Biker boy with bangs

 I woke up the other morning and Fin showed me his new haircut.

Apparently….he was watching me cut a tangle out of Lola’s hair…so he decided one evening…

to get the extra large scissors….

and cut himself some bangs.

I actually think it’s a good look.

I almost thought about taking him in to the barber to have it shaped up…

and fixed….but then decided not to.

Live and learn.

I really like that he eats oreo cookies in the morning also.

On the white sofa.

While watching the new Nate Berkus show.

That is how Fin and i bond in the mornings….

over cookies…coffee….and Nate.

Fin has a new crush….she spent the morning over here the other day…

and they had the best time dressing up…

and playing animals in the kingdom.

No deer were hurt in the process….so don’t worry.

Oh yeah….there are those bangs again….


Speaking of deer……i got a few emails and some comments on my last post

that Kat Von D from the TLC show..L.A. Ink was sporting a deer headband just like Lola.

I thought to myself….wowza…..the TAT queen is looking at my little lola for inspiration…

that’s fabulous….maybe if she calls me…i can give her some advie….

i mean….

i have my nose pierced and all…..

that should count for something.

I swear…i was THIS close to getting a dragon TATOO across my entire back when i decided

to just get the old nose pierced.

I could also give her some dating advice…..

i mean…if she asked.

I wouldn’t bring up the whole Jesse James thing though……

because i’ve been there…done that.

I mean…the whole dating the biker guy…..

except my guy likes to ride bikes that you pedal….

and my guy wears tennis shoes not black boots.

So…maybe it’s not QUITE the same thing…but i am available if she needs advice.

Maybe she wants to start wearing ruffled knee highs with her boots….

or trade in her leather for a  plum colored skirt.

That’s all i’m saying….i will be available to chat in case she calls.

Anyhoo…where was i…..


I don’t think i have to worry about Fin being a biker sort of boy….


i don’t think so….


  1. Well, at least you let your kids tell you about “dating” and all of that stuff. Well, even when Abigail starts to tell me about “drama” or maybe “dating” I cut her off and have her face up PAPA!!! Hehe! COOL MOM AWARD OF THE WEEK: AWARDED TO KASEY BUICK!!!!

  2. Oh, what lovely photos! Especially the last with the shoes!
    Have a great day,

  3. The “bangs” don’t look that bad…but the shoes?! Silly boy:)

  4. My son has the exact same haircut. His came from getting gum stuck in his hair and decided to cut it out. It is still growing out but I have always liked the funky look so i am ok with it:) I think Fin looks great, even though his dad might have something to say about his choice in shoes, I like a boy who is comfortable taking fashion risk.


  5. Kasey, you totally crack me up, the surprise ending…..I look forward to your posts, someday you’re going to be famous~

  6. Beth Cregan says:

    Funny post. Gave me a laugh with my morning coffee. Must say I was digging the ruffled socks with boots. Not sure the efffect would be quite the same with my legs. Love your work.

  7. I love Fin, he is too much 🙂 You my dear, never cease to crack me up.

  8. You always make me smile with your stories! I have to say that Fin has a really cute crush!

  9. Cant stop laughing. That little Fin is a Doll and Short bangs are all the Rage you know. The little pumps add to the look too. I saw Kat at the Rose Bowl a few months back and she is tiny in person and wasn’t sporting the deer heading either. You know what they say, ” Imitation is the Highest form of Flattery!”

  10. That’s too cute! LOVE THAT LAST PHOTO!!! Priceless. I have a photo of my nephew dressed in my daughter’s tinker bell costume…complete with wings and tiara. I’m saving it for just the right moment….perhaps his wedding day? LOL!!

  11. handsome with, without, or half-with bangs… 🙂 oh, the joys of parenthood…

  12. Love it! He is so cute that you can’t even tell (especially since hairstyles today are the way they are). I actually thought of you yesterday and your ability to allow or even encourage your children’s individuality. We were out with friends the other night and Sam has bracelets up his arm (silly bands and the like) and his sunglasses pushed up on his head. A friend says, “Oh Sam is gonna be one of those kids with his own style.” I said, “Yeah he will and that’s cool. Oh and BTW he is starting guitar lessons.” I thought about you and said to myself that I really need to let them be more often, in fact I need to BE more often. Got me thinking, I need to branch out on my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  13. You crack me up!

  14. hahaha Fin can wear anything and have bangs and still look cute!!!!

  15. I’d love it if Fin and my Leroy got together for a play! They seem a lot alike. Don’t count on him not being into the biker thing – my Leroy often walks around in my shoes, puts on a ring, and combs his hair a lot…. but when my hubby recently got a bike (one you don’t pedal, one you rev), Leroy was always trying to sneak out of the house and sit on it. We often find him playing somewhere at the back, with Daddy’s biker helmet and gloves on. Oh the trouble I know we’re destined to have when he gets old enough to ride…. people are already talking about pee wee bikes around him. nooo!!

  16. Pay dirt! You now have collateral for when he is in high school. New crush is a cutie patootie. Fin has very good taste.

  17. You are to funny… love the princess heels

  18. ahhahahahasdhfah….you are hilarious! A bike is a bike, whether you pedal or not!!!

  19. P.S….the full frontal view of the bangs are classic.

  20. OMG! Totally laughing over here. My boys would do the same thing if we had princess dress up stuff. Instead, they just raid my closet while I’m getting ready.

  21. I love your posts!

  22. Awww…the crush is mutual! Ainsley did the same thing with her hair a while back. Hair that started out mid back length, turned into a BAD mullet that evening….then transformed into a cute pixie cut by morning! It took forever for her hair to grow back! Nothing wrong with a little Oreo in the morning…we usually start our day with Zingers!

  23. filled with suspense as i rolled down to the end of that last photo!!!
    what a riot!

  24. The haircut is very edgy and cool! I’m certain that is what he was going for. The shoes are a great accessory to that look. He is his mother’s son. SOOOO Stylish!

  25. Hahahahahaha! Priceless ending. Well done!

  26. I love the haircut and I have an almost identical picture of my son with the same haircut. We were about three days from going to Disney and I took him in to have it fixed. In all of our vacation pictures, he was about 35 pounds of forehead. I should have just left it alone for awhile and chalked it up as his badge of honor.

  27. Loved the last photo. I work in a pre school and so many of the boys “dress up” in the girls dresses, I love it! Oh, and you just may be surprised someday, he still could be that rugged biker boy!
    Love your site!
    Becky Quigley

  28. My daughter not only took scissors to her own hair, but had to give all her dolls haircuts. Yet she didn’t aspire to become a hair stylist. Hmm………….

  29. heehee! i cut my hair when i was about 5. my mom was not as nice as you!

  30. I love that last photo! So funny!! 🙂

  31. hehe, Violet just cut her hair too:)

  32. You have such beautiful kids—bangs or no bangs 🙂
    missing you friend!

  33. Sorry to say it but the boy needs a buzz!!

  34. I like Kat von Ds style too, she is an amazing artist and her make up line is great. Nice to hear that she seems to be looking around on the net to find some rad styles.

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