I like pie

Saturday we woke up to a crisp 50 degree morning.

I suggested heading up to the town of Woodstock…….

where my favorite little mom and pop apple orchard is…

off the beaten track…..and i couldn’t believe when everyone agreed.

what the heck

Normally Saturday rolls around and we tend to split up based on who’s doing this

or who’s doing that….or a birthday party here….or one there.

This was our first Saturday where we had nothing on the agenda.

I love when this happens.

I also suggested that we pack a picnic.

I almost had a mini heart attack when i saw bryan filling up the mini cooler with

sandwiches and soda’s….because i’m the type of girls who would like it…

if just once….

 we might be able to pack a picnic in a basket….

you know…like that thing called a picnic basket….

meant for picnics….

and bring a quilt instead of the ugly blanket/tarp like thing bryan won in some

work related contest a few years ago.

He rolled his eyes at me….but i reminded him that his grandmother would

love it if we brought her quilt out to use.

He obliged.

If you can look past the bitten ravaged fingernails…

you might see a sweet little apple holding an apple.

The great thing about apple picking in the cooler weather is

that there are no mosquitos.

I…personally….have a very close relationship with mosquitos….

they love and want me…

but it’s not mutual.

I love fall.

I love layers.

I love apples.

I love butter.

I love apple butter.

I love apple pie.

I love crust.

I love that my clothes feel tighter.

I love that i can NOT fit into my jeans from last year.

I love skirts.

I love that there is no need to wear tight jeans when you can wear skirts.


i don’t really love butter….but it loves me…and it loves my thighs.

damn you butter.

 The kids always have a blast when we go apple picking…

they tend to eat about a dozen apples between them.

They ran around…playing apple toss….having fun.

It was such a great start to fall…..


Then we got out my favorite quilt….

and the family lounged around and ate our picnic lunch from a basket.

No cooler needed.

Then i made apple pie…..

with my new oven.

Nothing better then sliced apples …some cinnamon…sugar…flour…nutmeg and lemon juice…

and yes…

i use refrigerated pie crusts.

Sue me….i am a cheater.

I also don’t know how to make the cute little ribbon edges around the pie either…

but that’s okay…because the pie turned out A-OKAY.

Just because i failed home economics 101 doesn’t mean i can’t bake a mean apple pie.

I like pie…

Here in Illinois….there are hundreds of independent apple orchards….many of them have gotten

big and feel like a tourist trap by charging you just to walk around the orchard…

and providing hay rides and such.

That’s great….but if you want something smaller and more quaint…

where you can throw a quilt down and take a nap under a tree…

let me know…i’ll be happy to email you the place we LOVE.

I love to support the little guys…the mom and pop places…

that only charge you for the apples…whether it be by the peck…or the bushel.

p.s.  naps under an apple tree should always be free;-)


UPDATE: for those of you that emailed me about the apple orchard…i just pulled up their

website {here} and it looks like this last weekend was it for apple picking due to the

fabulous weather we’ve had the last 4 weekends. Sorry friends.

You can still find some amazing little places on this site HERE




  1. Yippee for an apple picking day! Beautiful pictures…. we’re still waiting for the crisp air to arrive. I’ll take a piece of pie with vanilla ice cream please 🙂 Do you deliver?

  2. You are the cutest darn thing. Ever. In the history of boots and skirts. Even if your jeans from last year don’t fit you! Embrace the skirt and boot wearing weather, because you’ve got some ADORABLE knees! haha! =)

  3. i love this post.

    Also I love your grandmothers quilt. I started a grandmothers flower garden one by hand (thats what that one is) and I have about 5 flowers made and no more!

  4. mrs boo radley says:

    Why does everyone blame the butter?! Enjoy it! It’s not butter’s fault! http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2008/04/does-fat-make-you-fat-dieting-answers.html


  5. Sounds like a great Fall day!

  6. Barbara Nelson says:

    I’m sure glad you can enjoy the fall weather I’m 45 miles south of San Francico it is a HOT 92 and beleive it or not SF is 82 tomorrow will be a bit HOTTER! I tried looking for pumpkins today to hot instead I got sweet tea ran to my car and cranked up the AC.

  7. I love going to the apple orchard. Looks like a wonderful family day. I use store bought crust too. I’ve never made a homemade crust in my life. I know. *gasp* 🙂

  8. Looks like such fun! I’d love to head out to an apple orchard this year…no such luck. Maybe I can make pies with the apples on the tree in our backyard… 😉

  9. Such fun! Wishing for boots weather – it’s forecasted to be 100 degrees tomorrow 🙁 BTW, nice pic of your hubba-hubba-hubs!

  10. I adore that red hoodie!!! I want one!
    Looks like such a fun day out!

  11. How fun! Looks like the perfect way to end a weekend! Oh and some yummy homemade pie sounds SO delish right about now!!

  12. I CAN NOT believe you made pie! That is fabulous – must be that magical new oven you have… Looks like a wonderful autumn afternoon – what I wouldn’t give for some of that beautiful weather out here!
    Have a marvelous week my friend!

  13. Yummy! Pretty photos!

  14. kasey, u pick some kick @ss boots!

  15. Absolutely love your blog! 🙂 Hi, from Finland!

  16. I love the apple orchard. we didn’t go last year but we’re going this year for sure! I like the one we go to, it’s big but not crowded and is nestled in the rolling hills right outside Madison. And they have honey bees. Bliss.

    Joe and I make and eat an entire pan of apple crisp in half a day when we go. So I’ll be right there with you, wearing skirts rather than jeans soon.

  17. gorgeous photos Kasey!
    I wish we had apple orchards near us. I would for sure nap under a tree.

  18. Allison Capola says:

    I love pie also, and must wear skirts like you;-)
    Loving that first photo and the last one of the pie.

  19. You sure captured some lovely little moments this weekend, wasn’t the weather glorious!
    I might just go apple picking by myself, don’t know if the kids would enjoy it like I would.

  20. Sounds like a fabulous fall outing! We used to go apple-picking…I think it’s time we started doing that again…thanks for the inspiration, Kasey:) P.S. Your apple pie looks yummy!

  21. Love the pictures. What a great idea. You look beautiful Kasey….even if you don’t fit into those jeans from last year!! You need to check out my blog and see Hannah’s new trick!

  22. Oh, that looks like such a lovely day (and I cheat on pie crust too, better option than no pie at all!).

  23. sitting in 100+ degrees totally envious that you can wear a sweater.
    i can’t even look at one yet without breaking into a sweat.
    boo hiss on the prolonged autumn in phoenix.

  24. I would love to know where you go!

  25. My oldest son and I agre that we would rather have apple pie for our “birthday cake”.
    I used to live near a small town in the So Cal mountains called Julian and every year they have an apple festival. It was nothing short of heaven on earth. You can’t even imagine. You would be about 2 or 3 miles away from the small town, but know you were getting close just by the smell alone. One of life’s pleasures are apples and right now my favorites are in season…..Honey Crisp.

  26. so sweet!!
    ya’ll are already wearing sweaters…sigh…we’ll be there soon!
    i’m certain your appie pie was wonderful
    sweet hubby was looking wonderful too! xo

  27. ps..i LOVELOVELOVE that first image
    maybe you can send me a 4×6 with the infamous macadamia nuts……hrmph

  28. looks like a perfecto Fall day of fun! your first photo is absolutely beautiful.

  29. looks like a beautiful day…your photos are gorgeous as ever!!!

  30. Yummy! Hubby and I were spoiled last year with a trip to Virginia and an apple orchard outing. We don’t really have apple orchards in Texas, so we’ll have to settle for store bought. I do love me some apple pie though. 😉 Looks like ya’ll had fun!

  31. We are both in the same boat. I haven’t tried on my jeans from last year but I have been wearing skirts for the last two months because I am scared to even try the jeans on. My hubby just asked me what was with all the dresses and skirts? Little does he know…..

  32. I can’t stop staring at that 1’st apple picture, it’s mesmerizing. I want to take one like that. Next weekend is our annual Apple Picking Day at our family orchard in North MO. It’ s small but the variety is there and so is the fall baby! And yes I make the family dress the part, we don our red and browns and bring Grandma’s quilt. I have the best apple dumplin recipe ever. It’s so gooey soft and yummy I’ll send it to you so you can use your oven some more.

  33. Hi there- a friend of mine has been reading (and loving) your blog for some time so I had to stop by. I added you to my blogroll because I think your blog is simply fabulous. My friends and I have been talking about apple picking for some time, and this post has me even more excited about it! Now my goal is to find an apple picking outfit as cute as yours- I will likely fail, but I am determined to try 🙂

  34. You are so real! You are so cool. I enjoy your blog like a rich dessert and on days you don’t post I feel deprived.

  35. very lovely photos of your family day…
    looks like a wonderfully fun time.

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