I went oven shopping today

I headed out the door this morning on a mission to scout out a new oven…..

so first i dropped off Fin at his new girlfriends home. You see….this “new” girl asked him

over for a play date….so wouldn’t you know it….he was up and ready at 7 o’clock this morning…

and asking every 10 minutes if it was time to go yet.

No baby….we still have two hours…..but then the time arrived…and we headed out the door.

I didn’t even get a kiss goodbye.

I didn’t get a hug.

Seriously….i carried that child in my womb for 9 months…..

and i got nothing.zilch.nada.

I got hosed.

Anyhoo…i hopped in the mini…….

{van…….not cooper}

and headed out of my way to oven shop….

when low and behold….i came across a T.J. maxx.

What you might not know …is that T.J is the butter to my bread…

he’s the nutella to my crepe……the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sorry…..earth to kasey….check check.

I’m warning you right now….that the next photo shows a bit of belly…and i’m not talking

belly skin….i’m talking belly tire…because i just didn’t feel like putting on my spanx for you.

Not that you don’t mean anything to me…..but it’s a bit humid….and i get grumpy

when it’s humid. My tush has a little oooomph to it as well.

Okay…damn-it…..just so we are all open about everything…..

i’ve gained a few pounds…but i really am on a new schedule to get rid of the bit and the ooomph.So…if you can look past the imperfections….i wanted to show you some of my new finds.

Some of you might recognize the sweater from Anthro….but guess where i got it from?

That’s right…..good ole T.J Maxx….for $25.

Now…you probably realize that i was supposed to be oven shopping….but

somehow i did not come home with a new oven today.

Nope….i did not….

what i did come home with though..is a new purse ….


….oh yeah…..

every cook needs a new purse….

and it looks like it’s from Anthro as well….but guess what i paid for it?


Shut the door!

Seriously…..i really think Bryan is going to be so proud of me….i mean…..

just look at what else i got…..

this is for when i really do get the NEW oven…..

don’t stop me now…..that ANTHRO-esqe apron was $14.

I think Bryan is REALLY going to be so happy to see me in my new apron….

playing cook in the kitchen….


I don’t know about you…but when i cook…i like to wear new shoes.

Especially if they are the color of plum.

I might even wear these when i put my apron on tonight.

New plum shoes were $39.


so..even though i came home without a new oven…..and i will not be able to

cook or make some really fabulous baked shortbread with a raspberry marmelade…

i did come home with a new Apron….for the when i do get that new oven.

{i believe it’s good to be very prepared}

The best part is….i saved a TON of money today NOT shopping at Anthro.

Bryan will be so proud.


  1. You are so funny Kasey! I LOVE your outfit and new finds. Where, oh, where did you get those gorgeous shoes?!

  2. I need to have those shoes!!!! Such great finds! At least you’ll look cute when you actually get around to oven-shop. Bryan should be thankful for that!

  3. Nice work. You look adorable. I have to know – is that ALL from TJ Maxx? I love that place so much. Really love the shoes.

  4. Kasey, I like your reasoning.
    xx Suzanne
    PS My hubby would completely
    get it; he’s more addicted to
    TJM than I am….and that’s
    saying something : ) !

  5. Maytag could never make anything that could compare with your new swanky plum shoes, adorable apron, cute purse, and pretty cardigan!

  6. LOL. This is something i do all the time, head out for one or two important things… like milk or something. And come back with everything but… cause usually I get sidetracked and forget why I was there in the first place.
    But good thing that you will look super cute in front of that new oven when you get it 🙂

  7. I like your logic! One must look the part, just as much as play the part!

  8. Love your purchases~I have the “My Sweet Savannah” lace top on from TJ today actually! I need to get back to that store a-sap. And…just so you know..you look beautiful. I don’t see imperfections, I see one stylish momma! loves.

  9. I think you look fantastic…Ummm…did you see your legs?!?! They’re hot!! 🙂

    Great finds…thanks for sharin’ the TJ goods with us!

  10. Oooh, great rational. I wonder if that would work with my hubby? Cute finds!

  11. Hey…did you get that little striped shirt you are wearing at Target? I bought it too! It is super cute….except I wore it one time and now there is a hole in it!

  12. you crack me up! ha! i LOVE your new finds! I was grounded from going to tj maxx, but I think I might sneak out and go for a secret visit tomorrow!

  13. love your finds and they all make total sense! 🙂

  14. I also went shopping @ TJ . I got 2 capri yoga pants for $ 3.00 ( clearance ) what a deal they were originally $20

  15. Super foxy.
    Love it all.


  16. I like your thinking lady. Of course you saved him so much money. I’m sure he was ecstatic. The shoes are my fav.

  17. Excellent, well done. Who needs an oven anyway? It’s still hot outside – barbeque! I love your finds, I’ve got myself a TJ Maxx day scheduled for next week. Just me and my gift card, and an entire afternoon. Who knows what treasures await me…

  18. Love the entire look! You are so so so funny!

  19. very. very proud. how could he not be? heck, even I”M proud of you. 😉

  20. We think alike sister! Always counting the money I SAVE when I get a good deal. Nevermind the total amount that I didn’t need to spend in the first place 🙂 Love those shoes. You have the BEST TJ in the world, I swear. Ours never has good finds like this.

  21. The outfit is adorable and so are you!

  22. Love your finds…and your logic:) And you look great…plum shoes & all!

  23. My daughter and I drove 2 hours to get to TJ Max yesterday!!! We love it too.
    So the shirt you have on is that from there as well? I LOVE the sleeve.
    I had hoped to buy some fall boots at TJ Max, and yes I fell in love with a pair that were a small $ 99.00. If I had purchased them I would be much happier than I am. My kids needed so much stuff I felt guilty buying them. To hell with guilt… I hope they are still there when I go back next time.
    Your necklace is looks super cute too.

  24. Too cute Kasey. You look good with all your bright colors. Glad your finding alternatives to your love for Anthro!

  25. That is the CUTEST apron I ever did see!

  26. too cute and what a deal for all of it!!!
    love the skirt and shirt too..where are those from???
    p.s. i wish i was as skinny as you…
    p.s.s. if you just wear the shoes and apron he will not miss the oven..

  27. Oooooo! I wish I had money to save like you do!!! er, just kidding – but serious! You’re adorable, btw. just are.

  28. Love the new purchases. Even better than an oven.

  29. Yesss! So glad to see some Antho finds made it to your local Great Deal stores! 🙂 Wahoo!!!

  30. I too love your anthro-esque finds. Tj’s is the best….I’m totally in love with that store as well. I’m lucky….no wait…dangerously close to 3 within 10 miles radius of me. Scary. Did your plum shoes come from Tj’s as well? So cute!

  31. You’re so funny. 🙂 Sometimes I can’t resist TJ’s either. I love all of your fabulous finds.

  32. Such a cute post….saw you on Houzzz…wow I didn’t know, I was surprised, congrats girl you deserve it!

  33. girlfriend – you own the style award! you have such a fabulous eye for fabulous ensembles~

  34. Oooooooooooh – I love those shoes!

  35. Wow, love the shoes, and apron, and bag, much more important than a new oven, I agree!
    Funny fact (well, funny to me anyway) – here in the UK we have a shop called TK MAXX?!
    I actually thought you were spelling it wrong at first, but I googled and saw that is the right name, I dont know if its linked to TK MAXX, but it seems cheaper than ours here!

  36. Kasey, your shoes always make me crazy!!!! Love those new ones….
    Zaira xx

  37. Lookin’ good with all of your fab finds, Kasey! p.s. love that skirt!

  38. Sara noland says:

    Never been to tjmaxx. I love the purse cousin!

  39. Oh my — what great finds! In each photo, I kept thinking — “when is she going to tell about the shoes!?!!!” You look adorable — great outfit. Oh, and I just bought an apron from there too for when I cook our frozen food in the microwave! 🙂 Have a great day!


  40. oh i’m certain bryan will be so proud

    ok…did you wear all that cuteness to go oven shopping? dang it woman, you rock an appliance shopping venture!!

  41. Christie McGetrick says:

    Love the sweater. My sister is the manager for a T.J. Maxx in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – and that’s pretty much where all her cute clothes come from – with her store discount – you can imagine the savings.

  42. I HEART TJM!!! I can’t ever seem to drive by one (or a Marshall’s) without stopping in to see what’s new and what’s clearanced out etc.

    I found a pair of plum colored ruffle t strap Steve Madden’s for $10…TEN DOLLARS!!!! Now I’m ganna be on the look out for Anthro wear! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  43. Ya know not being too forward here but maybe Bryan will be proud of the shoes and the apron together…. and nothing else! I know my husband would go “nutso” HAHA over that!

    And I’m sorry…. you got bit and oomph where????????? Maybe I need to blow the picture up some???

    Chick you look great!! I wish my tummy had just a little bit of that! Now I need to go starve myself and walk around the block! =)

  44. Maria aka cheapdiva says:

    Oh, I bought a pair of purple suede pumps last year and they were my absolute favorites. Every time I wore them someone wanted to know where I got them. Think I may have to go check out local TJM’s this weekend for a 2nd pair of purple shoes!

  45. Heading to TJM right this minute….

  46. Caroline M. says:

    Umm, where the heck are you hiding the ooomph?
    Love that apron!

  47. …actually I am ‘saving up’ my fave blogs to read on Friday nights…so I can get a full read…hence not much commenting…yep I really am that much without a life ;-)) xxxx

    you are torturing us with that skirt aren’t you?

  48. errrm I am not seeing much of a tyre there…all I see is SKIRT that I want

  49. I love the skirt!!!! I need to dress up more!!!!!

  50. You are so funny girl! 🙂

  51. Love the sweater and the apron. You are hilarious. I have a new little oomph too. Off to the gym, but maybe I’ll stop by Tj’s first.

  52. Love your posts so I just added you to my blog roll. Have a great weekend!

  53. Oh Lord, now I have to go to TJ’s!! I love those shoes!!!

  54. Love, Love, Love your TJ finds! The closest one to me is about 45 min. but so worth the drive!

  55. Thank you for being so open and candid about your few extra pounds! It was a refreshment to read, and made me wish more women would follow your example. It made ME want to follow your example. Oh, and the shoes are adorable!!!

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