I know what you are thinking…….

what the heck is kasey talking about with a title like that.

I can tell you…..stacked is ONE thing I am not.

Never have been….never will be.

I really like my 34A…..almost…..but not quite….B girlfriends.

But….that is not what i am here to show you today i’m afraid…..


trust me….it’s for your own good.

What i want to show you…is what i did this weekend in Lola’s room.

 You might not have realized it….but i have an unhealthy relationship with boxes….

hatboxes to say the least.

I hoard them….collect them… them from the pit of dispair.

If i ever end up on that show…..Hoarders……

{and don’t tell me you don’t on occasion…watch it}

it is going to be real hard to tear away my beloved hat boxes.

I will be the girl who is crying…..

trying to argue with the therapist that there are many good uses for these boxes….


they are great for storing things….


one can use them a step stool……


what if i need one for a hat….really.


But for now….i decided to use them in lola’s room.

First….i mounted a vintage frame on the wall….then centered one of  the {many}

hatboxes in it.

I have one hatbox on the dresser and on top of that box…on a vintage hat stand

is a little hat that was given to lola when she was a baby.

I also mounted on the wall a few of the vintage hats i had….

then stacked the rest of the boxes on the floor next to the dresser.

I think the goal is to fill the wall with a bunch of vintage hats….

but that takes time…..

and obviously…i have more boxes than hats.

So…if you ever see my on that show….and they are trying to take my boxes away….

just tell them they belong to lola now.

I’ll be sitting in my closet trying to protect my 438 pairs of ruffled knee high’s.


  1. Hey! I am just saying if you hoard them and if you ever end up on that show, which I don’t think you will, it is for a good cause. I think they look extremely cute! Who needs them for hats???

    Jennifer Johnson

  2. Very Creative Kasey. Love it!

  3. so nice! you make everything look so pretty

  4. I would hoard ruffled knee highs too!

  5. Ha ha ha!! I love it. I will come to your rescue. Wait,…no I won’t…sorry. I don’t want to draw attention to myself and my 254 ish pair of shoes……….

  6. LOVE them – honestly, carry your head high – those are fabulous hatboxes, it is a lovely collection, and you should be proud!
    (plus, they look fab in lola’s room!)
    miss you, today especially,

  7. Beautiful! These photos are magazine worthy! LOVE!

  8. I love the hatboxes ..
    and they look great displayed in Lola’s room!

  9. Does Lola love them too?
    I must invest in some ruffled knee highs!

  10. Love the boxes, esp the framed one, what a fantastic idea!! Sue

  11. You are a girl after my own heart, I too, love hat boxes. They are the perfect storage containers, they are beautiful, and I just plain fun to have around. Great photographs of Lola’s room. She must love her special space.

  12. So cute!! Love the boxes!

  13. Love the photos – and the boxes!!!

  14. Kasey,I seriously flippin adore you,you make me roll with laughter.You have the personality and wit i try and have but mine comes off a tad bit more…akward:) thanks for making me smile.(how cheese ball is that)

  15. what cute boxes! they look great all stacked together in all their charming patterns 🙂

  16. am liking that very much…what’s the scoop on the dresser…that paint color is sweet.
    please share.

    ps..morgan sent out another pen pal letter…she wanted to make sure lola had her correct addy on the envelope…that and i think she was super anxious to drop her a note just because. she’s excited to hear from your little mouse.


  17. You are SO hilarious! Your blog is one of the most entertaining ones I read, and I always look forward to what zany things you’re gonna say! I’ve always loved hat boxes too. My mom had several when I was growing up. There’s something so feminine and dreamy about them! I *might* have to start collecting them…

  18. Kasey, I love your blog and your wit. It is always so refreshing to read. I agree with all the other comments, you are hilarious and have great style. The hat boxes are to die for. And yes, i was just watching Hoarders last night. It is my therapy to get rid of crap so that I am not on an upcoming episode. I just wanted to make a wee…tiny..hopefully non offending suggestion…maybe take two or three of the hat boxes and move them to the other side of the dresser??? The black hat is almost hidden with all of them on one side. Plus then you can go find more to make it even! Or not. {in my mind I am saying to myself, she is probably thinking “what the he– I didn’t ask anyone if they liked how I arranged them or not, where does she get off telling me how to decorate!” pssshhhh} Just thought I would throw that out there. Hopefully I am not banned from your blog after this comment.

  19. lovin them, just lovin…send the pic to Anthro

    I have a hoarding secret…I keep buying wedding dresses from ebay…this is not going down well with the other half…it is a rather bulky thing to collect and rather hard to hide one’s problem

  20. Oh I love what you did with those hatboxes! Especially the one inside the frame…genius idea:)

  21. you lady, will never be on horders, you decorate way too well! here’s to the ladies with the almost 34-b’s! gotta love them!

  22. What a good way of camouflaging hoarding behavior! It’s now chic. . .

  23. My friend calls me an organized packrat cause I have so many odd collections yet am a clean freak as the same time. I took it as a compliment. 🙂 Love the hat boxes. Pretty pretty!

  24. Very cute! I can’t watch that show because I am the exact opposite of them and it makes me nervous:( I love the one in the frame. Adorable.

  25. Sooooo cute! 🙂

  26. I myself have a bit of an obsession with hat boxes…. they call to me and MAKE me buy them.
    🙂 Love lola’s room!!!! so french!


  27. Those are adorable. I don’t have any. Which means more for you. I can barely watch Hoarders. Makes me kind of sick.

  28. you are always thinking outside the box…how much Lola must love her room!!!…it looks great!

  29. LOVE those hat boxes! Yours are gorgeous! That show scares me — and worries me at the same time that I have a bit of a hoarding problems too!

    Enjoy your lovely hat boxes!

  30. Uh, wanna share some of those knee highs??? Love those boxes!!

  31. Love the “stacked” look of these on the floor! Just when I thought I had no more armoire tops to cram with hatboxes…. there you come with the stacking them on the floor idea! The ceiling’s the limit! I think my oldest has the same hat that Lola got when she was little…..

  32. Listen, Kasey, I’m really jealous of how stacked you are!

  33. Love all your colorful boxes!! Stacking with style:))

    Kay Ellen

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