little ones who just want

to do anything but be quiet….didn’t sound like that much fun.

After the big boys had left the house…..i got on the computer and showed Lola the photos

from our day at Renegade …..and then i showed her the funky hats and headbands.

I told the kids i think we should head back into Chicago and have ourselves some fun.

Oh…and i would let Lola pick out her very favorite headband if she wanted;-)

Of course she said yes.

{I majored in reverse psychology in college…just so you know}

So…in the car we jumped…and headed back to Renegade. 

First thing first….we got in line to get our free photos taken at Magnolia photo booth..



…then Lola wanted me to get her photo in front of the Lulu B wine booth….

i might have had a tasting of some of the wine they were sampling…


i actually think i tried both the white and the red wine…..

because you never know when someone will ask if you’ve ever tried Lulu B’s wine…

and now i can say i have…twice….and it is really good.

Then we hit the booth that started it all….


the shop is called Pretty good things…..

and i let Lola pick out the headband she wanted.

She wore it the rest of the day……and lola being the girl who fights with her momma

about style….

i have to say…she rocked that word!

After we bought the headband….

and walked around some more….

re-visiting some of my friends from the day before…

we then decided it was time for some Sangria.

I am the one that indulged in a bit of sangria…..

and spent a small fortune on 2 root beer floats.

My eyesight must be going downhill because i really thought the sign

for the floats said….$2 each…..but in fact they were $7 each.

Yes…i paid $14 for two floats

I told the kids…..

that is your breakfast…lunch …and dinner all combined in one drink….

so you better enjoy it.

Then Fin spilled his on his shirt.

I might have said something that sounded like the word SHIRT……

but it wasn’t really the word SHIRT that i said….

even though he spilled on his SHIRT.


Did i lose you….



check check…double check.

After i bought Fin a new SHIRT…..we were able to watch the marching band play.

They were really good….and loud.

My kids just stood and watched them with their fingers plugging their ears while i jumped all

around dancing because i might have had to much sangria.

Do you know what sangria does to a girl who’s had no sugar for a week….

uh huh…..

it makes said girl want to dance around to a marching band….

much to the embarrassment of her children.


After i got all the dancing out of my system….

we decided to head back to the car.

Except….i forgot where we parked the mini.

So we walked…..

and Fin took a break while sitting on someones front steps….

then we blew bubbles……

thinking they would lead us to the mini…..

then lola needed a break….

and when lola needs a break… better not look at her….

i warned you.

The end.

p.s. Apparently you all love boots as much as i do…the boots i have on are called

Fall Meeting Boots from Anthro….2 years ago…and on occasion…can still be found on Ebay.

The tights are from Target….the dress from T.J. Maxx.

The knee high ruffled socks from the day before are from Target.

p.p.s  The deer named Bambi…is now loving her new life here in the burbs.


  1. cute, cute!!! Your kids just crack me up. 🙂 Glad you had fun!

    • I love Lola’s expression, just priceless! I am in love with the headbands! I am so going to check them out! You and Lola are darling in your outfits!

  2. Too cute Kas. You all need to be in a magazine for these last 2 posts. Totally decked out in style! Will Lola now wear her dear headband to school?

  3. Love the pic of the kiddos in the photo booth….tooooo cute! You have some illegally adorable children…PRESH!!!

  4. Cute, cute post!

  5. I’m loving that she wanted a headband… way to go. I’m loving the photos from this trip very cute!

  6. Kasey, you are so hilarious! I was laughing out loud at this post…”I may have said something that sounded like shirt”. 😀 That headband is too cute that Lola picked out. And the “look” she is giving sitting on the steps with you is priceless. It sounds like a wonderfully fun day.

  7. ur kids are so dang cute and so photogenic.
    man i wish i could bottle that hair of finn’s and put it on my head!!!
    i have the same problem with the reverse psych!
    oh and i do lovbe me some sangria on occasion.
    i am tryiing get my next grandbaby named lola too…
    fingers crossed that it is a girl cuz a boy named lola may get picked on.

  8. You seriously have the BEST blog EVER!

  9. well i shoulda read your blog before leaving the fb comment….couldn’t tell if it was bambi or a critter.
    what a doll
    way to rock the 20spot for floats. cool mom award clenched again

  10. You two look so cute in the second to last picture. Love it.

  11. Your kids are so adorable!

  12. “I might have said something that sounded like the word SHIRT……

    but it wasn’t really the word SHIRT that i said….

    even though he spilled on his SHIRT.”


  13. So happy that you said “shirt” instead of that other word in front of your children. Thanks for the info on the boots. Can you please come dress me?

  14. OMG!! That dress from TJ Maxx looks like something I JUST bought for Abigail from Mini Boden’s Clearance section!! Shows how hip you are prepared to me. Sometimes I do things that I think are cool that Abigial finds hilarious because I end up humiliating her and myself! Wait till she is a teenager. I wonder what I will do then. The other day I had 5 other families over to our house and I had on black stilettos, a black dress, and a little 1/2 cardigan, in the color dark gray! Apparently (well as Abigial says) I looked like Jennifer Aniston! My hair is longer now, unlike the profile pic. Well, glad you had fun and I love this blog!

  15. ~*~* so funny you posted where you bought your outfit!! You must get tons of compliments and questions about your clothes huh?! LOVE your blog!!~*~* Rachel

  16. I love that deer headband.

  17. What a fun day. I think I really need to find out if there is a renegade near me.
    You and your children are beautiful.

  18. That last picture of Lola is to cute! Looks like you had fun.

  19. The word “shirt” is not in my vocabulary. 😉

  20. What a fun day.
    I was in Chicago
    last weekend and
    the weather was
    fine….perfect for
    a day of funky
    shopping and being
    together! Love
    those boots….time
    to get mine out
    and dust them off : )
    xx Suzanne

  21. You’re kids are toooo cute for words.

  22. i would love to live in that part of chicago…..oh would i ever !
    we passed on the show this year…’s a 2 hour drive minimum for us and then no parking…..but next year….i’m so there !

  23. *loving* your outfits! what a fabulous day – wish I could have been there~
    meet me in cali? we would have SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

  24. I would love to see all your boots and how you wear them with the tall socks and different outfits. Please do a little “fashion show” for us. I love boots – but I’m never sure how/what to wear them with.

  25. can’t get enough of your blog!
    Love your true spirit : )

    Maybe I will spy you at junkbonanza… will you be there on Friday??
    Do you have a plan of attack or just start at one end and keep going?

  26. that’s a great shot of you and your daughter (with the grumpy face!).

  27. Girl I just love this… and that place, wow! I want to go there! Looks like an amazing time. 🙂 LOVE the outfits and the boots too!!

  28. Just saw Lola’s headband on TLC’s LA Ink. Kat Von D was wearing it!

  29. do you really think I would look like that in a yellow dress and boots??????

    I am right this minute putting on my boots with a dress

    can’t even mention the tights

    Anthro are watching

  30. Seriously, we are twins separated at birth. The clothes, the boots, the parenting style, the use of the word shirt, the sangria…while really everything. We should hang!

  31. fun, fun, fun that you went back and I love the pictures of them!!!! They are so fun and so cute

  32. Kat Von D is totally copying Lola! She has the same headband 🙂

  33. very very love-able post!.
    thoroughly enjoyed it! (=

  34. I view your blog all the truely blesses me and you and your children are gorgeous !!!

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