I am ready to bake

Yup….that’s me….in my new butterfly dress from Target.

I went a little crazy last night.

I think it was because i didn’t have children with me.

I found out what it was like to peruse thru that place for two whole hours….and no children.

I don’t know about you….but normally when we hit that place…i always end up buying crap from

the dollar section because it’s the easiest way to keep my kids happy.

I’ve been known to leave a full cart of groceries there because of a tarntrum or two…

and yes…

i am the one that the “other” moms are staring at and totally thinking to themselves…

how come she can’t control her kid.

My kids have been known to dig there hands into the bulk candy and gobble it down while

my back is turned while i’m browsing thru hair color.

My kids like to play hide and seek in the store…and then i have to call security

and demand that no one leaves target unless i find my kids….

meanwhile they are over by the pharmacy…checking their blood pressure for the hundredth time..

and then it breaks…and i’m the one paying for a new machine.


what about the time….


I won’t go there.

No more i tell you.

But last night….was different.

I went solo.

The problem was…i saw them unloading the new Tucker line…..and my heart did a little pitter patter.

I spent my whole two hours there trying on the ENTIRE line…and buying this little dress.

I needed a new dress…because the


I took the curlers out of my hair….i brushed my teeth….

i got out of my p.j.’s…

and i’m sitting here waiting.

Maybe i’ll take a photo of him for you.

I mean…..

he might be HOT…like my mailman.

My mailman is good btw…thank you for asking.

His gout is getting worse…but other than that…he’s still walking door to door every day.


my in-laws were here this last weekend.

My father in law stocked us up on some much needed wine.

I think he felt sorry for his son….not having had a home baked meal in over 3 months.

Wine always helps a situation like that.

I like to have bryan’s glass of wine waiting for him when he walks in the door…

it’s just something special i do.

No dinner made of course…but the wine is poured.

My in-laws stay at a local hotel here in town…..

where they offer s’mores to the kids in the evening.

They even offer FREE childcare on friday and saturday nights…

yes they do….but that’s not why we use that hotel.


Pinky promise.

On Saturday…the Buick boys and i went to the antique car auction right next door to

the hotel…..since Mason is really into cars these days.

I got a photo of the Buick boys in front of a vintage Buick.


I told bryan that i need a vintage car…and that we should

walk in to the auction to bid on one.

I mean….not really for me…

but for Mason….when he’s old enough to drive.

He told me if i started cooking…he would think about it.

I asked him if i would have to do laundry as well….

and he walked away.

I might start selling Mary Kay….

i heard that you get a pink Caddy if you sell a lot of it.

I think i would look good in pink till mason turned of age to inherit the pink caddy.



Lola and i drove the in-laws to the airport on sunday morning…

then headed to Ikea.

Ikea does not open till 10…and since it was only 8am….

we stopped for coffee and donuts.

pink donuts.

Latte loves pink also.

Ikea was good…i found some things for a party that we are having in a few weeks….

with some fried chicken and a dance floor.

My neighbor is building us a dance floor…

so i better learn to two step….or line dance.

Hold on…i believe my oven is here.

Okay..i’m back.

I did not need to dress up….but at least i’ll look decent while i am baking today.




  1. That dress is so cute, and I will need to head to Target all by myself.
    Can’t wait to see the new oven.

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one who can waste 2 or 3 hours at Target. I’m there so long the employees start looking at me funny. I can hear them saying to themselves. She is still here?

  3. Holy Smokes girl!
    I need that dress. Need, not want.
    Looks like a fun weekend for you guys, and I say YES to the vintage car.
    Yeah for the 2 boxes of wine!!

  4. the first picture looks like you are mooning someone out your front door! 🙂 The delivery man perhaps? 🙂
    Or the hot mailman?

  5. The dress is great. Damn you Target not coming to England. Not that i need any more excuses to shop.

  6. Loving the dress… as a matter of fact I may have to swing into Target on my way home to take a peek (or buy the entire line if its as cute as that dress).

  7. Love the new dress. Hope you have fun baking in your new oven. Oh and GH bass is having a buy 1 get 2 promo on boots this week for rewards members(need to sign up to get deal). I know you love boots. Not sure if they are really your style but thought I would let you know. Check it out!

  8. Cute dress! Love the vintage cars and I’m out of wine…grrrrr….. Have a great day!

  9. Oh you are hilarious!!
    Loved those solo trips to the store when my girls we little. : )
    Enjoy your cute little dress too

  10. love the dress..
    and the smile too.

  11. 🙂 You make me want to stop cooking, wear dresses, eat pink donuts, drink MORE wine and spend my free time at Anthropology, Target,TJMAX and Ikea. Without my kids of course.

  12. our target sold out of many of those pieces speedy quick…very cute on you though missy!
    ps. i do however own that same converse dress. wore it the other day sans the leather thingy that sat at a horrible place on my ‘where did my waist go?’ waist!

  13. You crack me up! I am heading to Target to check out the new line… super cute!

  14. I was wondering what that dressed looked like on….It’s freakin adorable! That is the one with the stappy shoulders right? I love it. The sweater (is that a sweater) you have with it is so cute too. I may have to run to Target to snatch one up. Going to Target alone is better than a date night isn’t it. 🙂

  15. You are so cute!!! What a delight you are to read. 😉 I’m soooooo bummed, I just took a break and ran to Target. Wouldn’t ya know it that my store doesn’t carry the Tucker line. What a shame! Was hoping to meet you at JunkBonanza….next time Girl.

  16. Girl, you are hilarious. Love the new dress. How exciting to get a new oven. I would be excited. I think you should bake some pumpkin bread or something.

  17. Totally cute dress.

    enjoy your cooking/baking with the new oven and your pretty new dress. 🙂

  18. Your posts always put a huge smile on my face =) Too bad about the oven delivery man, I was really hoping for a pic.



  19. That dress. Well… I might just have to have it… So lovely!!

    And Target for 2 HOURS, by YOURself? Yeah, that’s awesome. 🙂

  20. You are a hoot and I just adore your new butterfly dress! Just lovely. I’m guessing you’ll wear it with boots come cool season? Those pink donuts look amazing too…food just tastes better when they are in pretty colors…like pink champagne. 😉

  21. LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!! My goodness you’re brilliant – I think that our kids were seperated at birth! LOVE the dress – AND the blog! xxx

  22. You are so funny–love the dress and glad you got to enjoy target by yourself… a girl’s gotta do that every once in a while. Mmmm those pink donuts look good!

  23. Oooooo…did you see the white with orange polka dot Tucker top?!! SOOOO CUTE!!

  24. Love the dress! I could easily spend two hours in Target(sans kids, of course:) Pink cars, pink donuts…love that color…so versatile!

  25. Kasey!
    So many things to comment on!
    But I will make it simple!
    That dress…is ADORABLE!
    And those are the cutest PINK little donuts I have ever seen!
    Are you still NOT eating SUGAR?

  26. My trouble is I live 2 blocks from super Target, and yes, I think I spend about $200 easily a month on clothes there. It’s the best for affordable seasonal styles… including the dresses!

  27. You made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

  28. you crack me up…every post!! Keep it up! Me love Target!! Me get in lots of trouble there. 🙂

  29. Ha! I have the same gray dress you are wearing in the picture with Mason. And I wore an outfit almost identical to that one yesterday! Great minds think alike! 😉

  30. Love the dress! And I love S’mores so I would totally stay at that hotel for the s’mores.

  31. Okay, that’s it. I want a father-in-law who stocks us up with wine…..

    Super fly dress by the way. LOVE IT!

  32. love the dress and you carry it sooo well… me. not thats another blog.

    Lola and her “friend” with the pink donuts – priceless!!!

    thanks for sharing – you always bring a smile to my day.

  33. LOVE your great sense of humor… and although i do not have children.. LOVED your story… just darling… have a great day… xx pam

  34. Did you just semi describe my Target experiences or any other store for that matter…my youngest is a crying nut in Target every time lol:)
    Cute dress…I haven’t seen it at ours…but with butterflies on it…it would be mine in a second:)

  35. Cute butterfly dress! Target?? Hmmm….I will have to check that out. I just bought some knee high socks from Target as you suggested for my boots…just waiting for the weather to get cooler to bring those babies out!

    Donuts with sprinkles are my fave. Good choice Lola. 🙂

  36. Story of my life, cart full to ease the tantrums. And Target makes it so much better by not playing Musak on the loud speaks so EVERYONE in the entire store can hear my wining bra…darlings. Mostly it’s the other brats in the store I don’t want to hear.

    Love the dress. hahaha And my hot hubby is a mailman for some lucky ladies and he has some stories to tell. he should start a blog.

  37. i go to target a lot. sometimes, twice in one day. occasionally three times, when the youngest needs poster board at 8:45 pm. i almost never go four times. i need to try on the Tucker line now, thankyouverymuch. i have the grey number you are wearing while snuggling your cute son. we are almost twins;)
    p.s. so happy i stumbled onto your blog today:)

  38. I think they have a rule at Target that you have to drop $50 each time you go in- cause I NEVER get out of there for less- even if I am just running in for face scrub. How do they do that???????

  39. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog, adored reading your latest post and looking at your lovely photos. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x

  40. I’m going to Target today, looking for a butterfly dress…will be wearing with boots I hope.

    I’m with mandy, thoroughly enjoyed my visit today, it’s good to see you dressed up for the oven man.

  41. Looove the dress and the pink caddy! Gorgeous! So sad that I’m too little to fit into Target clothes in Aus. Hi Sarah 😛

  42. You are to cute! The dress is cute and the story is cute. Can’t wait to hear all about the party you are having!

  43. Great post as usual 🙂 More importantly, why in the world isn’t the Butterfly dress at the 4 targets I go too ???
    I WILL find it!! 🙂

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