Silhouette love giveaway

 I really can not believe today is Monday….


Hello….can you bring Sunday back please?

Bryan’s parents came in for the weekend…which meant a fabulous weekend even though

i was unable to make it up to Junk Bonanza like i had wanted.

Oh well….

the upside is…we had some date nights…and my new oven gets delivered tomorrow!

Anyhoo…more about the weekend later.

Remember how i chatted about my good friend Vana…and her new published book..

Silhouette Art

when i was at Renegade last weekend?

Vana has worked very hard to get her book published….and i have a copy of it.

She signed mine.

I called her publisher….and asked if i could pretty please get another copy…

even though it won’t be in book stores till October…

and might i give it away to one of my FABULOUS readers.

The publisher said yes.

My friend Vana has been creating silhouette art and paper products for

quite a while now….

and i just lover her to pieces.

We meet from time to time at Ikea…

over swedish pancakes and balls.

Not goat balls…

but swedish meat balls…

and we sit and chat.

Because it’s Monday…..

and because i {heart} you girls…and one guy…..

I am giving away one of Vana’s new Silhouette art books.

The book has papers…instructions…and patterns for making modern silhouette art.

With very little time or artistic skill…you can make stunning silhouettes to frame…hang as ornaments..

apply to stationery…or make into jewelry.

I’m working on mine right now.

Just leave me a comment…and random number generator will pick a winner on Wed.

p.s. I am also throwing in a small little package of things i picked up last weekend also…

which will go to a separate winner.  


  1. I love the silhouettes and would love to make them! My husband made them back in college in a graphic arts class, but never does that kind of stuff for our kids. Maybe the less artistic one in the family (that would be I) could give it a go…

  2. Karen Propes says:

    I would love to win this book!!!!! I could really use this!!!! I looks GREAT!!!

  3. Very sweet! Love them!

  4. i have a locket i’ve been waiting to fill, so this is just in time…

  5. Oooh! They’re so pretty! 😀


  6. just lovely

  7. Alexa Whitehead says:

    too pretty! i love it!

  8. I totally heart silhouettes! I have them hanging all around the house I think I may be obsessed!

  9. My mom still has the silhouettes of us 6 kids from our grammar school carnival hung going up the stairs of our house. I would love to check out this book and take a stab at updating the silhouettes for her and adding new family members too. What a fun idea!

  10. Very cool book!! Hope I win!!

  11. Would love to win this! Please pick me !!!

  12. Kasey, does Vana do personal appearances and silhouette cutting at shops…er eh hem …like Ruby Begonia’S?
    she could do books too. ps. luvin your new frock! Monica

  13. I’d like to play! Count me in please!

  14. serena baker says:

    Hello! I love the silhouettes!!!!

  15. I am liking the silhouettes and remember having one done as a child at a fair. I think it would be fun to have them of all four boys and hubs and I – I may need to consider that!
    Unless I win…

  16. Count Me in! I have wanted to have silhouettes done of my kids and never had. It would be fun to know how to do it myself. Thank you very much.

  17. Oh what a fabulous book! I have always wanted to make some!

    I like how the book says “for making modern heirlooms.” I love the idea of creating old traditional memories in new modern ways. 🙂

  18. I really want this book!!

  19. this would be so much fun to try

  20. Would love to win – thanks!

  21. Oh, I’ve always wanted to try this! 🙂

  22. Oh, WEEP! I missed the giveaway! What a beautiful, beautiful thing! The post – the book – the thoughts – the whole thing!

    Love, Katy Noelle

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