let me sum up the week

*Fin and i went for a bike ride the other morning after we got the big kids on the bus.

*We rode to Starbucks.

* I rode with a semi flat tire so i believe i burned extra calories because of that.

* I gave up sugar this week.

*Fin for health reasons….did not.

* I have not had my nightly glass {or 4} of wine either.

*I now have a twitch in my lower neck and my lip curls up.

*I would love to find out when i am going to see my weight melt off.


*I cheated yesterday by licking the top of Fin’s lemon yogurt lid.

*We still don’t have an oven.

*I am still able to cook mac n cheese on the stove top though.

*I like to clip coupons.

*My new nose stud feels great and i totally recommend you getting one.

*I have book club tonight which means there will be LOTS of WINE.

*Should i cheat and be happy…or not cheat and be happy?

*I have been spending the week preparing for a HUGE yard sale for tomorrow.

*I am selling off the rest of my inventory of my shop.

*I might shed a tear…but i will be more excited to have the cash to pay off some credit.

*and to buy some boots.

*and maybe some new ruffled knee highs.

*or i could be really good and buy some new running shoes.

*ummm….you’re right…i don’t think that is such a good idea.

*I really think smaller is better.

*I am NOT naming any names….but some little person clipped the cord on my electric door

to my mini {van not cooper} so now the door is broken.

*When i find out who did it….i am shaving their head and dying all of their clothes ORANGE.

*I have a hankering for a backyard party….with some country music…and fried chicken.

*I might need some new boots if that’s the case.

*Bryan and i are headed into the city on Saturday afternoon by ourselves.

*He thinks it’s a date….but i am really taking him to The Renegade Craft Fair.

*After he gets over the deception of it….we might go to dinner.

*We haven’t had a date in the city for quite some time.

*I might shave my legs.

*I might wear some lacy….ruffled….knee highs.

*I might have wine.

*I will have wine.

*I will have lots and lots of wine.

*I might even have a cupcake.

*The end.


p.s. if….and only if….you have a chance…i would love if you came to see me over

here at Houzz…where i wrote about being naked….


beach vintage eclectic dining room

…or here about the way to a man’s heart.

SchappacherWhite Ltd. traditional patio


  1. Again, top notch. You are the funny, Lola B.

  2. Cute bike!

  3. look at ya’ll wearing sweaters….layers….oh i’m so jealous!

  4. although i admire your self- control, (I couldn’t image giving up salty food!) i think you NEED to eat sweets and drink wine! Life is short… love yourself the way you are. AND if you absolutely feel you need to loss a little weight, just eat right and healthy (with the sweets and wine for the love of life : )

    Adorable lil fin with his donut makes me smile!

  5. Once again I am left wishing you lived closer for so many reasons! Love the autumn outfit – you (and paige) have inspired me to hit TJ Maxx today… Have a marvelous date night and enjoy your wine!
    Bon chance with your vide grenier!

  6. God, Fin’s pastry looks so good. Only you could look so stinkin stylish while riding a bike. 🙂

  7. Love this post!!! I now feel quilty for eating the donut!

  8. Love the bike..
    want one..
    in YELLOW!
    be happy!

  9. Our weather has been gorgeous, hasn’t it? I love your little town and of course, your pink bike. Have fun at your book party and going downtown!


  10. I say yes to the wine!
    Yes to the ruffled knee high’s!
    Can’t wait to hear about renegade.

  11. Oh Kasey ~ you always get a giggle out of me and sometimes I snort my coffee out of my nose! Who needs a netty pot with you around! Have a fabulous date in the city and count me in for the backyard party with fried chicken and country music ~ I would love to have an excuse to wear something frilly!

  12. are you seriously already wearing sweaters??
    so envious…it was 104 here yesterday.
    gonna go pout now.


  13. i gave up sugar this week too. If I was lucky to spend time with friends I would have the wine, come home, shave my legs, put on the knee highs and do my best to work it off.. “Of course I mean at the Renegade Craft Fair!” 🙂
    Super cute outfit you wore to the coffee shop….
    PS. Nice articles you have written for houzz. Love vintage swimwear!!!

  14. I think I am PASSING~THE~HECK out now!
    I mean seriously!
    I think I am going to PASS~OUT at how ADORABLE you look on that PINK bike!
    Why am I so jealous when I see how you look in all of your ANTHRO?
    I think you need to feature yourself in a WAL~MART outfit so I may not be so AMAZED and JEALOUS at
    how you can pull off those FAB outfits!
    But I just know you would look just as FAB in your Walmart designs!
    Oh…and FIN…well he is ADORABLE too!
    What can I say!
    You are a one in a million!
    Thanks for sharing your life!
    I love it!

  15. Do you seriously have a nose stud? If you do, I might have to get one! I’ve always wanted one! Love the bike and are you kidding no sugar. I say either give up the sugar or the wine but not both. I know there is probably sugar in wine but its liquid so it can’t be that bad!

  16. You seriously crack me up:) Have a fun weekend…and enjoy the wine!

  17. oh, wine. how could any of us give it up?

  18. ~*~*LOL big time right now!! LOVE your blog and LOVE your darling outfit!! I just gave up sugar (day 1)..I have a huge addiction to starbucks and have to pass it twice daily on the way to my sons school…ugh!!!!! Makes it sooo hard to be good~ Good luck to you with your no sugar! 😉 Blessings, Rachel~*~*

  19. Great blog… Love your thought process…. I see I’m not the only one…

    Hi, I am a follower of your blog. I would like to invite you to my OOAK necklace give-a-way contest:


    Please come & try and score a great piece of REMIXED jewelry. Thanks! That Girl, Ang

  20. What’s book club without a glass of wine?!

    Any way we local gals can get more information on your yard sale?

    I’d love to stop by! Thanks, Shannon

  21. I say, have a little Chicken Fry, don’t cheat, be happy, and why would anyone give up sugar???

  22. Hello my name is Ann and I’m a sugarholic! Sorry….I had to get that off my chest.
    Enjoy today…live for tomorrow!
    Would love to know where your tag sale is at in St. Charles, I live in Aurora.
    Always enjoy your blog!

  23. Wow Kasey…those Houzz articles are getting risque! LOL!! cute post. made me laugh. heaven knows I needed it.

  24. I wish that was what I did the other morning…
    the bike ride…
    the coffee shop…
    the wearing of the cute hat and clothing…
    but maybe not so much the giving up of the sugar…
    or the wine.
    But I would give them up if I could get some new boots or ruffled anything right now.
    Fall fashion is what I’m craving.
    good luck with the yard sale!

  25. good luck

    you have to have wine at book club

    can you pod me over to yr yardsale or at least send me some stuff

    I gave up beer and was the miserablest old cow in australia

  26. it is friday night and I am drinking beer right now

  27. and p.s. if you buy ruffled socks buy two pairs…one for an odd gal Down Under

  28. love the bike and what an adorable starbucks date!!!
    I’m sure book club was just the ticket after a week or so of no wine:)
    Enjoy your city date
    and yes you do look fab riding your bike to Starbucks but that’s part of what I love about you and your realness

  29. Oh Kasey…you are the cutest…and the funniest. 🙂
    I know I have been a slacking commenter…but I read everything…like a stocker…a real creepy one…
    just kidding
    heart you!

  30. Yay, so glad you mentioned Renedade! Had no idea it was this weekend, so now I’m dragging my husband to it too! I can’t wait! Have fun girl!

  31. You look way to cute to be going for a bike ride!

  32. I made it two days with no sugar:( I broke down and had a sweet tea.

    You look adorable in your outfit. Have a fun time on your date.

  33. You are so funny. We think alike! But giving up wine? That is just crazy talk girlfriend. Crazy. Talk.

  34. Give up wine!?!? thats a food group right? I mean with the extra calories you burn with the semi flat tire I think you desever a glass of wine for sure 🙂

  35. I so wish we could bike to a shop. I am sure he ate it up.

  36. how can you give up sugar and not have your nightly wine. that is torture girl.

  37. um, haven’t you heard? Red wine prevents heart attacks. With as much exercise as you do, you want to be sure not to have a heart attack :p) For the record, when I sold off the rest of my leftover store inventory for pennies, pennies on the dollar, it was actually wonderful. I got my space back, got rid of that baggage, and felt like I moved on. Hope it went well.

  38. Yall are so cute riding your bikes! I have that same bike except I got it just because it was pink! I rode it twice and have had it… for awhile!

    I want to move to Chicago and be your friend. I really like you!

    Maybe that’s weird?!

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